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A bizarre fetish to for some perhaps, you decide.

Right on the summit there was a wooden post. __riu led me to it, stood me with my back to it and tied my wrists together around the post using a leather thong. My gown swirled lazily in the breeze, sometimes revealing flesh high up on one thigh or the other. The movement around my labial folds enhanced my arousal.

Most of the throng came over to surround us, led by two women I recognised; __riu's so-called Goddess sisters, F__dla and Banbha. F__dla silenced the crowd by introducing herself as the Goddess of Patronage -- which seemed to make her something like the MC for the night. She said it was her responsibility to call on the Lugh, the god of the mountain, to receive the first fruits of the harvest and to be beneficent, protect the crops and bless the matchmaking of Banbha to Cathmore. Finally, she called on everyone there to prepare themselves for mixing with the otherworld.

She broke into a sort of incantation or song, in a language I couldn't place. It had elements of modern Gaelic, but most of it was incomprehensible. It had a haunting, beautiful, ancient sound, which made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up and goose-bumps rise on my skin.

Suddenly a beautiful body of a man appeared in front of me. If there was ever a perfect representation of what I imagined a mythical god might look like, this was it! It could be none other than Lugh, the god of the mountain and a High King of Ireland reincarnated. I nearly melted, as my eyes took him in.

He was a bit like Jamie Fraser in 'Outlander'; tall, strong and drop-dead gorgeous. Long reddy-blond hair cascaded over his shoulders but was tied off his face with a narrow, plaited-leather headband. He was bare-chested save for a tattooed Celtic intertwine pattern around his arm above his elbow, highlighting his strong biceps, and a Celtic-design bird curving over his left breast, as if following the outline of his heart, its beak arching over his nipple.

His chest was glistening with oil and silky smooth -- not a hair on it, but there was a hint of a patch of curly hair from his stomach arrowing down to his loins , also with a reddish tinge, just above the buckle on his broad belt. (This seems weird; does the kilt start at his pubes? )The belt topped a strip of material like a skirt that went to just beneath his knees and seemed to be of very fine leather, maybe chamois. It clung to him enough to reveal some of the curves beneath it; the indentations in his glutes, bulging thighs, and a hint of another bulge, just below the belt buckle. I was undressing this part of him with my eyes as he walked towards me.

With a wave of his arm he halted the incantations. "Shhhh," he ordered. "Ci__nas, le bhur dtoil!" There was immediate silence. I continued to feast my eyes on him quivering with anticipation and nervousness. Quietly and with complete authority, though with a hint of a smile playing round the corners of his mouth, he started speaking.

Standing beside me, __riu was whispering translations. Her lips were so close that I could feel her hot breath in my ear. It played havoc with my already heightened state of arousal. "He's saying: 'please be quiet'. Now he's reciting the ancient words that welcome in this special time of the year: Lughnasadh. And now he's asking for the first fruits of this year's harvest. This is where you come in! Are you ready?"

I was not at all ready! __riu backed away, and Lugh walked up to me with F__dla in attendance. I had no idea what to do or how to respond which was difficult anyway as I was tied to a post. I told myself that to just go with the flow; trust my instincts. It was only an enactment, after all.

F__dla took over, pointing out features Lugh should note.

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