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Katy Perry joins Kaley Cuoco for a quick session.

We expected you earlier."

"So no long lunch today, you think?"

"Humans and your food. I'll never understand."

"We need it to live."

"Considering how terrible you look, maybe you're not getting enough."

"I should probably be offended by that, except you may have a point. It's been a rough morning."

"Unfortunate. We need you strong. Business is booming. Demand for submissive women has exploded. The whole universe smiles on this little planet!"

"I'd hate to imagine what frowning on us looks like. I could tell you've jammed more girls in here from the cacophony alone."

"Silly, right? All the enraged howling in the world won't change basic facts. Once a woman comes through those doors and gets that locus slapped on her neck, she's property. Forever."

"Good luck telling them that."

"Why bother when they'll learn soon enough on their own?"

"I guess feelings of sisterhood don't cross the species barrier."

"Can you imagine? Having sympathy for some collared bitch?" Zyond grinned back in wonder. "What an inversion of the natural order. No. Not with riches for the taking here. Someone's profiting off their asses. Might as well be us."

"Yet we still can't afford a better office. Talk about a disappointing beating heart for an alien empire's operation. Where's the awe? Three Atoderians, several humans, some communications equipment..."

"All housed within the former domestic appliances section!" Zyond interjected.

"So maybe it's destiny after all. Do your other installations scattered across the globe look the same?"

"Probably. As long as the slave girls keep coming, who would trouble themselves with aesthetics?"

"Always commerce with you guys."

"That's what I wanted to talk about. The boss man requested your presence."

Asher shot her a quizzical look. "Oh?"

"Something's got him in a mood."

"This line of work will do that."

"Oh I don't know, it has pleasant aspects. If you can put up with being so far away from civilization."

"Not taken with our rustic charms? Just one more reason to set up those cloning farms and save everyone the trip."

"We did."


"Sped up development. Implanted memories. Everything. But the real girls are more popular. It's part of the appeal. Snatching them from their primitive lives. Cutting all their former ties. Giving the little sluts structure. Discipline."

"Jeez," Asher winced, only half affect, "You guys really know how to take the sex out of sexual slavery. And I thought humans were bad."

"Some of them are," she fixed him with a serious look before breaking into a smile.

He grinned back. No sense making any enemies if you could avoid it. Especially ones with that distinctive bracelet around their wrist. "Wish me luck."


"Slow down!" Lauren harangued the tight backside accelerating away from her. Izzy, though, gave no response. Too excited to listen, the brunette assumed. Lauren used to have a puppy that did the same thing. Every night before dinner. And now I wear the collar, she noted darkly. Not too darkly, though. If there was one thing she could do without...

Lauren tried again: "Run all you want, eventually we need to discuss what happened between us."

"Pardon?" Izzy spun around.

"Don't play innocent about all those humiliating things you said. You tried to dominate me!"

"Tried to?" Izzy arched her eyebrows. "I must have missed these complaints while you were climaxing."

"Recall telling me I craved slavery? How about wanting to watch me beg for a beating?" Lauren remembered her breathing exercises.


"I could expect that from Tomur, but never you. We're together in this terrible place. All that we have is one another. Let's not lose this last piece of humanity we have left."

"You're being over dramatic."

"About forced sex? From an alien who claims to owns us. We're being controlled by our own orgasms! Turned into living fuck toys." Inhale. Exhale.

"Why do this to yourself? There's no getting out anyway."

"We're going to escape, Izzy. Both of us. I promise. Until then, bend if we must, but never break."


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