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Amir pushed right past me and swung on Reza. He hit him square in the jaw and sent the muscled model sprawling on his back.

"Go get your clothes! Now!" Amir barked angrily. I scrambled to my feet as the photographer snapped away as though we weren't in complete chaos. I rushed back towards the patio and turned to see Amir on top of Reza. It wasn't even a close match. Reza was bulkier, but the adrenaline pulsing through Amir had him pummeling Reza.

"Babe, stop! He's down," I said. I couldn't let him fight like that. Amir straddled Reza who was sprawled out on his back with his arms up defensively. Amir stopped and his body heaved as he regained his breath.

I watched the two of them. Reza put his arms down and looked up at Amir. I wondered what kind of history would make them such bitter rivals. I got closer to listen.

"I told you to keep your fucking hands off my boy," Amir said as he took a deep breath.

"Your boy needed a man's kiss. You walked out on him and he needed comforting," Reza lied.

"I didn't kiss him!" I interjected.

"He needed a man, not some boy who went to hide and sulk. Speaking of which... Your ass is on my speedo and it brings back memories. Maybe you need it too," Reza said and put his hands on Amir's bottom. Amir froze and Reza gave his ass a squeeze as he started to push his pelvis up to grind against Amir.

"Fuck you!" Amir said suddenly and pushed Reza away. He hopped up and I saw a growing tent in Reza's speedo.

"I said get your clothes," Amir barked as he looked up at me. He turned his face down and wiped it against his sleeve. I heard the anger in his voice mixed with a swirl of emotions.

I went back to the stylist area and stepped out of the shoes. I set them on the table and started to change back into my clothes. I felt my racing pulse and a twinge of guilt that I'd let Reza do that. Amir came up behind me and I felt his heartbeat as his chest pressed against my back and his arms slid around my waist. His hard cock bulged his shorts and pressed between my cheeks as he held me. The adrenaline must have ended up down there.

"Let's go, babe," Amir whispered as he kissed my ear.

"I didn't... I didn't kiss him," I whispered back in defense.

"I know, my love. He's the kind of guy who gets that he wants no matter what. Let's go," Amir grabbed my clothes and shoes. He pushed me barefoot towards the house with his hand in the center of my back.

"I don't know what happened. He was so nice and friendly, but it seems like there's some rivalry between you two. What happened?" I asked when we got inside. Amir nudged me towards a room in the house and then closed the door behind us.

"Nothing, babe. Just get changed so we can go. I think they got enough shots. If not then fuck it. We're going," Amir said. He sat on the bed and started typing on his phone while I fumbled with my clothes.

"Can we keep the shoes?" I asked. Amir looked up at me in surprise. "What? they're nice shoes," I said trying to change the mood.

"Sure babe, whatever you want," Amir laughed and shook his head. It seemed to break the tension. He went back to his phone and chuckled.

I waited in the bedroom as Amir went to wrap things up with the director. He worked it out so I got to keep both pairs of shoes to wear for pre market advertising.. The director said they had a lot more to shoot, but after the fight, it wasn't going to happen.

We headed home in silence. Something was churning in Amir's head, but he wasn't ready to open up about it. Maybe when we got home to his room, his safe spot, under his control he would share.

Emerson was waiting for us when we got home. He hopped up from the kitchen stool excitedly when we came in. He was chopping up vegetables and had made a little dip to go with them. He waved us towards him and motioned for us to sit down. Amir sighed. He knew he would have to tell him what went down.

"How did it go?" Emerson signed.

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