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Wife is drugged, impregnated in a recurring dream.

He immediately shoved me down on his cock, which was a bit bigger than anyone before, and held me there. I stayed until I was desperate for air, and I backed off and gulped in a great breath.

"You wanna play with the big boys, right?" he said as he shoved me back down on his cock without waiting for me to be ready. His cock paused at the back of my throat, and I felt as if my throat was shouting NO, but he kept the pressure up and I felt my throat concede reluctantly as his cock slid down deep. He pumped my throat deeply, but only a little bit, never leaving me empty...never letting my throat relax. I was feeling lightheaded, as if about to pass out when he let me up for a moment.

When I took in my one gulp of air, he held a bottle of Rush under my nose and told me to breathe it in. I did, and almost immediately I had that flushed, dizzy euphoric feeling that comes with the total abandonment of constraint.

I attacked his cock and, with my throat now seeming much more compliant, I took him deep over and over until I felt his start to spasm. He didn't pull out, but rather pushed to the hilt, burying himself in me and pumping his load.

I had noticed a black guy watching, and I had hoped he would join in, but he had not. But, there he was. His cock was the largest of the group, although still not huge. He placed his cock in front of my lips, but before I could take it in, he reached down and put his head behind my head and, before I could get to NO, NOT THAT that was forming in my mind out of my mouth, he pressed his lips against mine and started to kiss me. I felt his tongue exploring my lips, trying to gain entrance. All resistance was gone. I opened up and let him in, returning his kisses with passion as our tongues met. Another first.

Then, he was gone and his cock was in my mouth. I tried, but could not deep throat his large cock. But I tried. Over and over I tried. Finally, I gave up and let him fuck my face while I tried to suck all the cum out of him. My hands were still stroking cocks around me, but that had been sporadic as I had been concentrating on working my mouth and throat. When he came, it was in my mouth and I could taste it. At first, I recoiled, but then started to slurp the end of his cock, looking for all the cum I could find.

Then he was gone. And so was the circle. As it broke up, most of the onlookers turned and left the room.

In total, I had swallowed six loads of cum. I had to get four more. I stood and started to peruse the other rooms. There was a guy standing right at the entrance to the other door on the left. I went inside and sat in the first chair, about two feet from where his hand was massaging his cock through his pants. I stared at his cock for a moment. Then looked up at his face and immediately back at his cock.

He started to stroke harder. I kept staring.

Finally he reached for his zipper, and pulled out a decent sized, uncut cock. Another first.

Without hesitation, I went down on it. Sucking with my mouth and stroking with my hand, I worked his cock for my ultimate goal. I wanted a load of cum. When I felt him ready to cum, I took him deep in my throat and let him shoot it down into me. I was beginning to love the feeling of a pulsing cock deep in my throat.

I had no further luck in the theaters. But, I still needed three more loads. I went to the booths and got ten dollars worth of change. I went to a booth in the back that I knew had a glory hole. There was someone in the adjacent booth, so I quickly rubbed a finger along the lower edge of the hole. His cock was through instantly.

As if it were a job, I sucked his cock until I tasted his load.

He left.

Shortly the room was occupied again and then again.

I had it. I had swallowed ten loads that day. The magic marker stripe on the back of my hand was proof that I had been there, so I left with my mission for the day achieved.

I was off, and Heather worked that day. She had asked what I was going to do while she worked and I had been noncommittal.

"I want you to go to Bush River and suck cock" she had

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