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"I am a demon, after all. Super strength and added stamina." He nipped her ear. "In more ways than one." She shivered. "And my legs are longer."

"Spell." She said, looking down, trying to fake remorse but failing miserably. "It's called the Rabbit Running Spell. I memorized it from a website. I thought it might come in handy in Sunnydale."

"You cheated?!"

"Uh, yeah." She struggled to be set free but he held her tighter. She assumed he was angry until Angelus bust out laughing. He even had tears running down his face. "Are you alright, Angelus?"

"I'm fine." He sighed. "You just surprised me yet again." He hugged her. "I'm so proud of you!"


"You're just so. . . devious."

Her brow wrinkled."And that's a good?"

"It is if you're me."

Willow ran the back of her palm along his face. The faint smattering of stubble scraped along her skin. "I've missed you."

"I know." He waggled his eyebrows.

"I'm not talking about that!" She cried, breaking loose from his hold. She couldn't help the smile that spread across her face as she drifted to the other side of the bed. "Well, maybe I was." She gave him a coy look over her shoulder.

"Mmmm, well maybe I could something about that." Angelus said, standing up. Willow decided that she would never get used to his height. And the way he moved; the measured steps, the rolling hips, and that lethal smile. He stepped closer to Willow and walked her back against the wall. His arms slid up to pin her between the wall and his cool body. Angelus bent his head until his mouth covered hers. He brushed his lips against hers several times, nibbling. Teasing.


"Willow's boinking evil Deadboy?!?" Xander shouted. They were in the library. Wolf Oz was in the book cage dozing quietly. The tranquilizer had taken care of him for the night. They group was seated around the main table.

"Yep, blood breath and all." Buffy said, making an "ick" face.

Giles raised an eyebrow. "Yes, she's having, er, sexual relations with him."

"We've gotta stop it!" Xander shouted, his eyes wide. "Why the hell are you so calm?!"

"He's in love with her." The Slayer said.

"What?!" Xander jumped up from his seat. "Are you all insane? He's using her! He's going to hurt her!"

"Xander, we're working on a plan. We can't run off to face him unprepared. "

"What's to prepare? He's a vampire, right? Grab the stakes and holy water and let's go!" He dashed to the door of the library. "Come on!"

"It isn't that simple." Giles said patiently. " It-it could be some kind of mind control. Or perhaps she's simply feeling unloved and unwanted. We have to figure out what's wrong with Willow first."

"Why?!" Xander cried. "The only problem with her is that she's attached to a 6 foot 4 mosquito. Once the big bug is dead, she'll be fine!"

"Killing him might harm her. Either emotionally or physically, if she's under some sort of an enchantment."

"Xander, sit down." Cordelia ordered. "If it isn't a spell, this is so obviously your fault."

"I didn't make her shack up with Angelus." Xander denied, walking to the table.

"Yes, you did. She saw us kiss that night. She knows we're together." Cordelia explained. "Xander, she's been in love with you for years and then you picked some one else."

Xander gulped, he could feel the guilt coming on. "Oh, God. This IS my fault." He put his face in his hands. "Poor Willow."

"Yes." Giles agreed. He nibbled on the end of his glasses. "So you see, we must find a way to safely disengage her from the vampire. In her fragile emotional state, there's no telling what might happen."

"She didn't look that fragile to me." Buffy asserted "In fact, she looked kinda fierce." She took a sip of water. "And from how she was talking about. . .uh, doing the deed with Angelus, she enjoyed it."

"That's it!" Xander said, standing once more.

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