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An ex-husband gets even with the ex-wife.


"May I take your cock out Mr Washington?"

"You may."

Darlene fumbled with his buckle, her hands were shaking so much. She got it unbuckled and then undid his jeans, slowly pulling the zipper down. She reached under his boxers, holding her breath, strangely anticipating touching it as her hands brushed his pubic hair. Her fingers lid along a shaft as thick as a large flashlight. She grabbed it and with difficulty pulled the giant black organ out. "Dear god."

"Describe it."

"It's so big and hard and black. It's so big, I've never seen anything like it. It's so big."

"Bigger then your husband?"

"Yes, at least twice as long and a lot thicker. I didn't know penises got this big."

"Always call it a cock."

"I've never seen a cock like this Mr Washington." It was so hot, like it was alive, throbbing in her hand. It was even more impressive in person then on the video. It was perfectly straight where her husband's curved upwards a little. The head was a big black knob the size of a plum all swollen and hard. The shaft was lighter in color crisscrossed with thick blue-black veins, the rod widening as thick as her wrist just under the black helmut. It even smelled good. Darlene felt the itch in her pussy again, but this time it seemed deeper, beyond the reach of her husband's penis. "How big is it?"

"Just under thirteen inches. It's growing impatient."

"May I suck your cock now Mr Washington?"

"No, lick it first. Lick all around the head, then down the shaft. I also want you to lick each ball." Darlene shivered and pulled the shaft down towards her mouth. Moisture was forming on his huge pee-slit, starting to drip down the shaft. Her tongue flickered out and she began licking the head avoiding the pre-cum. "Lick everywhere slut," he ordered. She gulped and ran her tongue over the now rapidly oozing pre-cum.

Jamal's cock was so hard, it was unyeilding. She pushed against the head with her tongue, the skin didn't budge, nor could she squeeze it. Raymond had never been this hard, it was as if Jamal's cock was carved from granite. She moved her tongue down his shaft, licking the sides and under it. She marveled at the size of his testicles as she licked his hairy sack. They were as big as apples and hung down over the edge of her couch. She slid her tongue back up to the tip and around the head, willingly lapping up the pre-cum now. "May I suck your cock now?"

"Yes." Darlene parted her lips and closed them around the head as she took him in her mouth. She started by bobbing her head over the tip and then several inches. Soon it touched her throat and she gagged. It was just too big. "It's ok Darlene, I didn't expect much from you. You've never had a real cock, a black man's cock to suck on after all. Just do what you can."

For some reason his condescending words angered her. She could do better, she could swallow more, she was better then those cheerleaders Jamal ran around with. This time she suppressed her gag reflex and pushed downward, feeling the head enter her throat. She attacked the huge black cock with gusto, swallowing more with each downward thrust of her head. She needed to rest from time to time and settled for stroking his shaft while licking the head until she felt she could swallow him again.

Darlene was finding this challenging, rewarding even. Why was she enjoying this? She had only done this for Raymond to show she loved him but mostly in hopes he would return the favor, but with Jamal she was actually getting pleasure out of sucking his cock. She was thrilled when he moaned softly and when he started almost imperceptibly bucking his hips. He ran his fingers through her hair pulling her head down over his superior black cock. She obeyed, not stopping until her nose touched his pubic hair. She had swallowed it all.

Darlene attacked his cock like a mad woman, bobbing her head rapidly over the shaft.

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