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Deep in your arse, hot, snug and tight.

He loved every minute of it."

So now it was out. My wife knew that this man was my Master.

He pulled his dick out of my mouth and my saliva exploded everywhere. He held my head with one hand and his hard cock with the other. I could finally speak but I wasn't sure if I wanted to. I just kept looking at that big head dripping with my saliva. It was being held a couple inches from my lips. I couldn't help it.

"You're my cock slave? Isn't that right, cocksucker?" I should've been thinking about my wife but I just couldn't at that point. I had spent the last seven days longing for my Master's cock in my mouth. It was just inches from my lips. I had to have it. I had to have his cock in me or I would die.

"Yes...Master." I said looking up at his smiling face.

He shoved his dick back into my mouth and continued pumping my face. It felt good to have my Master's cock in my mouth again.

"Your husband's my dick-sucking cock slave. You okay with that?" my Master asked my wife.

I opened my eyes as my Master kept pumping my face. My wife walked up to us. She stopped behind me and stood there.

"No, let go of my husband." she said sternly.

My Master let go of my head and pulled his cock out of my mouth. I just sat there on my knees for a second waiting to see what would happen.

Suddenly my head was grabbed from behind and shoved forward. I opened my mouth and my master's length shot down my throat. I gagged.

"No one uses my husband but me!" she said as she pulled my head back. It was her hand on the back of my head!

"Suck his dick you no good whore!" she yelled as she fell to her knees and proceeded to force my head back and forth on my Master's cock.

"Take it, you filthy cocksucker! Take his cock in your mouth like the slut you are!" She yelled.

She rapidly pushed and pulled my head forcing me to suck dick faster and deeper. I kept gagging but she just kept pushing, calling me filthy names. She was in total control of me, forcing me to shove a dick down my throat. She loved it. I could hear her moan in between the dirty things she yelled at me.

Then my Master pulled out of my mouth. His wet hard dick hung there. My wife looked at it and smiled.

"You want to get fucked by a real man?" he said.

My wife pulled the back of my head down to the floor. I still had my hands behind my back, the good little whore that I am.

"Stay there and don't move," she commanded as she stood up.

I obeyed, laying there flat on my back.

We were right beside my Master's couch. So she laid her naked back on the couch and spread her legs. My Master got on the couch and began to fondle my wife's large, soft breasts. She moaned with pleasure. He licked her hard nipples and she moaned even louder.

"Yes," she moaned as he worked her nipples.

Then she let out a loud, long moan. I couldn't see my Master's cock from the angle I was laying but, from the sound my wife was making and the movement he was making, I could tell he was penetrating her.

Then his hips began to gyrate in quick, hard thrusts. He was hammering here pussy hard. Thrust after thrust, she yelled in ecstasy.

"Fuck me! Yes, fuck me!" she yelled as my Master's jack hammer of flesh pounded deep inside her.

"Fuck me! Oh God yes!"

I laid on my back watching this other man fuck my wife. I was completely helpless as he fucked the hell out of her. It turned me on so much. I could feel my cock throb. I wanted to touch it so bad but I couldn't move my hands from behind my back. I couldn't disobey.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" she yelled as my Master groaned loudly. I could tell he was cumming inside her. Another man is cumming inside my wife as I just lay here and watch. I had never been so turned on in my whole life.

They both get up but then she throws herself down on top of my chest, her thighs on either side of my face. She grabbed my face and shoved it into her pussy.

"Lick it out, whore!" she yells as she holds my face against her crotch.

I ate her out wildly.

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