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We start living together and I'm reacquainted with Susan.

Dozens of women who all looked like porn-stars and super-modles, and the others... The ones that the magic had broken. Women with breasts as big as their bodies constantly leaking milk, women jamming huge objects into their gaping vagina's as they tried to sate their endless lust, women turned into muelling animals in constant heat, with their juices leaking down their perfectly toned legs.

"Incubus seamen is a class five magical substance for a reason." Levi said as he looked into her green eyes. " It was one of the first things dad told me when I hit puberty. I can't even throw it away. I've got to burn the tissue every time I jerk off." Levi said with a sickly smile.

Alice leaned back in the chair with wide-eyed wonder. She was silent for a long time before she finally turned back to where Levi continued to pace. "And you want me to...?"

"No, I don't WANT you to. The stuff is crazy dangerous, and addictive as hell. It's like crack times a hundred. It's almost impossible to know what will happen. I mean, I'm only like 1/16 incubus but that doesn't always mean much with demons. With Vamps and Loup and most other mixed-breeds you can tell how powerful they are by how diluted the bloodline is but demons and celestials are different. It's all up in the air until they start really using their power. But you're my friend. My best friend, hell, my only friend and you should have the choice if you want it." Levi said as he ran a hand through his short-brown hair.

Levi started to pace again and silence fell in the small room. It wasn't much to look at. His father was loaded but he never gave Levi hand-outs and Levi always felt more comfortable in smaller spaces. A few video-game posters and some magical scribblings from the few projects he was working on hung on the walls, while his computer sat on a cheap desk along with his TV.

"I think... I think I want to." Alice said finally. "I mean, nothing crazy. I've heard the stories about what can happen to people who use a lot but maybe... maybe just a little. I mean, It would be nice to make it to a B cup. " She said a little shyly.

Levi sighed and closed his eyes, as if he'd been expecting and fearing the answer. He turned to her slowly looking at her face. She looked afraid but determined. He stared at her for a few more seconds before shaking his head and shrugging. "Alright, wait here. I'll go take care of things and bring a little back for you. You have to actually eat it or it doesn't do anything." He reminded her as he headed for the door.

"Wait what? You're going to go jerk off?" She asked incredulously. "The hell you are, get back over here." She said as she pulled her tee-shirt over her head. She wasn't wearing a bra and Levi's eyes snapped to her nipples. She really didn't have any boobs but the sight of the pink flesh made his cock stir.

"Aren't you into girls?" He asked prying his eyes away from her breasts and back to her eyes. He couldn't say he didn't want her. He'd wanted her forever but this... this just didn't feel right.

"You're doing me a favor, I can do you one. I see how you look at me, and you're my friend.I know how hard it is for you. Your part sex demon for christs sake, most guys would be banging a different girl every single day in your shoes but you hold yourself back because you don't want to hurt anyone. So take me. I've never been with a guy before, it might be kinda fun for once and... I think I'd want it to be you if anyone." She said, a faint blush coming to her cheeks.

Good Lord, first tears and now a blush. His whole worldview seemed to be crumbling. Then she was standing and pulling his shirt over his head. He didn't have the looks of his father or grand-father, they both looked like male models but Levi was more than a little under-weight. He was only an inch taller than Alice and her Green eyes stared into his as she ran her hands lightly over his chest. He couldn't stop himself. He'd wanted her for so long, but he pulled himself back.

"It's more dangerous this way

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