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The rules are broken, to much distress.


There were other comments in a similar vein about me, and since I was sneakily prying into Nicola's private affairs some of them were probably true. I suppose one might add to the old saying, "Eavesdroppers never hear anything good about themselves," so I suppose prying into peoples private correspondence means you don't read any good about your self.

Nevertheless, Nicola obviously hadn't taken any notice of Janet's advice, and had trusted me with a key to her house, untrustworthy though I was proving to be.

One thing Janet's letters indicated to me was that Nicola was more interested in me than I had suspected. Friendly and hospitable yes, but I had not thought beyond that; was there something more to it? That question made me start thinking about how I felt about Nicola.

I had no problems when it came to sex with my fifty year old comfort lady and the other women, so why would I have any problems with Nicola who was a quite a few years younger? But then, I thought Nicola might be a different type of woman. She might be the sort who wanted more depth in a sexual relationship and would I be able to or want to give that depth?

Chapter 6. The Accident

My thoughts about Nicola were to some extent tested when after a brief period of slightly warmer weather another cold snap came in accompanied by snow. Nicola was at home in the cottage at the time and there was a partial thaw and then another freeze, turning paths and roads into glassy hazards.

There were two steps up to the front door of the cottage and as far as I could gather Nicola had driven into the village to do some shopping. Returning she had slipped on the icy steps, fallen, and hurt her self rather badly. By pure chance I dropped by to ask if there was anything she wanted me to do, and found her lying half conscious on the path.

I opened the front door with my key, picked her up and carried her into the cottage and lay her on the divan. She was freezing cold so I hurried up to her bedroom and taking a couple of blankets from her bed I raced downstairs and covered her with them.

Looking at her injuries I could see that she had a nasty bruise and cut on her face, and as I was to learn later more bruises down one side of he body and a badly sprained ankle that even as I watched was swelling visibly.

"I'm going to phone for an ambulance," I said.

" won't go to hospital again...get Doctor Holmes."

Holmes was the local GP so I rang him and he said he would come. He took about an hour to arrive, and not knowing what else to do I tried cold compresses on the ankle that continued to swell and turn a nasty blue and yellow colour.

Holmes tutted, hummed and hawed over Nicola, and tried to persuade her to go to hospital. She was adamant that she would not go and in desperation Holmes said, "My dear girl, you need care. You're not going to be able to walk on that ankle for a week, perhaps even two weeks. If you're going to stay here who's going to help you?"

Without really thinking about it I said, "I'll look after her. I can drop in several times during the day and see if there's anything she wants."

"And are you going to cook for her," Holmes said rather cynically, "and she'll need help to get to the toilet the bathroom and the bedroom. Are you going to do that?

"I can cook and do the shopping," I said.

And can you do the rest of it? No, if Mrs. Copper is staying here she'll need a woman with her, I'll make arrangements."

To my surprise Nicola said, "No," with unexpected energy given her injuries, "Edward can look after me."

There was a bit more argument with Holmes, but in the end he shrugged, and after giving me some instructions on how to deal with the sprain, he left, still annoyed.

When he had gone Nicola said, "I'll pay you of course, Edward."

I seemed to have got myself into a bit of a fix.

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