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A woman's voyeuristic fantasy of a man working out.

"Do you like it?"

"I'm not hungry."

"Nathan, I know you need time to think, but I want this. You told me you would do all you could to make me happy and this will make me happy beyond measure."

"Keaton you need to lis-" She crushed her lips onto mine and straddled my lap. Her hand traveled my chest to my crotch and she rubbed. The friction she was creating caused me to get harder. She undid my pants and fished out my growing member. As she lowered she was staring at me intensely. I squinted against the dim light and I saw HER face. I saw her licking her lips in excitement then rubbing her tongue over the head of my now fully erect cock. I saw HER full, luscious swallow me whole. I felt HER throat relax trying to take in as much of my 9" cock as she could. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feel of the mouth on me while imagined HER. I imagined HER greeting me in a beautiful lingerie set and heels making her reach me a little better. I saw HER kiss me and ask how my day was, SHE would lead me over to a real home cooked dinner. I imagined HER showing those big beautiful chocolate breasts, I could literally taste them. Keaton lifted up and kissed me. I could taste myself on her lips, I stood up and still imagined she was Trystynne and I took things mid pace. I removed HER panties with my teeth letting my tongue lightly slide over her clit making her hiss with pleasure. I pulled one leg over my shoulder and teased HER juicy wet cunt. I liked around HER clit never giving HER the pleasure of touching the sensitive button and making HER beg for what SHE wanted. I wanted HER to beg for release, but I had that it was Keaton not Trystynne. I climbed up and pushed my stone hard cock into Keaton and plowed into her without mercy. I only saw Trystynne, HER calling out to me, touching me, me pleasing HER. Before I blew my load I pulled out and shot my jizz on Keaton's chest. She laid there rubbing my spunk all over her.

"That was good babe, I want this forever!" she smiled. I got up and went to take a shower. I kept thinking over and over about Keaton wanting to get married. She wanted to be happy, and she wanted this forever, but not once did she say she wanted to get married because she loved. Love never escaped her lips. It had to end.

******** Her:I jumped up out of my sleep from a dream I had. I could feel him, kissing me, touching me. I could see myself sucking on him. I had to either get over this or talk to him, but I was scared. What if he was engaged? I got up and walked to the bathroom, I felt wet and sticky from that dream so I jumped in the shower. I washed up and figured I'd go shopping. I got out, got dressed and went to one of the malls in our town and I a bunch of cute outfits, then I saw a very sexy lingerie set and decided to buy it for the heck of it. I then when to one of the stores and went to the electronic area. I was standing in front a 55" flat screen daydreaming when I heard a soft deep voice speak.

"Mesmerizing isn't it?"

"Very," I said looking at the man then looking back at the screen. I quickly looked back and it was Nathan. He looked at me with a black face. I backed away from him and looked back at the television to avoid looking him in the eye. "Sorry, I didn't notice it was you."

"I see, what brings you to Wally World?"

"I came to get out of the house."

"Nothing wrong with that, usually when I want to get out of the house, I go for a walk. Would you like to join me?"

"Don't you have to be at work?" I said still looking at the television. He reached over and touched my cheek then he gently placed his hand under my chin and turned my head to look at him. I looked in his piercing eyes.

"Now that's better. Does it kill you to look at me?"

"I don't know, I haven't stared long enough."

"It's better than you avoiding me. I'd rather you stare until you can see through my clothes than you looking elsewhere." He said seriously. I looked at him for a minute and couldn't help but laugh.

"You've been around Craig too much.

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