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Of seeing and being seen.

Barbara turned the cock on herself taking several shots against her cheeks and turning her face side to side to coat herself with his cum. She caught the last few blasts in her mouth then turned to Marilyn and kissed her pushing Lenny's cum onto her co-worker's daughter's tongue with her own. They separated then began licking the stray semen off each other's faces.

Barbara urged Marilyn to straddle her face and then tongue fucked the young girl. Lenny slipped his still hard cock back into Marilyn's mouth while Marilyn moaned and rubbed her muff against her lover's mouth. Marilyn felt her Barbara's fingers invading her tender ass and came hard spraying cream out on her lover's tongue and face as Barbara finger fucked her ass to the knuckles.
Lenny straddled Barbara's body and crouching forward brought his hot cock up to the lips of Marilyn's cunt. He slid his cock home and began fucking into her. He reached around her and rubbed her tits. His hand slid across her face, his fingers dipping into her mouth so he could feel her tongue slide and glide across them. Barbara slid her tongue against Marilyn's clit and licked the shaft of Lenny's cock as it slid in and out of her. Marilyn was cumming incessantly, thick cunt cream dripped down Lenny's shaft and onto Barbara's face.

Occasionally a gusher of her girl cream would spill out from around the tight seal of his cock in her pussy and drip down to cover Barbara's face. Barbara's cunt gripped crazily around her won fingers as she came, her body shaking. Lenny cried out and spilled his second load of seed into his Marilyn's womb. Marilyn cried out in ecstasy feeling Lenny's hot semen jetting into her for the first time and feeling his shaft balloon as the cum worked its way down through the cock head.

They uncoupled and Lenny lay down between Barbara's wide spread thighs and began sucking her cunt. Marilyn lay down on Barbara and they pressed their tits together. A thick jet of Barbara's cunt cream rewarded Lenny's eager tongue and face as she came with thunderous intensity. Both of them were screaming and moaning begging Lenny to fuck them and suck them. Lenny got up on his knees and lifted Barbara's hips so he could bury his now raging cock into her hot pussy. He fucked her hard, feeling her cum again and again. He took his cock out of her cunt and buried it in her ass. His fingers replaced his cock in her cunt so that both her holes were getting fucked.

Marilyn spun around and jammed her ass into Barbara's face while her tongue danced across Barbara's swollen clit. Lenny fucked hard into Barbara's ass as she orgasmed again and again against his fingers and Marilyn's fiery tongue. He knew he was not going to last too much longer, Lenny pulled Marilyn off Barbara's face and turned her around, laying her between Barbara's thighs. He lifted Marilyn's ass high and brought his hugely engorged cock to her cunt from behind. He pushed in slowly and slid into her tight cunt. He had never felt anything so hot in his entire life. He fucked hard then pulled out, stroking his cock so that his cum splashed against both Barbara's and Marilyn's cunts. He stroked his cum out onto their stomachs and against the bottom of their tits.

Barbara began to slide out from under Marilyn but as her cunt passed the young girl's face she felt Marilyn nestle her tongue into her groove. Lenny got behind his employee's daughter and began sucking her cunt and ass. After they came a few more times Marilyn and Barbara knelt on the floor while Lenny jerked his cock to one last hard cum against their smiling faces. Both of them begged him to cum, to cover their lovely faces with his white-hot cream and as he came they groaned and opened their mouths to catch it on their tongues. The girls kissed and licked the semen from each other's faces.

The three of them were dead tired and totally drained.

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