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Nudist couple shaves her bare.

He doesn't respond, so she presses on. "So, if we're not lovers, then what are we? And what am I doing here...lover?"

"This is a secure location," he offers. "I sedated you back on the rooftop and brought you here. That's all you need to know."

"And what might you need, Batman?" But Batman is done talking. His hands reach out and with a single gesture rip the gown covering Ivy's torso open. Her breasts have barely splayed out before he finds one with his tongue, pushing her down on the bed as sucks. "Mmmm" is all Ivy manages before he releases her nipple and brings his mouth to hers. They kiss as she folds herself around him, surrendering to his firm, powerful grip.

She feels a gauntleted hand easing itself down her pants, the cold of the armor rubbing against her pussy. She breaks the kiss and arches her back, rocking and moaning with the novelty. "And you're even good with your hands," she manages. After a few moments his hand pulls back from her folds. She looks up, willing a pout to come to her face but there's no need. He's slid down on the bed and has started to yank the pants down. She lifts her hips up and he pulls them off.

She's naked before him, her curvy, toned body fully visible in the harsh artificial lights. Her breasts twitch up and down as she draws breath, eyeing the Dark Knight as he stands there for a moment. What's going on behind that mask?

He stares at her for a moment more before he starts to tear at his armor. One piece falling to the floor after the next. Ivy finds her clit with her hand and starts to rub as the black-folded creature becomes human once again, full of flesh and bone and rock-hard need. In another moment the mask is once again the only thing separating them. "You could take that off, you know," she says.

"And you could give up a life of crime," he replies before climbing on top of her. Their lips meet. Her hand finds his cock and his finds her ass, both gripping tightly as they rub against her, neither ready to start fucking.

He bats her hand away and rubs himself against her crotch, still careful not to penetrate her just yet. He withdraws from her mouth again and rests his cheek against her neck, rocking against her with a little more speed in each moment. She starts to moan. "Give me your tongue," she says.

He pulls back from her neck and a hand grabs her behind the back of her head, forcing her gaze to his. "Beg," he growls.

"Nnnoo," she moans.

His mouth trails down and starts to nibble at the wonderful fat of her breasts, one and then the other before his lips find her nipples and suckle once again, his hips still rocking forward and rubbing against her pussy. She needs his tongue and his cock but she can't give him the satisfaction...

"Ahh," she says.

His lips leave her breasts and their mouths meet, tongues lapping against each other, teeth scraping and primordial passion rocking in waves.

She pulls her lips pull back from his.

"Please," she gasps.

"Please what?"

"Please, Batman, fuck me."

He pushes himself up and eases down on the bed, hands wrapping around her thighs as he buries his face in her crotch.

"Ahhhhhh," she moans as his tongue alternates between her pussy and her clit, devouring each until finally he begins to lap at her clit. She grabs at the sheets as she explodes.

"OOOHHHHH GODDD!!" she screams.

His lips leave her pussy and he rushes up to kiss her, finally plunging his cock inside as he wraps his arms around her waist.

"Fuck me Batman!" she cries. He thrusts in and out for a few moments before hauling himself up, her body still wrapped around his torso.

He bounds off the bad before slamming her against the nearest cold wall. She barely notices the temperature difference as his cock and body forces the breath from her longs.

"Godddd!" she cries again.

His hands hold her thighs tightly as he fucks her against the wall, chest pressing her back as his hips thrust in and out, in and out.

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