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Woman's unusual experiences while imprisoned.

She kept looking into his eyes with a smile. Once up, she removed her blouse, followed by her skirt. Her bra and panty followed the same way. She did put her hands on her hips, allowing Pete to admire her body.

Pete didn't know what was happening. With astonishment he looked at the striptease and now his eyes went over the body of his mother. He looked at every spot until finally a "wow" escaped from his mouth. He knew that his mother was beautiful but now that her body was exposed to hem he was overwhelmed by what he saw. Ok__, she didn't have anymore the body of a 20 years old, but all she had was worth looking at. His mouth dropped and his look stayed focused on her legs and 'pubic hair'-area. The admiring of her son surprised Rita. She couldn't believe that she, on her age, still had such an influence on the young lad. Unless of course it would be the result of 'once the stiffness is in the prick, the intelligence of a men is reduced to zero' and he was doing like any male, purely reacting to nude. She sat down on the edge of the seat, put her head against the support and opened her legs as if presenting herself on plate.

She didn't need to encourage him as Pete regained his position between her legs. He grabbed both legs with his hands and started moulding the backside of them. Again and again his hands moved over her stockings and his massaging and moulding gave Rita shivers. Now Pete bowed forward and touched with his mouth softly her love-lips. To that Rita reacted even more and she noticed that here nipples came erect. Pete was moving his mouth over her slit, then taking this and then the other lip into his mouth. Now he started working with his tongue, making little circles over her lips on both sides. He also went now and then between the lips in order to catch the moisture present, taste it before swallowing it down.

Rita didn't know anymore what she felt. Even Jeff, in his best days, hadn't succeeded in giving her such a feeling. She was shaking like an aspenleaf and started more and more getting focused on having an orgasm. It made her very happy to notice that Pete was so attentive, wondering however how he got this skill. Pete noticed that his mother was reacting more and more to what he did to her, so he thought that it was now time to start the final attack, but now on her clit. He took her clit tenderly in his mouth, made circles with his tongue around it before starting to suck on it, increasing his speed. More and more yells and moans escaped from Rita's mouth. He now started sucking heavier until Rita, by giving a loud yell, started cumming. Her body was shivering and shaking. This kept going on, certainly because Pete was still sucking her clit, now in a slow tempo. One orgasm after the other went through Rita's body until it finally, totally exhausted, went limp. Pete then released her clit from his mouth and took again the opportunity to look at her body.

Very slowly Rita regained consciousness, aware of the fact that what she experienced was totally new to her. She found it hard to believe that it had been her son who gave her this feeling. She looked at him with gratitude and bowed forward trying to put her mouth on his. Her lips parted and she pushed with her tongue on his lips. He opened them slowly, after which she slid her tongue in his mouth in the search of his tongue. When she found it she started a little battle with it, taking her time however to find and taste some of her moisture. No place in the mouth was untouched and finally they started French kissing. Finally they had to let go in order to regain their breath.

"Thank you, my boy, for what you just did to me, I must confess that I never came so, like being in heaven, but how, for gods sake, have you learned to please a woman like that?" "I don't know," said Pete.

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