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A Roadie meets a Devil at the crossroads.


"I would stop them." I squeezed her arm slightly, and she looked up. "We all would. We have a few elves travelling with us, you may have noticed, and they are not our servants. They are equals, as would you be. And you can ask the servants here - you won't hear of any abuse from any of us."

I turned to Leliana. "Actually that gives me an idea. Until we figure something else out, being someone's servant would protect her, right?" Leliana nodded, as did Kallian. "Well then, let's give her a job title. I'm supposedly Lady Cousland," I put scorn on the word lady, and Alistair laughed, "so why don't I have a...lady's maid?" I turned back to Kallian. "You wouldn't need to do anything - I don't need a lady's maid - but you could sleep in our room," I gestured to Solona and the mage nodded, "and if anyone gives you any trouble, you tell them I'll have them drawn and quartered if they do anything to you."

Kallian looked skeptical, but Wulf turned her and spoke quietly into her ear. They talked for a moment, and then she turned back. "I suppose sleeping on the floor isn't the worst thing that could happen."

"Nonsense. You can share the bed with Solona, if you're okay with that? I'll be sleeping... elsewhere." I reached back and Alistair took my hand, and a knowing smile passed across Leli's face.

Kallian studied Solona for a moment, before glancing at Wulf; he nodded reassurance, and she relaxed. "That would be fine. And I can work, my Lady-"

"Oh, don't start that nonsense. I'm no more a lady than Wulf is." He snickered, and I shot him a grin. "Just Sierra, and all I need for you to do is recover, okay? Eat, rest, get Wynne to check out your physical health. Train, if you like - there are weapons and sparring dummies in the barracks."

At that, interest flashed in her eyes, before she dropped them demurely. "Elves are not permitted to use weapons."

I giggled. "Someone should maybe have told Zev and Wulf that."

She glanced up at Wulf, taking in the sword on his back, the dagger sheathed at his hip, and the uncomfortable way he squirmed when I pinned him with a look.

"How many?" I asked.

He twitched, and looked at Kallian. "Seven. The sword, three daggers, and three throwing knives." I looked at him again, and he sighed. "And a boot knife. But that's it! I swear."

Kallian was even laughing by the end of his list.

"Zevran's worse. When we captured him, I went looking. I must have found about twenty knives strewn about." Leliana chuckled. "And those were only the ones I found."

"Captured?" Kallian looked confused.

We all laughed, and Leli threaded her arm through Kallian's, leading her towards the dining room, explaining as they walked. Alistair and I watched them go, amused.

"I never thought how weird it must sound when someone asks how we met all of our friends."

"Ah yes. 'This one's mother turned into a dragon and we had to kill it, this one murdered some farmers and was left for the darkspawn, this one dreamed the Maker spoke to her, this one tried to kill us...this one just popped into existence from a different world." I snickered.

"Then there's the mage who tried to poison a noble, the other one who helped him escape, the dwarf we rescued from a different dungeon...yeah, our group sound like a really stable lot."

Smiling, he took my hand and we headed to the dining room as well for supper.

Chapter One Hundred Two: Duty and Suffering

We ate a late dinner, slightly subdued compared to our usual boisterousness, given those that were missing from the table - Aedan, Zevran, and Wynne. Kallian still looked a bit thunderstruck at the chatting and teasing, but she sat on a corner between Wulf and Solona, with Leli across from her, and she didn't look like she was panicking too badly. Nathaniel sat across from me and just watched silently.

Anders was feeling better, so when we were done, we brought up plates for Zev and Wynne, and Alistair, Morrigan, and I followed the healer up to the room where Aedan lay sleeping.

I stopped Morrigan outside the room,

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