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Water Sports

I gave them a short narrative explaining our story and both said how nice it must be to catch up with old friends you'd not seen in ages. I had to admit it was although not being as keen a nudist as them the whole dynamic of them being (semi) clothed and me naked was still a tough thing to take in; but that I was getting there, despite them teasing me. It was suggested I ignore the teasing and enjoy the nudity. It was said loud enough that the approaching Donna and Nikki both heard it and I could tell they were now the odd ones out (they both ignored the comment though).

The girls introduced themselves to the couple as we bobbed about in chest high water, though Donna I think was having to swim a bit being as short as she is. The couple were giving the girls their belief that they were losing out by keeping their swimsuits on and the freedom they missing out on. They made up all kinds of excuses about creeps on the beach, being seen by work colleagues and other bullshit. They then went back to telling me about the naked city and what the place was like and how much I should go there soon. We were getting on nicely but the girls reminded me it was past six and time to go for dinner. I hadn't realised quite what the time was but a quick look at where the sun was in the sky confirmed what they were saying. It seemed it had been decided for me that I would be going with them and not being left behind.

I waded out of the water together with the couple and the girls and was horrified as my lower body came out of the cold water to see there was not a lot going on down there. My balls had retreated to the warmer climate of my abdomen and I had only a shrivelled inch or two pointing out. The woman looked at me and laughed saying I shouldn't worry about my shrinkage as it happens to all but a few men. If I hadn't been worried, her comments weren't making me feel any better about it. The five of us had a hundred pairs of eyes looking at us as we plodded up the pebbled area to our towels, splitting and saying goodbyes half-way up. I was walking with my hands trying to hide my cold induced state as much as possible but it was likely pointless and eventually make a conscious decision to say 'FUCK IT!'

Once at our spot I lay out on my towel and let the suns warm rays dry me off, the cooling light breeze acting to stimulate my skin as it did so and making me smile to myself, then I laughed at myself for the sub-conscious smile!

"What......?" I looked up to see Donna looking at me puzzled. "What has amused you so much?" I just looked at her, still smiling and then looked away again in such a way as to say to her it was my business, not hers. I assumed this was going to piss her off to no end and she spent the next five minutes sporadically asking me what was making me grin like that.

By the time I had dried off I was beginning to feel that fatigue you get from a lot of time under the sun without enough water and not enough 'practice'. I told the girls I was going to call it a day and go back to my hotel for a shower and then grab some food. I also told them how my hotel was fully booked for the rest of the week and I was going to walk around to find one that could do the rest. This had us get into a conversation about me wasting money on hotels when I could stay with them. They had an extra bedroom because Nikki used it as a studio but there was a futon I could use, they said it would be fun to be 'roomies' for the weekend. I like hotels and said I was happy to stay in hotels and could also afford it. I said I had tonight and tomorrow sorted and worst case I would come crying to them for a room if all else failed.

I added the girls numbers and address into my phone and checked where it was on Google Maps only to find that it was just a 3 minute walk from my hotel.

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