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Linda comes for the weekend.

You know I had a dream the other day where I got to do just that. It was one of those weird dreams, the kind that make perfect sense when they are happening but once you're awake you start realizing some of the crazy shit that was going through your head. Like you weren't in Washington, you'd been moved the Alcatraz which had just been reopened. Kitten (my ex girlfriend encase you forgot) was also there for the murder of her husband. (yeah I might have been fantasizing a little) a couple of the girls from the Marines were there with you too. Apparently Alcatraz has the same basic layout as my old middle school as well, which is kinda funny cus that place didn't even kinda look like a prison my middle school was one of the very few in LA that didn't have a gate around them. While I'm on that subject have you ever noticed how much like prisons our schools are designed? I mean you put all the shit at one end, force feed some people through a cafeteria and then there is a big open yard for exercise. It's kinda spooky, especially when you think about the inner city schools. It's like we're getting them used to the concept of being fenced it as early as possible because . . . well it's gonna happen anyway isn't it?

I'm sorry I was starting to digress and I want to get to the good juicy parts of the story. I mean that's where all the goodness takes place so I want to get to it. Anyway me and my friend Lawrence (who I haven't seen in close to a decade) planned the escape. It was pretty awesome, I know it involved scuba gear and coming into The Rock via some underground underwater caverns that I heard about on a show called Cities of the Underworld. (Yes I'm fully aware that I should watch less nerd shit, I also shouldn't drink and eat week old spaghetti apparently it give you crazy ideas.)

Anyway it was his job to distract the guards with this great big operation that involved stealing a helicopter, it didn't' really involve me it was just something to keep the guards extra busy and that was where he exited my dream which was sad. I don't know if he lived through it or not. I got to you and Kitten without much trouble and even though Kitten begged me to bring her with us I left her behind. See I can choose you. Anyway we got out of there by sharing the oxygen tank and making out way to a small boat. We took that boat out to a small island.

Have I told you lately that I think you're beautiful? I mean really and truly stunning, not just pretty. I mean even in that bright orange jump suit they put you in I could still see myself tearing it open to get at your breasts. I can hear your moans as my lips move over your flesh, exploring, tasting, feasting on your neck, you breasts, your nipples, all the way down to your naval. I'd strip you out of the suit slowly, my lips the first thing your newly exposed flesh would experience all the way down your thighs, your calves, the backs of your knees, even the tops of your feet until I had you nude.

I pushed you down into the wet sand and laid on top of you, pinning you down as I wriggled free of my own clothing. I remember that lust in your eyes, it wasn't even human. I thought you were going to devour me but somehow you managed to wait until I had gotten undressed. You were so wet, I could smell it. That particular memory still stands out in my mind. I remember that you smelled faintly of strawberries along with that tangy smell that women get when they are really excited. You didn't even let me taste the pie; you just guided me into that tight wet hole and started grinding up against me.

You fucked the shit out of me, tore my shoulders to hell with your nails, dug your heels into my back so hard it hurt and just bucked against me.

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