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Life is rough for heifers on this milking floor.

He told her; It's not what's between your legs, it's what's in your head and you heart.

"Ah, hmm well..." He began before being interrupted.

"Alexander!!" She squealed, and ran towards a young man waiting on the other side of security. Alexander, a devastatingly handsome man or 26, broad shoulders, beautiful smile, and piercing blue eyes, and hair black as black as night.

"Daphne!" he echoed as he watched her run towards him with the abandon of a 12 year old girl running in a field of flowers. Her breasts bouncing gently, as her skirt flowed behind her. Alex could not deny her beauty, and innocent sexuality. Two years of talking on the phone, video chats and emails, and none of it prepared him for just how beautiful she is. Definitely feminine, but a hint of something else. He knew what it was, her biological maleness, but to him it just made her unique. He had no doubts about her, and being together, he was ready to start a new phase in his life.

Daniel saw Alex and became jealous, and angry; this is the guy who gets to be with her?!

They meet in a tight hug, kissing each other on either cheek.

"It's so great to finally meet you, gorgeous!" Alex declared just drinking in her beauty, her smile was so infectious he could help but mirror her expression. This girl he had fallen for, and wasn't sure they'd ever get to meet in person was now here, in his arms.

"Ya it is! finally! I knew you couldn't keep me away for much longer." She laughed falling into his arms once again. Feeling them around her, she wanted to stay there forever, for the first time in her life, she felt "home". Daphne led a hard life, being disowned by her parents, and alienated from all of her friends, she felt her career was the only keeping her sane. Now a whole new chapter of her story could begin to be told. She was not about to squander, what she thought, might be her only chance at true happiness.

"Thanks for letting me come." she said dipping her head shyly.

"Don't act shy to me girl! I know better." He said smiling, reaching for her suitcase.

"You don't have to take that, I am a big girl." she declared with a pout and a stomp.

"Daph, let me at least try to be a gentleman." He replied picking up the suitcase.

Daniel approached, not sure if he should interrupt or not. Sizing up Alexander, thinking "he's nothing special".

"OH! Alex, this is Daniel, we met on the plane. He saved me from getting crushed by my suitcase." she explained putting a hand on Daniel's shoulder. He almost quivered at her touch. He wanted to be with her, he wanted to be the one to take her home. But, this Alex character is the one.

"Well then, I should thank you for protecting my lovely lady." He smiled smugly as he extended a hand. Seeing the want in Daniel's eyes, and laughing to himself.

"I couldn't let her fall for the wrong ... reasons." Daniel replied sneering at him and shaking his hand. Hating him.

"Daph...we should get going, and get you settled in." Alex said turning his back to Daniel.

"Ya, ok." She replied gleefully, "Maybe we'll see you around, Daniel." She turned and kissed Daniel on the cheek, "Thanks again for saving me."

Daniel's face flushed, her lips, so close to his mouth, he wanted to grab her and kiss her, hard. Show her she's with the wrong guy, but he couldn't. She smiled one last time at Daniel and grabbed Alex's outstretch hand.

"Maybe." his voice trailed off as he watched with envy as the couple became smaller and smaller. He sighed, and wondered if he'd ever see her again.

The door to Alex's flat swung open and he turned to Daphne with a big smile.

"Want me to carry you over the threshold?"

"Ha!" she snorted, "I don't think we're there quite yet." She replied with a smirk. She had wished, hoped, Alex would be the one she would live out her days as a complete woman and married to the sweetest guy ever. All she wants in life is to be happy, and Alex certainly makes her feel overwhelmingly happy.

"Alright babe, then ladies first." He bowed politely.

With a curtsy, she flashed a smi

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