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"Sophie," offered the blonde.

"She's Northern Italian," Connie added, "I'm Sicilian."

"You two roommates?" Jason asked.

"Yeah," Connie said.

She had dark brown eyes Jason noticed. They seemed to pull you in like black holes. 'Nice,' Jason thought. She was fairly attractive from the front where her nose was less obtrusive. Her profile was not as good. Sophie's eyes were blue as you would expect with her blonde hair. Her face was long and thin with a large mouth. When she smiled though, she looked cute.

"Well, nice meeting you," Jason proclaimed.

"You too," Sophie said.

"What dorm are you in?" Connie asked, seemingly not ready to let him go so soon.

"I'm in a frat, Theta Chi," Jason informed.

"Oh, you a sophomore?" Sophie probed.

"Yes, you two freshmen?"

"Is it that obvious?" Connie asked.

"No, not really. Just a guess."

"Education majors," Sophie intoned.

"Psych," Jason offered. "Sorry, but I have to run to swim practice."

"Oh, you're on the swim team?" Connie questioned.

"Yeah. You'll have to come to a meet some time."

"We'd like that," Connie replied before Sophie could.

"Good, nice to meet you both," Jason said parting.

He hurried to swim practice. It was common now for Brad and Jason to work out together and their relationship was great, even though the competition between them was intense. Jason swam really well and beat Brad by several lengths. They joked about it as they showered afterwards. Jason ran into Beth outside the locker room after practice. He was with Brad but they parted as Jason stopped to talk with Beth. Brad gave him a look like, 'Wow, dude.'

Beth noticed and her eyes followed Brad as he walked away. "Freshman," she asked, turning back to smile at him.



"How'd you guess?"

"That's the way they do things around here. I had to work with and train a freshman this year too," Beth declared.

"Interesting," Jason agreed.

"Well, have fun," Beth proposed. "I'm looking forward to the game tomorrow."

"Me too," Jason affirmed.

"Just one thing, Jason. Who're you planning on sleeping with afterwards, them or me?" Beth asked smiling, but didn't wait for a reply and walked off waving over her shoulder.

Jason hadn't yet thought that whole thing through. Of course, he wanted to be with Beth but the two roommates, Tessa and Kira, were a wonderful handful. He was deep in thought about her parting statement as he walked to the frat. He needed to get his car, find a bakery, and pick up cupcakes. Today was his only chance to say goodbye to Dr. Jenny.

Jason knew Dr. Jenny's cupcakes had come from some special bakery that was recommended to her by her sister, but he didn't think the place he stopped at was bad either. He had just made it in the door before they closed and bought the last three cupcakes. They looked good and according to the salesgirl they were. He juggled the bakery box now as he reached for the infirmary door. He was trying hard not to drop the card he had too and the helium balloon that said, "We'll Miss You."

"Here, let me help you, Jason," someone said a little behind him.

Jason turned to see Casey from Kira's dorm. "Oh, hi ... great ... thanks."

"Am I here in time for a party?"

"Just a small one. Dr. Jenny's last day is tomorrow. Dr. Amanda Clark is our new infirmary doctor. This is my little goodbye party to Dr. Jenny."

"Nice of you."

"What brings you here, a cold?

"No, nothing like that. Just a ... oh, woman thing.

"Oh, okay."

"You haven't taken me up on my offer yet," Casey said grinning.

"Been a bit busy," Jason affirmed.

"Well, too bad. I told you anywhere, anytime," Casey claimed holding the door for him.

"I remember," Jason declared.

Dr. Jenny was sitting at her outer desk as they entered. She spotted him and immediately stood. Dr. Amanda Clark's office door was close, meaning she was probably with a patient.

"Jason!" Dr. Jenny exclaimed.

"Hi, Dr. Jenny. I couldn't let you go without us sharing one last cupcake," Jason said.

"Oh, you're always so sweet.

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