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Mother Earth has had enough; now it's her turn!

You know we have to do as she says, don't you?"

"Yeah, I do. I guess I can wait for a girlfriend to finish what you started. Just the same, you still can claim three of my firsts. We'll always have that."


"Sure, seeing you naked, watching you masturbate and my first real handjob."

"That's right, those are mine, aren't they. If Mom hadn't barged in you could have added your first blowjob to that list. We can still do it before Mom gets home if you want?"

"Who are you? Elsie, I don't recognize you. Have you always been this way or is this something completely new?"

"It's new but I feel this is the REAL me anyway. I lost my virginity a year and a half ago. I was so shy and afraid at first I thought I'd die. After, though, I wanted more, lots more. I think I'm hooked on sex, it's all I think about now. I'm going to try everything, it's so thrilling I can't get enough."

"Holy cow. Would you really have let me fuck you?"

"Yeah, I think so. What am I saying, of course I would have. Fuck I'd let you do it now if you wanted. I'm so wet I can't stand it."

"Now you've got me worried, Elsie. If you don't calm down you could get into trouble."

"You heard Mom, I'm on the pill. Sexual liberation, Tod, that's what it's all about. I'm going to fuck, suck and enjoy every cock I meet from now on. Women have always had to be the cops with sex. We were the only real losers if things went wrong and we got pregnant. No more-it's our turn now. I'm just sorry I won't be able to finish you're education. I've only been at this a while now but I'm pretty good at it. I really wanted to share this with you."

"I'm really sorry about this too but we don't have a choice."

They never tried anything again and six months later, Elsie joined a commune. Sex and free love abounded in her new surroundings and she had no problem fulfilling her every desire. With all the horny young men at her disposal, she went wild and really did get to try everything. She eventually married the leader of the commune. They settled down to a more conventional life in their own home. By then, she had had most of the wildness fucked right out of her-or so she thought.

Tod went on to university. He remained shy around women, only dating now and then. Although he continued down the sexual path, it remained mostly unsatisfying for him. After graduation, he started a company with two other classmates. It was an early internet startup with great prospects and it took off quickly. His business became his life. They all prospered.

In his forties he was even more of a geek as his life continued to revolve around his business. He met a woman much younger than himself. She was an incredible beauty who devoured him like a school of piranha. She introduced him to all the delights of the flesh. Her knowledge, abilities and stamina knew no bounds.

After Tod begged her for three years, they married. Incredibly, the sex only got better. They experimented with everything. Tantric, swinging, bondage and dom-nothing was off the table. The marriage lasted fifteen years. It collapsed with a bitter divorce when he discovered she had another lover for over five years. He couldn't share her that way. Sexually, yes-not emotionally.

After the marriage settlement, Tod buried himself once again in his business. The company took off and was quickly bought up by larger interests. He was now rich, available and wiser in the ways of the world. He could bed any woman he wanted now-and he did.


Picking up where we left off now, Tod and Elsie are walking arm-in-arm to the restaurant for his birthday dinner. The owner of Lefty's greets them as they enter.

"Ah, my favorite couple, always a pleasure. I have your favorite table reserved for you-sit, enjoy yourselves. I'll send the waiter right over."

They ordered and ate. Two bottles of wine later they were definitely enjoying themselves. The conversation got more interesting as the wine loosened their tongues.

"Say," Elsie said.

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