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Sammi and Keith try on some clothes

She turned Angela to face her and tucking her hair behind her ears, leaned forward and kissed her gently. Her tongue slipped inside the other girls mouth quickly and then she lifted Angela's sweater over her head, rubbing her breasts as they were revealed. She threw aside the sweater and bent down, placing kisses on Angela's breasts. Her tongue snaked out and strummed the other girls erect nipples as her hands clutched her buttocks, giving them a gentle squeeze.

She got on her knees and kissed Angela's belly, running her mouth lower until Angela groaned. She reached up and unbuttoned Angie's jeans, pulling them down until Angie could kick them off. She leaned forward and kissed the damp spot in Angie's panties, running her long nails over Angie's back. With her teeth she pulled them down and off, pushing them aside impatiently. She reached up and ran her finger over Angie's damp slit, slipping her finger inside to press against Angie's clit. Angie wriggled and moaned softly. Leanne stood up and kissed her gently, rubbing her breasts.

They both stepped into the shower and Leanne pulled Angie against her, their slippery bodies winding together as the hot spray pounded down upon them. Leanne clutched Angie's slippery buttocks in her hands, raising her knee to rub gently between Angie's thighs. Angie groaned and began toying with Leanne's nipples. Leanne kissed her passionately, cupping her face between her palms. Angie moaned as they ground their hot needing bodies together.

Leanne pushed Angie gently down onto the floor and moved into the 69 position. Leanne could taste Angie's juices as her tongue delved deeply inside her. She moaned loudly as Angie began to flick her clit back and forth. Her legs wrapped around Angie's head as Angie's legs did the same. Her tongue ran around the edges of Angie's clit as her fingers rose up and began pumping into Angie's tight, wet slick hole.

Her fingers deeply explored Angie's wetness, massaging the slippery walls as she moaned and writhed against the fingers. Leanne whimpered with pleasure as Angie's tongue delved inside her and tasted her juices. Leanne began to shiver as she came close to an orgasm and she knew Angie was on the edge too. She moved her fingers faster inside Angie and as she launched into an orgasm the sounds she made sent Leanne over the edge. Both of them trembled, writhed and groaned against each other. Leanne moaned Angie's name as the convulsions spread over her from her pussy, making her whimper with ectasty. Leanne pulled Angie to her and kissed her deeply, but the evening wasn't over yet....

Leanne sat Angie down in front of the fridge, both of them naked still and put a blindfold onto the other girl. She reached into the fridge and pulled out some ice cream. She dribbled some of it onto Angie's breasts, making the other girl shiver and moan in a mixture of pleasure and surprise. Leanne bent over and slowly began to lick it off, following the trail with her tongue and lingering on Angie's rigid nipple. Angie groaned softly as Leanne dribbled some of the ice cream into her belly button and swirled around inside with her tongue, before lowering the carton. She let some of it run into Angie's hot pussy before bending over. She kissed and licked there until it was clean and Angie was begging for more.

She next reached into the fridge and pulled out a carton of strawberries. She popped one into Angie's mouth, before eating one herself and then leaning forward to lick Angie's lips clean. Leanne took a bottle of wine and let some run into her mouth, before kissing Angie and letting her swallow some too.

Leanne then crushed some ice in her mouth and gently parted Angie's thighs.

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