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"I suppose I deserved that," she finally said.

I wanted to agree that she had indeed deserved it, but it had cost Paula so far and I wanted my pound of flesh from this woman and I would get it. Part of me wondered what Josh had done to Paula, I was sad but I was also angry, how dare this woman think us as weak as she was. She had spoken, I had missed what she had said, it was barely above a whisper, I looked at her and she realized I hadn't been listening so she repeated it.

"I still love him you know, not a day goes by that I wish I could have taken it all back."

I felt like an observer when she then went on to tell me what had happened on there road trip to Canada, she had contemplated suicide, then Josh had turned up and spent the day with her packing. The road trip had pulled her out of her mood, it was a slow drive to Canada, both of them where in no hurry and stopped whenever the mood took them, Josh was a true gentleman and at first they had separate rooms until she had asked Josh to stay with her for the rest of the trip.

They loved, they got down and dirty and she had realized there was more to life now than the husband that had drove her to the brink, she had known she had lost Josh through her carelessness and stupidity and that it had cost her friend just as dearly. Then I sat in shock as she went on to recount what had happened next, once in Canada Josh had bought her the house she still lives in he handed her the deeds on her birthday and helped set her up in business as well.

Both Josh and the woman still visited her once a year for a week and although she was vague about the details I knew what happened when all three where together. I rushed out of the day room and up the stairs, I needed to stop Josh and tell Paula we had got this woman so very wrong, pushing open the door I just stopped, Paula was sat crossed legged on the bed, Josh was sat at the other end of it, both were talking and smiling.

To this day I have never managed to find out what had been said in that room once the door slammed shut, both Josh and Paula have remained very tight lipped on the subject. Josh got up, walked over to me and kissed me slowly and very deeply then left.


The attack on Beth had taken me very much by surprise I knew that Mary wanted to rip poor Beth to pieces but I had never seen Paula's attack coming. When I had phoned Beth after breakfast and asked her if she wanted to come here and recount what had happened she told me that Cassie had called her so she knew that I had two girls in the same situation she agreed.

Beth had never been to the house and getting her in was all about timing. We had sat in my office talking when I had heard the girls try the door, instinctively I knew something was wrong, both the girls knew that the whole house was open to them, all except my office and yet they wanted to talk to me. Mary in tears and the frantic look on Paula's face was enough for me to forgive them.

As they recounted Mary's feeling I did wonder if it was because Beth was here I had never been one for coincidence, sending them upstairs to call there husbands and families eased there minds but if anything I believed all it served to do was put her feelings on the back burner, until I figured out what had got her into such a state I knew it would return, sooner rather than later. Beth had asked if she could face the girls naked for old times sake, she knew I would insist on her wearing her mask so it seemed a fair trade.
Beth was still sat in the day room, I joined her and we chatted. Some minutes later both the girls came down and said they would make something to eat and both disappeared into the kitchen.

"I'm trying to gauge which one is the strongest

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