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Things hot up after closing time.

"Stop that, you slut," I snapped at her. "You only get to cum when I let you cum. Clear? Your body is mine tonight. You're just a mouth, pussy, and asshole for me to fuck, OK?" Her eyes widened a little bit at the mention of her asshole, but she nodded and moved her band back to her side.

I turned back to Claire. "What the fuck are you smirking about, whore? You're no better. In fact, tonight, I'm going to let Mai control you. All that shit you've pulled on her over the last month is coming back to you know, so I hope you're ready. Are you ready?"

"Yes," she replied, meekly.

"What?" I snapped.

"Yes, mister."

"OK then, let's get started. Let's see what you know about sucking cock, Claire. Mai - I want you to get Claire's pussy and asshole as wet as possible. I have some ideas. Claire. Come her and get you fuck whore knees."

Claire knee-walked over to me, her tight 19-year tits barely jiggling as she moved. She looked at me with her big dark eyes.

"Please, Mister, let me suck your cock. I want you to teach me how to do it right, ok? Please?"

How could I resist? I stood over her with my cock dangling in front of her lips. She was actually drooling as she looked at it. "Begin, slut."

She swallowed me in one gulp. I worked hard at remaining impassive, but she was sucking my cock beautifully, working it around with her tongue and nibbling at it with lips. I looked up at Mai to distract myself.

"Get between her legs, you Asian slut. Start licking. Pussy and asshole. I want them good and wet."

"But you said I would get to control her...."

"Shut up, you whore! You will. But for now start licking or I'll take your ass dry."

Mai dropped between Claire's legs and Claire pushed her pussy down on her face. She gave a little smirk around my cock. I pulled out.

"Damn, bitch, I thought you said you knew how to suck cock! That was fucking pathetic - I should just kick you sluts out and jerk off myself."

She looked genuinely crestfallen.

"No mister, please don't! I'll do better! I promise - I'm just young, remember? I'll learn, I promise - just show me."

I pretended to ponder this as I watched her struggle not to grind her young cunt down on Mai's pretty face.

"OK, I'll give you one more chance," she relaxed a little. "Lie down on the bed, face up, with your head hanging off the edge. Mai, go downstairs and get three bottles of beer from the fridge."

Mai scrambled up and I watched her little ass bounce down the hall while Claire got onto the bed, dangling her head at cock height.

I looked down at her as a big drop of pre-cum gather at the end of cock and dribbled onto her forehead. She didn't try to wipe it off. I admired that.

"I'm going to show you how a man likes to have his cock sucked, but I have to warn you, it may be a little difficult at first. Just breathe when you can and you'll be fine. I don't want to restrain you, but I will if you can't keep your hands down, OK?"

She looked a little wide-eyed, but she nodded.

"Open up," and she split her lips around my cock. I pushed it smoothly into her mouth, and didn't stop even as she jerked when it forced its way into her throat. I was impressed - she was controlling her gagging and hadn't started jerking yet. I slipped out.

"That's it, my cock sucking bitch, that's a good job." Claire gave me a big smile and I slipped my cock down her throat again. Drool was collecting in the corners of her mouth as I worked my cock in and out of her throat. I pressed my balls tight against her forehead on the downstroke, tight enough so that they ached, and let her take two gasps of air when I pulled out. Now we were both ready to get to work.

Claire's big tits were heaving with the workout, and sweat was gathering between them.

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