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Lesbian shop owner does more than mend.

"W-a-a-a-h-h-h-e-e-e!" she squealed, caught unawares, she danced like a small child receiving a spanking as he held her arm.

"That was just to reinforce the lesson" he stated, "Now bend over and grasp the chair."

She scurried to the chair, quickly bent and grasped the edge of the chair and stood bent over with her legs clipped together.

"Legs apart, Linda," he said stepping toward her.

She quickly moved to separate her legs to the requisite three feet and knew instinctively that he was staring right into her pussy.

She flinched as his hands caressed the upturned cheeks of her ass, but she immediately realized that his touch was meant to soothe rather than cause pain.

"You have to remember Linda" he said as his hands smoothed over her ass and down the flanks of her thighs, "Just remember that if you behave, things will be easier for you...Okay?"

She nodded her head in understanding, fighting the urge to tell him that he didn't understand how it was for her...To give up all control...To give in and let him take over...She just couldn't...

Suddenly, his hand stroked between her widespread thighs, stroking down to her left knee, then up to the soft, tender skin at the top, then back down the right side.

"S-s-s-s-s-a-a-a-h-h!" she groaned again as she felt her arousal begin to grow a second time...In an instinctive motion, she dipped her back and lifted her hips to his stroking, simultaneously hoping and fearing that he would caress her pussy, but he continued the stroking of her inner thighs, his knuckles brushing her pubis, but not touching the lips.

He paused to gaze at the spectacle of her bent over, ass thrust up, her pussy clearly exposed...He was right...Again, he congratulated himself on yet more evidence that his theories were accurate...Her pussy lips were indeed thick and dark...And tinged with the moisture of her own lubrication from the stimulation he had given her nipples.

The his hands paused and he moved his finger to the very top of her thigh and grasped the large tendon that was so clearly pronounced as she stood with her legs spread. Slowly he began to alternately massage each tendon, his hands brushing her the now damp lips of her pussy.

"O-o-o-h-h-h-h, p-p-p-l-e-e-ease!" she exclaimed as her clitoris erected itself to its fullest and protruded from its hood seeking stimulation...But just a suddenly he stopped and his hands were gone.

"N-n-n-g-g-g-g-h-h!" she whimpered as she stood bucking her hips in need and simultaneously wondering how she could let herself be handled in this manner by this man.

Again he walked away from her...She tensed and listened, not daring to look as he took another item from his case.

He walked back to where she was bent over and said "Okay, you can stand up."

She raised herself into a standing position and stood with her hands by her side.

She felt him standing close behind her and gasped in sudden surprise as he reached over her head and placed a blindfold over her eyes.

"Oh!" she whimpered as the blindfold blocked her vision...She reached her hands out to maintain her balance and he took her hand.

"Here, come with me," he said softly as he pulled her hand.

She shuffled along clumsily until he stopped, took her shoulders, turned her body, then said, "Step back."

In two small steps she felt the edge of the bed pressing against her calves and he said, "You can sit down now."

As soon as she was sitting he pressed her shoulder back and said, "Now just lie back."

She did as he told her and he then moved her around until she was in the center of the bed her knees at the bottom of the mattress with her calves and feet hanging over the side.

Again she sensed him moving away and her heart pounded as she heard more rustling about in the case. She battled the impulse to question him and lay still in her own personal darkness. Suddenly, she felt something drop onto the bed and she jumped, startled at the sound.

"Hey, hey," he said soothingly, "Relax, take it easy."

"I-it's hard to rel

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