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At first, nobody seemed to notice her, so she found a seat and crossed her legs, allowing the garters to show. Eyes began to focus on the bit of skin she shared. It was a good sign.

On Tuesday, she chose a skirt with a small slit in the back. With her heels and garters, she boarded the bus. Careful to choose a section loaded with middle aged men, she dropped her bag and grabbed the support bar. When she bent over to pick it up, not only did her garters show, but the split in the skirt opened to reveal her nicely toned behind framed in a hot red thong. She took her time standing back up, adding a bit of an inviting wiggle for effect. Once erect, her eyes met those of a man who had been watching and she smiled. He seemed embarrassed and looked away, but his seat mate continued to stare. To please him, she slid her skirt up a bit and pretended to adjust her garter, keeping eye contact with him as she did so. She felt certain he would think of her throughout the day.

Wednesday she waited for a bus that was standing room only. She slid between two men and pressed her butt against one. She rotated it ever so slightly as the bus lumbered along, and felt him rise against her. At the next stop more passengers pressed in and the man in front of her was pressed against her as well, face to face. She traced the line of her jacket with one finger, dipping it into her cleavage and back up the other side. She could feel her nipples hardening at the thought of him watching and wished she could think of a way to show more of her ample bosom.

On Thursday she went with silk pants, low in the rise, and a sheer tank under a one button jacket. It was perfectly appropriate during working hours, as with the jacket buttoned there was nothing to see. But on the bus that morning she unbuttoned the jacket, revealing her braless breasts and pinpoint nipples, and about two inches of bare skin above the top of her pants. She put both hands on the upper support bar and let the gentle motion of the bus bounce her round orbs as it lumbered down the city streets. All eyes were definitely on them, and she recognized some familiar faces from the previous few days. Legs were uncrossed, sweat was dabbed from balding foreheads, and as she imagined them each getting hard, her panties got wetter and wetter. It would be difficult to top this.

Casual Friday meant she could wear a short jean skirt. She took the risk and wore nothing underneath. She paired it with a chaste white blouse buttoned high to the neck and painted her fingernails vivid red. She boarded the bus and sat, noticing a hint of disappointment among the gentlemen she had been teasing all week. Pleased, she slipped her long red nails between her legs and made eye contact with a fellow she felt quite attracted to. Her eyes guided his down to where her fingers were and she spread her legs and touched herself. The red nails were a vivid contrast to the wet pink she displayed. Somewhere to her left, someone moaned. Her body ached for release, but she continued to stroke slowly, opening the fold and showing off her erect clit. With her other hand she began opening the blouse buttons until it was clear that she was bare under the shirt as well. Several businessmen missed their stops.

By the time she got to her office, she was too distracted, too hot to work effectively.

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