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He’s not her type, at least not yet.

She would occasionally suck his nipples or kiss him while continuing to pump him with her hands.

After more than thirty minutes, it became apparent that we had a problem.

"How can I help you Greg," Beth pleaded? "Would you like to go down on me?"

Greg was worried and embarrassed now.

"Would you like to watch my husband and me get started?" "Would you like to try and be by yourself for awhile?"

Greg finally got out of bed and put on his clothes. He headed for the door.

"I need a little air, I'll be back in a little while."

After the door closed Beth looked at me with a look of frustration. I joined her in the bed and kissed her.

"What did I do wrong Steve?" She was visibly upset. Beth had never had someone fail to respond to her best efforts.

"You didn't do anything wrong Beth. You could have given a dead man an erection. Look at didn't even touch me and I am hard as a rock." I held her as I talked.

"I am so frustrated," she said as she dropped to her back and felt her vagina.

I felt her and she was indeed very ready. I lowered my mouth to her and flicked her labia and clitoris.

"He was young and very immature Beth. I think he got in over his head and he knew it. I don't think it would have helped if I would have left either." I was gently caressing her sex as I spoke.

"You don't think it was me then," she asked?

"No way in the world, you were magnificent Beth," I reassured. "One good thing about wife sharing Beth. If your date sucks you still have your hubby to play with."

She laughed and came to me. I undressed and she began working on my penis. We made passionate love.

Beth woke me the next morning.

"Can you believe that Greg never came back or called?"

"He'll never know what he missed," I added. "Let's play all day. What do you want to do?"

"First thing we need is a shower," she said as she ran to the bathroom.

I opened the laptop to check my email while I waited for Beth to finish. I noticed several unimportant messages and a message that we had mail on Swappernet. I figured Greg had sent his regrets but I was surprised to see a message from Anthony. He was just checking in and letting us know he was still interested.

When Beth came out of the shower I showed her the message. She raised her eyebrows and squirmed a little.

"I was so ready for last night to happen. I wish we had picked Anthony like you wanted," she was shaking her head as she talked.

"We could still talk to him and see if he's interested Beth," I added.

"He's too far away to make it to St.Louis before we have to leave," she explained.

"Beth, Anthony lives closer to St. Louis than he does to our house." "If you want to try and get a hold of him, he might be able to meet us here," I offered. "We could also spend the rest of the weekend alone."

Beth looked at me with the awe that a revelation brings. I had called her bluff. I knew she was frustrated after last night and I knew that Anthony wasn't her first choice, but the option was available.

"Send him a message and see what he says," she said still a little unsure.

I knew Beth was frustrated and she knew we could spend the rest of the weekend enjoying each other. I loved the interracial thing and she was not so much against it as she just wasn't excited about it.

I sent a message to Anthony and hit the shower. I mentioned we were in St. Louis and asked him what he had in mind.

Beth was finishing her makeup as I dried off.

"Do you want to go shopping this morning," I asked.

"What about Anthony? We'll miss his message." She acted like I was just not thinking.

I realized that she was more than a little interested in trying again. I checked for mail and sure enough he had a message waiting for us.

"I would love to meet you two. St. Louis is a great city and I know it well. I am about two hours from you now and I want to meet you and that sexy lady. What time works for you?" Beth was looking over my shoulder as I read his message.

"He doesn't suffer from shyness, does he," she said as she shook her head.

"We can ha

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