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Roxx's punishment for being late.

I snuggled down into the seat as she spread her legs and straddled me, then settled down on top of me. She guided my cock through the open crotch of her pants and I felt it sinking into her tight wetness.

"Now make sure you don't cum inside me," Shanti whispered. "I just want you to get good and horny. Tell me when you're about to cum and I'll pull out so you can save it for my dear slut niece Madhavi."

Neither girl had any doubts about Madhavi but the virginity was a surprise - they thought she had busted long back, but as a favor to me,they'd agreed to come to her house and fuck her. I'd described her as the sexiest ex-virgin in the world. That drove Shanti and Chitra crazy, and they were both glowing with lust for her. Shanti started fucking her body slowly back and forth, pullingmy cock in and out of her. "That feels so good," she whimpered.

"I hope we're there soon ..."

At a long stoplight, Chitra put on the emergency brake and leaned over, turning in her seat and taking hold of Shanti's ass. She tugged the crotch of Shanti's pants further open and slipped

her tongue into her girlfriend's willing crack. Shanti lifted herself to give Chitra a better angle as she began to thirstily lick Shanti's asshole.

"Uh ... yes ..." whimpered Shanti.

The light changed and Chitra turned around, letting out the break and pulling away quickly so that Shanti slipped forward and thrust my whole cock into her pussy in one hard shove.

"Uh ... so good ... fuck my pussy ..."

We pulled up in front of Madhavi's house.

Chitra turned around and playfully slapped Shanti's ass. "Come on, you two! Up and at 'em! There's plenty of fucking to be done inside!"

Shanti slowly pulled herself off of me, easing my cock out of her dripping pussy. She sat next to me and tucked my underwear back over my prick. It was soaked through with her cunt juice before she could zip up my fly. She fastened my belt and then pulled her own pants closed.

"Sorry, love," she said, kissing me. "I promised our friend. Let's go inside."

We got out of the car and followed Chitra up the path to the front door. I watched her gorgeous bare legs as she walked. The hem of her mini-skirt swayed dangerously close to her pussy. I fancied that I could see little tufts of pubic hair sticking out below the skirt. My cock stayed hard as Shanti and I walked up to the door.

Chitra knocked, and Madhavi answered. When she did her eyes went wild and her mouth dropped open.

I hadn't told her that I'd brought her two aunts-and certainly not that the two were as gorgeous as Chitra and Shanti. Madhavi just stood there for a second, gawking, looking at her Aunt Chitra up and down. Her eyes hovered around the deep cleavage exposed by Chitra's blazer, then moved down to her long, lush legs as they stood slightly parted. Madhavi herself looked quite gorgeous in a tight cotton top which laced between the breasts-she didn't wear a bra either, and she had on a loose white mini-skirt with long lacy white pantyhose.

Chitra stepped forward, putting her arms around Madhavi's shoulders.

" Madhu darling, you needed a broker Ratan to get us - one call and we would have come anyways. And what a pretty young slut you have become - we thought you gave up your virginity long back to Sriram - your cousin ain't it - what is this new virginity you gave up for Ratan?."

Chitra pressed her lips to Madhu's mouth. Madhu squirmed at first, astonished with what was going on, but she yielded almost immediately and let her hands rest on Chitra's hips. Chitra and she frenched as Shanti and I stepped into the house.

Madhu glanced around nervously, than whispered, "Let's get into my room. Quick."

We all went into Madhu's room. I shut the door but didn't lock it. No sooner were we inside than Shanti and Chitra had pressed Madhavi back onto the bed, climbing on either side of her. "Just relax, darling. Shanti and I are experts with women.And I'm dying to get at this luscious body of yours."

Shanti quickly slid out of her clothes while I watched gape-mouthed.

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