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Garreth's wounds heal. Arabella starts a triangle in lust

Pam let go of her skirt that she had kept tight around her waist, and I felt the soft material fall around her and on to my stomach. She unbuttoned her shirt and pulled it off whilst her hips moved silently. She reached across to pull a bra strap off her shoulder, doing the same with the other, and then pulling the cups down and away from her breasts. The dim light from our spy slot cast a diffuse band across her breasts, turning them into lambent globes with stark brown nipples poking forward.

She slowly let herself tilt backwards, reaching back to prop herself with her hands on my ankles. She moved her hips faster, up and down, angling my cock towards the ridged and firm flesh near her g-spot. My sensitized glans was almost overwhelmed as she moved her hips faster and faster.

Sheila twisted around to watch us, openly rubbing her crotch. She got up quickly and slipped out of her skirt, letting it fall to the floor close to my head, a faint scent of fabric conditioner wafting over me. She stood over me, positioning her crotch immediately above my face, and then slowly crouched down, knees apart, until her pussy was over my mouth. I pointed my tongue up, not quite reaching her sticky folds. I reached up between her legs and gently tugged her blouse. She lowered herself further until I was able to penetrate her pussy with my tongue.

I lapped at her tangy pussy as she gyrated her hips back and forth, her clitoris hard and erect, and her labia soft, slippery and swollen. In the silence, I could hear Pam and Sheila kissing, and the rhythmic sound of skin rubbing on skin as Pam continued her hip-shake.

Sheila moved forward a little until her asshole was directly above my pointed tongue. I circled it around her dirty anus feeling her soft anal hairs brushing my tongue. She gyrated faster as she started to play with her pussy, her fingers flicking against my chin. The combination of the scent of Sheila's ass and Pam grinding my cock was intoxicating. I met Pam's downward movements with short thrusts from my hips, grinding my glans against her sweet-spot.
Sheila let her weight bear down on me. As she bore down on me, I felt my tongue push through her anal opening as she let out a soft moan, muffled by Pam's mouth; my tongue had never been so deep inside her ass. She started to shake up and down on my tongue until she came, juices covering my chin whilst her tensed asshole popped my tongue out of her ass.

Sheila remained still for a few seconds while Pam and I kept moving against each other. Sheila twisted around and off my face, leaning down to kiss me.

"Wow. That was nice!" she whispered. "Was that ok? Your tongue must be aching now!"

"You know full well how much I love your ass!" I breathed.

Pam slowed her grind down until she stopped. In the dimness I could see her cocking her head to one side.

"The music's stopped. There's some applause." She whispered. She got off me, leaving my hard cock, slick with her juices, to flop back on to my stomach. "We'll carry on in a bit." She leant forward, giving me a peck on the lips.

Almost as one, the three of us were back at the gap in the notice boards, this time with me in the middle. We rubbed ourselves, and waited for the sound of the unseen door opening and the dancers coming back to get changed.

The changing room was suddenly full of noise; nattering dancers congratulating each other on a great show opener, a few jokes about great looking asses in tight shorts; I couldn't have agreed more. The cycle shorts came off quickly, giving the three of us some very nice views of thonged and well-toned bottoms. There was so much movement, so many of the dancers bending down to retrieve items of clothing from their bags, some stretching or sitting down on their chairs, others rushing around for apparently no reason; I didn't know where to look. I would catch quick glimpses of hirsute pussy, naked buttocks, firm breasts and lots of well-toned legs. But our olive skinned beauty was nowhere to be seen.

"Where's our Miss Sharon?" Sheila whispered in my ear.

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