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Reunion with childhood crush reignites old passions.

"I'll just check out that statement of yours, and after that you can look and see how big is too big."

Melanie felt her top being lifted, and while part of her wanted to say stop, another part wanted to prove that her breasts were truly hers. Tongue tied, she just watched as her top slowly lifted, sliding up and revealing her breasts. She hardly even noticed when Mike didn't release her top but lifted it off over her head.

Mike looked at Melanie's breasts, jutting proudly out. No padded bra, and as of yet no need for one for support. His hands reached up and he cupped them, squeezing and feeling them.

"What are you doing," asked Melanie, appalled, feeling her breasts responding to his touch. She could feel them swelling and her nipples were standing out.

"Just making sure that you truly don't have falsies," said Mike, smiling. "The only real way to tell is by touch."

"Well, now you know," snapped Melanie, stepping away from his touch and reaching to pull her top back into place. She suddenly felt foolish when she found that she wasn't even wearing it any longer.

"Are you going to satisfy your own curiosity now?" ask Mike.

"What?" came the puzzled reply.

"How big is too big? Remember?"

"Certainly not," said Melanie. "Can I have my top, please?"

At the same time her mind brought up that old wives tale. You can judge a man's size by the size of his hands and feet. Despite herself, she found her eyes flicking from Mike's hands to his feet, to his... She looked away.

"Why not? You're curious," goaded Mike.

"I just don't do that sort of thing," stated Melanie firmly.

"Why not?"

"Why not? You can't just ask a woman to look at the size of your cock," snapped Melanie. "It's just not done."

"Yes it is. Men do it all the time. They all want women to look at their cocks and admire them. It's a male thing. Women like showing off their breasts. Men want women to look at their cocks. So are you going to? You know you want to."

Melanie did want to. That was the trouble. Ever since he'd made that off the cuff remark about women complaining she'd wanted to see. And Mike was going to goad her until she did, she suspected.

"All right," she said. "If you're so anxious to have a woman see your cock I'll take a look at it."

She waited for Mike to unzip. And waited.

"What are you waiting for?" she finally asked.

"Funny. I was about to ask you that," said Mike.

He expected her to take it out? Melanie blinked, nervously. Then she took Mike's zip and ran it down. She could feel it behind the material as her hand brushed against it.

A little hand slipped through the open zip and touched what was hidden there. It paused for a moment, and then closed upon it and pulled it free.

Melanie hastily let go and stepped back, frowning slightly.

"It's not that overlarge," she said indignantly. "The way you spoke I was expecting a fearsome monster."

"I never said it was," murmured Mike. "I said some women might think so if I was molesting them. Actually, I think you'll find it's just the right size once it's in you."

"What? It's not going to get the chance to be inside of me?" snapped Melanie, genuinely startled.

"Oh, come on, Mel. Who do you think you're kidding?" asked Mike with a laugh. "I'm standing here with an erection that you hauled out into the light, and you're standing there topless with your breasts pointing at me like a pair of pistols. Of course we're taking it a bit further."

Mike reached over and, giving Melanie plenty of time to stop him, he flicked open the button on the side of her skirt and slid down the zip. A gentle tug and the skirt slithered over her hips and down.

Wide-eyed Melanie stared at Mike. He hadn't done that, had he? Yes, he had, and she hadn't even tried to stop him. Was she mad? She must be she decided, as she watched Mike tug her panties down, seeing herself lift her foot so he could take them right off. All of a sudden she was standing in front of Big Mike wearing a pair of sneakers, and that was it.

Big Mike took Melanie and eased her down onto the rug.

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