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Xander wigs over Willow and Angel.

He hoped she'd be early, he wanted to see her, but he also wanted to miss traffic since he was going out of town as usual. He felt unusually restless today and couldn't seem to settle so he decided to be one with nature.

As he sat there looking out over the water he began to fantasize about all the times he had sexted with her, the time he saw her wearing sexy lingerie through her patio door, how she looked wearing his favorite blue dress, and better yet, how she looked lifting it up, over and off her body revealing nothing underneath.

Sherri was beyond sexy. She was everything he wanted in not just a woman, but a partner, and he'd told so whenever she felt down due to her current situation and all the frustration that came with it. She had a good personality, was confident and strong willed, smart, and secure in her own self-identity. He told her she was the first woman he'd met that could give him a run for his money.

Sherri recognized it for the high compliment it was.

CJ's dick was rock hard, and he had not even unzipped his pants. When he did he discovered he was actually hot to the touch and he smiled knowing she'd like finding him that way when she stroked him, or if he was lucky, sucked on him good and proper!

He felt himself tighten his grip and move faster, then slow, then faster, then loosen his hold to only a few fingers sliding the skin up and down. He could cum anytime, his mind was very aroused, therefore, so was his body, but he wanted to enjoy it.

He dragged his palm over the head of his penis and around in a few circles allowing himself to close his eyes, lean back and relax; thinking of her naked. He saw her breasts as if his eyes were open, the large nipples, hard and protruding, the firm, round shape of them, and he watched them bounce as she moved on top of him.

That did it. He came with a loud exhale that resembled a grunt, and felt the white hot cum flow over his fingers.

Then he opened his eyes and saw her.

She stood riveted to the spot, not two feet away with the most ravenous look in her eyes, and a sexy smile. She was wearing his favorite dress which they had come to call "blue", of course, and at a glance he could tell that when she removed her sandals blue would be the only clothing she wore.

He was surprised but not wholly. He knew she liked to watch just as much as he did. He stood to pull up his pants, but with a swift yet gentle movement she stepped forward, and stopped him.

She said "No, let him breathe, and we'll see if he wants to play some more in a few minutes." She maneuvered him onto the bench again and crawled on top of his lap, hiking up her dress as she did, and he knew that it wouldn't be long before he was fully engorged again.

She straddled him, and kissed him and he wrapped his arms around her, smoothing them up the inside of her dress, feeling her react to his touch inch by inch. When he curved his hands inward so they cupped her breasts she let out a small pleasurable whimper. Suddenly he realized how awake he was when he felt her warm, wet bottom on top of his growing cock.

They ended the long kiss, and looked at one another, smiling.

"Hi." she said. He said hi back.

She confessed she knew she wasn't supposed to be doing this, but had been so pleasantly surprised to see him there and, well, playing and obviously fantasizing, she just couldn't stop herself.

"That's ok." CJ said, "I wanted you to see me."

Sherri took that for a green light, and kissed him again before whispering in his ear, "Start your engines." and she adjusted her hips to rub his penis with her moist, waiting pussy.

Ok so they didn't have sex.

Their earlier encounter today was by no means unpleasant. He made her cum very hard, and more than once so she hardly felt like she had anything to complain about. She had certainly enjoyed watching him play as he sat on the bench at the park, first from afar, and then right up close.

But although she sat directly on his hard cock, without actually putting him inside of her, she did cover him with her cum.

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