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John's friend leaves Mom alone for the summer.

Again naked beneath her skirt. More naked because she had removed her pubic hair. A naked vagina, pubescent and expectant for Saturday's pleasure. She found the lavender oil in amongst other extravagances at the back of the book shop. Removed the stopper to sample the aroma and think of him.

Morning: Saturday. Busy life so time passed. Breakfasts and packing off children. A quick dash to the gym and protracted row. Meeting a new personal trainer and as many abdominal sit ups as her body could muster. Trying not to think of him. Teaching, phone calls and decisions. Her smooth naked body and between her legs aching for him.

Saturday's late afternoon/early evening had arrived. She bathed and wrapped herself in a towel. Made her chamomile tea. Made it strong and added fresh pressed lemon juice and honey. Tested the taste. Took the baby oil and lavender oil and went upstairs to bed.

Warm sunlight poured through the floral curtains. The light was good. The room was warm. She lay across her bed and peeled off the bath towel so as to lay on it. Began to drink her tea which she placed, between sips, on a small chair next to her bed. Thoughts of him crowded her mind, wanting him to be thinking of her also. Began to remember the first time they might make love together on this very bed.

The smell of his body. The sound of his voice.....'Let me see what you have for me....'

She dotted lavender oil along the edges of the towel on which she lay. Its strong heady scent filled the air and she visualised the purple haze of lavender fields according to his instructions. These were their fields and their fields alone. And no one could take then away from her. No one could take him away from her. The touch of his lips and the promise of that first kiss.

So she drank tea to wet her lips, drank until it warmed her hungry belly. Took oil, poured it first along her arms and rubbed her forearms. Outlining her muscles each arm with care. Oiled her thighs and knees. Oiled her calves and the backs of her ankles and her Achilles tendons. Strong feet, each one raised into the air, pointed toes like a ballerina. Oiled between her toes. Her insoles. Her hands became his. Massaging herself according to his instructions.

Then she paused to drink more tea, closing her eyes as it trickled down her throat. Thought of his mouth and his tongue inside hers. And their saliva meeting.

She poured oil onto the flat surface of her belly. Hands stroked the oil into her brown skin. Body shining in the sunlight. Closed her eyes and thought of their dream bed coalescing and becoming real in the centre of a world of lavender fields. Anarchies of scattered poppies. Breezes turning flowers into to waves and her hands moved lower. She breathed deeply and more deeply. Breathed aikido-like into her hara. Moving her hands in between her legs and separating her thighs. Feeling the smoothness around her labia and vagina. Created her hands as his and his alone. Took her right forefinger and traced her labia, felt them parting and the wetness in between. Thought of the outline of his mouth and the sculptured edges of his lips and that he could be poised to kiss her . Brushed her clitoris until the tip of it swelled and was erect. Gently pushed one finger inside her vagina, brushing her clitoris as he might. Visualised his name and said it secretly in side her head as if calling him. Two fingers now inside. His beautiful perfect fingers fucking her. Felt herself wet and relaxed around him. Felt herself tense and pull her rim of muscles as if drawing him deeper inside her body. Thought of their first meeting and how quickly he might simply be aroused for her.

Her two fingers moved more quickly, vaginal muscled pulling skin on skin.

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