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Second Chapter of the Mamono Adventures series.

He would probably do better with a chastity device. She rummaged around in her drawers, making sure to clang and bang things together. Since he couldn't see what she was doing, the noises would just make him wonder nervously.

She found what she was looking for-a metal muzzle. It was like a long, large cage that would usually cover a sub's snout, but with a little work on the straps, she thought it would do perfectly for a chastity device. Silko gasped when he felt her large paw on his hip, and then gasped again when, without letting one claw touch his erection, she slid the modified muzzle around his cock. The head quickly hit the end of the cage, but the gaps between the bars were far too small for a monster like that to slip out. She deftly buckled the cage to his hips. It was a bit loose since it wasn't attached to a real harness, but it would prevent undue friction, even from involuntary hip thrusts or accidental brushes, and be a suitable distraction for him.

"That's better," she purred. "Now that you have been properly reprimanded and restrained, the real teaching can begin."

"What teaching, mistress?" Silko asked, still panting slightly from the cropping.

"For starters, teaching you how to use that long dog tongue of yours properly," she said. She released him from the pillory and he pushed himself to his feet. He wobbled a bit, but once she saw he wasn't in danger of falling, she went over to the sofa and sprawled on the butter-soft leather. He hobbled after her, the beads in his ass rubbing his prostate even as the muzzle weighed down his poor erection. Crop still in hand, she used it to point to a spot between her legs. "Here. Now."

He fell to his knees at the foot of the couch and dragged himself up so that his head was exactly where her crop had indicated.

"Start by licking on the outside of the panties," she instructed. "Bottom to top-like an ice-cream cone."

Following her instructions, he licked firmly and enthusiastically. Tilly knew her panties were already soaked with her own arousal, which didn't seem to bother the pup at all. Seeing his eager face and feeling the rhythmic pressure was a double-shot of pleasure for her. Her cravings deepened as her hormones buzzed in her blood.

"Now slide the panties to one side," she instructed her voice soft and husky. "Stay on the outside of the labia for now, but keep licking just like you were."

She could feel his paw tremble as he uncovered her treasure. His tongue was rough and a bit sloppy, but firm and long. She clenched and unclenched her hands, resisting the urge to just jump on his face.

"Now, push your tongue between the folds," she almost croaked. "And make sure you flick my clit at the top of each lick."

The first flick of his tongue almost made her cry out. As he continued, she could feel the first orgasm building up. She wouldn't be able to hold back much longer.

"Now go deeper," she grunted, shifting her hips to give him better access.

He plunged the full length of his tongue into her and this time she did moan loudly. He lifted his head for a moment, but she grabbed his ears and roughly pushed his muzzle back where it belonged. He took the hint and kept licking deeply. Inspired, his lips also moved against her to stimulate her further. It had been so long since her last coupling with a male beast, and even longer since she had dominated such a delicious sub. The resulting orgasm barreled through her like a freight train. He lapped up the explosion of juices hungrily and pushed his tongue deeper into her to collect every drop. She had to push his head away from her just so she could catch her breath.

"M-Mistress?" he murmured, his blue eyes looking up at her in confusion. "Did I do something wrong?"

"Oh, no, cupcake," she answered, still panting. "You did things very...very right. That was wonderful."

"Oh. I'm glad I could please you," he replied, a smile overtaking his lips.

She patted his head and stroked his ears. "I didn't pull too hard on these, did I?"

"Did you hear me say the safeword?" he countered, stil

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