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Ashlyn is forced to submit to oral sex for food.

lex struggled to believe a real girl, a young woman, was fondling him, a tingle starting just behind his scrotum as Bella exclaimed,

"Fuckin' hell Alex! You're proper grown up now! Beautiful that is, you shouldn't hide it away up here. Play your cards right and I'll show you what a real woman can do for a monster like that, much better that your hand!"

Bella squeezed him again causing a solitary pearl of precum to gather at his purple crown, his nipples stiffened, shuddering as Bella bent her head to taste him, his heart racing in anticipation as her tongue slid over his glossy glans. His hips jerking involuntarily, spearing his throbbing member into her sloppy mouth, the sound of his heartbeat pounding in his ears, a shock of intense pleasure searing through him, the thick root of his cock pulsing as Bella's lips closed around him, lazily suckling, a drunken haze clouding her eyes.

Alex crunched his eyes tight shut, unable to watch that pretty feminine mouth deliver such intense warm wet slippery sensations. Groaning now as Bella slurped further down his hot length, his straining cock head grazing the roof of her mouth. His head thrashes from side to side, his balls drawn up so tightly, so close to exploding, willing Bella not to stop, her imprecise technique keeping him just on the brink, edging him.

Finally she swallows the spittle that's accumulated while she's been sucking, the action of her throat closing and her tongue massaging the sensitive frenulum just too intense causing Alex's entire body to stiffen, his fists balled, clutching the sheet as a profound throbbing shock convulses him, his cock spewing copiously into Bella's throat, as his orgasm is taken from him rather than him being in control of it.

Bella gags and splutters, coughing as she sits up, spitting Alex's thick spunk out all over his boxers. Retching she claps her hand over her mouth and runs for the bathroom. Pinioned to the bed in shock, every nerve ending throbbing Alex hears her heaving and groaning, feeling bad that he's made Bella sick but glowing in ecstasy - Fuck! that was amazing!


The ping of the microwave breaks Alex's reverie. The ghosts of his first and last blow jobs have had a distinct effect on him, his erection tenting the magazine in his lap, still open at the topless actress' page. Alex grins broadly, the irony not lost on him and rises to get his food, perching on his desk chair shovelling lasagne from the plastic tray ravenously, his confined prick throbbing hotly behind his fly. Alex finishes refuelling and dumps the container in the bin. Standing and opening his jeans to relieve the ache, hooking his thumbs under the waistband of his boxers and sliding his palms inside to indulge in that exquisitely male habit of a good ball scratch.

His cock feels bruised and swollen still, the crown a little raw as his foreskin unfurls, his slit closed and red. A tight tugging feeling near the base of his shaft where his boxers are stuck to his skin with the combined dried essences of he and Suzy's ecstatic coupling. Shivering at the memory he flexes his cock to release the tether, his tender tumescence almost painful now, a deep throb from his prostate echoing the ache of the flex, the aching soreness seeming to feed his erection, keeping him uncomfortably stiff.

Alex decides he needs a shower to hopefully cool his ardour and soothe his soreness although part of him is reluctant to wash this afternoon away, to wash Suzy from him; just in case he never sees her again. Idly he checks his phone as he gathers his towel and wash bag. He sighs, nothing from Suzy, just a photo message showing a drunk Ravi with his arms around two pneumatic heavily made-up blonde girls and the caption;

'Look what you're missing you boring old fart!'

Tossing the phone on the bed Alex remembers to re-fasten his jeans before locking his room and heading to the shared shower facilities.

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