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Slow day at work leads to fun in the back room.

I breathed her breath, refusing to break the contact with her lips, first passionate, then tender, teasing, tasting, nibbling, and demanding. She yielded to me completely.

I worked my way down her body once again, this time stopping first at her breasts. I couldn't help think that I was Magellan, Columbus, Armstrong. I was exploring virgin territory. She was extremely sensitive on her nipples, flinching if my teeth touched them. Her nipples were small, and the tips were very hard and red. I sucked and kissed, alternating sides, squeezing them with my hands, pinching lightly and pulling on her points.

I lowered myself to her waist. She was tense as I gently encouraged her to spread her legs apart. Her light brown bush was several shades lighter than her short brown hair, and was lightly trimmed on the sides. Her small bikini line framed her hair, teasing me with the knowledge that what was in front of me was always hidden from view, from all but me.

With a series of tender kisses, slowly encircling her tender opening, I finally ended up taking her small, almost hidden side lips in my mouth, and teasing them open, encouraging them to swell. My fiendish tongue would dart in and taste her for a moment, before relenting and worrying the sides of her opening. I still hadn't directed my attention to the top of her sweet pussy. I pulled back a bit and looked up, to see her face pointed to the ceiling, her eyes tightly shut, her mouth hanging open, breathing heavily.

I reached out with my hands and opened her up. I blew a stream of air across the little man in the boat, encouraging him to set sail. She tensed for a moment, and then tensed up again, when my tongue lingered there, twirling at the tip, tossing him to and fro.

She was moaning now, slightly, just at the edge of my hearing. I took her clit, carefully between my lips, and vibrated the tip of my tongue across the exposed hypersensitive skin. A few moment of this had her squirming under my grasp. I lowered myself further, lapping away at her opening, my tongue deep inside her, tasting her, feeling the softness of her sidewalls. I teased even lower, reaching my hands under her thighs, and lifting her legs high, allowing my tongue to trace that area from her little brown rosebud, across the small stretch of flesh to her pussy, and up again to her clit.

My ministrations continued for a long time, becoming more forceful, until my mouth was clamped over her clit, my tongue lapping at her, as I drove three of my fingers in and out of the tender pussy, hard firm and fast. It had taken me a lot of effort, but I could feel her peaking, breathing hard, her body trembling and throbbing under my touch.

"My god, my god... " she was gasping, when she came with a cry, lifting her waist off the bed, and squeezing her legs tight. She slowly came to earth, eyes wild, nostrils flaring, hands grasping at me.

"I can't believe you could do that." She said to me at last.

"That was nice, you are really sweet, and so responsive." I lay with my head on her thigh, softly brushing the skin within her tan line.

She blushed, from head to toe, it was a very endearing site.

"Show me how to pleasure you," she whispered, pulling me up beside her on the bed.

"You've never given anyone a hand-job or a blowjob?" I asked, somewhat incredulous.

"Never. I've never even really seen a hard one until today."

"I have an idea. Just wait a second." I got up and went to my bottom drawer, where I kept a small collection of 'adult' tapes. I selected one, which I knew started with three girls and a single lucky guy, in a blow job competition. I started the movie, and pulled her up by my side, propping up some pillows, so we could watch the tape together.

Beth was completely na__ve about such things, but overcame her shock quickly. She was fascinated, and continuously asked me questions about what they were doing, and if I liked that, or didn't, and why they did some things.

She started out with her head on my shoulder.

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