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The tension between a warrior and a barmaid comes to an end.

He said they only jacked each other off but he'd always wanted to do more. He also told me he wants to bring his wife's sexy nighty and us play together while he wore it. This sounded kinky enough for me, besides, I thought if he couldn't get hard enough to fuck me I give him a blow job and experience the first man cuming in mouth. That was high on the list as well.

He came in and went to straight to the bathroom to get ready. I went to the couch and waited. When he came into the Livingroom he looked SO sexy! He had on this little blue nighty with a pair of small panties. I could see his cock and it was already semi hard. When he sat down on the couch he sat as close to the opposite end as he could. He was shy, but so was I. Even though I was demanding in my emails I still couldn't take charge and seduce "a man".

We sat there and talked some. I surprised myself by opening up to him a little and telling how the man with the 10" cock busted my cherry. And he told a little about what he'd done with his first man on man encounter. As he talked I played a little game with him and I turned and spread my legs so he could have full view of my already rock hard cock. I was dripping with pre-cum as well, I could feel it between my legs and running down to my ass. After a few minutes I could tell he was not going to make the first move. So I summoned up my gurl courage and slid over next to him, I felt so weird doing this and as I began rubbing his body I thought to myself I can't believe I'm doing this! Me of all people dressed like a woman and playing with another a man... But feeling another man's body under this sexy nighty sent me over the edge, I think I understood why these men liked me so much.

I leaned in closer and began nibbling on his ear and kissing his neck. Then I felt him put his hand on my thigh and he squeeze it and rub it. I let him know I liked that by whispering to him how nice that felt, I told him to feel up higher which he did. He would only let the back of his hand touch my cock and balls while he rubbed the inside if my thigh. My hand made its way down his body and onto his panty covered cock which was now hard and I could feel a large wet spot on his panties. I told him how hard he it was because I was so sexy and I was making him feel something he didn't know he had. I thought for second he was about to kiss me but he didn't, I really didn't know if wanted another man kissing me or not anyway but I'd let him if he'd done it.

I kissed his neck and ears a little more then I started working my way down his body. When I got to his cock I left the panties over it and kissed it. I started sucking his cock through his panties, that was really hot for me, I could taste the pre-cum on the panties. Kissing and sucking a cock through panties was one of the hottest things I'd ever done, it made my cock jump. I finally pulled it out and in one gulp I took the whole cock in mouth. He wasn't near as big as my first one but it was nice, big enough to feel and now hard enough to fuck me I started getting really excited. I made the suggestion we head to the bed and off we went.

We laid side by side for a few minutes me playing with his body and him still playing with my leg.

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