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Lydia and Pierre continue, with company. I guess I decided that I'd better start living."

"Well, then," said Richard, offering a toast, "to life." Melissa clinked her glass against his, thinking carefully about her next words. The decision was easy-to live or to continue as a non-entity?

She looked directly into Richard's eyes as she added, "...and to love." She saw a look of raw desire come over him, and she realized that the power she had felt up to now was only the tip of the iceberg. She sensed that she could unleash a volcanic rush of energy that would be awesome in its beauty-or in its destructiveness. It was terrifying and thrilling-like a drug. For now, though, they just talked and the hours seemed to fly by. All too soon Richard had to leave, and he walked her to her car.

"I'm sorry," Melissa said as she dug out her keys, "I feel like I've told you my whole life story. It must have been so boring."

"It was beautiful. Just like you are," Richard assured her. He reached out gave her a hug, adding. "I can't wait to see you again. Would you be interested in having dinner together on Saturday?"

Melissa wrapped her arms around him and hugged back. He felt so solid. "Oh God, yes," she replied. "Bless you for asking." He gave her a quick peck on the lips and they parted, both of them eagerly looking forward to what their next meeting would bring.

When Melissa returned home, she couldn't get Richard out of her mind. She was now into the third week of therapy, and her massages were becoming quite intense events, leaving her somewhat breathless and keyed-up at the end.

The itching had been gone for some time, but she was now in a near-constant state of sexual desire. It seemed silly to exchange an itching vulva for throbbing, perpetually swollen genitals, but she knew that she had changed for the better in many ways.

She made dinner-just a small salad, since she was now watching her weight and working out-then she pretended to watch television for a few minutes. Who was she kidding? All she could think of was her therapy session. She strode purposefully to her bedroom, stripping off her clothes on the way. Grabbing the jar of cream, she tore back the covers and got into bed naked, saying, "Let's fucking do this."

She began according to the instructions, slowly massaging the labia. Within a few moments though, she thought, "Fuck this," and moved up to her mons, rubbing firmly and with a purpose.

As she circled her mons, she thought about Richard and what he would be doing if he were there. She knew that he would have his cock out and be stroking it for her, and she imagined it hovering, erect and swollen, just above her face. She could see his strong hand wrapped around it as he pumped himself. Melissa's fingers swirled and danced around her mons as her hips began to rotate.

"Richard, I want to see you naked," she moaned, not missing a beat with her circling fingers. Her phone buzzed, indicating that massage time was over.

"Motherfucker," Melissa muttered, grabbing her phone and silencing it. Her hand would not stop caressing her mons, and she was in no condition to resist the urges surging through her loins. She continued to think about Richard's naked body as she gazed at her phone.

As she played with herself, she began to Google. First, "naked men." Thousands of images popped up and she browsed, enjoying them as she stimulated herself. Looking at a particularly majestic erection, she felt a surge of energy beginning to radiate outward from her genitals. Her hand became more insistent, circling lower, pressing a bit harder.

"Ohh..." she groaned aloud as she typed in "naked cock." To her surprise another flood of images appeared. She decided to try "big naked cock" and was rewarded with images of mammoth male organs. The surges of energy were coming in waves, boiling up into her nipples and radiating down through her legs. Beyond rationality now, she returned to "big naked cock" and added the word "fucking" after it.

As the images appeared, she groaned "fuck" out loud.

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