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It is difficult for me to stay still and take this, but his other arm has long since secured both of my arms. There is no other way out for me, other than to say something, which I didn't dare do.

I gasp here and there as he roams softly, gently, feeling that my shirt and bra are driving crazy because I can't feel his touch directly. After some time, my date slides his fingers in under my shirt, and I shiver from the cold touch. He massages my boob for a bit before bringing down the zipper that kept my bra secure. His fingers take my nipple in between them, rubbing it and circling around it. I can't help but sigh out as quietly as I can, though I can feel the tension in me rising slowly, bit by bit.

He lowers his head, lifting my shirt up just enough to take my nipple in his mouth, and I jolt, letting out a gasp far louder than I'd intended. It wasn't enough rouse a super amount of suspicion from other parties, but it certainly caught the attention of the man sitting on my other side.

The man glanced at the two of us with a mixture of irritation and intrigue. He glanced first at me, seeing what position I was in as my date continued to suckle at my nipple. My breath was coming in and out faster as I tried to force myself to stay quiet and not move, but as my date's tongue flicked at the bud, I could feel myself jolt again, harder this time. I couldn't take the feeling.

The man then looked at my date, and I'm not sure what "manly" conversation was made, but before I know it, he is suddenly trying to slip his hand down the waistband of my pants. I'm alarmed at this, and close my legs as tightly as possible, but my date put his leg over my right one, forcing it to pull open to his side. The man on my left does the same with my left leg, leaving it so my pussy is relatively free for him to roam.

The man's hand delves into my pants, but not as far as beneath my underwear and I flinch when he finds my center. He begins to stroke it lightly, and I feel myself trying to pull away from the sensation as much as possible, unable to stand how it feels. I dig my back deep into the chair, but I can't escape no matter how hard I try. The man starts making circling motions, wide ones at a very slow pace. My date, on the other hand, is still wrecking havoc is my nipple, using his tongue to flick at it intermittently before sucking and then flicking it some more.

I can feel my mind start to fragment and I know that if they'd asked me a simple question like if I liked dogs or not, I wouldn't be able to piece together an answer.

I whimper as I feel even more pressure mounting, and I dearly want a form of release. My date then uses his now free hand to work on my other breast, coaxing the nipple to stand erected while I start to tremble and squirm. The man next to me must feel the need for some kind of vindication, because his slow circling never grows any faster, although it does travel downward at an agonizing pace.

When the stranger hits my sweet spot, I groan involuntarily. Why won't they let me come already? I can't take much more of this. I can feel the squishing between the stranger's fingers and my pussy, the liquid only being contained by my thin layer of clothing. Eventually, the man decides enough is enough, pulls out just enough to slide his hand under the band of my underwear and directly touch at my clit.

I feel my eyes widen as my breathing comes out more harshly, and far deeper than before. He circles around it, going down to stroke at my vaginal opening before coming back to it and flicking at it here and there. I twitch and jolt from the sensation, my whining only silenced as my date kisses me fully on the lips. His arm is strongly wrapped around my frame to the point where I can't do more than wriggle my butt in my seat, and even then, that only serves to make the stranger's touch that more punishing.

After ten more minutes of the same torture, the man finally slides his hand out from my underwear, and my date releases his hold on me and I glance up with bleary eyes to see the credits ro

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