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How a young submissive found her first Dom.

Lyrics relating to a sexy a man she had seen at the beach flowed from Mione. Notes perfectly pitched, her diction slightly slurred in a stylist choice to evoke desire, Mione seduced her listeners. Sensing her audience was unsure if they liked what they were seeing, Mione flung her robe away earlier than her cue, and she struck a seductive pose, her body overtly displayed for the lifeguard and the millions of viewers.

A thunderous cheer erupted at the sight of her, legs bared to the hip by a high-cut one piece, the neckline dipping just enough to show the swells of her small breasts. Around her neck she wore a gossamer light scarf, but she was still more exposed than any other Contestant had yet dared tonight.

The lifeguard ran past her then, and rescued a beautiful female dancer acting distressed. The dancer's outfit was a one piece with large cut-away holes on both side that exposed her most of her torso. The suit was more revealing that Mione's.

The lights upstage dimmed leaving only Mione in view. As the next verse began, she sang of a rival for the man's attention, Mione sang that she would do anything to win him. The song was familiar to the crowd, but this visual take was new, and Mione sang it more intricately, the new arrangement showing her vocal agility.

The crowd clapped along, cheering her while she sang a complex series of notes. Mione felt a keen satisfaction knowing that she was being appreciated for her ability, not just for her revealing outfit. Yet a revealing outfit was what she wore. For this number Mione had chosen to use a hand's free microphone, and those free hands now pulled the top beach-suit off revealing the tiny two-piece underneath.

Cheers of approval echoed from the rafters, the music deafening to compete, and Mione stood still shyly allowing the crowd to see how far she was willing to go for that man. A tiny black thong covered her sex, and thin silver chains held it on, climbing over her hips, leaving her entire nether regions exposed save a piece of fabric smaller than her hand.

On top her pert breasts were covered by a black triangle each as small as the one below. These were also tied to her by silver chains, one around the back, one around the neck, and one tiny one between her breasts. Her small breasts spilled out the side and bottom of the miniscule fabric covering. Around her neck she had a black choker like the woman in the porn vid had worn.

Singing the next verse, Mione strode upstage as the lights returned revealing the lifeguard on his tower and other dancers dressed in beach suits like the one the distressed dancer had worn. Everyone stared at Mione as she walked by, the men amazed, the women jealous of her amazing outfit.

The lifeguard approached her and stalked around her, eye-fucking Mione, his sinuous movements confident and possessive. Mione rolled back her shoulders and arched her back, swirling her hips in a circle as she sang about getting his attention.

As they turned around each other, Mione revealed that there was no back piece to her suit, only the thin chain disappearing between her firm, round buttocks. More cheers greeted that display and Mione sang the chorus about hoping for his love, the lighthearted love song now a sultry, complex song of seduction.

As Mione danced with the lifeguard the distressed woman returned in a bathing suit identical to Mione's but in red. The dancer undulated her body to the pounding beat, reminding the hunky lifeguard how good she was in bed.

Abandoning inexperienced Mione, he grooved over to the other lady. All the other females flitted over to dance around the lifeguard. Mione finished the chorus and the music shifted smoothly into a mash-up with a power ballad from the last decade, the lights dimmed, the mood changing.

The new melody fit perfectly with the tune she had been singing.

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