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"Ha-ha thanks," Olivia said, smiling. "Hey, um, could you... maybe take your top off? Only I feel a little..."

"Oh, yes, of course, sorry." Amanda gripped the bottom of her t-shirt and took it off slowly, watching her friend watch her. "Like what you see?" Amanda asked as she threw her top on the floor. Olivia giggled.

"Maybe..." She looked at Amanda's bra. "Can I take it off of you?" She asked, point at the white bra.

"Yeah, sure, go ahead." Olivia smiled, like this was something she had always wanted to do. She reached behind her friend and undid the bra, then slowly pulled it off, releasing the breasts from their pens. "Here-" Amanda took Olivia's hand and placed it onto one of her breasts. "Soft, aren't they?" Olivia nodded, silently holding her friend in her hand. "I think my nipples are happy to see you too; look, they've stood up to greet you." Olivia sat there in silence, still cupping her friend. "Livy, are you okay? Is this a little fast?"

"I'm sorry, it is a little."

"Hey, don't be sorry, this is about you, if it is too fast, we'll slow it down. Here, lie back." Amanda helped her friend lie down, then she lay down next to her, placing her hand on her friend's stomach. "I'm sorry; I must be getting carried away."

"No, it's fine; I'm just not saying anything. I was just fixated by your boobs! Ha-ha!"

"Ha-ha, well they're fixated with you!" Amanda laughed and moved her chest into Olivia's face, rubbing her breasts onto her. They laughed and laughed until Amanda finally stopped and lay back down.

"So," she said. "What do you want to do?"

"Well, this may sound a little weird, but, can I suck on your breasts? Please?" a loving smile grew on Amanda's face.

"Of course you can babe." Amanda sat up and lent against the headboard, whilst Olivia lay across her lap, her mouth now pressed upon her breasts, her lips, open and around the nipple, swallowing it in her mouth, licking it with her tongue. Soft moans of pleasure escaped from Amanda's mouth, letting Olivia know that what she was doing was right. Amanda ran her fingers through her friend's hair, then held Olivia's head to her chest, keeping her there.

"Oh Livy," Amanda said, looking down at her friend. "You're amazing. God I love what you're doing." Olivia moved her mouth away from the breast and looked up.

"I love what I'm doing as well! Do you... maybe want to do it to me? If that's okay..."

"I was going to ask you if I could." The girls laughed and swapped positions, meaning that Olivia was now leaning back and it was Amanda who was sucking on the breasts. Whilst she was sucking, one of Amanda's hands slid down onto Olivia's thighs, then waited to see how she reacted, but she didn't, either due to the fact that she liked it, or she couldn't tell due to breast pleasure. Amanda's hand slid under her friend's skirt, which got her attention.

"I know what you're doing," Olivia said, looking down. Amanda lifted her head up.

"I'll only progress up if you're comfortable with me doing it."

"I am, just please, be gentle Manda."

"You know I will be." With a smile, Amanda slowly moved her hand up the leg it was on, as she watched her friend press her head back into the headboard. Once at the top of the leg, Amanda's finger reached across and lightly touched the underwear, noticing a slight dampness to it.

"Do you want me to take my skirt off? So you can see what you're doing down there?"

"Please, if you don't mind." Olivia slid down the bed onto her back and lifted her legs into the air, allowing Amanda to remove the skirt. "Do you want mine off too?"

"Yes please, I would prefer you to be nude with me." Amanda nodded her head and removed her skirt as well, revealing her navy blue panties. She then bent over and slapped her own ass cheeks.

"Livy like?" Olivia nodded and spanked her friend. "He-he, naughty." Winking, Amanda turned back and laid between Olivia's legs. "I think my work has... well, worked, because I can see a small dark patch."

"Ha-ha really?"

"Yeah Livy. If we take them off, maybe I could show you."


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