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After taking her from behind, I cannot resist.

Although I was excited and a little scared, I said, "DJ, did watching me cum give you a hard on?"

"What, ah, no, no way, why?"

"Well, I'm looking at a hell of a hard-on in your shorts right now, you want to take that thing out and release the pressure?" I said.

"Hey man, he said, I've never done it in front of anybody before."

As he said that his eyes never left my cock, they seemed to have a laser focus. As my heart rate slowed down, I walked slowly in front of him and sat, naked, on the side of my bed, saying "Well, I don't think I'm ready to get dressed yet and I may want to jack off again, you want' a watch if I do?"

As he stood there leaning against the door, he licked his lips nervously and said, "Maybe." With that, I leaned back against the headboard and spread my legs completely exposing my balls and cock. Then, I started rubbing my balls with one hand and gently stroking my cock with the other. His eyes seemed to swell in his head and he said in a shaky voice, "You sure it would be Ok?"

"Only if you're completely naked dude, get comfortable."

He quickly stripped out his clothes while I folded the towel and laid it on the floor beside me. Then I patted the bed beside me and said, "Sit down beside me man, it'll be fun."

His cock was fully erect; it was a pretty normal looking 6 incher with nice pink balls that came bouncing my way giving me a really good look at his goods. Like all of my dad's family he was pale skinned as was his cock with a bright pink head. He was not circumcised and I found that fascinating, it looked like his cock had a little turtle neck sweater. He scooted up on the bed beside me with his leg touching mine. I asked, "Would it be Ok if I felt your dick, I've never touched another one before."

In a very nervous voice he said, "I guess it would be Ok." With that I stopped stroking and reached over gently feeling his cock, it was not as big as mine, but close enough, I loved the feel of the excess skin as is slid it up and over his cockhead. Very quickly he began to run pre-cum and his cock became very wet and slick. Then he asked, "Could I touch you too?"

"Shoot yes, go right ahead." Immediately, I knew I liked other people rubbing my dick; it was so hot and exciting. After a few moments, I wanted more. "DJ, lay back on the bed." I eased my cock out of his hand and stood by the bed directing him to lay back and then pulled his legs wide apart. Once in this position, I leaned in and explored his cock and balls with my face just inches away. The smell of his genitals and the pre-cum was intoxicating.

I never found myself attracted to another man before, still this was really exciting and my cock was throbbing and dripping pre-cum as well. DJ had begun to twitch and wiggle on the bed making sounds of excitement and pleasure as I rubbed his cock up and down. Then he said, "God Jack, I feel like I'm going to bust, I'm sure to cum soon .. aaaah!"

Without thinking about it, I slipped my mouth over his cockhead and slid his dick into my saliva filled mouth. After only a couple of sucks he erupted explosively. I held his cum in my mouth and continued to suck as he signed and bucked happily. As his softening cock slipped out of my mouth I chewed his salty, tangy cum and then spit it into the bedside towel. Without thinking about it, I stood and stepped up to his head and pushed my cock into his mouth.

He opened right up and sucked me like a calf sucks his momma. Sure enough it only took a few seconds for his hot, wet sucking mouth to get the fire burning in my by nuts. I quickly filled his mouth with steaming cum. The feeling was sensational; warn bliss seemed to wash over me as I slowly fucked his mouth. He sucked very hard and then swallowed my entire load while softly rubbing my balls with both hands. Although I'm not gay, it ever there was a reason that would have been it.

Without saying a word, we sat together for a while and then dressed in our swimwear and went down to the pool to join the rest of the family.

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