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Widow Bonnie and Divorced Brother Ed take a boat trip.

And I love being able to write stories about it and bring enjoyment to people like you, who read about our own enjoyment.

Anyway, I thought you might like to know that my thinking about your comments led to a great morning for my husband and me, and that as a result of your compliments to me, I can still taste him in my mouth even as I write this. I guess what I'm trying to say is, thank you for your kind words and the terrific result of them.

-- Latina (still feeling warm & tingly all over my 38C-28- 36 body)

* * * * *

One of my most avid fans sent me these questions:

If you have a moment, could you please email me with your memory of the first time:

a. you saw a stiff cock?

b. Touched one and made it cum?

c. got fucked? How did you feel - before, during and soon after, and much later?.

How old were you? and do you think your girl friends were before or after you?

Now, apart from the sucking you mentioned, how often do you start fucking him?

Thank you for helping me with my research.

Here is my reply:

Hmm, what kind of research are you conducting? Do they award a PhD degree for it?

Yes, I DO enjoy sex...with my current husband. My first marriage lasted 17 years without my experiencing an orgasm. Current husband has brought me to I would guess between 1500 and 2000 orgasms in 3 years (counting each multiple- orgasm separately). Any wonder that I'm crazy about him? My man has 8 solid inches, a nice thick 2 inches across, and he knows how to use it to maximum effect. Of course, by the time he slips it into me, his fingers and tongue have worked me to such a frenzy that I'd go ballistic even if he WASN'T so long and thick! But it is much better because he DOES fill me up so completely.

He has this neat trick of feeding it to me ever so slowly, pausing when just the head is in, then millimeter by millimeter of his shaft until he is completely buried up inside me and I am dripping goo all over him. Then he does this little thing where he shoves just that extra little bit deeper and harder, until his balls are just about inside me along with his cock. That last little push is accompanied by a sort-of twisting cork-screw motion of his hips that sends his cock-head exploring all over my inner depths and side walls. Then he retreats just as slowly, pulling my tender pussy lips out away from me along with his retreating cock. After about 15 times, he slowly increases the pace, and on maybe the 50th stroke, he is slamming into me hard and fast, forcing my pussy lips into me along with his cock, and I am absolutely loving every special moment! I don't know if you have a female significant other, but if you do, I GUARANTEE that these moves will have her writhing, moaning, panting, screaming your name, bucking, gyrating, shaking, and never wanting to leave your strong, loving arms. How do I know? Because that's how it affects me when MY man does this to ME.

Now that my horny recollections have gotten your attention, I'll try to answer your questions.

First time I saw a stiff cock. My parents were very strict Catholics, I wasn't allowed to date until I moved out at 21, at which time of course I could do whatever I wanted. I think it was the third guy I ever dated that I let myself go all the way. Actually, I don't think I actually SAW his stiff cock, I just let him fuck me.

First one I actually SAW would probably be my first husband, and we didn't "do it" until our wedding night. His was about 6 inches long and maybe 1-1/2 wide. We were both 26 when we married. He made love to me maybe 6 times in 17 years. He never even undressed in front of me, he was so unsexual.

When he died, I felt TERRIBLY alone, and that's when I bought a vibrator.

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