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Cruising UN diplomat caught in April Fools trick.

Finally, the giant cried out, impaling Toshiro, holding his head firmly in his viselike grip as his weighty balls jumped in Toshiro's hands and Toshiro squeezed them like a tube of toothpaste as Goliath poured his hot salty seed into him, flooding his mouth and stomach.

The big man squeezed Toshiro's head tightly, wanting to tear it off right then, but suddenly released it.

"Not bad fo' a little ole schoolgirl. Ah tell you what. Ah'm gonna to let you live a few minutes longer. You're a real talented cunt. You know what Ah'm going to do? Ah am going to fuck you. But not in yo' cunt. In yo' sweet little virgin ass. I'll bet you never been fucked like that before."

Actually Goliath would have lost that bet, and his word were music to Toshiro's still aching cock.

"Don't' worry honey, Ah recharge right quick. The docs tell me it's because Ah've got too many of them Y chromosomes. The more the merrier, Ah say."

Goliath picked Toshiro right off the ground, spun him around, and then dumped him unceremoniously right back on the bed of pine needles. He spread Toshiro's legs and flipped up his kilt to expose his ass. He ripped off Toshiro's panties in one quick motion.

"Well, looky at we got here! A little stallion, not a mare. Well, it don't matter none to me, son. An ass is an ass. Ah'm an equal opportunity fucker," Goliath informed him in his sonorous bass voice.

"Here, Ah'm gonna make it a li'l easier fo' both of us, the giant said, and started to spread Vaseline over Toshiro's asshole as well as his own monster cock.

He grabbed Toshiro's waist with his massive hands and raised him off the ground. "OK, honey, Ah'm home. Let me in," he said as he drove his gigantic steel-hard rod 4" into Toshiro's ass, spreading him as he had never been spread before.

Toshiro cried out, but relaxed his sphincter to allow the giant greater passage, even reaching back to grab Goliath's balls to urge him onward.

The giant drove himself deeper and deeper in Toshiro, in time with Toshiro's squeezing of his balls.

"That feels nice, but it ain't gonna save you son. Ah'm gonna tear off yo' head when Ah come. Ah like the feel of the death rattle when Ah pour my seed into a warm still-movin' headless corpse. Nothin' personal, son. It's just the way Ah skate."

Goliath drove himself up to 9" inches in Toshiro's ass, passing Toshiro's limit, and Toshiro could feel himself stretched to the edge of bursting. Then, the giant grabbed Toshiro's head, yanked it up and rotated it sidewise, and began to lick Toshiro's ear. "Ah'm gonna be kissin' ya even after Ah pull your head off," the giant said. Ah'm gonna turn yo' worthless head around so you can watch me as Ah cum inside of yo' headless corpse. Ah'm gonna look into yo' dying eyes and see yo' fear as Ah pour my seed inside you."

He began to drive deeper and deeper into Toshiro, stretching him painfully, as his tongue caressed Toshiro's ear, then roamed slowly down Toshiro's face, as he rammed into Toshiro harder and harder, burying all 10" of himself into Toshiro's colon. His tongue found Toshiro's lips and parted them, seeking the depths of Toshiro's mouth, even as he pounded his massive shaft at a faster and faster pace into Toshiro's impaled and defenseless body.

Toshiro felt the giant beginning to come, and his grip on Toshiro's head grew stronger and stronger as he removed his tongue from Toshiro's mouth and prepared to tear Toshiro's head off.

Toshiro reached inside his Tomiko wig and retrieved the stylus. He expertly pushed it through the socket of Goliath's right eye and deeply into his brain, giving him a prefrontal lobotomy the old-fashioned way and allowing the chemotropic electrodes to seek out their destinations in the giant's hypothalamus and amygdala.

He then reached into his schoolgirl bag, sought out the control clicker and pushed button #3.

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