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A husband trains his wife to beg for anal sex.


"OK, what flight?"

"We're coming in on our dad's plane. It was available."

They ran up and gave me big hugs. Others in the terminal turned to see two beautiful women giving me some big kisses.

"We missed you so much!," Mindy gushed. "I couldn't wait for today," I added.

They liked my house which, of course, had been Janelle's. I showed them around.

"Look, Mindy. That's a picture of Janelle."

It was one of my favorite portraits. They looked at my collection of her photos.

"No wonder you miss her so much."

"I want to show you some more. Come into our bedroom." There were six framed pictures in our master bedroom. Three of Janelle and three of us both. We were nude. The photos were taken professionally and were reminiscent of classical poses.

"Wow, these are beautiful. So erotic. Janelle had a perfect body. I especially like the ones of both of you. The love between you two is very obvious," Molly said.

"Maybe someday the three of us will have pictures like this," Mindy added. "Did you ever take more graphic photos, like the two of you having sex?"

"Mindy, I can't believe you would ask such a question," Molly said.

"Yes we did. I am pretty good with a camera and we took quite a few. Very pornographic but they were just for us." I didn't offer to share.

"Molly, we should have John take pictures of us. It would be fun, don't you think?"

"Time to play, girls. Let's take a shower."

After soaping up I turned off the water and we played. I placed two fingers into Molly's pussy and used my other hand to run up and down the crack of her ass. When I reached her anus I pushed in my finger.

"Woo, that's a weird feeling. Now do it to Mindy."

I finger fucked Mindy pussy and ass. Then positioned myself behind her with my cock pushing between her legs. Back when, I had done the same thing but was admonished not to put my cock in her pussy. This time I rubbed it back a forth several times, then shifted the angle and pushed in my cock. I fucked her for a minute or so.

"That's just an appetizer. Molly, want some of the same?"

"You bet."

After giving Molly the same treatment, we dried off. Molly jumped on the bed. "I'm first," as she spread her legs wide.

I crawled up between her legs and started eating. I enjoyed the enthusiasm both girls had for my tongue. Molly started bouncing up and down and came. Mindy had been stroking my cock, so it was ready. I pushed the head in, then back out. I did this several times. Then I backed off and stuck my tongue back in. I switched back and forth between cock and tongue. Each time my cock went in deeper. Then back to my tongue.

When I felt I had teased her enough I turned her over and pushed my cock in from behind. I fucked her hard. I was becoming familiar with her responses so was able to time my coming to match hers.

"John, that was the best yet. Now clean me up, you nasty boy. Get all of that cum out of me."

I placed my mouth on her pussy and sucked. She pushed and forced a wad of cum into my mouth. I then used my tongue to lap away to get the remainder. I kept eating her pussy until she climaxed for the third time.

"Mindy, he keeps getting better and better!"

Mindy switched with Molly. I played with her pussy using a couple of fingers. Then began light touches with the tip of my tongue. She spread her pussy lips and I very lightly worked my tongue around and in. I then moved down to her ass hole and played with it.

I rocked her legs back and forth, which moved her pussy up and down. I held my tongue steady while it slide up and down between her lips. I increased the motion until my tongue was going down to her ass hole and up to her clit. I kept this motion up as she climaxed.

"Molly, did you see what he was doing?"

"Yes, he was sticking his tongue into your butt. What did that feel like?"

"Good, real good, but weird. John, isn't that dirty?"

"In the shower I put a finger in your butt. The soapy water cleaned everything."

"You are a most remarkable lover.

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