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Her mothers corse dress had been ripped to the waist, her tattered corset slit open baring her white heavy breasts. The man grunted as he savagely thrust against the woman's upraised skirts. His hands roughly pinched and kneaded the woman's heavy tits. Her head was thrown back and every time the man griped her breasts and slammed his body forward into her she screamed out her agony.

"That's it you slut, yelp for me like a bitch in heat!" the man said with a cold leer that chilled Ashlyn's blood.

She had never felt so terrified in her life. Her lips and fingers tingled and her blood pounded in her ears. As she watched she slowly became aware that the men were no longer circling the burning shack and were instead gathered in front watching the soldier who was thrusting again and again into her mother. A couple of them were fingering their own crotches and watching with an intensity that made Ashlyn's stomach turn. One however kept looking around and scanning the hills. He was the largest of the men by far and the best dressed. His armor was trimmed in what Ashlyn could only guess to be gold, and he wore a fine red cloak that billowed back over the flanks of the black steed that he was mounted upon. Beside the horse was a large hunting hound, an Irish wolfhound.

One of the men dismounted his horse and approached Ashlyn's mother as the other strained and grunted letting out a final hard thrust and a howl of pleasure. Her mother just lay there now, whimpering and shuddering, and didn't even try to get away as the next man mounted her. Ashlyn felt a strangled sob rise in her own throat and muffled her own cry with her hand. At that moment the wolfhound's head perked up and it gazed strait toward Ashlyn's hiding place. Ashlyn froze, she knew that hounds were sight hunters and she wished no notice to be taken of her hiding place. To her horror the dog let out a long bark and bolted strait toward her. The girl's terror overwhelmed her and she bolted upright and tore up the hill away from the oncoming beast. Of course her speed was nothing to match the powerful animal and she was very quickly overtaken. She fell forward against the earth painfully as the powerful dog landed on her back and shoulders. Ashlyn let a hysterical moan out as she felt the powerful jaws of the wolfhound griping around the back of her neck.

"HOLD!" A deep and commanding voice rang out behind her. The hound's jaws relaxed a bit, but he laid his whole body down over her small frame, effectively pining her to the dry earth.

"I am going to order Titus to release you. When I do so you will stand and turn and face me and make no further effort to run. If you do attempt to run I will run my sword strait through you and leave you cold and dead on these moors. I have already gone through enough trouble this evening to locate the eldest daughter of this little hovel." The man's voice was deep and full of anger and contempt. The very sound of his words made shivers of fear slide down Ashlyn's spine.

"Titus RELEASE!"

Ashlyn felt the dog immediately let her go and move his weight from her. She lay there for a moment her breasts still crushed into the hard earth. She could feel the blood from a split lip dribbling down her chin. Her normally vibrant red hair was matted and caked with dust from the fall. She stood before the mounted man with her head down. She fixed her gaze on his black leather riding boots.

"Well, I have to say that this is a disappointment.

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