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Hot wife uses old trick to get hubby out of ticket.

"That's it, taste it."

She held her tongue mostly still, barely rising to meet his cock while he rubbed it against her tongue. Dave enjoyed watching her let him degrade her in this way.

"Suck the tip of my dirty cock, bitch."

She did as he was told, wrapping her lips around his cock and sucking gently. She swirled her tongue around the tip again and again. He pulled the tip of his cock back, saw that he still had a little bit of head cheese left, then pushed it back in between her lips. She sucked greedily, her tongue working magic on his cock head and then pushing eagerly into his piss-slit, trying to get at the precum there.

When he pulled his cock out, he could almost see the disappointed look on her face. "You like sucking dirty trucker cock, don't you rich cunt?"

She shook her head yes.

He slapped her breast, letting it bounce off the other one. "Say it."

"Yes, sir. I love sucking dirty trucker cock," she said in her soft voice.

"Good," he said, pushing his jeans and underwear down his thighs further. "Your reward is you get to lick my balls clean. I didn't shower yesterday so I can smell them from up here."

He pulled her head close to his crotch and spread his legs a bit. The first touch of her tongue on his nuts made his spine tingle. He held her head in place with one hand while she licked across his balls with the flat of her tongue, from the back to the front. She was breathing heavily, really getting all over his nuts with her slut tongue. He used his other free hand to hold his dick up against his belly, really presenting his balls to her. "Suck them."

She sucked each of his nuts into her mouth gently, swirling her tongue around them in her mouth before letting go and moving on to the other. Her let her do this for a few minutes, let her really enjoy the taste of his nuts. "Taste good, cunt?"

She moaned deeply "Mmmmhmmmmm," with both of his balls in her mouth, her tongue pushing against them.She loved having her nose and mouth filled with the scent and taste of an unwashed man. Her pussy was dribbling with the attention she was giving to his balls.

Dave pulled back and his balls popped out of her mouth with an audible sound. She was drooling all over herself, trying to get his balls in her mouth. "Tongue," he commanded and spread his legs a little more. She stuck out her tongue and he guided her head back behind his balls, letting her lick his perineum. She greedily licked the space between his anus and his nuts while his balls rested on the bridge of her nose. He watched the clock and held her head in place, letting her lick him for several minutes and enjoying every second of it.

Finally Dave pulled back completely, leaving her hungry and wet and kneeling only feet from him. She was so hungry for his cock he felt like he was going to come even without her sucking on his shaft directly. Better to redirect, make it last.

He approached her again, lifted her breasts up out of her black satin bra so that they layed on top. She kneeled there while he brushed his fingers across her nipples, then took both of them between thumb and forefinger and began twisting and pinching them. She gasped and held still, her body visibly shaking from his rough handling of her nipples.

"Where should I put my cock," he mused. "Your slutty pussy is too eager, you'd cum too quickly..." he reached down and flicked her engorged and exposed clit to emphasize this point. She hissed at this touch, then he continued twisting her nipples. "Your mouth is too cock-hungry, you'd make me cum too fast with that skilled tongue of yours. So I guess that just leaves one last place to put my cock..."

He pulled her up pushed her over the side of the bed, ass up.

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