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Elise seduces an easy target at the post office.

Her first e-mail was quite bland but chatty, a written version of a woman in a bar making eyes at you but leaving it up to you to take it further. His hotmail address was a very simple one, just his name followed by the address and funnily enough, her was in the same style, but with a very unusual name. Curious to try something he had heard about, he searched her name. It came up in a list of company directors, in a list of ex pupils at a posh public school and various hippy, new age groups. The best part though was that they were around the same age group. At least he knew he wasn't developing cyber feelings for some spotty teenager.

The first dozen or so e-mails flew backwards and forwards, sometime crossing in cyber space as they both typed and laughed at each others humor. Finally she asked for a picture of him. He made a few jokes about how ugly he was and how he would scare her away and in the end they decided they would both send a picture at the same time.

He only had one picture stored on his computer and dint know how to upload more to his hard drive. He didn't think asking his children would be a good idea and his wife knew even less than him and so he sent the only one he had.

It showed him lay by a hotel swimming pool. He had on a pair of very tight speedo swimming trunks, his tattoos won both arms were plainly visible, as was the fact that he was semi erect under those Trunks.

Hers was quite different.

It showed her standing next to a white Porsche 911 parked on the driveway of a very large house that had obviously been converted from an old country barn. The whole picture screamed wealth and class. His, if anything, screamed porn star.

He didn't expect a reply.


That was his first shock, she replied and they carried on with the emails and in the end she asked for his telephone number.

She told him she would be returning to England for a few months and would like to chat to him.

He had explained he worked strange hours and so now just needed to explain away the fact that he couldn't give his telephone number. He quickly invented a male friend living at the house and said they needed to house phone kept free and he offered his mobile number as well. As she was recently divorced and living at her mums house, this was accepted without comment.

That first phone call would forever stay in his mind, her ultra posh accent, very similar to the actress Joana lumley, it contrasted sharply with his nortern working class accent.

She seemed fascinated by his hard life, the fights he had taken part in, the years spent in a biker gang, the shootings in the army, the experiences that had shaped his life. They would talk for hours on the phone, sometimes his wife would be upstairs sleeping, sometimes she would be at work. The longest call lasted over ten hours, and they only called a halt because he needed the toilet.

Of course it wasn't long before the calls became more intimate, she would ask him all sorts of questions about his outlook on life, his morals and his experiences with women. Finally the calls became very erotic, they would touch themselves and describe every feeling and act in detail to each other, they would make cyber love over the phone. Firstly as themselves and then later they would play roles games. It was probably being done all over the world, but to him it felt special and new and somehow clean and pure, even though the words were dirty and crude and exciting.

He Knew that she was planning a new life in the USA, She wanted a fresh start, she had money to invest in businesses over there and she would soon be leaving England.

And so he asked for a date.

They agreed to have a weekend in a hotel in Ross. He would tell his wife he was working away.

In the long rambling chats they had enjoying they had discussed all sorts, including drugs.

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