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"I'm glad."

"Me too," I said feeling over dressed, still wondering why I was there. Melina crossed the bedroom and opened the closet door.

"Get in," she said. I looked at her blankly but felt my legs carry me to her. The closet was large and there was plenty of room for me to stand comfortably amongst her clothes and stuffed animals. She closed the door, and it was suddenly dark. Through the slats, I had a perfect view of the room, and watched her lay down on the bed.

"Can you see me okay?" She asked. When I said that I could she continued. "You're going to be in there awhile so make yourself comfortable."

I still wasn't sure what was going on.

"There's something I want you to see tonight. You have to stay in the closet. If you make a sound or come out for any reason, I'll never speak to you again."

It sounded crazy but I had no choice. If I ever wanted to feel those ruby, red lips wrap themselves around my cock again, I'd have to do what she said.

"I don't understand..." I began but was cut off.

"You don't have to." She gushed, obviously still very upset over the previous nights misunderstanding. "I just want you to stay in the closet, keep you mouth shut and watch. Got it?"

I assured her that I understood and watched her through the slats as she rose off the bed, wrapped herself in a flimsy nightgown and crossed the room to the door. My eyes followed her panties.

"Wait here," she said, her smile blossoming into an uncontrollable titter. "And remember, don't make a sound or we're through!"

Then she was gone, panties and all. And I was left to make myself as comfortable as I could, as quietly as possible.

It seemed as though I was alone for an eternity but it probably wasn't more than ten minutes. I crouched silently in the closet, waiting for her to return. Finally, the bedroom door opened and I heard Melina enter. She glided in, her nightgown billowing around her smooth nakedness, her nipples, poking through the sheer fabric, were a hard pink and standing at attention.

But she was not alone.

A dark, handsome boy, no more than nineteen followed her into the bedroom and closed the door. He was obviously nervous and excited as he wrestled with the latch, his dick visibly growing inside his pants with each passing second.

"Is it locked?" Melina asked. The boy nodded as he came closer, tripping on the rug but regaining his composure. Melina smiled at his awkwardness, ready to turn his fumbling child-like hands into those of a man.

She let her nightgown drift slowly to the floor as she spread her body out upon the bed, giving the boy and myself a nice, full look at her creamy thighs. She pulled her panties down around her ankles and kicked them to the floor at the boys' feet. He stared at the mound of pink fabric and started to unbutton his shirt.

"Not yet," Melina purred and his fingers stopped moving. "Come sit next to me."

Of course he obeyed. His prick was swollen now, banging against his jeans like a caged lion. Melina leaned back and caressed her breasts with her fingertips.

"Do you like my tits?" she asked, innocently enough. The boy nodded, licking his chops like a hungry wolf. Melina smiled. "Are you sure they're not too small?"

"They're perfect," the boy breathed heavily, bringing a smile to Melina's lips.

"Would you like to suck them?" she asked. The boy answered with actions, not words. Moving slowly, as if in a dream, the boy reached out with both hands, grabbing a breast in each, and leaned forward. As his head tilted closer to Melina's chest, his eyes closed and his lips searched the air blindly for the first pink nugget.

He kissed it.

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