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Constance tastes Simone's bayou honey.

I really like your ass. I have to get going now, I have an early morning meeting."

"Let me give you my business card Dustin. Just in case you are ever in the area."

Barry got out of bed and got a card out of his wallet. Dustin could not help but look at the shapely ass again. In a way it was too bad they were both leaving the next day as Dustin was sure that he would fuck the lovely bottom again. Dustin got up and put on his robe. He put the card in his pocket and got his wet swim suit from the bathroom. He thanked Barry for a great evening and then returned to his room. It was nearly midnight when he lay down in his own bed.


Dustin left the office at 3:00 PM on Thursday and got home about 7:30. He and Margaret were happy to see each other as it had been nearly two weeks. They went to bed and made love before anything else. Afterward they donned their bathrobes and had cocktails in the family room.

"So, you had a busy two weeks."

"Yes, crazy busy but I got a lot done. How was your weekend with the sisters?"

"Oh my God, those two are always full of surprises. Of course, we had great sex as always but they had this new toy. Delia called it Purple Passion."

"Tell me about it. Is it purple?"

"Yes, most if it is purple. It's a vibrating dildo that is as big as your cock. The best thing though is that the head rotates 360 degrees."


"Oh yes, it is wild. I can feel it vibrating on my clit as the head goes in circles inside me. When I hold it just right, the tip will hit my g-spot."

"Did you all use it?"

"Heaven's yes! We did other things too but that was the cat's meow."

"You should get one for yourself."

"I am. Delia going to order one for me."

"I'll be anxious to see it. I going to get another drink. Want another wine?"

"Yes, one more. So, have you found some sweet ass to fuck yet in that city."

"You know about Sharon. She was out of town this week."

"Find any cute gay men to play with?"

"There are plenty of them in the city and many of the hotel staff are gay. The office just happens to be on that side of town. I could get laid every night if I wanted. I did meet one cute gay young man who reminded me of Brandon."

"Did you fuck him?"

"Yes, a couple of times. He wasn't a local and was staying at the hotel."

"I guess you didn't miss Sharon then."

"Oh, I did, I much prefer sex with her. You'll have to meet her sometime. She's pretty and great in bed."

"Is she bisexual too?"

"Yes, she told me that she has been with girls but she prefers men."

"Can we do something special this weekend? Tomorrow is my last day at the office and the staff is taking me out. I'd like to do something on Saturday or Sunday other than stay at home."

"Sure, what about a show and dinner for starters?"

"That sounds good."

"Okay, I see if we can get tickets for either the Saturday or Sunday matinee. Then we can dine at D'Angelo's, you like that place."

"I like that. I should go to bed now. I still have one more day at work."


On Friday morning Margaret kissed her husband good bye and reminded him that the staff was taking her out after work. He told her to have a good time and went back to sleep for about an hour. Later he got up, showered and got the morning paper off the front porch. He noticed that is was unseasonably warm for a February day. Dustin ate breakfast and read the paper with a second cup of coffee. It was nearly 11:00 AM when the phone rang.

"This is Dustin."

"Hi it's Tyler. I was hoping you might be home."

"Hi Tyler, what's up."

"I was wondering if you would like some company. Can I come over."

"Sure, I'm just hanging out reading the paper. Come on over"

"Great be there in a jiff."

Dustin smiled to himself as he had not expected to have sex that day.

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