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Day 5 (pt.2)- Shannon goes shopping. Onyx vs. Dominatrix.

Firm, but only softly pressed - a kiss down there on my lower lips, still hewing roughly to the fantasy he shared. No intrusion, yet, of the strong and solid tongue I briefly met in some of our fiercer kisses...he pulls back now, looks up at me with gentle eyes in search of approval, and I can do little but beam back at him. My hand slipping to the back of his head, ruffling lovingly at his messy golden locks. "Not bad." A husky depth creeping into my voice. "Maybe even a little softer than you need, but it's a start."

A moment more, stroking at his hair, my thumb pushing clear an errant curl that obscures his eyes. God, but he looks so adorable, even at a time like this. I have to focus to call back to mind my task. "Do you know about the clit, David?" Gently asked. I'd assume he does...but then, I'd assume every guy does, and a couple of my boyfriends sure didn't.

"Um. Kinda." His eyes dart briefly away, shyly. "I think so." His hands resting at the top of my thighs, held hesitant between fear and hunger.

"How about you see if you can find it?" A silvery sheen of humor in my words, taking up ranks with the quaver still of nerves. My free hand drops to my pelvis, laying close beside his. "Right there at the top...might have to use your fingers, spread my pussy open a little." Biting at my lip with faint reproach at giving so bald, so bold an order - and then again, as he obeys. His fingertips touching gently at the top of my slit, stretching carefully apart the folded flesh; his thumb questing forth, slipped in amidst my petals. My breath comes in uneven spurts as he probes slickly at my center, teasing back veils of pink until I'm suddenly exposed, my nails clutching at his scalp as his thumb scrapes exquisitely rough upon the rigid nub.

"That's it," commanding him breathlessly, his fingers still slowly gliding on the edges of my garden. "Right there, that's...the most important spot. The most pleasurable. When you're eating a girl out, you should lick all over...but you always want to come back there to really get her going." Just the warm air is softly titillating on my exposed bud, languid currents tickling lightly at that so-sensitive skin. God, I need to feel his tongue on me; I can scarcely keep the hunger from my voice as I inquire, "You ready to start?"

A nod first, mutely, looking somewhat overawed at what lies before him. Then his lips part, with that enticing little pop of wetness. "Yeah." And a glance up into my eyes, thrilled and terrified. "Yeah, I'm, um...yeah."

"Then go ahead." A faint smile at the corner of my mouth, my heart strongly beating as his lips descend once more. "It's just like licking a lollipop."

One second. Two - he hangs back, perched just on the edge of action, afraid of that first step. More than words needed to comfort him, to usher him forward; it's old ritual that drops my hand from his hair down to the back of his neck, stroking there slow and gentle. A habit we had, once, to embolden him in the face of life's terrors; he used to say that it made him feel safe, calm. And right now...

My fingers clutch instinctively there at his neck as his tongue suddenly slides warm and wet upon me, aching flesh abruptly shocked with sensation. Faster and more forceful than I expected; the feeling has hardly touched upon my mind when it begins again, his broad, strong tongue stroking up the length of my slit, glutinous saliva penetrating down into my folds, and my hips softly squirm, as much tickled as aroused. "Slower, to start," I manage to remind him, and feel a faint gratification as he obediently softens his assault. Giving me time to experience the shape of his tongue as it caresses the gates of my womanhood, to react to the subtle explorations of its tip, teasing out the furrows of my swollen labia.

"Better," I sigh with satisfaction as he brushes my clit, permitting me to feel with stark intimacy the faint pebblestone texture of his tongue.

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