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A kidnap ordeal brings mother and daughter closer.

" Sophia obliged and watched Nikki smile. He kissed his spot softly and slapped her face; lightly at first but it became harder with each subsequent strike. The mix of soft kisses on her neck and hard slaps to the face made Sophia more aroused.

Without notice, Sophia felt him clamp his teeth onto her neck and thrust two fingers into her mouth. "Clean my fingers and taste her pussy. While we were driving, she sucked my dick and I played with her wet pussy; just like we did in the truck by your shop the other day." Sir pushed his fingers down her throat and made her gag. She could feel his teeth clenched against her neck, biting her harder as the taste of pussy filler her mouth. "Use your tongue and get every drop." Sophia watched Nikki and saw the enjoyment on her face. "I love you my dirty whore, now watch as I play with our new toy. Do not look at me."

He walked over to Nikki and kissed her softly, sensually. Watching them touch as lovers made Sophia aroused and jealous. They moved toward the bed and Sir put Nikki in position 5; on the side of the bed facing Sophia, her body was bent over. "I want you to look at her while I please you, Nikki. Pull you dress up for me please." Sir knelt down behind her and she slid the material up over her ass. "Very good, now reach back, grab your ass and spread your pussy."

Sophia watched Nikki's expression; she saw pleasure, compassion, lust and anticipation. There was no mistake the moment Sir placed his mouth on her pussy; it showed on her face. She knew he was kissing her pussy lips, exploring every inch of her wetness and teasing her asshole with his tongue because that's what he did to her. Nikki let out a moan when his tongue plunged into her pussy and Sophia smiled at her. She glanced at her Sir momentarily and saw he was watching her. He immediately what he was doing, stood up and in a stern voice commanded Sophia; "Come here now!"

She walked over and he grabbed her by the throat. "I thought I told you not to look at me. Get into position 5 in front of Nikki, arms straight out." She moved quickly to the other side of the bed and bent over; the two women were facing each other. He walked over to his bag and brought out Sophia's whip. "I can't understand why it's so difficult to follow simple directions" Sir raised the white shirt off Sophia's smooth, tanned ass. "Hold her hands and please count for her, Nikki". The two women braced for what was about to happen and their connection meant both of them were going to feel this together.

He snapped the whip against Sophia's ass; it was harsh, quick and deliberate. Sophia jumped with each crack of the whip and Nikki counted; "One Sir, two Sir, three Sir." The women could see the distress in both of their faces; "eight Sir, nine Sir, ten Sir." Each time the leather impacted her bum, it raised red welts across her beautiful cheeks. At fifteen, Nikki saw water well up in Sophia's eyes and their grip tightened; "seventeen Sir, eighteen Sir, nineteen Sir." Sophia's breathing was heavy and she took twenty fresh ones before he stopped. Nikki caressed her hands and her face showed sympathy, empathy and arousal.

Sir placed the whip on the small of Sophia's back and gently soothed her wounds. Back and forth, he glided his hand across the welts until the initial stinging peaked. "I don't believe my request was hard to understand or difficult to accomplish." Pausing for a moment, he slid a finger over the top of her dark hole and then down to his pussy lips. He parted them with the length of his finger; she was completely sodden and moaned as his finger gently pushed inside. Sophia fought the orgasm that was about to explode inside her because that would infuriate her Sir. "Try to do your best to not disappoint me again, please. Get your ass back in the chair."

"Yes Sir," Sophia got up and sat back down.

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