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.. I guess it has been over ten years. You look absolutely ravishing!"

"Thanks, Charlie, you look great yourself. Where are we headed?"

"I thought we would see some of the rural areas first, Lorrie. Gene and I have a feed lot just a couple of miles from here where we have some horses we want to show you. Ok?"

Lorrie said, "Hey that sounds great. I would love to see them."

Gene reach over and turned Lorrie to him and said "I am glad to see you too. It has been over ten years ago since our last date at your prom. I think that I am due a kiss after all that time." Lorrie turned around and slipped her legs over Gene's thighs positioning herself facing him and they started kissing.

It did not take long for both Lorrie and Gene to turn up the heat in their embraces. Gene reached up and began to open all the remaining buttons on Lorrie's blouse and pulled the bottom out from her skirt. Lorrie's breast were now completely exposed. Gene began to massage her firm tits and squeeze her big nipples.

Fortunately, Charlie had turned off the paved road onto a more private dirt one leading to their feed lots. Charlie could barely keep his eyes on the road as he watched his brother making love to Lorrie's mouth and breasts.

Lorrie reached down and pulled up her skirt, exposing her bare, dripping pussy. Gene placed his hand on her mound and remarked, "My God, you have no hair down there. I've never seen a nude pussy before. I love it!"

Charlie almost brought the truck to a stop as he strained to see what Gene was talking about. He too had not seen a nude pussy and that excited him.

Lorrie was busy taking off Gene's shirt off revealing his smooth pecs and washboard abdomen. She then started working on his belt anxious to get to his dick which she could feel through his jeans.

Charlie brought the truck to a halt as they reached the corrals. Gene quickly sat Lorrie off his lap and reached down to remove his boots and then his jeans. Lorrie could not wait to reach into his boxers to pull his erect dick out. She bent over and starting sucking his substantial dick into her mouth at which Gene let out a big sigh "Damn Baby, this feels so good."

Lorrie has a way of squeezing her lips together when a guy's dick first enters her mouth. It creates the image that her mouth is really tight and can barely encompass his dick. It also pushes his foreskin back from his dick's head so that she can begin to wrap her tongue all the way around his glans. It feels incredible and Gene was no exception.

But Gene was wanting more room than the truck seat allowed him to maneuver his long legs. So he lifted Lorrie's head, kissed her full on the mouth and then said let's get out of this truck. He then pulled off his boots and jeans. Gene then stepped out of the truck nude and reached for Lorrie. She still had her skirt on so Gene said "Let's get that out of the way." He sat her on her feet beside him and found the zipper on the skirt and gave it a yank. She caught the garment and stepped out of it and folded it to place it on the truck seat. Now she was completed naked too.

Gene stepped back and whistled, "Damn Lorrie, you are so beautiful! I love these big tits" and proceeded to bend down and suck one into his mouth while massaging the other with his right hand. "I have never seen nipples like these ... they are almost as big as my thumb."

Meanwhile, Charlie stopped taking off his clothes to examine Lorrie himself and thought "Gawd, she looks like one of those Playboy women ... and I am going to get to fuck her!"

Lorrie looked around and thought this was one of the most erotic scenes she had ever experienced. She could see several horses in the coral next to them and some calves further down. It was broad daylight, they were completely exposed in the open air, everyone was naked, the two males had big erections and they were going to have sex. She was already dripping from her cunt. She could not be happier!

Gene picked up Lorrie and placed her feet on the truck's running board positioning her at ju

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