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Inadevertent sexiness leads to humiliation.


I fell to my knees. My body felt drained. Grandma stood up. She said she was going to change into something more comfortable, and that I should undress, ready for her return. As she got to the hallway, I heard the phone ring. It was Mum telephoning to say she had gotten home OK. I heard Grandma tell her we were both fine.

'In fact,' Grandma continued, 'my lovely young Grandson has just made me a warm, milky drink for bedtime, and I've finished every last drop.'

Ten minutes later, sitting in her easy chair and breathing normally again, I heard Grandma's footsteps coming down the stairs. She entered the room slowly, giving me a good chance to look at her. Her black high heels had been replaced with equally high white pumps. I was a little disappointed to see that she had removed her stockings, but she had covered her shapely legs with a film of oil to make them shine.

Grandma was wearing the babydoll nightie that had been lying on her bed earlier. Her pendulous boobs looked like ripe melons under the thin material. My eyes went down to her pussy. Maybe it was because of her age, but I had expected to see a big bush of blond hair. But through her panties, it was clear that her snatch was completely bare.

She walked over and stood right in front of me, obviously delighted at her Grandson's reaction; my dick was at full length again. I moved closer, reached out my hands, and began to caress her silky smooth thighs. Grandma let out a groan as my hands moved over her hips, gently brushing her cunny lips as they did so. I stood up and moved closer to her. Even with her heels on, Grandma was still a couple of inches shorter than me. She looked down at my quivering cock, as my hands went up to untie her nightie. As the bow came undone easily in my hands, her tits came into my view for the first time. I stared at them for a few moments. Then I reached out and began to tweak her nipples. Grandma began to moan loudly. This became even louder as I bent my head to suckle on them.

As I gently bit and licked her golden orbs, I began to move Grandma closer to the couch. Then I pushed her back onto it, lifted her left leg over the back, pulled the panties away from her hole, and positioned myself at her entrance. Balancing my body with outstretched arms, I pushed hard to enter her. I got nowhere. I pushed again. Still I couldn't get into her pussy. Grandma looked up at me:

'First time?' she asked.

I nodded my head.

Grandma's right hand went down to my cock, moved it around a bit, and then she said:

'Sometimes, you need to give it a guiding hand. Try it now'

Man, what a feeling as my helmet forced its way passed her labia and into the warm, wet, safe haven of her vagina. Now that I was in, my confidence returned, and I began to fuck grandma with all my might. With her mouth partly open and her eyes shut tight, Grandam squealed in pleasure as I ripped into her. I gave her the full seven inches of my weapon as fast as I could. Her nails clawed at my back, and I knew I'd look at the scratches in the mirror tomorrow, and they would be all I needed to make me wank off.

As Grandma's hands moved down to my ass, and she began to clench my buttocks, I knew that my constant banging was bringing her off. Then, as she started to call out my name, I felt my own juices stir. I let my arms drop so that our bodies rubbed together. As a child I had turned my head whenever Grandma had tried to kiss me. Now it was my tongue forcing its way into her mouth. She accepted it greedily. And as we slobbered over each other, I felt her body stiffen in orgasm. As her vagina contracted and expanded, I sensed I was about to cum myself. Just as the flood came, I ground my hips into Grandma's so that I was as far in her as possible. I thought I felt it touch her womb, but that's probably false bravado. Anyway, I let her have it all.

After we had recovered, she took me to her bedroom.

It must have been about two in the morning when my next erection woke me up.

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