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Dinner with ebony Alisha leads to so much more.

Her erect nipples grazed his chest with every thrust. Pounding into her body, he bit her neck again. "Fuck, you take everything, don't you? You make me feel like the most powerful man in the world, and I can't get enough of you, Amanda."

Smiling as she felt her power over her uncle equaled to the one he had over her, she hissed as his teeth sank into her skin. Having no idea how much of a plan her uncle had in mind, she went with whatever he wanted, giving back to him all the energy and passion he gave to her. He snarled at her like a beast. She gave him back sweet words of love and it all worked to enhance their pleasure. "I love you so much, Jack. I love it when you are in me." She whimpered in his ear. His fucking hurt so good, she just held on as he bruised her tender pussy, her juices making rude sounds. When his teeth moved from her neck to her nipple, she came unglued. She found her next orgasm, her juices coating his cock as she spasmed around his shaft. Jack watched every bit of facial movements as she came loudly. He loved watching her cum almost as much as he loved feeling it.

Once she had settled down, Jack pulled out, then flipped over his niece's body. She weighed so little, he could haul her around like a rag doll. Her pert ass was in the air and he spanked it harshly, satisfied when he saw his red hand print glowing on her skin. Amanda was sobbing, but her pussy was still soaked. He needed to mistreat her tonight, he wasn't sure why. He shoved her legs apart and buried his cock back into her tight cunt. He tugged her blond hair, pulling her up against his chest and continued fucking her. Hard, fierce, owning all her body. Jack forced her to take his rage, his sex, his dick, his arousal, his love, and hate. His hand reached around and pinched her left nipple cruelly as his right hand wrapped around her neck, slowly choking her, cutting off her air.

"Cum, bitch," he said into her ear. Amanda's body responded, and she was soon gripping his dick in her silken vice, crying out as she gushed yet again. Jack thrust up into her passage, continuing to choke her enough for her to be dizzy, but not enough for her to lose consciousness. He loved exploring breath play with her, it had become a favorite game for them both. He would sneak up behind her at odd times and just wrap his hands around her neck and she would go down so quickly, it was almost startling.

Amanda drifted along, her mind skipping from moment to moment. It was like being drunk, being deprived of enough oxygen to be fully conscious, yet not being allowed to slip away. He would let up the pressure, letting her take in a full gulp of air, then cut her off again. This went on and on and she ... Drifted. She was putty in his hands, as he took from her every ounce of her sex, her submission.

When Jack had fucked out his angst into his niece's willing body, he let himself go and pounded into her harshly until he came, his sperm erupting out of his dick and pouring into the womb of his sister's pretty daughter. When he didn't have a drop left to give her, he shoved her body away, sitting back on his haunches, gasping for breath. He looked down at Amanda's heaving body. She had done so well, and he was so proud of her, so head over heels in love. He waited a few more moments to let the humiliation of her use to fill her, then finally he smiled and pulled her into his arms. He crooned to her like she was a baby as he helped bring her back from the edge to which her mind had traveled. He brushed the silken strand of hair away from her face, kissing her pink lips.

When she had fully returned to him, he knew it by the smile on her face. "Fuck, Jack ... where in the hell did that come from?" They had played rough before, but this was taking things to a whole new level. She wasn't complaining, she loved it. But, damn! The man has certainly pushed her past her limits and she knew she would let him do that as many times as he liked and keep coming back, begging for more.

Chuckling, Jack lifted her chin, so he

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