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Lust explodes between hostess and her guest.


His clothes flew from his body and he stepped in to the shower immediately pressing his lips to mine, "I need my little girl's pussy."

Before I could remind him again about my monthly visitor, he spun me around and bent me over. The cool water ran over my back as Hal worked his cock up and down the opening of my love canal.

Grabbing a handful of my hair he pulled my lips to his and pushed his cock in to me. I gasped loudly as he plunged deeper in to me. Spreading my hands I braced myself against his assault on my pussy. I loved how he needed me so badly.

I slowly wiggled my hips as his cock pushed deep in to my pussy aggressively, "My little girl thinking about Tim fucking her? Using her like a slut?" I had no idea how to respond and was caught off guard.

"Tell me you want Tim's big cock in you little girl." Hal kissed my ear as the words left his mouth. "Take Tim's big cock like a good little slut."

The more he talked, the more aggressive his thrusts were. I moaned and yipped muffling myself with my arm. Hal's hand held my hips tight against him, "Take all this cum, I'm going to fill this little pussy up."

His cock pulsed deep in me as he licked and nibbled at my ear until he was spent. His softening cock slowly slid from my pussy. His cum oozed down my thigh with a fine stream of my monthly visitor.

"Fuck I needed that baby girl." Hal pulled me in his arms and kissed me deeply.

After cleaning up, we made our way to the living room and snuggled on the couch.

"Can I ask you a question baby?" I stared in to Hal's eyes.

Hal smiled and raised his eyebrow.

"What was all that Tim talk?" I broke eye contact waiting for his answer.

His hand lifted my chin quickly, "I was fantasizing that I was Tim."

Clearly the look on my face expressed my confusion.

"Just fantasy baby." Hal kissed me again, "nothing wrong with that right?"

"no." never breaking our gaze.

"You have fantasies too!" Hal sat back on the sofa.

I playfully slapped his chest, "Oh? Do I?"

"I'm sure you will share some with me at some point." His hand playfully squeezed my bare breast.

We sat quietly for a few moments before Hal blurted out, "I want to have a threesome!"

I had created a monster and smiled coyly, "do you?"

"YES!" I could see the horny devil in his eyes.

"Okay." I said calmly, "but I get to pick the guy."

Hal's smile faded, "The guy?"

"So you want me to share you with another girl?" I pouted playfully.

Hal pondered for a moment, "You want another man?"

"Of course I do. What woman wouldn't want two men hungrily desiring her?" I smiled softly.

"Okay I have an idea." Hal continued, "We'll do both. We just have to figure out how now."

The next day Hal raced in to the apartment with his iPad in his hand, "I've got it!" He plumped down on the couch beside me.

"You got what?" I eyed him curiously.

He typed on his iPad for a few moments then sat back to show me what he had found.

"A swingers site? You want to swing?" The shock in my voice caught Hal off guard.

"Well no Laura. We could meet another couple where he and I play with you and his wife and you play with me." Hal seemed proud of himself until he saw the look on my face. "What? What does that look mean?"

I laughed unable to hold it in, "Hal that is swinging! So you are going to be okay when her husband wants to have me and his wife while you sit and watch?"

Hal looked defeated, "I tried."

"I'm not opposed to it." I gently rubbed his forearm. "How does it work exactly? Is it a dating site?"

Hal rambled an explanation that translated to it being a dating site as well as they had "parties" that you could attend. Pulling the iPad from him I looked over the site, "You already created a profile?"

"I had to so I could see the site." His cheeks flushed.

Our account name was 'CuriousOWMYWF' which I didn't understand, "Where did you come up with this?"

Hal quickly explained "Older White Male, Young White Female."

I continued reading:

'We are interested in meeting like-minded people for fun times.

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