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My wife finally comes home to me.

If you do ever think of me in the future, please think of me as the 'Marie' that you knew on the internet, for that is who I was for more of my life than I was anyone else. My original name was JoAnna Michaels. I took on Marie when I moved out west. I was originally from Michigan. I have no family, so you don't have to worry about finding them.

Please use the rest of the money as you see fit. I guess I just hope that you will buy a new laptop and all the gizmos and gadgets that go along with it. That way you can help out another girl that is in a bad way. Also, take your lovely wife on a nice vacation, okay? Thank you.

Well, that is about it. It has been a wonderful final couple of weeks and I thank you for that. For now, though, Goodbye and I Love you.

Marie (a.k.a. JoAnna Michaels)

I think that pretty well states everything. I fold it and put it back into the envelope with the check. After putting it back into the drawer I quickly get up and pack my few things, because I honestly don't think I am going to last the night out.

When Daniel slips back into the room he finds me asleep under the covers. Very gently, so as not to wake me, he slides open the doors and lets the waiter bring in the food. Once the waiter has left he comes back over to the bed and sits down.

"Marie, Honey, wake up. Dinner is here. I got your favorite stuff. Champagne, fruit, cheese, chocolate dip, and of course, grilled chicken stuffed with ham and cheese."

I wake up slowly and try to open my eyes. It is getting harder and harder to do that. When I am fully awake though, Daniel helps me to a chair by the table that looks out over the water.

On the beach I see that a couple of hotel personnel are working on some kind of structure. When I question Daniel about this, he just smiles. "I asked the manager and he had the guys build us a little shelter. They will put some pillows in there for us and make it all nice and cozy."

Suddenly I see a change come over him and he gets very serious. "Marie, how are you doing? We don't talk about it, but we should. Is there anything that you want me to do for you?"

I take a deep breath. "Daniel. I should have figured that you would be able to sense it. I don't think I will last the night. In the morning there is an envelope for you to open in the drawer between the beds. It has my final requests in it." Seriously he goes to the table and draws out the envelope. "Please don't open it until morning."

"I won't. I promise. I will do everything that you ask of me, too."

"Thank you. Now, as delicious as this has been, help me take one last walk on the beach?"

Nodding he gets up and helps me up and out to the beach. Slowly we walk until the sun starts going down. When we return we find that our shelter is really a very nice, fully enclosed, cabana with multiple candles lit and cushions on the ground for us to lay on if we choose not to lay on the mattress that has been brought out for us.

With the sound of the sea pounding against the shore Daniel takes me into his arms and gently holds me until I fall asleep. Carefully he listens for my breathing and when it stops he holds me close and kisses me one last time. Looking at his watch he notices that the time is 12:04 am. Picking me up, he carries me into the room and calls for the manager who in turn calls for the police and the medical examiner.

When all of the phone calls are made and my body has been taken away Daniel remembers the envelope. Picking it up from where it lay on the table, he opens it up. When he sees the check that falls from it he sits down on the bed. After reading my note he calls the medical examiner and tells him what my wishes were, and then he calls his wife.

After just three rings the phone is picked up. "Hello?"

"Hello, Marsha, it's me."

"Hi, Daniel. I assume that you will be coming home soon?"

"I just have some final things to take care of here, and I would really like for you to be here. I need you."

"Where are you?" He tells her the name

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