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Flashbacks and memories.


"I hope he does not take this out on you." The Emir said. "If he does, Yussef, please tell me and I will see what I can do."

"I don't think he will. There is not much he can do to a man about to be discharged." Joseph said as the car pulled up in front of Rich's apartment. "Your Eminence, thank you for a most interesting day."

"Thank you, Yussef. My lawyers will be in touch with you on that other matter in a few days," the Emir said. "And since we are to be relatives I think it proper if, in private, for you to call me by my name, Jamaal. Salaam Alecheem, Yussef."

"Mesaa El Kair. Good evening Jamaal." Joseph said, got out of the car and watched as the Emir was driven away.

Before going up to the apartment, Joseph called the President and in a few seconds was patched through.

"Well Sir, what did you think of him?"

"The man is a fanatic at best and perhaps crazy. Watch yourself Sergeant, he could be dangerous and he does need watching. I hope I can count on you to keep up the work as we have no one to take your place."

"Sir - Errr - I just thought you should know - he has asked his lawyers to draw up a marriage agreement between his granddaughter and myself. She is 16 years old and he wants me to marry her as soon as I'm discharged. However, because of our age of consent laws, thank God, I have managed to put the wedding off for at least two years."

"Now this I have got to hear! You better tell me the details. My God, an FBI agent married into the family of the Emir. Nobody would believe this..."

As Joseph explained it to him, the President couldn't stop laughing. "One hundred thousand in gold." He gasped. "Joseph, I have to thank you for making me laugh. After the kind of day that I have had, I needed it."

"I wish I was joking, Sir, I truly wish I was. Good night Sir." He said as he went up to the apartment to pack to go home. He left a note for Richard telling him he would call him later, but that he had to get back to Paterson.

Joseph headed back to Paterson and called Allie and arranged to see him that evening.

"I have some important news for you." Joseph told him.

"I'm on my way, Habibi. Should I bring anything with me? Perhaps a bottle of wine? Did you have a nice day with the Emir?"

"I had a very interesting day and I'll fill you in when you get here. The wine is a good idea and I'll have the cook prepare a supper for us."

"Good, but I would rather eat you! But tell me are the rumors I hear true? Did you and the Emir meet with the President today?"

"I see word gets out fast! Yes, that is true. We will talk about that and a lot more when I see you. Will you be able to come by eight tonight?"

"Yes, that will give me time to get ready. Oh! You can tell the cook to leave early. We can clean away the dishes ourselves and we don't need her around. I missed you these past few nights and I need my 'Kong'." Allie whispered seductively into the phone.

"I missed you, too. But we will talk about that after supper."

Allie arrived on time and the two of them had a light supper together.

"Well how did it go between you and the Emir? I saw some of it on TV and he really shook up the place. People are calling him a mad man. That speech was really something. Did you have anything to do with it?"

"Not directly and very little indirectly."

"We were told that he met with the President afterwards. Hassan told me that he insisted that you go with him as his translator. You and I both know that he was educated in England and does not need a translator. You must have really impressed his Eminence the other night. I have never seen him so taken with anyone. What happened?"

"I did not know of his English education, however he says that he has trouble understanding the American idiom. You know what Mr. Churchill said about us, "We are one people separated by a common language"."

"Yes, that is true, and even I have trouble at times. Now, tell me everything that happened."

"I cannot tell you anything about the meeting with the President, except that the Emir did not back down one inch.

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