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How it made you feel. Every filthy detail, while you stroke my cock. But don't make me come until the end. I want to last the whole fucking time. Watch you get totally lost in it. Like the filthy fucking slut you are." He licks my neck after, making my entire body shiver. A whimpering moan escapes my lips and I think it pushes him over some edge, because immediately he grabs my face and presses his mouth against mine, his tongue invading me, teeth grazing my lower lip. He gets a hold of himself after a minute, though, and breaks the kiss, both of us breathing hard, staring at each other with twin expressions, clearly reading "What the fuck just happened?"

Page turns abruptly back to face the TV, breaking the moment, and fast forwards just a bit, to the part where Alex finally gets the nerve to initiate a blowjob. I hear him chuckle a bit and then he says, "So, good ole Alex put his big boy pants on and tried to dominate you, huh?" the amusement is clear in his tone. I laugh a little, too, and tell Page how pathetic Alex had been, asking me if his dick was the biggest I'd ever had. We both laugh at that, and I give his cock a little squeeze and look up as I say, "I didn't want to tell him that yours is the thickest. And my favorite."

I lean down and give it an appreciative lick, which earns me a guttural moan, then a yank of my hair. Reluctantly, I sit back up.

"Now, now, little fuckslave, wouldn't want to make me come so soon, now would we?" Page says with a wolfish grin. I smile sweetly and continue stroking his erection, slowly and gently, as we turn back to face the TV once more.

On the screen, Alex is already blowing his load on my face. I hear Page mutter a "tsking" sound under his breath. "Oh, Alex, you're going to be the laughing stock of the gym," he says quietly. I'm almost moved to feel bad for the kid, and I would if he weren't such an insufferable dickwad. Page seems to take a lot of joy in my snide comment to Alex, though, and laughs so hard that for a minute I wonder if he'll recover. After a a few moments, he's serious again, as he watches the screen with rapt attention, eyes glued to Chad fondling my ass.

"Tell me what you were thinking here. Of Chad." Page says, his voice barely a whisper.

My eyes are glued to the screen too, and I reply in a similarly hushed voice, "He was kind of hot. In a boyish jock kind of way. Like the star of the high school football team, ya know? He seemed to love my ass. I wanted him to fuck it as soon as I saw him handling it. I could tell he really wanted to, which made me want it more."

On screen, Chad is working the coconut oil all over my ass and into the opening, slowly sliding two fingers in. A moan escapes me onscreen as Chad's fingers press into me. "You fucking loved that didn't you? A total stranger sticking his fingers in your slutty ass?" I hear Page mutter.

I swallow, hard. "Yes." He responds to this with a sharp, quick slap to my face, which makes me gasp. He reaches down between my legs and feels the wetness there. "Fucking slut. Keep jacking me off." I oblige and once again we watch the screen to see what other depraved acts I'll perform, my heart beating much faster than it was a moment ago.

Soon enough, I have Brad's cock in my mouth while Chad works his fingers in my asshole, rhythmically, in and out. Brad is saying how good of a cocksucker I am, relaying Page's compliment, and I look at him. "Did you really say that? Do you think I'm that good at giving head?" I sound too eager, like a neglected child practically begging for attention and praise. Fuck I hate myself right now.

Page looks at me and smiles, brushing my cheek with his hand in a surprisingly tender gesture. "Of course, Zoe. Those fucking lips." He adds, almost an afterthought.

Then, roughly, he grabs my jaw and runs his thumb along my full bottom lip.

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