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Leigh secreted me in the cupboard - the slats of the door providing a clear view of the room whilst being totally ambiguous due the dark nature of the room. The door rang and Leigh went to answer it. I breathed deep and sighed readying myself for what was to come.

Leigh and Sonja came in and had no sooner shut the door than were reaching for each other - mouths joined in a long desperate passionate kiss.

Sonja's hands rose and quickly undid Leigh's buttons, sliding the blouse from her shoulders, her chest bare almost made me groan. It made Sonja groan, her kisses trailed down Leigh's neck and chest to tease her nipples. Leigh struggled with her skirt but was soon free of it - totally naked. Leigh helped Sonja out of her top and skirt and I really sat up and took notice. Sonja is a fiery redhead, with a temper to boot but definitely sexy - her body much fuller than Leigh's, more curvaceous and wholly awesome. Leigh sat back on the bed and worked her way up it - on her back maintaining eye contact with Sonja all the way till her head rested on the pillow.

Leigh's hands began to rub her chest, her breasts and her stomach. Sonja sat on a stool at the end of the bed staring into Leigh's eyes. Soon Leigh's hands found her breasts, holding and squeezing, cupping and running her fingers up to her nipples that she pinched.

Soon her hand found her crotch and she began to massage her womanhood - Sonja looking on wishfully as her hands mimicked Leigh's, touching herself while she watched my sister finger herself.

Leigh soon stopped and rolled to retrieve something from the draw, Sonja and I waited with baited breath and were soon rewarded. Leigh had in her hands a string of pearls that she proceeded to run all over her body before her hands took the pearls down to her sex, grasping either end and running the pearls up and down between her neither lips.

I almost dropped the ball then but stopped myself sighing at the last moment, Sonja however openly sighed as she stared at my step-sisters display of auto-erotica. Her fingers that were lightly rubbing at her self increased their intensity and pace to match Leigh's gusto with the string of pearls.

"Look at them my love" Said Leigh. "Look how shiny they get in the light, don't you want to taste them?" uttered Leigh in the most sexy voice imaginable. I could see that they were indeed getting shiny with Leigh's moistness and I felt myself wanting them more then ever but I was horrified to step out of the closet knowing it would all end. Sonja was almost drooling at the pearls, I knew Leigh's smell was invading her nostrils, driving her mad as this sexy creature hungered for my sister.

Leigh partly abandoned the pearls to reached up under her pillow an withdrew a green vibrator. She gave the pearls to Sonja who immediately smelled them, running them over her face before tasting them with her tongue. Leigh began to run the vibrator all over her body, switching it on low as she ran it over her nipples. She took some of her wetness and rubbed it on her nipples before applying the vibrations and finally blowing on her chest to peak them.

Finally Leigh moved the vibrator between her legs and threw her head back moaning and writhing on the bed.

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