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"They both look great, but I can't decide. It's hard to tell without seeing both outfits at the same time." I pleadingly looked to Charlotte for help. Before I could ask, she knowingly smiled back at me and said, "You want me to try the other one on and compare the two, don't you?"

"You said to let you know if we needed your help," I answered innocently.

"You are so naughty," Kristi piped up, smiling.

"You two seem fun, and besides, 'Anything goes', right," Charlotte replied. "Here, give me that other outfit.

Just when I thought to myself that this was going better that I could ever have possibly imagined, Charlotte began undressing right there in the vestibule before us. She didn't even bother with the changing room. Neither I nor Kristi, who had wandered out of the small changing room and into the vestibule with us, said a word as the helpful girl unbuckled her heavy black belt and unzipped her jeans. She quickly slid them off her legs revealing a thin black thong underneath. Charlotte stood back up and smiling at us pulled her tight black t-shirt off over her head to reveal to us her bare, very full C-Cup breasts. I hadn't noticed she was braless before, but then again I had been plenty distracted. She then bent over again to remove the very minimal remaining piece of clothing from her body. Once she did, it was clearly apparent she was completely shaved, and I noticed the shimmer of a small silver hoop just below her clit. A genital!

It was quickly covered up, however, as she efficiently donned the purple panties and bustier outfit. Her breasts seemed to be bursting from the tightly constrained top. She gently grabbed Kristi by the arm and pulled her next to her, both of them facing me. "OK, now compare," she more or less ordered.

They both looked fantastic, sexy, and hot, and I think both of them could read my mind. "Turn around," I requested, and they did. Two pairs of wonderfully rounded, cute asses on display for me. I could have stared all night. They turned back around to face me and Kristi asked, "OK, who's hottest?"

I wasn't about to get sucked into that one, so I answered as strategically as I could. "Both outfits are extremely hot, and both ladies have done a wonderful job modeling them," I answered with a bit of applause. "I think we should buy both," I offered.

"Perfect idea," Charlotte confirmed.

"You are too generous," Kristi complimented.

"OK, then. Off with them and wrap them both up," I suggested. "Thank you so much for your help Charlotte."

"You are quite welcome," she replied, probably thinking to herself she just doubled the size of our purchase with her quick lack of modesty. As she began to strip off the outfit, she was positioned between me and Kristi, who could therefore not get back into her dressing room. While not completely exposed, the vestibule was certainly visible from the area of the store immediately outside it, and anyone browsing through would have easily seen us. Kristi looked about for a few seconds and apparently decided if Charlotte could change right there in the open, then why couldn't she? She began loosening her upper garment as best she could to get it off, and then dropped it to the floor. By then, Charlotte had already removed her outfit entirely, so I now had a naked stranger on one side of me, and a topless friend that I planned to sexually ravish in the very near future on the other. Needless to say my erection was clearly visible through my pants to both of them if they chose to look. And Charlotte chose to.

"You're going to have to give that some attention quite soon I think," she said to Kristi with a nod at my bulge.

"Ah, he can wait," she teased.

The two finished dressing into their original outfits, and Charlotte grabbed the two that we planned to purchase.

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