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Story of my intimate encounters with my friend Crystal.

This he put on the coffee table next to the bowl of condoms, glancing at the silent television screen -- still playing on the oral sex channel, suggesting Janine's preferences -- without saying a word. He asked her how she felt, if she liked her room, how her first day was going, and whether she would like a glass of champagne. She was feeling a little better, she said, and the idea of sipping champagne was refreshing. She was still standing and holding the towel, which hid her breasts and, because she was a small woman, fell below her crotch but revealed her pretty legs. Carlos returned to the cabinet and found a champagne flute. He opened the bottle and poured for her -- only her, not for himself.

As he did so he said, "You cannot be comfortable standing there holding that towel. There is a housecoat behind the bathroom door and I have put your clean loincloth on the over there, if you wish to wear something." He did not have to say it - that she did not have to wear anything at all.

"Oh, I'm fine. I'll just sit here on the sofa. Why don't you pour some for yourself and sit here when you finish with the bed?" she purred. She still held the dry towel in front of her with her left arm but now she was sitting on one end of the sofa holding her glass of champagne in the other hand.

Carlos smoothed out the bedspread and started to turn down her bed, with practiced and deliberate movements. He folded it over with a sharp and straight crease and then did the same for the sheet, smoothing it with his long, sensitive hands, as if caressing the place where Janine would soon lay her body. He fluffed the pillows as if he were preparing a nest for her. Janine noticed that he had very broad shoulders.

Finally, he picked up Janine's used loincloth strip, now dry from her juices. He went to the cabinet and Janine saw that while she took a sip he sniffed the cloth and then put it into his pocket. Only then did he bring out another glass and pour some champagne for himself.

"May I?" he asked, before sitting down on the leather sofa next to her.

"Of course, she replied, "as long as you take advantage of the situation", and let the front of the towel drop as she extended her left arm across the back of the sofa. The towel fell in her lap and her pretty, firm C-cup tits with their dark pink nipples and wide pink areolas that surrounded them and that were such a part of her image were revealed to the man sitting next to her. Carlos looked at her chest appreciatively as he sat down on the other end of the sofa, his eyes obviously taking in their features but he said nothing about her nakedness that would disturb the naturalness of the situation. He smiled but when he spoke he kept his eyes locked on her eyes, without staring at her chest.

"I toast your visit to Iznoma Hedonia and I hope that you return many times," he said, holding up his glass. "You brighten this place." Janine was quite happy with this remark and took another sip of champagne. Her nipples were visibly erect and she felt wet again under her towel.

"This is very nice champagne," Janine said, although she knew very little about the quality of champagne. "Do you do this for all the women guests?"

"Of course not," Carlos smiled, a brilliant and disarming smile with a gleam in his eye. "But I am very glad that I was asked to do so for you."

"Carlos, you wouldn't be trying to seduce me, would you?" she said, sitting there naked by choice next to the clothed messenger.

"Well, what is that?" Carlos replied. "Seduction means that you do something you really want to do, even if you do not know it, but you are holding back until someone makes you comfortable. If it is forced on you, it is bad and it is not seduction. If you go after it yourself, it is not seduction either. Seduction is a way of helping you do what you wish to do. If you mean by that do I want to help you do what you wish to do -- of course! But in the end it is you who must decide what you wish to do."

Janine liked that answer so much she would have written it do

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