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Kevin gripped his belt in both hands doubling it over as he looked at his wife. As angry as he was it was hard to ignore her. "I'm going to spank you until I think you've learned your lesson."

"Yes sir." Trina whispered looking back at the belt. He'd only spanked her once and that was playfully. The idea of him trying to hurt her was frightened her. I love him, I deserve this. She whispered closing her eyes and biting down on her lower lip.

Kevin held the belt in one hand as he walked back over to the bed staring at Trina's upturned ass. She's desperate. He realized as he moved alongside her letting the tip of the belt trace over her curves. "I'm going to give you ten lashes and you are going to keep count."

"Yes sir." Trina whispered glancing back at him again. She watched as he drew his arm back as far as it would go. It was the hardest thing she'd ever done to hold still for the blow to land on her ass. "ONE!" She screamed out clawing at the mattress. She'd barely finished speaking when the next blow landed on her thighs. "TWO!" She shrieked barely managing to hold her position.

The third blow was aimed at her ass and Kevin listened as she screamed out the next number. As the fourth blow landed on her ass and she didn't move Kevin realized how badly she wanted his forgiveness. It wasn't a matter of if she was sorry for what she'd done. A fifth strike that raised a welt over her thighs convinced him she was sorry. He could see her legs trembling as she struggled to keep from moving away from him.

"SIX!" Trina screamed tears flowing freely from her eyes. "Please no more!" She screamed bringing her hands up to cover her ass.

"I'll fucking tell you when it's been enough!" Kevin shouted as he brought the belt down again.

Trina screamed and curled away from the belt looking back at him. She couldn't take another blow. "No more!" She screamed curled into a ball at the head of the bed. "

"Get back on your goddamn knees and take the rest of what's coming to you!" She screamed slowly getting back onto her hands and knees. Her face was buried in the pillows so she wouldn't see it coming. Just the fear of another strike had her gasping for air, her breasts heaving and wobbling beneath her. A seventh blow snapped down on her thighs tearing a scream from her lips and she tucked her knees beneath her.

Mercy wasn't something Kevin was interested in as he landed the next blow across her ass. Trina's ass was criss-crossed with welts from the blows, red and slightly swollen. It was the most pain he'd ever seen her in and she deserved all of it. There were tears in his eyes as he landed two more blows on her and stepped back to look at her.

"That was ten." Trina thought slowly pulling her head from the tear-soaked pillow.

Kevin was about to bring the belt down again as she turned but the sight of his wife's red eyes glossed over with tears held his hand. "You know how I feel right now Trina?"

"Betrayed, angry." She sobbed not daring to move any farther.

"I feel like I got stabbed, like there is a fucking knife twisting in my gut. How many?"

"How many what?"

"How many guys have you fucked?"

"I don't know. There's Jeremy, Trey-"

"TREY?! That fucking piece of shit motherfucker!" Kevin roared throwing the belt down.

"All of his friends. I was, I am his whore." Trina whispered then pulled away fro the slap she knew was coming.

"You fucking nasty ass piece of trash. You want to know how I feel right now? I'll show you." He got on the bed behind her pulling her cheeks open and aimed his cock at her ass. In one sudden stroke he impaled her on his cock stretching the sensitive ring of muscle. A moan escaped each of them, his in pleasure and hers in pain. "This is how I feel right now."

It was the very first time that Kevin had hate-fucked but he instantly understood the pleasure of it.

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