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Sushant's life as a slave to his aunty takes brutal shape.

She sped away to avoid it, but just as she thought she could escape it, it nosedived straight against the cement, busting open the ground itself and exploding, sending her flying off balance, and face-first into the ground. She removed her helmet, and struggled to recover, but just before she could, she was struck in the back.

It was a needle in her back, and as she fell, she saw, standing above her, an alien.


Freya awoke, her vision blurry and head pounding. She struggled to catch her breath, and from what little she could hear, she began to make out muffled voices, and pounding footsteps.

The noise made her head hurt, but she began to gain her vision back. As she reopened her eyes, she was blinded by the crisp white lights and plastic-like white walls. People busily rushed around, all of their backs turned to her. All except one. As she finally adjusted to the lights, she saw a man... if you could even call it that.

He stood tall, at least eight feet tall, with silvery white hair midway down his back. His skin was ash grey, and down his spine were small black spikes, leading down to his... tail? He had a tail?

It was long, down to his feet. It was black, and it looked like a human spine, just with a large arrow-like point at the end. He wore strange armor, that reminded Freya of her favorite movie, Tron: Legacy.

His glowing, ice blue eyes pierced Freya's own, and sent a chill down her spine. He looked as if he was intently studying her. He would definitely tower over her small, 5'2" frame.

His eyes intently searched her body, and as she looked down at herself, she realized what he was staring at. She was disheveled, her leather coat ripped nearly to shreds, shirt and jeans torn, leaving wounds on her body. Her helmet was still halfway attached to her head, the other half had fallen off when she fell.

She carefully removed her jacket, biting her lip and wincing, as beneath it was a large gash along her chest and arms. A single tear escaped her eyes, and as she looked up, several of the other Aliens were looking at her intently, almost curiously.

The cuts were deep, and she whimpered softly as the jacket came completely off of her, her eyes and wounds stinging with blood and tears. Several Aliens stepped forward slightly, and she was slowly reduced to tears as reality hit her head on. Her former life was gone, only a fleeting moment of happy memories were spent on Earth, and now they were just that. Memories.

One of the aliens stepped forward, a tall, beautiful, yet strange woman, with golden locks in a ponytail that reached her knees. Her skin was golden, and her eyes matched. She stood strong and proud, in a white lab coat over silver Tron armor with white lights. Maybe Tron wasn't so original after all...

She smiled a very strong, wise, closed mouthed smile, and approached Freya with a clipboard and silver vial in hand. She spoke in a very direct, warm accent, that sounded like a mixture of British, French, and Russian.

"Drink this. Don't worry, it won't harm you. Although the taste is less than appealing."

Freya was speechless, but took the vial from the woman-like creatures hand. She hesitantly raised it to her lips, and it opened on its own, pouring a glowing purple liquid down her throat. It tasted like bile, and made Freya wretch, but she managed to stomach it.

"W-what was that?" she asked, wiping her mouth and grimacing, as the woman took the vial from her hand.

"You'll see. If you don't mind, I'd like you to take your clothing off."

Freya blushed, but slowly rose from what appeared to be an examination table, and steadily began to take off her clothes. She slowly pulled her shirt from her body, wincing again in pain, and laid it neatly on the table. She then slowly unhooked her bra, sheepishly laying it down, and as it scraped against the gash on her chest, she whimpered loudly, doubling over.

The Alien woman caught her, and lifted her, nodding for her to continue.

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