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Moments in time for a niece and her uncle.

Brad took a seat on the steps behind Brooke and said, "Yep, those are some tiny shorts. A little bit of her butt crack is showing above the waistband and the bottoms of her butt cheeks are hanging out below. If I were you, I'd dispose of these shorts, too."

Brooke squealed, "Don't say that Brad! My husband is liable to do it."

My dad said, "Hmm, getting rid of those shorts would guarantee that you couldn't wear them in public again."

Brooke screamed, "Dispose of my shorts? No! Not my shorts. That's where I draw the line."

My dad chuckled and asked, "What's wrong, Brooke? Are you afraid of standing in front of the guys wearing just your panties?"

Brooke didn't respond. She just stood motionless as her face turned bright red.

My dad said, "Oh don't tell me you went out in public wearing those tiny shorts and you didn't have the decency to wear underwear."

Brooke stuttered, "Um...I have panties on."

Brad said, "I don't believe her."

Brooke yelled, "Shut up Brad...I mean it!"

My dad said, "The way you're yelling makes me think that Brad's right. I'll bet you're not wearing panties."

Brad asked, "Why don't you pull her shorts down and find out?"

Brooke said, "Brad, you're lucky my hands are tied!"

Brad laughed and said, "We all are!"

My dad said, "Let's end this once and for all."

As he reached out and unbuttoned Brooke's shorts, she started pleading, "Please don't pull my shorts down. I'm begging you. Please let me keep them on."

My dad paused and said, "Okay. I won't pull your shorts down, but I am going to unzip them."

Brooke looked really nervous as my dad gently rubbed her inner thighs. It prompted Brooke to spread her legs apart even further. Then he unzipped Brooke's micro-shorts and pulled them open in front exposing the top of her neatly-trimmed brunette bush to the men.

My dad stepped back allowing everyone to gaze at the top of Brooke's hairy triangle. I'm sure Brooke felt humiliated, but at least half of her pussy was still covered. The men stood there admiring Brooke and she was hoping that it was enough to satisfy their inner urges.

After giving the men a nice long look, Brooke said, "Okay. It's time to untie me so I can start dinner."

Brad said, "But it still looks like she isn't wearing any panties."

Brooke said, "Enough with the panties, okay?"

My dad said, "She's right. I promised her that I wouldn't pull her shorts down, so there's nothing else I can do."

Brad said, "I could reach into her shorts without pulling them down."

My dad declared, "I'm not going to let you reach into my wife's shorts!"

Brad mumbled, "I'm sorry. I guess I got caught up in the moment."

Brad suddenly looked nervous, as if he'd pushed the subject a little too far with my dad. Then Brooke stuck her tongue out at Brad like a spoiled little brat.

When my dad witnessed Brooke's childish behavior, he said, "Brooke, if that's the way you're going to act then you leave me no choice, but to allow Brad to reach into your shorts. At least it would end this panty discussion without causing me to break my promise to you."

Brad said, "Me? You want me to reach into your wife's shorts?"

Brooke said, "Of course not. He's just kidding, right dear?"

My dad replied, "No I wasn't, unless Brad doesn't like you or doesn't want to."

Brad face lit up as he stated, "Are you kidding. Your wife's the most beautiful woman I've ever seen."

My dad chuckled and said, "All right then, go ahead."

Brad moved forward and tried to reach into Brooke's shorts, but her shorts were too tight.

Brad pulled back and said, "Even unzipped these shorts are too tight. I need to lower them a little."

Brad asked my dad, "How 'bout if I lower them just an inch?"

My dad said, "I'll allow an inch."

Brooke asked, "Don't I have a say in this?"

Obviously, she didn't because Brad grabbed the legs of her shorts and pulled. However, one inch ended up being three or four inches.

Brooke screamed, "Quit pulling so hard! You did that on purpose.

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