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A father expresses his love for his daughter.

I knew -- well actually I had decided -- that I would have a cock in my arse at some point that night and over the past week I had daydreamed of it being Duncan's. I had imagined squatting on Paul's face, my pussy mashing into his nose, mouth and chin as Duncan stretched and ploughed my willing asshole, ending with a massive flood of cum that would ooze out of me for the next hour.

But my first close-up contact with Duncan's cock had put paid to that. As I held it for the first time I realised that Paul had tried to put smaller dildos than that in my arse without success -- maybe a few inches when I was in the mood, but actually fucking me with one never quite worked no matter how much lube we used. I just really had a tight little arse I guess. And then Paul's insistence on the condom ruled out my come fantasy -- fair enough I guess, but then Duncan was married after all... and it was annoying, having seen just how much he could come...

I was having the time of my life, no question, but now I was starting to feel, well... disappointed. After all, seeing another man bugger his wife (Paul liked that word...) was a major part of our fantasy. For him it was about being close enough to see, smell and taste the action... to hear me squeal and moan for it... to make me come and see my asshole throb round an exploding cock. For me the real thrill was all of the above, but most of all the finale... the come itself -- the thought of my ass being filled with strong, copious jets of it then making love to Paul as it leaked out of me and over us both.

I shook my head, dizzy with the fantasy and suddenly aware of how close it really was as Duncan once again withdrew completely, this time letting the head bob upwards and land solidly on my asshole where he rubbed it gently, round and round, the condom teat tickling me... I felt my anus twitch and Duncan chuckled, pressing harder for a second before lowering it to plunge back into my pussy where he began to slowly thrust.

I felt Paul stretch, reaching for something and twisted round to see him scoop up one of the vibes I just mentioned -- flesh-coloured and veiny, somewhere in between the two of them, size-wise. He blew me a kiss as our eyes met, offering the vibe to my pout. I licked its domed head with slow deliberation as I stared back and then buried my face again as he took it away. As its tip touched my anus he switched it to a low purr, circling it around as Duncan's cock had just done.

I wanted it. My arse wanted it... I could feel myself opening to its touch... pushing back, inviting it into me. My anus gave a little as the pressure increased and Paul turned the speed up a notch -- there was a dull, familiar pain... the pain that grows and resists... the stretching as he twists and turns the flared head, looking for something to give way... easing it further... wider... until...


As my anus closed gratefully around the dildo's buzzing shaft, Paul moved back to the pillows and I looked up straight at his cock, pointing right at me and needing attention. I was worried I would eject the vibe but then Duncan's rod made its slow, teasing way towards my cervix once again and his thrusts kept it in place. In fact it was sliding just a tiny bit deeper each time and the feeling of being double penetrated so deeply was incredible. That vibe was going all the way...

I licked the end of Paul's cock and smiled up at him. I didn't want to get him too excited and come again too soon. In fact, my plan was still to take what I wanted from Duncan then get him to leave so that me and Paul could enjoy each other as only we knew how. But he looked a bit left out, what with me having both holes occupied and Duncan now starting to fuck me like a steamhammer.

I carried on staring at him, occasionally flicking the head of his cock with my tongue and reaching back to take control of the vibe, easing it another inch inside me with a low grunt; "Oh babe.

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