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Of seeing and being seen.

Ellen felt the erection swell, and thicken, in her mouth. Ellen's attention, returned to serving her mistress, by serving, her mistress's man.

Jim groaned deeply, as his pushed, the full length of his cock, into Ellen's throat. He loved the feel, of her throat muscles, gripping his cock, as he deposited, his first ejaculation. Jim pulled his cock back, out of her throat. He filled Ellen's mouth, with his seed.

Ellen let her mouth fill, with the salty fluid. She coated, Jim's softening erection, with the, silky smooth, salty infusion, that mingled, with her saliva. Her mouth, and throat, was as smooth, and slippery, as her vagina was.

Ellen shivered with lust, and anticipation, knowing it would not be long, until she fucked, him for real. Just like, she was fucking him, with her mouth.

Ellen's eyes, flirted with Sherry. Ellen's vagina, was still on fire. She knew, her only chance of relief, this morning, was from her mistress. Ellen pleaded, with her mistress, with her eyes, as she managed to get, the semi erect cock, past her throat, one more time.

Jim rolled over, and kissed his wife.

"You're such a good instructor, dear."

"Yes I am. Now, get out of here, and leave us girls to ourselves. I have much, to teach this little slut, before this day is done."

Jim smiled, kissed his wife, as he arose, and inquired.

"When will the tart, be ready to fuck?"

"Your tart will be hot, and ready, to consume, at eight. Do not show up, either early, or late."

Sherry's words, were commands. Jim knew it. He acknowledged her orders.

"Yes Ma'am. I always, follow your orders."

Sherry pulled Ellen, between her legs. She spoke to Jim, with menace in her voice.

"You had better, obey me. I'll beat your ass, just like I beat hers. I'll enjoy it, just as much."

Sherry turned her attention, to Ellen. She did not acknowledge, Jim's submissive reply.

"Yes ma'am."

Sherry pulled Ellen's head up, as she glared down at the Ellen, on her knees, in her servitude. Ellen was between Sherry's legs. Sherry spoke,in a dreamy, sultry, voice.

"Now my little tart, I'll have the last, of your childhood. Ellen sparkled.

"Yes mistress."

Ellen dipped her head, to Sherry's wet cunt. Ellen began to kiss, and lick, her mistress. She was happy, to bring her mistress pleasure. Sherry pulled Ellen's head up.

"Eat my cunt, like a woman, bitch. I want to see your face, as wet, and shinny, as you got, my husband's cock."

Sherry pulled Ellen's face, tight into her cunt. She humped herself, against Ellen's face. Sherry was moaning.

"Drink my juice. Lap it up, like cream."

Sherry flooded Ellen, with her cum. Ellen tried to drink it all. There was too much. Sherry shuddered out, her orgasm. She began to issue orders, in staccato bursts.

"Eat me. You fucking, little whore. Make me come. Bitch. Fuck me, with your, hot, mouth."

Ellen was having difficulty breathing, as Sherry covered her face, with her open, wet, cunt. Sherry shuddered, and shook, as her orgasm, took over her body, and her mind.

Sherry was aware of nothing, but her own pleasure. Sherry's lust, came from raw, intense, sex. It came from deep, inside herself. Her pleasure came, from being, in total control. In many ways, Sherry found more satisfaction, in dominance, and control, than she did from sex.

Sherry rested, in her after glow, as Ellen, obediently, licked her mistress clean. Sherry sent Ellen, to the bathroom.

"Take care of yourself. Take a shower, then make coffee. You'll serve me, naked, on the patio. It's such a nice day. There are pastries, in my cooler. Open a bottle of champagne. I'm in the mood, to celebrate."

Yes ma'am,"

Ellen left the room. When Ellen had finished, her morning ritual, and her shower, she left the bathroom. She passed Sherry, on her way, to the kitchen. Sherry was on the bed, making love to herself, with a life size dildo. Sherry was into, her own pleasure. She took no mind, of the Ellen's, wide, eyes.

Ellen set the table, and found the pastries.

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