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You don't even deserve to die here!

"Yeah," Kavya said. She stepped back and caught the sides of her panties' cloth in her hands, then brought them down to her feet and took them off from under her shoes. She dangled the divine panties in her fingers and taunted Manoj with them. "You want to eat this, loser?"

Manoj joined his hands and shook his head.

"Then that's exactly what you'll eat." Kavya said, stuffing the panties into Manoj's mouth. "There's some dirt between the threads, suck them into your soul because that's the only meal you're going to get." Manoj choked on the panties as she stuffed them into his mouth. She was stretching the limits of his cheeks' flexibility and that of his throat with the forceful feed. "Good!" she said, once the panties were fully in his mouth.

Eat my panties for dinner!

"Now," Kavya said, turning her back on him again. "I want you to ask out my ass."

Manoj mumbled, and pointed to the panties stuffed in his mouth.

"Well, guess what?" Kavya said, bending forward. "There's no point asking because you know the answer. You're not good enough for my butt."

"And you'll never be," Priya said, pushing Manoj's face into Kavya's ass, except this time, the buttocks were naked. He enjoyed the delightful scent and swam in the perfection of the girl's butt crack for a few religious moments.

Kavya shook her butt left. "No." She shook her butt right. "No way. A loser like you? Never!" She then twisted her butt round and round, smothering him in her crack.

Priya pulled him back after a few dozen smothering rounds. "Look at this guy. He looks like he's just seen God."

"That's because he has!" Kavya said, flicking her butt with her forefingers. "To people like him, this is God!"

Delicious, ain't it?

"Yeah." Priya said. "Take those panties off your mouth, loser."

Manoj pulled out the panties from his throat, fully wet with his saliva.

"Ugh!! Throw it into the dustbin and buy me new ones." Kavya said. "Hand me your wallet now." Manoj frantically pulled out a brown leather wallet from his pants and handed them to her. "Good," she said, checking the contents, "there is enough money for new panties."

"Now what, Kavya?" Manoj asked.

"I want you out of my life. So far out, I shouldn't even be able to see you." Kavya said.

"Or, you have one more option." Priya said, winking at Kavya. "You can live the rest of your life as Kavya's dog."

"Him? My dog?" Kavya asked, clenching her face's muscles. "I would have to take him home and give him food and everything."

"No," Priya said. "Don't give him anything. He gets no food, no clothes, no nothing! He'll be your dog for the rest of HIS life, as long as HE's alive. Trust me, I know which life he'll choose."

Manoj had a guilty look on his face as he glanced at the two beautiful women standing over him. "I can go out and live my life normally, as long as I forget about you completely?" Kavya nodded. "Or I can live my life as your dog, with no food or water or money?"

"Exactly. Which one is it?" Kavya smiled.

"Make me your dog Kavya," Manoj said, leaping to Kavya's sandals and giving them a kiss.

"See? I told you." Priya laughed. "I know his type."

"Alright, dog." Kavya said. "I'm going to take you home."

"Hey, you have a car, don't you?" Priya asked, slapping Manoj's head.

"Yes, I do."

"Give her the keys!" Priya demanded. "What would a dog like you need a car for?"

"Here!" Manoj pulled out his car key and placed it in Kavya's hand. "It's yours for life."

"No hesitation at all! That's a good dog." Kavya said, fiddling with the keys. "Let's go to my place, then. You can massage my legs as I drive your car." Priya stepped into the dungeon with a clear sense of urgency. She left the door unclosed as she looked at me and two other slaves waiting in there for her orders. She caught one of their faces, turned him left and right, went "Hmmm," and threw him back. With the other slave she did the same. She finally caught my face and nodded. "You! Come with me."

My heart leaped with joy - she had finally selected me

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