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She describes the best night of her life.

She let out a scream that filled the warehouse. She had never had a slap hurt so badly. He again raised his hand and came down hard on her ass. Once again she screamed with the pain.

The flat of his palm against the whelps from the whip cock were almost too much to bear.

John leaned over in her ear and whispered not to embarrass him with her childish screaming. She was a big girl that knew she was bad and needed this to make her learn how to treat him. One thing John hadn't counted on was half of the men in the warehouse were crowding around to see the pretty white ass being spanked. Pamela took the moment to her advantage. She started begging the men to pay to fuck her or use her anyway they wanted so he would stop spanking her. She told them in a pitiful voice that she wouldn't be able to fuck them like they wanted if her ass hurt too much.

She continued her little ruse telling them she knew she was bad and thought she had been punished enough by spanking, that she needed lots of cock to show her how bad she was. She bent her head down as if starting to cry, but instead started sucking on her tits. She knew all the men would love that. She was right. The men started saying they wanted a piece of that. Some were talking about shoving their cocks in her mouth, between her tits, up her ass.

Men were grouping up to arrange gang bang groups. Some were just stroking their cocks that were already glistening with precum. Pamela felt a surge of power now. She stood up still sucking her tits. She sat down on the man's lap and spread her legs wide. The man reacted by spreading his legs to make her stretch open even wider. One man with a huge cock told John he would pay 500.00 right now to fuck her pussy. The man whose lap she was sitting in also offered 500.00 to fuck her in the ass at the same time.

Pamela continued to hunch on the man's lap and suck her tits like she was content to do just that.

But, she could see the red face of her husband that had been embarrassed by her act of defiance. She quickly recovered by begging John to let her have some cock. She started telling him she knew she was bad, but she couldn't help herself because she just loved cock. She told him after tonight she would be only his cock whore and no one else unless he gave her permission. She had saved her husband ego while hopefully convincing him the show could start now.

Her pussy was starting to get really wet.

This didn't go unnoticed by all the men. They started offering John outrageous amounts of money to fuck her. The two men that had wanted to fuck then and there gave John the money they had promised. John agreed they could do her right there. Pamela kept sucking her tits as she lifted up a little to allow the man whose lap she was in to quickly undo his pants. A huge cock popped out. The second man was already poised for action in front of her. He too had a big cock. They were rock hard.

Sam and John took one arm and one leg and lowered Pamela down on the man's cock. Her ass immediately, and in one motion consumed his cock. A shock wave went through her body as her ass automatically started squeezing his cock. She started coming as soon as the cock hit bottom. The man groaned and leaned back in the seat to allow the other man in front of her to aim his thick cock at her pussy. All the men were engrossed by the big cock in her ass pumping her making her pussy swell out with each pump.

The second man didn't take time to ease it in. He too rammed his cock into her pussy as the cock in her ass receded. They started a motion like two pendulums out of sync. The cock in her ass would go in and the cock in her pussy would go out. Back and forth the two men were ramming their cocks hard on her ass and pussy. Pamela was finally getting what she loved. She had two cocks filling her to the brim. John and Sam had to hold her by the shoulders to keep her balanced to enjoy the cocks.

John started asking her was it was good, did she love the cocks in her pussy and ass.

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