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One wet dream follows another.

"Damn!" she cried out. On hands and knees she stared in disbelief at the shattered pieces of a broken urn.

"Now what have you done!" James said, followed by a loud hiss of disgust.

"Good grief! You foolish girl, that will cost you dearly!" he said, with menace. He stood over her, fiercely staring at the urn. She was quivering with anguish.

"Its bad enough the vase was valuable. It contained my late wife's ashes," he quietly spoke. The anger in his voice was clear enough.

"I. I'm so, so sorry, sir," she said, with a tremulous voice, only just holding back a flood of tears.

"The trouble with you young people today, is you have no discipline, and consequently you are careless. You break things and don't bother to maintain anything either. You just go out and buy new. You are a victim of the throw away society, and you girl, are inflicting it upon me!" he spouted the words angrily.

"Come here!" he quietly demanded.

Quivering too much to stand, she crawled across the floor to him. With a strong grip upon an arm, he pulled her over his knee. Whack! His hand slapped her bottom.

"No! I'm not a girl, I'm a married woman! Ouch! You can't, ouch!" she yelped.

"No! Please, you can't spank me, ouch!" she yelped again.

"Please, sir, don't hurt me. I promise to be a good girl, honest, sir," Suzanne pleaded.

It felt as though she was a child, back home with her parents, being spanked for some wrong doing. It wasn't until her father died that she had rebelled, becoming a late developer, as far as sex was concerned. That was when she met Jim. Her first fling, and she was hooked on him.

He took over, replacing her father to some degree. He cosseted and looked after her, though something more than that was needed. She couldn't exactly put a finger on what was missing from their relationship.

"Ouch! Please, sir, I will be a good little girl, honest I will, please stop, sir. I'll do anything you want, sir," she yelped.

James's anger hadn't been abated, he just came to his senses. His hand stung which brought him sharply to the present. He rolled her off his lap with a feeling of disgust. The snivelling bitch was more nuisance than she was worth. It was then he realised he had spoken the harsh words out loud.

He looked down at her. She was spread out on the floor, with the overall falling open, showing off her underwear.

"Cover yourself up you brazen hussy," James sternly admonished her.

Suzanne felt so humiliated, she could hardly function. He had called her a snivelling bitch, and a nuisance. Now she was a brazen hussy. A part of her wanted to get up and shout at him for being a brute and a bully. Something else too was happening, something she needed to ignore. Like a frightened rabbit, she remained stunned on the floor at his feet.

She felt like a stupid little girl, a useless nuisance, and a naughty brazen hussy.

"Now look, you're bleeding on the carpet," he gruffly stated.

James grabbed her wrist and pulled her up, off the floor. He led her into the bathroom where he rummaged for a plaster. Taking the hand that had been pulling the overall together, he carefully wrapped a plaster around the thumb, covering a nasty gash.

Suzanne wished she had worn a more sensible set of underwear. Visiting Barbara meant dressing up, and of course she had to wear the newest bra, panties, and stockings, to feel right.

The overall was hanging open, showing off the delicate bra and panties. Although he didn't seem to notice, she was terribly conscious of her near nakedness before a stranger. A silent stream of tears ran down her cheeks. Feeling so lowly and pathetic, brought on a heartfelt sob.

"There, there, young lady, you're not going to bleed to death," he told her. His voice was hardly warm, though less gruff. He patted her head, in an awkward attempt to console her.

She wrapped her arms around him, and cried on his chest.

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