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Drake suffers the delights of bondage; prepared for caning.

The next thirty minutes were a blur for Lois as she tried to regain normal functioning. At some point, she managed to crawl off the bed to retrieve a locked box she had hidden in the closet. Lois opened it quickly, anxious to see the object of her desire. There it was, her dad's best pistol he had given her mother a long time ago "for protection." Lois ran her fingers against the rounded barrel, the cocked trigger. It would be all so easy, she thought, all so easy...

A car door slamming outside brought her back to reality. Eddie Layton was coming, and Eddie would fulfill her need to be fucked. Lois hastily put the pistol back in the box and shoved it under the bed. She then tried to mask the black and blue marks on her face with Cover Up. In the dim light of the room, she figured Eddie would barely notice.

At 38, Eddie was old enough to be her father, and that was part of the problem. Lois let him boss her around way too much, and had a hard time refusing him. Eddie spent most of his money on booze, and constantly was getting into one sordid business deal after another. His latest venture was a pyramid scheme to make enough money to buy a yacht. Of course, it would never work, but Lois knew better than to dampen Eddie's enthusiasm.

As she lay on the bed expectantly, the house suddenly became very quiet. Hadn't she heard Eddie slam the car door a few moments ago? "Eddie? Eddie? Is that you?"

The only response was the ticking of a cuckoo clock in the hallway and the loud beating of her heart. As Lois stared at the doorway to her room, a shiny silver object made its way inside. A thin shiny object, with a sharp was a butcher knife!!


Lois screamed like a banshee and jumped off the bed. At the same time, Eddie entered the room triumphantly. He was dressed as Zorro, and the knife was part of his costume!

"BOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" Billy grinned at the shocked Lois. "Fooled you, huh?"

"You fucker!!" Lois was furious. "That's a real knife!"

"Yeah, it is, feel it!" Eddie drew the knife along Lois' right cheek.

Lois recoiled and got back on the bed. "Get that away from me and take that silly costume off."

"Guess I can manage that..."

Billy hoisted his black shirt off and got out of his skin tight pants. He tossed off his Zorro mask and kicked off his boots. Now he was naked save a pair of tight white boxer shorts and they were bulging with his eight inch endowment. Billy walked over to Lois proudly, poking his massive hard on out of the fly slit of his shorts. She quickly gripped the waistband of his boxers and drew them off his hairy legs. Then she kicked off her panties and undid her bra. Eddie forced her on the bed and entered her roughly, with one quick thrust.


Lois screamed in a mixture of pleasure and pain as Eddie fucked her like a man possessed. Their bodies came together with audible slaps. At first, the feeling of Eddie's thick cock in her pussy was a turn on for Lois. Then, his thrusts became more and more painful, kind of like that sharp twinge as the needle enters a vein during a blood test.

"Ed-d-i-e-e" Lois wailed. "You're hurting me!"

"I'm almost there, I'm almost there," Eddie completely ignored her. Just as Lois almost blacked out from the pain, Eddie let out a blood chilling shriek.


He spasmed inside Lois a good seven times before collapsing on the bed. At that exact moment, his beeper went off on the floor. After glancing at it for one second, Eddie picked up his clothes in alarm.

"Sorry babe, that's my agent."

"Eddiiieeeeeeee." Lois spoke in a drawn out whisper. "Could you hug me? Please hug meeee."

But Eddie was gone. Only the high pitched squeaks of the hall cuckoo clock answered her request.

Lois cried herself into oblivion.

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