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Man misses his lady, & takes matters in hand.

I left that out of my article."

"I sense that you performed a mutual strip tease with another woman..." Ela began to say.

"Yes! How did you know?" Chloe interjected. "I have to admit I'm skeptical about this Goddess story, but HOW DID YOU KNOW?" Ela said nothing, instead stepped forward and began unbuttoning Chloe's blouse, one kiss at a time. To my surprise, my lover remained frozen to the spot, her face flushed, her pupils dilating.

"You'll feel more comfortable with this off," Ela murmured as she smoothly released Chloe's swelling breasts from the constraint of her figure-smoothing bra.

I did not see any bolt of lightning or special effects, but afterward Chloe told me that suddenly she felt warm and comforted, enfolded in love. Her vagina pulsed magically, ready for her responses to flow out, ready to receive.

The antique furniture in the old-fashioned hotel room was festooned with articles of women's clothing before I could even begin to add mine to the collection. As I undressed, it was hard not to halt and watch the two pleasuring each other. Vhyirmat-Ela arched her back and shivered into an orgasm. One down and two to go, I rudely thought. Chloe looked across the room at me with triumph, a look cut short by a wave of pleasure induced by Vhyirmat.

That's how Ela appeared to me now, as agent of the Goddess. Both women now were teasing me with lustful glances, enjoying my growing excitement. Tommy Hilfiger finally was unable to restrain me.

Vhyirmat lowered her eyes and blinked seductively.

"My kisses will shower you with what you'll call 'pixie dust' to ensure magical thoughts," she cooed.

It was Chloe's turn to smile invitingly.

"My magic is ignited by your wand." My penis firmed outward, dripping my first drops of quicksilver as I strode toward the pair. Chloe continued shyly, "your hands couple with my magic and I weaken and comply."

I was not clear as to how things would develop, as I wondered whether Chloe's journalistic desire to learn Vhyirmat's story could stave off a jealous desire to have the security offered by the feeling of a filling flood of my semen. I need not have worried.

Vhyirmat took me in hand and skillfully coaxed out a generous handful of man honey. Before the first drop could sneak off her palm onto Chloe's tummy the silver precum was coating my lover's clit and being massaged deep into her vagina.

I knew from the work of Dr. Marcus that precum from the right male was more powerful than just being Mother Nature's lubricant, that it would merge in his lover to create positive feelings for several days. And, importantly for both the man and woman, with precum from the right male, the shyest clit would firmly demand even more attention, becoming addicted to the stuff.

I had first begun to suspect this back in the golden age of sex, after my typical student was on birth control and before we were worried about STD's. Coeds who came in my office for sex in the big leather chair came back again and again, but afterward as we whispered like the conspirators we were they told me about one-night stands with seeming Alpha males that left them feeling "flat" or depressed, unwilling to have their unwelcome penetration again. According to Dr. Marcus, a man's mental state and genetics both seemed to influence the amazing power - or not - of his man honey. More research grants, naturally, were needed.

Of course, I only thought of this in a flash of understanding as to what Vhyirmat was up to.

"She is waiting for your golden tones," Vhyirmat coaxed me. She watched both Chloe and me with eager eyes. She licked her lips; I nodded and in a firm voice directed my lover to "come now." Chloe's eyes glazed over and a half-smile crossed her lips as her curvaceous body was seized by a powerful orgasm - perhaps more powerful than I had ever offered her. Vhyirmat was watching intently - not surprising - but now, as though the apparent stimulating use of her Goddess-delegated power was supremely exciting, she joined in Chloe's orgasmic tremors.

Two down, one to go, I caught myself thinking.


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