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Joanies organizes a special party with a twist, for revenge.


"Bet if this had been Edward Nygma taking over Wayne Industries, you would not be so reasonable."

The Dark Knight allowed himself a small smile, "I am not that careless. I own 60%, The government of Thymascaria owns 10%, Lucious Fox 10% and the rest is owned by Richard Grayson incorporated."

"I still don't trust her, I'll do my own investigation." Diane walked out of the room.

Shyhara looked at Batman, "You are not stopping her?"

"I want my ribs intact."

It was a moonless night in Metropolis, Wonder Woman took out the newest addition of BatPicks that she borrowed, the last time she slept at Wayne Manor.

After entering the facility, she made her way to research.


Wonder Woman appraised the three arm guards, "Stay out of this."

The leader addressed her respectfully, "Wonder Woman you are trespassing on private property. Please leave the premises or you will be held for the police."

"I did not obey that rule when Luthor was in control of this company."

He sighed, "Fine shoot on heavy stun."

The amazon deflected the blasts back at the three men.

"You will forget that I am here." As she put them under the spell of her magic lasso.

Making her way to the executive offices, the only changes seem to a more famine touch to the d__cor replacing Luthor's over testeroned furnishing. One of the things she liked about Bruce's office was his taste

"I've been expecting you Princess," said her longtime foe.

The blond moved with that catlike movement that was so much a part of her.

"Were you?"

"Yes," sitting on the edge of the desk. "Even though the World's Greatest Detective vouched for me, I knew for you that would not be enough."

"You may have convinced everyone else, but I know better."

"There are unresolved issues between us. I am glad you came." Pricilla disappeared.

Wonder Woman was shocked as electricity permeated the room. "Just because I am no longer a criminal, does not mean I loss my cunning." Her voice said as Wonder Woman lost conscious.

She woke up in a luxurious boudoir. She has her uniform on, but her belt, bracelets and lasso were gone.

"I knew you were not going to make it easy," Pricilla said she had changed into her cheetah costume.

"You." As she rose.

Pricilla held up her hand, "Consider this, I could have killed you, had one of my male guard chains your wrists or I could have put on a strap on for another fucking session like the last time. I don't want to be your enemy anymore."

Wonder Woman looked at her greatest foe, "You expect me to believe you?"

"Not yet, but consider not only yourself but Bruce and Clark."

"You know."

"I do, so here is my proposal, You and I are going to question each other. If you refuse, I will reveal their identities, which will not hurt them but Lois Lane, Dick Grayson", she paused. "Barbara, Selena."

"You made your point Pricilla," the raven heroine admitted.

"Good." The blond gave her big smile and handed her the lasso. "Question me."

"Why did you do a hostile takeover of Lexcorp?"

"Two reasons, I am still an ambitious bitch. It was a target of opportunity when he overextended himself to become President. And he had it coming."

"I suppose he did."

"You have no idea what a condescending chauvinist SOB he is. Do you know he would never listen to any of my ideas for world domination? Toyman, Captain Cold, hell he even listened to morons like Soloman Grundy, but not a woman."


"Sorry still have unresolved issues on that. I bet you don't deal with that on the Watchtower."

Wonder Woman smiled, "Other than you know who, I am the boss. Continue."

"Well on my last therapeutic session we made a breakthrough. I have a lot of drive as well as being ultracompetitive, this is being done in a positive manner. I have expanded into areas ignored including many lives saving and altruistic one." She paused. "I have changed."

"And the other reason?"

"I want to prove myself to you."


"For being this great superheroine, you are dense.

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