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Power and corruption... Meet Sheriff Segan

He said lust couldn't harm us if he let him put it on."

"Where is it?" I asked fearfully.

He pulled down the front of his pants and I exclaimed, "MOTHER OF GOD!"

There was a hardened piece of plastic around his penis and testicles. I knew that if he even got the slightest erection, it would cause him pain. I could see it was already doing that. The flesh was red and swollen. He had had it on for a long time.

I rushed forward and took him to my cabin. I had him lie on the bed and I brought out my tools. It was the work of five minutes to break the clasp and slowly remove the device. Bits of skin came away with it, making me furious. However, Evan made not one noise nor moved in any way. This alone made me more wary.

I wrapped his penis up in some clean towels, then went to the bridge. My head assisstant Alex was up there singing away to tunes. I quickly had him increase the speed and had him connect me to the island.

Issan and Leo were ready for our arrival. They had a gurney waiting when we arrived twenty minutes later. I had them take Evan off the ship and to sick bay. There, we assessed Evan from head to toe and what I found made me more than furious.

Evan had welts, scars, scabbed over scrapes, bruises, and peeled off skin. He had been beaten by others and forced to beat himself. I knew that the wounds were superficial when compared to the emotional trauma. But I used a new medicine that my company developed. It cleaned and healed wounds, faded scars, and encouraged healthy tissue to form.

His penis in particular needed it. The skin and vessels were so thin. Within hours, it had healed and become what it should have been. Someone had done a hack job on his circumcision, and it had been done in the past few years. I hadn't realized when I applied the mixture that his foreskin would grow back.

When I applied the medicine to the lacerations I found on his scalp, his hair started growing rapidly. I saw that patches had been ripped out and cut out in other places. This compound repaired it all and brought it back to life. I let him rest while I went to confront his mother.

Chapter 3

Lexie was on the big monitor and she was happy. I knew she wouldn't be in about five minutes as she prattled on and on. She told me about the issues with her project and how she was resolving them. Finally she said, "Eric, what is the matter? You look upset."

"How upset would you be," I said slowly and with coldness. "If you found out that someone had been torturing your god son. Beating him, whipping him, tearing out his hair, placing some God-cursed device on his penis so he couldn't have an erection! No wonder you were so sure he wasn't fucking some skank! What the hell were you thinking?!"

"Eric," she said bone white. "I don't know what he has told you, but..."


She was shaking and I knew why. SHe knew me well enough to know what i would do next. And I did it.

I said calmly, "Until the situation has been investigated and you clear of all charges, you are hereby placed under suspension. Your computer, phone, and accounts will be seized effective immediatly. You will be paid a portion of your salary until such a time as the matter is closed. Gentlemen, please escort Ms. Gregory out of the building."

Two security guards appeared out of nowhere and took Lexie by the arms. She tried to fight, but they forced her out of the chair and down to human resources. There she would be forced to relinquish her phone, ID, and anyhing else of company property. I called another manager and had him assume control of her department for the time being.

Alex and I began to talk about Evan. His future was secure in the trust I had set up for him as a child. But in the immediate future, he needed help. Mental help. We came up with a plan and set it into motion.

The next morning, Evan wo

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