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Turning her head she began kissing his neck and slipped her hand down into his lap. Her fingers tugged on his zipper, sliding it down and her hand reached inside. Her fingers slid through the slit in the front of his boxer shorts and found his cock. She softly caressed it while she kissed his neck. Her lips kissed up to his ear and she said, "What do you think?"

"Well," he said, turning to face her so she could hear him over the loud music, "I am definitely the old fart in the room." He smiled and kissed her. "But I think every man is here wishes he were me right now."

She blushed and kissed him, her lips parting slightly and letting out a soft moan. Her hand continued to gently caresses his cock inside his pants, sending shivers through his body. As her leg draped over his, he pulled his arm from around her shoulder and placed his hand on her bare thigh under the table. His hand slid further up the inside of her thigh, her tongue pressed between his lips and softly caressed his. His hand kept creeping up, his fingertips caressing the inside of her thigh until he began to feel the warmth of her pussy. As his fingertips brushed her pussy she sucked in a deep breath and he felt how wet she was.

The club was getting more and more crowded, the dance floor filling and all of the pedestals over the dance floor were occupied with dancers. She laid her head back on his shoulder and they watched the crowd while they touched each other under the table. There wasn't much she could do without pulling his cock out, given the tight space they were in, so she continued to just softly run her fingers over it. On the other hand, he was able to do about anything he wanted to do to her and took full advantage of the situation. His fingers began pressing harder on her clit and he felt her pussy responding and his fingers getting wet.

She looked up at him and smiled, raising her lips to his ear. "You are a naughty boy."

He shrugged. "I can stop."

"Don't you fuckin dare." she responded.

The club was packed now. The two empty chairs on the other side of the table had been taken to another table and the crowd was standing room only with people drinking, laughing and talking all around them. The dark corner they were in, coupled with the table, provided just enough cover to conceal their activities, and the music helped hide the little gasps that she was letting out more and more. His fingers were rubbing faster on her clit and she was moving her hips as much as she could under the table, grinding against his fingers.

Suddenly her hand slid off his cock and her fingers grasped his pants. Her legs clamped shut on his hand and her head pressed against shoulder. He could feel her body shaking. His hand was suddenly soaked and he could hear her whimpering softly. As her body began to relax and her legs released the lock on his hand, she looked up at him and smiled."Fuck that felt good." Her lips went to his ear and she softly bit his earlobe and giggled. "Want to dance with me sexy?"

He laughed. "If you don't mind be embarrassed dancing with me. I don't have a clue what's going on out there."

She reached down and pulled up his zipper. "Look out there." she said pointing at the mass of people on the dance floor. "Think anyone cares what anyone else is doing?"

He grinned. "You've been warned."

They slid out of the booth and worked their way through the mass of people to the dance floor.

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