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John meets and beds beautiful coed twins.

They're mostly in order of size - small to large. She doesn't bother with the small ones - what's the point?

After a few minutes of looking, a clerk comes up and gently asks if we need assistance. Lana is turning bright red as she answers "I'm looking for a new dildo."

They go back and forth a little, talking about material and size and all. Finally Lana settles on two. They are both realistic style - they look like real cocks, balls and everything. The first one is white / peach colored, 7 inches long and about 2 inches wide. "I want to warm up with a small one." She explains to the female clerk.

Now it's my turn to be embarrassed - the "small" dildo in my wife's hands dwarfed my own cock.

The second dildo was something else entirely. It was called Bam, and supposed modeled after a pornstar's actual cock. It measured 10" long (that's ten inches insertable - not counting the balls) and nearly 2 3/4 inches wide. It was insanely thick, dark black, veiny, and had a huge pair of balls at the base.

Satisfied that we had everything, we thank the clerk and go up to the register. This area, unlike the rest of the store, was very brightly lit. I looked at Lana, and her nipples were clearly visible through the thin material of her shirt, and they were rock hard. I hand the cashier the lube & blindfold, and Lana hands him the dildos.

Somehow he remains professional and doesn't comment on the size compared to my wife. He gives her the total, and she begins to count out the cash.

"Use your card" I say, wanting the clerk to know her name.

With another glare, Lana puts away her cash and hands over her credit card.

Finished, the clerk starts to bag our items. I stop him - "We don't need a bag."

He hands over our items and smiles, saying "thank you Lana. I hope you enjoy your purchases today.

She turns an even brighter shade of red, and I grab the lube and blindfold and begin to walk off. Realizing she would have to carry the dildos. Lana groans. She catches up to me outside, carrying one huge dildo in each hand, glaring at me.

We drive home in silence, and when we get home, she dutifully grabs both her dildos and follows me to the front door.

Fortunately (or unfortunately) none of our neighbors were out to see. As soon as the door was shut, I scooped Lana up and carried her to the couch. I bent her over the end, lifted up her tiny skirt, and stuffed my cock into her very wet pussy. I only lasted for three pumps before I was spraying her insides.

Lana sighed loudly, but soon proclaimed that I would have to try out her new toys.

"Start with the small one" she ordered, and I opened up the package quickly, not wanting to keep her waiting. I pressed it against her from behind, and it slipped inside her easily. I began fucking her from behind roughly, burying all 7 inches with each thrust. She was moaning like a where, and soon I was hard again.

Knowing she didn't want me to pull the dildo out, I covered my cock in lube, and pressed it against her perfect little asshole. It gave way, and I began fucking her ass as I pounded her pussy with the dildo.

Her moans told me I was on the right track, when suddenly, she said "Now I want the other one." Not wanting to stop, but wanting to please her,I pulled out of her ass and opened up the other package.

It looked even bigger - it was massive. It was nearly double the length and double the thickness of own cock.

"Give it to me" she begged.

I pulled out the 7" dildo, and pressed the 10" against her pussy. She bucked against it, a nd it began to slip it, stretching her lips wide, as she began to swallow it, moaning nonstop. Before I knew it, my tiny Lana has the entire thing buried inside her.

I recoat my cock and slip it easily in her ass again. She goes wild as I fuck her hard, and soon I'm covering her bowels with my seed. As I pull out, she begs for more, wanting to be filled.

I look down at the 7" dildo, and,though skeptical - she has never had a big dick in her ass - pick it up and thoroughly coat it in lube.

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