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Zeus & Dionysus help quests, Thor sees Aphrodite bathing.

His hand moved inside her shirt to cup her breast and pinch her nipple through the bra. The sensation was the same as earlier, when he had accosted her in the bathroom, but now she was even more sensitive because of his teasing. Nate reached behind her and deftly unhooked her bra in one snap, then pulled the bra as far out of the way as he could with her arms above her head. He roughly pinched her nipples again, first one then the other, going back and forth between them, each time pinching slightly harder. Sara could feel her wetness on her thighs and could feel his erection against her leg. She began to move slightly, rubbing her leg up and down to tease him through his pants.

His pinches sent jolts through her. Even though the pinches hurt more, she was so aroused that the slight pain just added to her excitement. He leaned down and caught her hard nipple in his teeth, biting lightly, causing her to cry out in surprise. His free hand reached up and covered her mouth to muffle any more cries as he bit the other in the same way. He went back and forth between them, licking, sucking, nipping, until she thought her head would fly off. She almost came just from his attention to her breasts. She was wriggling as much as she could with her arms still pinned, and her leg was rubbing against his cock faster now. She could feel him getting even harder, but he seemed to ignore it.

Sara couldn't take anymore and tried to pull away to get his attention. Nate looked up at her and grinned. He lowered his hand from her mouth and replaced it with his lips, kissing her deeply and roughly. His hand made its way down to her waist and he flipped up the short skirt she was wearing, exposing the matching panties. He deepened the kiss and worked his fingers inside the panties and then thrust them into her. Sara's eyes flew open but any sound she made was smothered by Nate's kiss. He began to work his fingers in and out of her, never breaking the kiss and Sara felt her legs turning to jelly. He purposely avoided hitting her most sensitive spot, teasing her mercilessly. Sara tried to hump his hand, and force him to touch her where she needed it most, but he was close enough that she couldn't move enough to manage.

Nate's eyes were open and watching her as he fingered her in the dark alley. In the corner of her mind Sara wondered how it was possible for him to ignore the iron rod in his pants. It felt so hard and big against her leg that she thought it must hurt to be pressing against the denim like that, especially if he didn't have any underwear on. Just when Sara thought she couldn't take anymore, Nate pulled his fingers out and stepped back, letting go of her arms. Sara just let her arms drop and watched him as he sucked her juices from his fingers.

She was on fire and had been teased to the point where if she didn't cum soon she would explode, but she could see the huge bulge that had most likely bruised her leg and felt herself start to salivate. She moved closer to him and he backed away, until he was against the other wall. Sara got right in front of him and pulled his head down to hers and kissed him, tasting herself on his tongue. Then she dropped to her knees in front of him and unbuttoned his pants, then pulled the zipper down slowly. His cock popped free and sure enough he didn't have on any underwear.

Sara held him with one hand and licked him all the way from the base to the tip and back again before opening her mouth and sucking on the tip.

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