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Dom Diane continues training her two slaves.

Seeing her flinch when the washcloth came in contact with her fresh bruises brought tears to my eyes. How could she let someone do this to her? Why? I already knew the answer. I had figured it out earlier while talking to Celia and had thought about it countless times afterwards. Delia had a boyfriend, the guy who drove the Camaro, but that hadn't stopped her tonight. Obviously, commitment was not an issue for her. The men from the party she had only just met. She craved attention from men and was willing to do whatever it took to ensure she received it. Unfortunately, she always gives in so easily that the men are finished with her in a short period of time leaving her to do it all over again. No wonder Celia knew this night would turn out as it did. I rinsed Delia off and helped her into a spare robe that I kept in the closet. She was out the second her head hit the pillow.

I was watching tv in the living room when Delia appeared at the bottom of the stairs.

"There's food on the table if you want it."

She made her way into the kitchen and I followed. On the table sat a glass of ice water and three pieces of bread.

"Are you feeling any better?"

Her hair was straight and clean making her look much better than I'm sure she felt.

"A little bit. The shower helped."

She sat down and began nibbling on a piece of bread.

"Are you going to eat anything?"

"I already ate breakfast."


"And lunch."

Her eyes widened.

"What time is it?"


"I have to be at work by 4:00. I can't call in, or else I'll be fired."

"You're welcome to stay here until you need to leave. I parked your car in the garage."

Delia looked at me.

"Thanks. For... everything."

I remained quiet, not sure what I should say. I was actually surprised when I felt her lips meet mine. Her tongue made its way into my mouth as her hands cupped my breasts through my shirt. I pulled back refusing to meet her eyes. As much as I wanted this to happen, I also didn't.

"You don't want this?" she questioned.

"I'm not sure. I mean last night..."

"That was last night. It didn't mean anything, it never does."

My eyes finally met hers.

"So right now wouldn't mean anything to you."

Her hand rested on top of mine as she stood up, pulling me up as well.

"It would."

Our lips met once again and this time I let myself melt into her. She led me to the couch in the living room, discarding our clothing along the way. She pushed me down on the couch and climbed on top of me, her hands roughly squeezing my breasts. She made her way down my body, stopping at my center, her hot breath exciting me even more. It wasn't long before she had me writhing in pleasure, her hair tickling my inner thighs as she worked her tongue was an added bonus. I pulled her up to kiss her, wanting to taste myself on her lips. My hands caressing her breasts until she grabbed my arms and put them out above my head, so my arms were left dangling over the edge of the couch. She forced her right breast into my mouth, my tongue stroking her hard nipple.

"Bite it."

I complied.

"Harder," she hissed.

I bit down harder until I heard her shriek. She let go of my arms and raised her body off mine enough to allow me to slide down under her. I stopped, my mouth inches away from her, her arousal driving me wild with lust.

"Finger me, nothing else."

I watched as she drove down the street and turned the corner, my mind full of thoughts, yet thinking of nothing in particular. After she had came, she dressed and was gone. I went upstairs and climbed in bed to take a nap finding her scent on the pillow from the night before and fell asleep in the same spot.

The ringing phone by the bed woke me up. It was Serilda.

"I'm sorry to hear about last night."

"Who told you?"

I figured it had been Celia.


"What did she say?"

"Not much. I visited her at work to apologize for not going with her and to ask about the party and she told me about the three men and how you left by yourself."

Delia hadn't mention wh

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