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Husband follows suspected cheating wife.

"I don't think so." His belt slid from the loops one by one. "If I were you... I would just hope I'm lenient..."

His hands slid over her ass as he felt the target area through the thread bare material of her favorite pajama pants. He gripped the top edge and tugged downward. Hard. She let out a gasp as he almost tore them off her in one fell swoop. She tried to stand up but was slammed back down onto the cold surface.

"You played with me. So now it's your turn to be the toy." He said sternly

There she was, pants around ankles, her bare ass presented to him. Handcuffed and trying in vain to convince him to let her go. Instead, he reached for a towel and after rolling it into a rope, tied across and into her mouth. The dry fabric on her tongue muffled her voice now as she looked back at him. Her punishment was inevitable and well deserved. She was at his mercy.

The sound of his belt cutting through the air was unmistakeable. As was the slap and searing pain she felt as the first lash crossed her buttocks. One of her feet kicked back and up. Her back arched through the pain. A second and third lash brought a tear to her eye as her muffled cries fell on deaf ears. He once blemish-less ass was now a mix of crimson and purple as welts began to rise. He looked at her. "Are you getting the message now?" She quickly nodded in wholehearted agreement. "Are you... really?"

As his had glided gently over the now scorching hot stripes on her ass, his fingers slowly rode the edges of the cleft. Although barely perceptible, he saw it. A lesser man may have missed it. A look he remembered well. Her eyes had shut and her mouth widened wantonly for a moment. Her back arched by just millimeters bringing his fingers closer to home... An involuntary reflex.

He beamed. "Soooo, I see there IS something still there." She shook her head violently knowing what he must have seen and went all out to deny it. A muffled "No!" emanated from her mouth as she now looked directly into his eyes.

"I saw it!" he said mockingly. "The look. THAT look! It seems you still like the rough stuff eh? Still a bad girl at heart!" She didn't respond... but never broke her gaze. She wanted to hate him. But her body was telling her something quite different.

"I'll tell you what.." he said casually. "I'll let your body decide what happens next."

She knew what was coming next.

"I'll check... If you're dry or even just a little moist... I'll walk right out of here. Never to be seen again. Deal?"

She knew this was a bet she couldn't win. The more she willed herself not to be aroused, the greater the flooding effect she felt. His hand glided through her hair, down her back and slid down her still warm ass until he reached its destination. He pulled his hand away and chuckled. She was soaked. Completely. Inside and out. It had already begun to coat the inside of her soft milky thighs and was shimmering in the light. He walked back to show her the evidence now all over his fingers... She looked down at the table, already knowing the result. It had taken everything she had not to arch up to his hand in the first place. But now there was no denying it. He was there to stay.

He paused for several minutes. The silence was deafening. Then he reached into his pocket and took out a handcuff key. "Here." He said as he approached her and unlocked the handcuffs, much to her surprise. She looked shocked as she was able to use her unshackled hands to remove her gag.

"You don't seem truly sorry for fucking with me. You don't deserve the fucking I would give you." He said "You want it. You know it. I know it. But you don't always get what you want." He paused, glanced down at her bare and glistening pussy, "No matter how much you may want it." He smirked.

He picked up his coat and began to walk to the door.

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