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A blonde woman of about 35 approached you from the side, wearing only panties and a necklace, she caressed your hair before leaning over and deeply kissing you. You broke the embrace to take her stiff nipple into your mouth, tantalizing it with your tongue as only you can do. This apparently convinced her to linger as she sat down next to you. She kissed you passionately, while the wife between your legs began to alternately lick both of you.

One of the men fucking the wife, removed his cock and offered this slick member to you and your partner. You both licked the shaft and sucked the swollen head into your mouths. You took turns, sucking the shaft, sucking his balls..

He soon shot gobs of molten semen into your tongues, some cascading down the shaft. Your partner covered the head with her mouth, taking the remaining cream until it stopped pumping. She held the cum in her mouth and kissed you, sharing the fruits of your effort.

The other man withdrew his cock as well, inspired by the sight he had observed took the place of his fuck buddy and stroked his cock until jets of warm cum splattered you both. White drops freckling your tits.

He went to his knees and took his friends semi-erect cock into his mouth , giving him head that would rival any woman. His tongue wrapped around the head and he easily slid the entire thing into his mouth.

Once this cock was fully erect again, he got up and leaned forward on to the sofa. His friend wasted no time in entering him from behind, rubbing the head of his long cock on his friends ass, working the head in before sliding in the rest. He made great spectacle of reaming his partner, behaving in a very dominate manner.

You and your blonde partner reclined on the sofa, looking on amused at the show being performed for your benefit.

You played with each others pussies until you rolled over and moved into a 69 position, your tongues exploring the others shaven cunt, putting on a show of your own. One of the men moved behind your friend , working his cock into her ass while you licked her pussy. He fucked her with long, penetrating strokes, his balls practically resting on your nose.

The other man positioned himself between your legs and took an ankle into each hand, spreading your legs as wide as would allow, before burying his stiff cock into your pussy with a single thrust.

His friend continued to stroke the blonde's ass, pausing only to allow you to take his balls into your mouth which you did with expertise.

Your partner would occasionally remove his cock from your pussy and thrust it down the throat of the woman on top of you until his balls rested on her chin.

The first man was near orgasm, slamming his cock into the blonde's ass. She was cumming uncontrollably from this determined pounding and the pussy lashing she was receiving. As he came, he pulled out glazing her ass, cum running down her pussy, caught on your awaiting tongue.

Your partner came too, pulling out and leaving his load to coat your pussy which was immediately dispatched by the blonde's eager tongue.

Both men flopped onto the sofa spent. You sat up with the blonde's head in your lap as a woman came around holding a tray containing, wet towels, lubricants and a variety of dildos.

Three more men approached , eyeing your group on the sofa. All of them sporting very erect cocks, looking for a place to satisfy themselves. One sat down and his companions picked up the blonde and seated her on this man's large cock, while the other two offered their cocks to her mouth.

She bounced on this large cock, alternately sucking on the other two, inducing what would certainly climax in another cum bath.

She serviced the cocks like an expert, allowing her new found friends to use her in which ever way they saw fit, and these were men of imagination. and inhibition. Her face was fucked with the same ferocity as her ass and cunt. They licked her pussy and her ass, driving her wild. They licked her juices from each others cock before plunging into her once more.

The other two men had ideas of

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