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As strange as it seems...

Soon, the wine and appetizers arrived to our table by our young, early twenties waiter, and we quickly ordered our lunches, before he got away. All the while, I noticed Paul taking quick peeks at Cindy's ample cleavage, which was clearly noticeable through the white low cut tight fitting top she was wearing. Her lacy push up bra seemed even more noticeable through the thin top's material, especially in the over the table Tiffany style lighting. Her cute puffy nipples were becoming evidently hard, again.

As Cindy was sitting at the table, because her skirt was so short, and because of the way her legs were crossed, the very edge of the embroidered elastic band of her stocking tops just barely showed below the hem of her skirt. Paul had noticed that fact too. I also observed that Debbie had noticed Paul taking quick peeks at Cindy's short skirt, and the elastic band of her stocking tops, as well as her ample cleavage and puffy nipples pressing through her thin top. Debbie smiled at Paul, with a look showing she knew exactly what he was thinking. Instead of being upset, she seemed amused. Then, I thought that they were a pretty "together couple". He's checking out another woman, right in front of her, and she seems cool with it. They must be pretty tight emotionally, to do this without any jealousy or anger. I thought that they must have a pretty strong (and fun) relationship.

I'll admit that I couldn't help but take some passing, longer than usual glances at Debbie's nicely shaped body also. Her clothes fit "just right", in all the "right places", and her personality was deliciously irresistible.

All the while, I kept thinking about Cindy not having any panties on. I knew Paul was looking at her upper stockings & crotch area, whenever he thought nobody was looking, and I knew if Cindy turned just right, he may just see "everything'" My cock couldn't help but grow even harder in my pants, and soon it was twisting up in my Jockey underwear again. The pressure was starting to become too uncomfortable to bear. Not wanting to adjust my shorts in front of this couple, and relieve the pressure, I politely excused myself to go to the rest room and wash my hands, before eating.
As I got up to leave, that unruly beast of mine, just bulged straight out of my jeans, very noticeably. It was one of those moments that every man dreads, when you know that everyone in the restaurant had noticed it, but nobody said a word, moments. Embarrassed, I walked quickly to the mens room, while it just bulged out in front of my pants. Of course, the restroom was on the far side of the restaurant from our booth, and I had to pass many tables and people before finally reaching the sanctuary of it.

Thankfully, no one was in there. I made some necessary adjustments to my Jockey's and jeans to relieve the uncomfortable pressure I felt. "...Aahhh!" Afterwards, I decided to wait a moment or two before going back to the booth, so my persistent and seemingly uncontrollable erection could subside a bit. I splashed some cold water on my face, hoping this may help alleviate my predicament.

* * * *

Meanwhile, at the Booth, right after Bob had left, Debbie said to Cindy matter of factly, "Is that boy always that excited, girl?" Cindy laughed and replied, "Always!" Paul tried to make a crude make joke about it and said, "I hope it wasn't me?" The women just ignored his feeble attempt at humor.

Then Debbie said to Cindy, as she noticeably licked her gorgeous full red lips, "He looks like a healthy boy too."

"Oh, he is, just let me tell you..." As Cindy talked exuberantly (at my expense) she turned in her seat to face Debbie. When she did, her skirt moved up a little more, and now the tiny white ruffle on the top of her stocking tops could be seen above the embroidered elastic band that held them up, and a little of her white creamy smooth thigh flesh above it on her legs could also be clearly seen.

Paul's eyes stared a little too long at this wonderful site, and Cindy clearly noticed his stare.

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