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A story of lust and romance.

It was dark by now so he turned on a little lamp that had a low wattage bulb which gave us just enough light to see each other. I was actually grateful for this light because I was feeling terribly shy about Hans seeing me naked and didn't want the full exposure of a well lit room to make him take one good look at me and run away.

I actually laugh when I think of this today. My photographs of myself during that time show a young lady who had a great looking body. I wish I could have that same body today; however, the men who see my 50-year old bodies today don't complain and seemed turned on by what they see. I really didn't have anything to fear and know today that Hans was probably very stimulated to see my naked 20-year old body ready to receive his body.

Hans disrobed me slowly until I stood there in just my panties. I felt very embarrassed but Hans reassured me that I looked beautiful and he then took of his clothing off and I didn't feel so self-conscious after that. But I was afraid to look down at his penis, so I kept eye contact with him. I don't know why I didn't want to look at his unseen manhood since, very soon, it was going to be inside me. I suppose it was the terror I was feeling mixed with this new feeling of sexual arousal.

He took me into his arms and I felt the bulge of his penis push against my stomach. At first I was shocked and almost pulled back, but I calmed myself and soon got used to the feeling of a naked penis actually touching my bare skin.

Hans began to kiss me and I felt his hands go to my panties and begin to slide them off of me. I helped him and soon I was also completely naked before him. We sat down on the bed and kissed for a few minutes before he got me onto my back where he could have full access to my entire front area. I then looked down and for the first time I caught a glimpse of an adult's penis for the first time.

It looked big and mean and immediately began to have doubts on whether or not I would be able to get that thing inside of me. I again laugh at myself at how naive I was at the time. I suppose for a girl that had never seen a real adult penis up close then the first one would seem like a monster to anyone. Today, I'd describe it as quite average looking. It was circumcised and probably no more than six-inches long (I believe a little under six inches is the normal size for adult males -- don't believe all the hype about sizes) and I was able to put my fingers around it.

I'm actually thankful that he was of normal size and not someone that was larger or thicker. This was bad enough that I was going to have that inside of me, make it any bigger and I'd probably have run away in terror.

Hans and I continued to kiss, touch, and cuddle each other on the bed. When he began to kiss and suck my breasts, the feeling of pleasure started to return to me as my shyness fled. This pleasure of Hans sucking my breasts was so new to me, so intense, that I wondered if I was having an orgasm as described in various books I've read. I turned out not to be the case but it sure did feel good. I was actually beginning to yearn for intercourse because if Hans sucking my breasts felt this good, I reasoned that a penis inside of me could only send me to heaven.

He then stopped sucking my breast and started to move down my body, kissing as he went. The pleasure wasn't as intense, but it still felt good. However, he began to get nearer and nearer to my vagina, and I had no idea what he was going to do once he reached it. Slowly I felt him getting lower and lower as he took his time kissing and sucking me.

When he arrived at my vagina hair line I almost stopped breathing in anticipation. "What was he going to do?" I thought. I didn't have to wait long as I felt the first lick of his tongue between my legs.

I almost couldn't stand it.

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