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Photographer's professionalism is tested greatly.

His big cock was illuminated by a shaft of moonlight breaking through the clouds. Did she detect a slight snore? She dropped her clothes on the floor in a heap and moved towards the bed.

Reaching down she grasped his penis lovingly. She leaned over the bed to take it to her mouth. Soon she was pulled onto the bed and settled into her favorite position, good old number 69.

Chuck felt the heat and savored the aroma of the snatch that descended upon his face.

"What's this?" he thought. "Another surprise?"

First his wife sneaks down the hall in the middle of the night and initiates some loving and then she presents him with a wonderfully smooth, clean shaven pussy!

"Man, what's gotten into her."

For years, 22 of them in fact, he had asked her to shave her sex. She had declined saying that a little trimming for bikini season was all that has necessary. Yet here she was as bald tonight as she was bold.

Chuck lapped it up, literally. He slowly slid his tongue up and down the full length of her slit. He savored the acidic juices that flowed. She tasted great tonight as all females in heat do.

"Oh God," he said to himself, "what a difference!

It was wonderful thing not having to fight through the thick mane that normally covered his wife's pussy. He marveled at the smoothness. He sucked on her labia. His attention helped her flower blossom. The lips unfolded and hung loosely down allowing greater access to her pink tunnel. He then flicked his tongue around her clit and, hearing moans, knew that his efforts were being appreciated. His hands grasped and caressed her inviting bottom.

Surprised Chuck wondered, "She must have been working out," he thought. "Her butt is so firm and it seems slimmer."

Jen loved the attention she was receiving. She thought, "You may have been sleeping a few minutes ago, but now you're in the game."

She groaned again as now one, then two fingers were pumping in and out of her pussy. All the while the talented tongue continued to concentrate on her sensitive clit.

"Too much, too much," she silently sighed as she felt a small orgasm explode inside her.

"One is never enough," she said to herself.

Brent stumbled up the darkened steps with a beer in each hand. Carefully, he made his way in the blackness to the room with their luggage. He reclined on the bed waiting for his love to make an appearance. He popped the top on the cool beer and began to wash away some of the stresses of the long drive.

Jen needed to have this big prick in her now. Her mouth released his dick and she flipped around so that she could mount him. She was wet and eager. She impaled herself in one quick movement savoring every inch he had to give her. Then, she sat upright and ground her pussy into his manhood while tossing her head back lost in ecstasy.

Chuck loved this position. It was his idea of heaven to have his dick buried up to the hilt in a warm and willing pussy. He loved the view and he also loved that he had complete access to his lady's tits. Bunny had a very nice set and even more wonderful nipples. She had large, light brown auroras. They were capped off by nipples that with a little encouragement would grow into erect, eraser size points.

Chuck reached up to caress Bunny's super soft "B" cup goblets.

"That's funny," he thought.

Her breasts were firm, almost hard. Bunny sometimes complained that time had caused her once high and proud breast to sag. Chuck always re-assured her that while they may not be the pointers she once had the complete softness and new found pliability more than made up for any movement towards the equator.

As the moonlight broke through the clouds, a stream of light illuminated her breasts.

"That's odd," Chuck thought as he saw his hands groping her fun bags.

Tonight her nipples were puffy little points instead of the eraser heads he had come to expect.

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