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Amy catches a cab & has night to remember.

It seems my legs took some damage from the impact and as i tried to land on them they shattered. This was extremely painful, but not permanently damaging, as a Yuki-Onna is technically a ghost. Drawing moisture from the air i created new legs for myself and bound them back onto the stumps of my legs. I was about to congratulate him on a lucky blow when i got the shock of a lifetime.

In the center of the arena i could visibly see the aura of his sins. Normally i would have to concentrate on my vision to see his aura but this was unheard of! If his power was this immense i should of been able to see it before. Had i awoke something?

(normal PoV)

In the stands surrounding the arena, Atrixia watched with an amused smile. From the very beginning she knew about this boys strange mixture of sins. He summoned lust demons, meaning he was desperate to get his dick wet more then anything else. But how had he not summoned a demon earlier? His sin of Sloth, the boy was absolutely too lazy to put the effort forward to get laid, or even take a risky shortcut like summoning a demon of lust. And now, she was witnessing his third sin, Anger, Rage, went by many names, but this was pure and untouched. She could see it now, how the boy had gone so long under the radar of every demon in exsistance. His emotions constantly conflicted and created a void in his responses, he separated himself from everything and analyzed the world with a step back. He'd never act out of anger, for fear of closing the door on something he could still achieve, He'd never work for anything he wasn't sure he would get, but he would protect what he had with every once of his strength.

"Most humans can split two sins evenly and maintain sanity in their lives, and even control them enough to partner with two different demons in a contract...This boy had three sins, no matter how you cut it he shouldn't be able to balance three sins...but this is where the void comes in..." She narrowed her eyes and looked deep into the boys growing aura of rage. Deep within, in the spiral of his "SinNA" (a trademark of the demon world) she saw his Void attunement, encasing his sins of Lust and Sloth, while his Rage Aura suffocated them.

"Interesting, His connection to the void protects his core make up, and allows him to give into a pure emotion...lets see how this turns out."

An ear piercing roar echoed around the arena, Lewis tensed his arms in a typical anime style battle cry stance as he raged outwardly. He sluggishly took a step forward, as if he was suddenly under the gravitational weight of Jupiter. Each step was more akin to a stomp, and the dirt several feet away from his feet kicked up in a cloud with each step. He was trudging his way towards Yuna with a sadistic smile on his face.

Yuna, though intimidated by the size of his aura, readied herself for another charge forward. With as much blinding speed as she could summon she bolted forward and tried to cut him with the spear tip of her halberd. But with martial artist like reflexes he backhanded the shaft just under the head of her weapon and shattered the solid ice with the blow, following through with a hard overhead smash to Yuna's skull. She thought quick though, and coated the ground in ice as she made her short way down to the sheet of ice at the speed of an intercontinental missile. Another window of ice appeared behind Lewis, where she came through as if they were portals. Guessing a physical blow was out of the question she surrounded him in chilling mist and blended into it with her incorporeal form. Lewis raged and swung wildly, instinctually knowing the mist wasn't natural. Yuna made her move by condensing the water in the mist and attaching the water droplets onto him and flash freezing them, turning him into a frozen statue. His form held solid for a moment, but crack soon began to appear through out his icy prison.

The prison shattered into pieces and Yuna was helpless before him as his rage nullified he

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