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A spilled beer leads to unexpected surprises.

Miriam as she had been taught cleaned him. Her sons were next and then her brother in-law Dent. Dent and she did not get along and he was rough fucking her mouth. Miriam hated the taste of his cock, but she did her duty. She enjoyed sucking Blake and Kenneth. With her son-in-law she took her time, Lord Thomas was a favorite of her.

The ladies were next except for Valentina who asked to be excused because of her pregnancy. She was just there to witness. Miriam did as she was asked until she got to Lady Catherine. She looked up at her daughter, "I know you hated him, but please read his letter and try to open your heart. He can no longer hurt you."

Miriam went between her daughter's legs and ate her pussy with love and devotion. Lady Catherine said nothing.

When she had cum, Miriam was helped up and brought over to the bed. Lady Catherine knelt down to suck Matthew's cock back to hardness. When he was hard, Kenneth and Blake undressed him.

Everyone stood around the bed as Matthew went over to the bed and knelt between Miriam's legs. He spent a few minutes sucking her sopping wet pussy, then climbing on top of her he kissed her lips softly, "My brother loved you."

"And I loved him." Miriam said and opened her legs and placed her arms around Matthew's neck.

With one thrust, Matthew was buried deep inside Miriam's very open pussy. Miriam laughed in his ear, "Your brother's cock really stretched me out, but I'm good with my muscles. Don't worry, you'll cum." She said as she began to move.

For an old broad, Matthew thought, Miriam knew exactly what she was doing. He fucked into her long and hard. Miriam clinched her vaginal muscles and milked Matthew's cock. He felt as if his dick were in a vice as Miriam used her muscles to control his cock. Miriam knew how to bring him to the brink and then pull him back. Matthew kept thinking that he should have fucked her long ago. He wanted this to last forever.
Finally, Miriam did something with her muscles that felt as if his semen were being pulled from him. Matthew was trembling as his semen at first tricked out, then stopped, then sent more and then finally he exploded into Miriam.

Matthew fell on top of her exhausted. When he was able he kissed her cheek and was helped up by Kenneth and Blake and with Helen led away.

Catherine brought water and some soup and crackers for her mother. For the next hour Miriam ate and drank. Kenneth nodded at her and she nodded back. It was time. Lady Catherine brought her naked mother over to the pillars where she was secured.

Matthew had regained his strength and was once again in his white silk pants. He held the flogger in his hand.

Kenneth stood in front of Miriam and said, "You had a long and happy life with Lance and now he's gone. Tell us how you feel about your husband."

Matthew picked up the flogger and began. THWACK, THWACK, THWACK!

Miriam moaned, "I loved my husband. I will miss him terribly." She cried. "When he first took me I thought I would die. His dick was so huge it tore me." THWACK!

"I had surgery and it took me six months before I was able to take Lance's big prick all the way in my pussy." THWACK!

"After that l wore a butt plug for a year before he took my ass and even then I thought I would die." THWACK!

Miriam groaned, "Uh, Lance was not the easiest of men. He could be full of himself and he could be self-centered caring for his own pleasures, but he loved me and our children." THWACK!

Miriam cried out, "I miss you Lance!"

"Tell us what you miss." Kenneth said soothingly.

"I miss sucking his large cock every morning. He liked me to make him cum twice before he started his day," THWACK! THWACK!

"Oh God" Miriam said crying, "I, I, uhm miss him slamming his cock in my mouth and licking my pussy." THWACK!

"I miss him fucking my ass and grabbing my hips in his hands." Miriam said and Matthew ran his hand down her back. She shivered.

"I miss his hard cock in my pussy taking me.

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