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He learnes something about his wife Maxine.

Mandy pulled on her red stretch mini skirt and a white cotton blouse, before taking her size 11 black patent high heels from the box and placing one on each of her stocking clad feet. Before sorting her nails the girl checked her purse ensuring a handful of condoms and a fresh tube of lubricant. Nails done and a quick splash of perfume Mandy was ready at last. Meanwhile Hannah had dressed in her favourite outfit and had called a few guys around for a drink.

The doorbell rang and Hannah went to answer it. A moment later she came back into the lounge in the company of two tall, tanned and very muscular men. Eddie the taller of the two with dark hair and green eyes sat down next to Amanda passing her a bottle of red wine.

"I've heard all about you Mandy," he said.

"Only good things I hope," she replied shyly.

"Oh yes," he said.

Dave sat next to Hannah upon the opposite sofa kissing her gently on the cheek whilst he placed a couple of bottles of wine upon the coffee table. Hannah got up and returned with four glasses and a cork screw. The first bottle was cracked open and the wine was soon flowing freely, both couples engaging in friendly conversation.

Amanda and Eddie were getting on fabulously and as the wine took hold Eddie placed his hand upon her stocking clad knee, gently stroking her lower thigh though the nylon as they giggled. Mandy reciprocated by placing her hand on the hunks leg, gently stroking in a circular motion around the area of his lower inner thigh.

Eddie placed his glass upon the coffee table as Mandy took a sip of wine from her glass which she then placed upon the table next to Eddies. As the couple leaned back Eddie leaned forwards his face moving towards the girl. Mandy felt a sudden rush through her body and instinct forced her forward towards him. As their lips met Mandy felt a spasm of pleasure shoot throughout her body, Eddie's warm hand gently stroking her thigh as they fell backwards onto the sofa. Eddies tongue thrust into the transvestites willing mouth as she placed a hand behind his neck drawing him in as they kissed passionately, his hands all over her padded bra as she squirmed in pleasure upon the sofa. Meanwhile, Hannah was in a deep embrace with Dave on the other sofa. She looked over at her friend and offered encouragement,

"Go girlie. Go!" and giggled.

With uncontrollable spasms shooting down her spine and her cock struggling to force itself erect from in between her legs Mandy's tongue explored Eddie's warm wet mouth. As she did this her hand wandered down his shirt undoing the buttons clumsily as the need to feel the heat from his muscular chest took over her every desire. Kissing more intensely her lipstick now a mess Eddie positioned himself on top of the she-boy who was by now kissing his gorgeous chest as her hands frantically explored the bulge in his jeans.

Tugging at his belt Mandy freed it within seconds whilst at the same time kissing his firm chest. Fiddling with the button on his jeans proved not to be a problem before she unzipped his jeans fully. Mandy placed her hand inside his open trousers stroking his hard cock through his back boxers, a tell tale wet patch giving away the state of the guys hard cock and his desire for the woman beneath him. Her hand exploring the soft feel of warm skin covering his gorgeous hard pulsating cock.

Mandy pulled away from the horny hunk and rolled over onto her knees as Eddie sat with his legs open. Mandy placed herself between his legs and whispered,

"Lie back hun."

Parting his legs, she gently kissed around the area of his tummy button whilst her left hand groped his thick hard cock slowly wanking him.

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