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Fortyish son drugs & controls his sexy mother.

"Put your hands behind your back, Fidelity."

Fidelity complied and Desiree soon had them wrapped up.

"Now walk over to Lee so I can go ahead and tie your ankles together."

She again complied.

"Now Fidelity, you are going to suck Lee's dick while I hold my shoe over your nose. You didn't give Lee a choice so you don't get one. You agreed with Lee to do what we wanted till he says its over so you have no choice. Right now I am your queen. Understand, dear?"


With that Desiree took Fidelity's head and placed it over my dick. She took off her shoe and held it over Fidelity's nose.

Fidelity started sucking my dick.

She massaged my balls with her suction and it wasn't long before I was shooting loads of cum into her mouth.

"Swallow every last drop, Fidelity," commanded Desiree.

Pleasure started coming over me and soon I was spent.

"Now Fidelity, I'm going to gag you. I can't have you screaming for help."

With that Desiree took off her panties and stuffed them into Desiree's mouth. She then went and took some duct tape and placed it over her mouth.

"Now Desiree, I'm going to untie Lee and he's going to give me a foot massage and you're going to sit there and watch. I hope he does a good job. If he doesn't I'm going to have to punish you."

With that Desiree untied me and walked me over to the sofa and I began massaging her feet. I was methodical and you could tell she was enjoying it. I did this for about 20 minutes and then she bid me to stop.

"Lee, you've done a good job. Fidelity I'm not going to punish you but I am going to give Lee a reward. Lee, it's your choice. What you like your reward to be?"

I whispered my suggestion to Desiree. She giggled in a devious way.

"Ok, Fidelity. I'm going to take you out of the hogtie and I'm going to untie your ankles but we're keeping your hands bound. It's part of Lee's reward."

Desiree untied Fidelity's feet and took her out of the hogtie and we walked her into the master bathroom.

"Get in the tub, Fidelity!" Desiree commanded.

Fidelity complied.

"Now, Fidelity. You made Lee eat his own cum without his OK first. And that's not right. And he did a good job on my foot massage. So we're going to make you understand what it's like to do something degrading when you don't want to. And remember you did agree to do whatever I want as part of making it up to Lee for what you did last night."

I saw Fidelity look up at me with a worried look.

"Darling, you have to understand that consent is the most important thing. You don't make someone do something sexually that they don't want to do."

With that I whipped out my dick and started pissing on her. Fidelity started to cry but I just kept going till I was empty.

"Now it's my turn" exhorted Desiree and Desiree stood over Fidelity and also pissed on her.

"Now Fidelity..." Desiree began, "I'm going to take Lee and play with him for a while. We're friends and I won't fuck him. Many people in the scene do kink activities without fucking. And you're just going to have to sit here and listen to it over the intercom."

And with that Desiree left the room and came back with a set of fur cuffs.

She cuffed my hands behind my back and led me out of the room.

Desiree brought me into the living room and laid me down on the floor. She put her feet on my face. All the while she taunted Fidelity over the intercom.

"Fidelity you're such a dirty dirty girl. All covered in pee. Tied up so you can't escape. Gagged so you can't cry for help. And I've got your man tied up in the living room at my feet and you don't know what I'm doing to him. I could be fucking him and if I did I'd just gag him and you'd never know. How do you like that dirty girl? Dirty pee girl?"

I wondered if Fidelity was crying.

That seemed kind of cruel of Desiree but I had agreed with her that Fidelity had to learn the importance of consent. The time came when Desiree had me stop the foot worship.

"Now Lee, I'm going to give you a choice.

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