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19 year old seduces her ethics professor.

"How am I going for my first time viewers?" I asked squeezing my tits again to camera

*great* -HRDON69

*first timers are my favourite" BIGCOCK165

*take that dress off" HRDON69

"This old thing" I joked stepping back from the camera I grabbed the hem and slowly peeled the dress up revealing my black lace panties. I left the dress wrapped around my mid rid as I repeated the act of caressing my butt cheeks to the camera.


With a little wiggle of my ass I continued pulling my dress up, still with my back to camera, peeling it up over my head. I look back to camera over my shoulder trying to give my best sultry look.


I slowly turn to camera showing my tits covered by the black lace bra, slowly running my hands over the fabric I could feel my nipples hardening.

*I wnt 2 see tits* DANDAMAN

I continued running my hands over the fabric of my bra, slowly running down the fabric edge, pulling it down exposing my tits, my tits hanging over the top I grab both my tits, grabbing hand fills of flesh, squeezing my nipples between my fingers. Knowing a load of people were paying to watch me caress my body was starting to turn me on and I was really starting to enjoy the experience.

'Ping' another viewer had joined the party. I was now up to six viewers. I walked closer to the computer, reaching behind my back I unhooked my bra, letting it fall to the floor, I leaned forward, letting my breasts hang free.

'Now viewers, what would you like to see next"

*that sweet pussy you're hiding* HRDON69

"Now I think that may cost a little extra" I whispered caressing my right breast again.

I heard a computer generated noise of coins falling, then again. As I looked to the screen I saw that my viewers had paid $40 to get me to take my underwear off.

I stood slowly moving back in the room, giving the viewers a good shot. With my back to them I slowly pushed the back of my underwear down exposing my pert backside, with a little wiggle I pushed my underwear half way down my thighs. Then I pushed them to the floor, bending at the waist so my shaved pussy lips were just about exposed through the gap in my legs. I slowly stepped out of my underwear accentuating the movements of my hips as I lifted each leg, exposing just a little more of my pussy as I lifted each foot. Slowly I lifted my body back up, turning now to face my audience, I began running my hands over my body, up my hips and across my stomach, cupping each breast in turn, tweaking and pulling on my nipples, letting out a little moan as I did so. Slowly I ran my left hand back down my body I let it run beneath my legs, I felt the moisture on the outer lips of my pussy, god this was turning me on so much I was desperate to plunge my fingers deep inside and rub my clit to orgasm. I allowed my middle finger to dip beyond my outer folds, gently toying with my wet opening. Then I remembered my audience and stopped. I slowly pulled my hand away bringing it to my mouth to lick my wetness off my finger, I had always enjoyed the taste of my arousal. Pulling my finger out of my mouth I looked down the camera, putting my index finger in the air I moved it from side to side.

"Oh no, you don't get it that easy"

I walked over to the computer to check what my viewers were saying and noticed my stream was full. Being a new user it was capped at 10 viewers.... I had 10 viewers!

*you tease* BIGCOCK165

*i would love to see you finger yourself* MASTERANDSLAVE560

"Well you will have to show me how much it's worth to you all!"

*ur so hot* DANDAMAN

that familiar noise of the computer coins kept making a noise, I could see the total payments rising rapidly with what seemed like every viewer paying to see me bring myself off. When the noise finally stopped my total extra payments had reached $251.

"Well since you're all so generous I think I should show you a bit more.

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