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Loosely based on the Garth Brooks song.

He wondered whose hands they were that were now caressing the cheeks of his arse. Too late he realised what was about to happen.

His buttocks were parted and the dildo, still gleaming from Angel's juices was positioned so that it could be slowly pushed into him. He had never experienced this penetration before and was surprised that after the discomfort of its entry it actually felt good to have a cock inside him. The others took it in turns to fuck him with the dildo. Slowly and gently, or hard and fast, as their fancy took them. He was amazed at his own response. He was really enjoying being fucked up the arse. If it had gone on much longer his cock would have erupted of its own accord. However, once they had all had a go, the dildo was finally withdrawn and discarded. He lay there for a few moments recovering even after the blindfold had been removed.

Sophie lost. And this time there was no getting away with it, she was going to get fucked. She was blindfolded standing up. She could hear the shuffling as another body was got into the right position. When one of her legs was moved she quickly worked out that she was now standing with her legs either side of the hips of one of the men. As she was helped to kneel she could imagine the cock beneath her, coming closer, straining upwards, waiting to be engulfed in her precious cunt.

She felt him. The tip of his cock first made contact just between her cunt and her arse. And she hesitated, unsure of herself. So far none of the girls had actually been fucked by a man and she was not sure if she wanted to be the first. She had never fucked with anybody else just watching before.

To cover her confusion she said "How about another round, all or nothing?"

There were a few moments of whispering. She knelt there, feeling the cock waiting beneath her, twitching slightly. To her amazement it was agreed. This was to be the last round of the evening and Sophie would either win a reprieve or submit to all.

Sophie lost. Again.

This time there would be no blindfold and anything went. Sophie was obliged to do anything that was asked of her and to have done to her anything that any of the others pleased. She felt no option but to agree. And with her agreement found that she experienced a sense of relief and abandonment. She was going to be the whore for all of the others and she went willingly.

Of her own accord she lay on her back, opened her legs and waited with closed eyes. Nick was there first. He had already had his tongue in Sophie's cunt and he keen to follow it with his cock. As Sophie felt him positioning himself between her legs she made up her mind to keep her eyes closed, but she opened her legs wide for him.

It was the work of a moment for Nick to ensure that his cock was at the entrance to Sophie's cunt. He pushed into her gently, making sure that she was ready for him. When he found that she was as slippery as he had hoped he push forward and sank his cock into her up to the hilt.

As her cunt was filled Sophie involuntarily opened her eyes in shock, Nick's was by far the biggest cock that she had ever taken. It felt like her cunt was stretched to the limit, as indeed it was. Shock turned to delight and Nick could read her reaction in her face. He withdrew slowly, almost leaving her, paused for a moment and then, just as slowly pushed forward again.

Nick had been fantasying about fucking Sophie for a long time and he was determined to make it last. He took up a rhythm that he felt he could maintain. Each time he slid deeper into her he could feel her cunt stretching to accommodate him. And each time he drew back Sophie raised her hips desperate to recapture him again.

The others watched for a while before deciding what to do with themselves.

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