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Mommy punishes teasing daughter for seducing Daddy.

The growth I felt in my pants felt amazing, and made it throb with anticipation. I also doubled my ball size, and I immediately felt them swell up and hang down as heavy as a bag of rocks. This was so hot.

I turned Rebecca's wetness level to 100% and tightened her pussy by 50%

Rebecca stripped off all of her clothing. Her panties were completely drenched. She then hopped onto the bed, spreading her legs and inviting me. The juices flowing from her pussy were unimaginable. It almost seemed if she were peeing. There wasn't a drip here and there, but a constant stream flowing out.

I stripped down as well, with my now 10 inch cock flying out as my pants came off. The tip was dripping with precum, and my cock was hard as ever. Rebecca gasped.

"That's fucking massive! What happened?"

"I've used a few tricks," I replied.

I climbed on top of her, and we started to make out. I could feel her pussy juice cover my legs, and a puddle of my precum was forming on her stomach. I went down and started to nibble on her nipples. On her nonexistent breasts.

I grabbed my phone and turned up the lactation to 75% and made her breasts to a 34dd cup.

"What are you doing?" she asked, bothered by the lack of attention she was getting. She haven't noticed the effects taking place yet. At the top I noticed there new slider that appeared next to arousal.


(Warning: Overdrive affects body sensitivity and subconscious thoughts. Use at your own risk)

"Hold on babe," I said, as I turned the overdrive to 250%. She gasped, and grabbed me, not being able to wait any longer.

"Babe I need you. I want your throbbing cock so bad." There were already B cup mounds forming on her chest. She turned me around and leaned me up against the headboard. She bent down, slurped up the precum oozing from my anticipated cock, and dove it into her mouth. On the end of the bed, the sheets were already soaked from her juices.

As she bobbed her head up and down, I selected myself as the target again. I turned my erection firmness to 100%, and locked it, so it wouldn't go down until I deselected it. I then turned up the overdrive to 250% as well. Holy shit. Overwhelming waves of pleasure came from my cock as I felt the back of Rebecca's throat rub along it, back and forth. Her humming moans ran through my cock, vibrating it softly. I was in heaven.

I could see her chest start to sag as her new tits started to get bigger and bigger. There was milk slowly dripping out of the tips onto the sheets. I made her breasts swell up to F cups now, and put lactation to 100%.

I felt an orgasm coming. Rebecca could too. She started pumping faster and faster. I grabbed her head and shoved it all the way down. All ten inches down her throat. The best orgasm I ever experienced ruptured through my balls, through my cock and out the end, down Rebecca's throat.

She pulled her head back, gasping for air. Her tits bobbed up with her, flicking milk at me. "Drew what the fuck!" She squealed as she realized the new milk jugs dropping from her chest. "What's happening?" She reached up and squeezed the pair, making milk ooze out, and giving her a great load of ecstasy . She moaned loudly before I replied, "I got an app called the 'Remote of Pleasure.' It lets me control things, and I gave you a milky pair of tits."

"Is that why your dick's so big?"

"Yep. That's also why I'm still so hard after that blowjob, and why you've got that waterfall of a pussy."

"Can I see it?" She asked.

I handed her the phone. She looked me up and down, and giggled. My dick started to grow again, much longer and thicker, and the precum was now leaking at a constant rate, flowing out the tip like a fountain. Next I felt my balls start to expand more, eventually lying down on the sheets. Each of my balls was the size of a golf ball, and my dick reached nearly down to my knee.

She set down the phone, climbing on top of me.

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