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He's horny, she's broke - go figure...

I realised almost immediately that it wouldn't be me they were thinking of, though, but my enormous cock. Had I cared, I might have found that depressing, but thinking about Masoko, and my love for her, I instead was suffused with the feeling of how lucky I was to have found my soulmate.
I looked questioningly at Masoko. "I was just sick of you having to endure all that taunting," she replied to the question I hadn't needed to voice. "I know you were used to it. It didn't even seem to bother you, especially in the last few days, since you realised how unfounded those jokes had become. But no-one should have to endure that sort of teasing. No-one."

I had thought she was going to cry, but she controlled herself, shaking her head and smiling a little, her lower lip looking as plump and swollen and red as a ripe berry. "And it'll be nice to be the most envied girl in school, ten minutes from now when Kim's fingers are done with her pussy and she can start gossiping about you to everyone in school."

"Aren't you worried, though?" I asked. "I mean, from now on, a certain type of girl is going to be after me, even if only to see if the new rumours are true."

Masoko laughed, and beneath her bra her breasts jiggled, distracting me. "I just took the most beautiful girls in this school to see my boyfriend's beautiful big cock. Would I have done that if I weren't absolutely sure about your fidelity?"

"You're wrong," I told her and I waited a minute to see if she would worry. She didn't. "You're the most beautiful girl in school," I continued, "in the world. In the whole fucking universe."

"Sure," she said. "Enough talk - we've got to be in our next classes far too soon."

I undid her bra as she stepped out of her panties. I clutched her bra to my nose before hanging it on the door, and we manoeuvred round so that I was sitting on the - closed - toilet seat, and she was resting on my lap. I held her breasts, stroking their underneath with my palms and sucking on her nipples. Her small hands bruised my shoulders as she straddled my cock, her fingernails cutting deep dark moons into my flesh. Slowly, she slid down my cock, shimmying her hips as she engulfed inch after inch into her boiling cunt. When she rested, with as much of me inside her as she could take and well over four inches still outside, we both groaned and leaned in to each other and kissed. She wrapped her arms around my neck and her round little ass pumped up and down. We had left all the showers on, but we were still quiet. When Masoko came she bit down hard on my shoulder, before whispering in my ear, "I love you so much."

"I love you too," I replied, wondering that we did that every time, and moments later I came, too. We sat together dazed for a moment before Masoko checked her watch and realised how late she was going to be. She burst from the stall and quickly bathed her naked pussy under a tap before drying it with my towel. Merely the sight of her leg contorted around the sink to get her pussy under the tap was enough to get me hard again, and the smell of her on my towel had me trying to stop her for another session. She hated being late, though, and wouldn't be stopped. If she hadn't just had a free class, none of this would have happened.

I, on the other hand, didn't mind being late, so I was going to have another shower before going back to class, but after Masoko had left, the stall next to the one in which we had just fucked opened and Catherine stepped out, utterly naked.

Her shimmering blonde hair fell straight down from her head to slight curls at the tops of her breasts, which sloped down into rich, thick curves that looked swollen and ripe.

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