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His sisters are humlliated so John conquers Rose forcibly

Master believed that I needed a lesson for my hesitation at removing my clothes and for the feeble attempt at covering up my body in front of him. Master attached a leash chain to my collar and led me up the stairs and out onto the deck of his yacht.

On my way up to the deck Master and I passed several men and women that I expect were the crew. They were all in various stages of undress so they could be other slaves themselves. I did not let my eyes meet any of theirs as we made our way to the front of the boat. Master clipped the cuffs of my wrists together and pulled them above my head and attached them to a boom that held a small landing boat. Master then turned my back to him. A young girl probably in her early twenties brought him a black leather lash.

I was instructed to count and respond to my punishment appropriately

The lash came down sharply on my back. "One Sir, Thank you may I have another?" Again the lash came down on my back. "Two Sir, Thank you may I have another?" Master lashed me over every inch of my back and down my ass and legs. The young woman then helped me turn around. Still averting my eyes to anyone I laid my head back readying myself for what was to come. I didn't wait long as the lash came down heavy on my breasts. It took my breath away and was late in responding. "One Sir, Thank you may I have another?" The next one came down just catching my right nipple. A small gasp came from my lips. "Two Sir, Thank you may I have another?" "Three Sir, Thank you may I have another?" This one caught the left nipple just as skillfully. Master covered my front with a matching shade of crimson as he had with the back. My only real miscue was when the lash struck my labia. I nearly jumped in the air.

Master must have been pleased as he slowly stroked his handy work. He marveled on how aroused she was. Her nipples had been erect since she arrived but now with the lashing they had swollen to bulbous proportions. He twirled them between his thumb and forefinger, pulling them away from her body as he did.

Master's hands were touching my body and I was feeling a trembling inside. I felt as though I was near orgasm but couldn't quite get there. Now, as his hands devoured my body, I felt the juices oozing down my legs. My face flushed with this thought. Master must have been reading my mind as his hands went to my pussy. His smile made my face flush even more. He offered his fingers to my lips and opened my mouth with hesitation. His man had complete control over me as I obediently cleaned his fingers of my juices.

Master Snapped his fingers and the young girl brought him a rope that he used secure my ankles in a spread position. He then attached clips to my nipples, clit, and to each cunt lip. To each clip there was a leather strand attached to a clump of feathers and a strand to set of small weights. These weights pulled on me but not real heavy. Master kissed my forehead and left me to go below. Several of the crew would come by and look at me but no one touched me. Not that I would or could have objected.

At first, I was fairly comfortable there relaxing to the movement of the ship, but later I began to notice the pure evil of the predicament I was in. With each rock of the ship the weights would gently tug my nipples and cunt. The wind would pick up the feathers and brush them across my body. This added to the torment by tickling me and causing the weights to sway more. I don't know how long I was there but when the girl came to release me, my body was excited beyond any level it had ever been.

I was taken to a room and cleaned and oils applied to my body.

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