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Guests change partners for a serial fuck.

Jake gently wrapped his oily hands around her foot. Her foot was smooth and Jake could feel a tingly sensation from the oil on his hands. His cock had begun to stiffen in his jeans. He rubbed his thumbs into the arch and spread his fingers over her ankle. He looked up and she was looking up at the ceiling.

"Most girls don't like guys touching their feet." Jake said as he began to rub oil onto her pads.

"I'm into a lot of things most girls arrrrrnt." Noel let out a tiniest of moans that was almost imperceptible.

Jake laughed out loud. "LIKE...."

"Hmmm I'm not sure how much you would want to know." Noel said shyly. "I'd hate to scare you off"

Jake who was now fully aroused and fairly confident Noel was getting there too, decided to go all in. "Noel, your gorgeous." As he said this he splayed his fingers between each of her toes and she bit her lip. " Trust me I'm probably into more weird stuff than you. And besides like I said I'm not leaving until you tell me to." Jake stopped rubbing for a moment and looked at the beautiful girl whose feet he was prepared to worship.

"Fine. I'm into BDSM." Noel looked down into Jakes eyes obviously scarred she had gone too far.

Jake, prepared for this, said. "Are you a domme or a sub?"

Noel, instantly aroused, dropped her foot and then gracefully presented the next. "What do you think, sweetie?"

Jake placed another large amount of oil in his hands and said, "Ma,am, I've always been a sub and would like to serve you." A huge smile broke across Noel's face. She pulled her foot away and then said, "PROVE IT! Wipe your hands dry on your pants." Jake did so. "No oil. No hands. Show me your loyalty and your place." She slowly presented her left foot again. Jake leaned in and began to lick her arch. He licked dutifully top and bottom. When he licked between her toes she didn't moan but he saw her grab the sheet. When he thought he was done she demanded he suck each toe in turn. This made her release that tiny moan.

"What was it that you said? You wont leave until I order you to?"

"Yes ma'am" Jake said from his knees.

"Call me your Goddess. Take off all of your clothes, fold them and put them in that suitcase over there."

Jake followed his instructions. As he removed his boxers he displayed his erect member. It was 7.5 inches long and at the moment untrimmed. For a few seconds Noel was fixed to it. After he had done as he was told Noel walked over, leaned down and placed a luggage lock on the zipper. She then took the key and placed it in her drawer.

She then grabbed him by the cock measuring it in her warm hand.

"It's gonna be an interesting week"

"Yes goddess." Jake replied.

"Lay down on the bed face up." Noel said.

Jake laid down and Noel came by and roughly grabbed his wrist and proceeded to place him spread eagle. She walked over to her dresser and produced a small purple plastic case. It was about 12 by 6 inches and maybe 5 inches deep. She opened it but Jake could not see the contents. Noel looked over her shoulder. "Is that as big as you get?"

Jake was fully errect but he knew with some encouragement he could become stiffer. However feeling downtrodden, he replied "Without goddess touching me yes it is." She giggled

"You're perfect. A massive cock. A foot worshiper and a submissive. I love it." She took a roll of what looked like electrical tape from the box. "This is self-adhering tape. It will only stick to itself but is strong enough to hold you down." She then wrapped the tape tightly around Jakes wrists and then the headboard, binding him to the bed.

"Now listen to me." Noel said sternly from the foot of the bed. She was no longer smiling.

"You have expressed a desire to serve me.

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