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A woman's story of love in one hundred episodes, Part 26: "Déjà vu".

..... I slide my hand inside and for the first time feel your warm flesh. Reaching around to your back I find and unhinge your bra. Returning to the front of your body I slide my fingers under the material and enclose my hand around your breast. I can feel your erect nipple against my palm.

Our lips remains intensely locked in a passionate kiss as I keep you pinned against the wall. Your hands held above your head and the front of your shirt opened as I grope and squeeze your perfect breast. Our hips pressed against one another allowing you to feel exactly how desperately I desire you.

I release my hold of your breast and return it to your wrists, which I now lower to your side. You keep them there as I slide your blouse off your shoulders. As it drops to your feet I do the same with your bra, tossing it without regard to were it lands. I slide my hands around your bare back and down to your ass. As each grabs a handful, I lift you up off your feet as you wrap your legs around my waist. With your arms wrapped around my neck and your legs around my waist, I carry you across the room to the bed.

As I lay you down our kiss is finally broken. My hands find yours and I once again raise your arms above your head. My lips now find your neck and shoulder as I kiss and softly bite one side and then the other. As my mouth moves down your body so does my hands which now hold your elbows. My lips reach your breast and enclose around your nipple. I suck and kiss one, then the other. My hands forget about securing your arms and join my mouth on your chest. As I suck on one nipple my fingers squeeze and pull the other.

Now that each nipple is coated in my saliva and fully hard I continue my descent down your body. I kiss and lick your side, then bite your hip. As I reach your pelvis I slide down your skirt, taking your panties alone with it. I position one of your legs over my shoulder. With my hand on your other upper thigh I spread your legs apart. My mouth starts to kiss your inner thigh, moving high after each peck. I hear you take another deep breath as I reach your sex.

I glide my tongue up each of its sides, licking up one side and down the other. Then grabbing your flesh with my thumbs I spread you apart. Your back arches as my tongue starts at your opening and licks up until it lands on your clit. Repeatedly I do this, licking you from just below your opening, all the way to your clit.

Needing to explore inside you, I insert a finger as my mouth and tongue focus on your clit. In unison I work your clit with my tongue as my finger slowly fucks you. I can tell your getting excited as you start to rock your hips against my mouth so I add a second finger. I quicken the pace of their rhythm and the pressure of my lustful tongue against your clit. I could get lost doing this to you, licking you, fingering you, tasting you; I could stay here all night but right now I need more.

Gradually I slow my pace until I come to a completely stop. I plant one more kiss on your clit and withdraw my fingers from inside you. Standing up, I remove my shirt over my head. As I toss it aside I feel your hands unbuckling my belt and look down to see you sitting on the bed before me. We unbutton my pants together and then I slide them down. As you lower my boxers my cock springs free and stands bulletproof in front of you.

Your warm hands softly glide up and down my long shaft for a moment. Then my knees almost buckle as I feel your mouth enclose around me. I watch as you look up at me with those incredible eyes and take the head into your mouth. Teasingly you slide half of my length in and out of your mouth. I feel your tongue and lips as you lick and suck on me. The head of my cock hitting the back of your throat as you take half of me into your mouth.

I can feel myself wanting to erupt, but wanting more I push you back onto the bed.

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