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Adventures and a challenge during WWII.

Mason wondered if this was an exam or a fondling session? Next, she squatted down so that her eyes were level with his dick. She wrapped her hand around his erection and moved it up and down and side to side, inspecting it closely.

"Everything seems fine here."

Mason realized that the tables had been turned on him. At the beginning of the exam he had been supremely confident and the doctor had been cowered by his nakedness, slowly she became comfortable with the situation and now she was in total control and Mason was embarrassed and feeling powerless. She was enjoying the turn about.

Dr. Jennifer handed Mason her spray lubricant and a glass beaker. She said, "To complete your comprehensive exam, I need a sperm sample. I can then confirm that your vasectomy is still 100% effective." She removed her jacket and casually sat down. "It will take me a couple of minutes to write up today's visit. If you provide me with a sample now, I'll check for swimmers under the microscope immediately." The doctor crossed her leg and let her shoe drop from her raised foot. She dared Mason by looking him directly in the eye while waiting for his answer.

Mason stood there dumbfounded with his erect cock pointing at her face. Mason was trying to comprehend what he had just heard. Had the young lady just asked him to masturbate right in front of her? Could he? Would he? Mason decided the answer to all three questions was, "Yes".

An understanding smile covered Mason's face. He sprayed the lubricant on his right palm and slowly started jacking off. He looked at her and could see a small smile forming as she watched him stroke himself. She settled back into her chair with a triumphant look on her face. Mason, stimulated by his flashing and by her fingers, was excited. He was also turned on by the situation; he had never masturbated in front of an audience before. His paced quickened to match his mood. Soon he was thrusting his hips to further increase his tempo and the sensation. It wasn't long before he erupted with a massive orgasm.

Mason's cum spewed forth mightily. The good doctor had to raise up the paper shield to keep the streams of jism from getting on her. Mason was too preoccupied enjoying his release to get the beaker in position to catch his wad. As he let loose with his third pulsation, Mason managed to get the glass beaker into position.

Dr. Jennifer waited for Mason's volcano to stop exploding. She then calmly stood up, put her jacket on and took the beaker from his hand. "I'll have the results soon. I'll give them to your wife." She left the room smiling.

Mason stood there with his limp dick in his hand wondering how all this had happen. He cleaned himself up and slowly got dressed and left the room. He felt vulnerable for having let things get so out of hand. Would the doctor say anything to anyone? To Elizabeth? Mason drove home apprehensively with butterflies in his stomach.

Dr. Jennifer walked briskly to her office after exiting the exam room. She quickly closed the door and took a deep breath. "That was extraordinary, " she said to herself. Never had anything like that happen to her before. The rush! She could still feel the tingling sensation that had coursed though her body. She was amazed that she had taken control of the situation and even dominated Mason at the end. She sat down and tried to calm down.

She took another deep breath and let it out slowly. Okay, she was back to normal or almost so. She told herself, "I've got just one more patient to see today. Calm down, let's just finish the day." She was moist and still a little excited. She was thinking a nice hot bath after dinner was in order. She would be masturbating to this memory tonight.

Jennifer opened up the file for her last patient of the day. It concerned a woman complaining about pain in her right breast. "All right," she said to herself, "one more to go." She glanced at the chart and saw the name. "Oh my God! It's Mason's wife, Elizabeth. What's going on here?"

Jennifer put back on her p

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