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Let me take care of that." She very swiftly unzipped their pants and quickly pulled out their cocks. She looked from one to the other. "I think I need to see these things a little closer." First she gave one cock three good sucks and then went for the second.

"Mmmm. These are great tasting cocks. Come a little closer." As both men moved closer, she suddenly sucked both cocks into her mouth.

"Will you look at that?" gasped Bill. "She's got both cocks in her mouth and both of us have good sized cocks!"

Rafael calmly said that Suzie was very experienced at double cock sucking because she likes to watch two cocks spray their cum over her tits. One cock for each tit.

Bill, still gasping from Suzie's excellent cock sucking, reached down and squeezed some tit. "Man, these tits are huge! What are they, a 40 EE?"

"Nope, those hooters are 44 EEE! She puts them to good use too. She loves to do tit fucking." Said Paul.

"Hell, she'll do any kind of fucking...tit, lips, tongue, cunt, ass. That's what you call a very multifunctional slut! What else could a guy ask for? Wait until you see this slut in action in the swing! Her 44 EEEs are great fun to tit fuck." said Rafael.

Amazingly, both men shot their loads at the same time. There was so much cum that it came out of her mouth and dripped on her tits. Bill pulled out and aimed his cock at her tits and then Jack did too. "Whoa, isn't she a great slut!" Bill said.

"You bet she is." said Rafael. "We are very proud of our talented little slut. Ok, Suzie, on your feet. Time to get into the swing to do a little test fucking."

As Suzie got up, she massaged the cum all over her tits. More cum was still dripping from her mouth.

They helped her into the leg stirrups and then she put her arms into the wrist cuffs. What a great display! Her massive cum covered tits were so inviting and her wide spread legs showed off her cunt very nicely.

Rafael proceeded with the demonstration. "Notice the furry cunt, gentlemen. We deliberately have a brunette slut to demonstrate this swing because it shows up cum so well. Right now we are all going to have a turn or two with her and she is going to be covered with cum all over. When the show opens and she is in it for hours, the cum is going to be drying in her various holes. Believe me, at past shows, the cum is so thick that we have to crack it to get it off. This is the first show that we have not had center stage. All the other shows, she was on an elevated platform in the middle of the floor so everyone could see her perform."

"Now watch this." He had a remote control and when he pressed a button, the swing jumped slightly and Suzie's tits bounced. He pressed the button again and her tits bounced. "This is our tit bouncer button." Rafael said. "For those who like bouncing tits, this button is great." He pressed it five more times and each time, those hooters danced.

Rafael pressed another button and the swing turned so that Suzie's tits were hanging away from her body. "Now this is a great tit fucking position." Rafael said as he dropped his pants and briefs and stuck his monster cock between her tits. He gave her tits a nice couple of minutes of fucking. Then he pressed another button and she swung slightly more forward.

"Now this is the cock sucking position." You will notice her mouth is just at the right level of my cock." With that, he stuck his cock in her mouth and she greedily sucked on it. "For bitches who won't suck, this is the ideal piece of equipment. The bitch is immobilized and you can force your cock into her mouth. She can't go anywhere. But as you can see, our little slut here will take all that is offered. Why, this slut even begs for more!"

"Her tits are hanging nicely and if you want to see them swing freely, you just hit the tit bouncer button as many times are you want.

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