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Her audition and a photo shoot.

Lazily she walked over to the couch I was on and sat on the coffee table in front of me, our knees touching. "I want to get the awkward bit out of the way," she stated, her expression turning a bit more serious but never losing its appeal.

I sighed, not knowing what awkward stuff she was talking about, "Ok, whatever makes you more comfortable."

Max gave a broad smile and rested her hand on my knee. "One night stands aren't my thing. If you don't intend on cuddling deep into the night and waking up next to me, then this can't happen."

I was slightly shocked that she just dove into this conversation, but pleased as hell that she was basically inviting me to spend the night. I couldn't help but look like a goof. "That won't be an issue," I assured.

"And if you can make me cum, you'll be guaranteed an invitation back." She gave an awkward blush, taking her hand off my knee to thread her fingers together in her lap. "I just can't be another fuck toy. I hope you understand."

"A what?" I was kind of appalled. How any douche could be so stupid not to please this sweetie pie bumping knees with me was a mystery. "Maxine, I would never," I trailed off trying not to think of her lying next to some prick, used. I shook my head trying to rid that disgusted feeling. "You can't say things like that. Now come here and let me hold you."

Her apprehensive look disappeared as I took her hands and pulled her to my lap. Her legs swung to my left and I pushed her head to rest on my shoulder. I sighed, very much enjoying the contact with her while lacing one arm around her back to link with the other laying across her lap. One of her hands found its way to my neck and began to massage the nape of my neck while the other hand rested on my chest and continued with the figure eight motions that she'd done earlier. I doubted any feeling could top this amazing woman in my lap, stroking my chest and making me feel so manly.

"You're not weirded out by this?" she questioned with a small, unsure voice. "I mean, we've barely known each other for an hour."

"Sweetheart, look at how we fit together. You fit perfectly with me and I know it has to feel as good for you as it does for me." I leaned down and nuzzled my nose into her hair, kissing her forehead as my motions ended. "I consider myself lucky to have found this amazing chemistry so fast. Others are not as fortunate." I was being honest. She did feel amazing and the only thing I had thought since the moment I saw her lingering at the piano after the dinner had ended was how lucky I was.

"It does feel pretty good. I've never felt this comfortable this quickly with anyone." She smiled into my chest and the thought of me being special, better than those other fools she'd been with, made my being rush with pride.

We sat like that for what seemed like ages, not kissing or being overly lovey, just being intimate. I began stroking her back lightly and she turned into me more, wiggling on my lap as my fingers ran across her spine. Her little moans were stirring some life in me and I remembered everything I wanted to do to her. I kissed her head again, whispering, "Can I take your hair down?"

Her only reply was a soft hum of approval as she sunk impossibly deeper within my shoulder. I'd never actually done this before, but I remember being intoxicated with the idea and I knew I had to try. My fingers fumbled within her hair and tried my best not to hurt her. I placed each pin I'd retrieved into her hand and before long I was fingering through the somewhat tangled locks. I breathed in the scent of what smelt like almonds until she got up.

Max walked across the room, shaking her hair as she went to the bathroom and put the pins away. That stupid smile I'd been helpless to avoid was slapped across my face once again as she walked back in. She had lost the cardigan and was waltzing towards me as a vision in a pencil skirt, black tank top, and some devilishly wild hair that fell past her shoulders.

Now, Maxine was a kind of beautiful that doesn't receive much credit from the wo

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