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You and your husband get totally wild.

People were recognizing me as a cocksucker. There were even people from my office here. I had to make a change. This was not good.

But there was Steve's amazing cock. Dark chocolate brown. Soft and fleshy and thick. With it generous load of tasty cum. I ignored the banter between the two men and I stuck it in my mouth and shimmied my mouth up its soft length. I realized I couldn't take my time tonight. I'd have to jack them and make them cum fast.

I kept my lips tight against Steve's cock and slid my mouth off it. The fleshy tube flattened and lengthened as I pulled. I slid down again and pulled off. I loved feeling it harden in my mouth. As it grew filling my mouth I decided to deepthroat him for a bit before focusing on making him cum. I slid that glorious nine inches in my mouth until my face mashed against the padding on the glory hole. I had a cock in my throat at a glory hole! Fuck! Amazing! My cock throbbed.

Steve groaned.

I deep throated him a few more times and let him slide out. I looked at my phone and licked his cock and wiped it over my face. So fucking hot. Now I got down to business. I was going to make him cum in my mouth.

I put two hands around his cock and stroked them together. Gripping tightly, twisting my wrists, and coordinating the action, I put his cock head in my mouth and alternated between sucking it and running my tongue under the foreskin and around the head. Steve moaned.
I pumped and sucked.

Steve was fully hard and glorious. I lifted his cock up and pulled his heavy balls through the hole. What a view. A thick long black cock surrounded by a set of large pendulous balls. Man! My cock was pulsing. I ignored it - I had to.

I grabbed his cock tightly again and sucked and licked the head. With my other hand I pulled his balls to me and gently squeezed and fondled them. Steve loved this. I knew. I loved it too.

I jacked and sucked.

I pulled and squeezed his balls.

Steve moaned.

I jacked faster. I ran my tongue in circles around his taught plum colored cock head.

I wondered how long he'd last. I was getting close by just thinking about the blowjob I was giving.

Steve knocked on the door.

I thought "I'm not letting anybody in here -"

Steve shot a load in my mouth and I realized what the knock meant. Steve yelled. The door creaked. I swallowed this spurt and kept jacking. Spurt. Spurtspurt. Spurt. I quickly showed the mirror a mouthful of cum. Steve shot on my cheek.

Steve filled my mouth. So. Fucking. Good. Man! I love his cum. I sucked and swallowed.

Steve thrust his hips into the door and I realized that I had complete control. If I wanted to get throatfucked, I would throatfuck them. If I wanted them to cum in my throat, I'd deepthroat them and let that happen. Right now, I wanted to savor the bits of cum dribbling out of Steve's cock.

I felt Steve pull his cock out and I reluctantly released him.

I looked in the mirror and saw that I had somehow gotten cum across my nose and cheeks. I smiled at myself and left it.

Another black cock replaced Steve's. I remembered this one. Long and thick and curved. I pulled his balls all the way through and started jacking him and fondling his balls. I sucked his head into my mouth and coordinated some deep motions with my hands.

"GodDAMN!" I heard from the other side of the door.

I did this for a while and then shifted to jacking with the head in my mouth. I occasionally slipped a ball in my mouth and tugged on it. Steve's friend tried to pull back but my grip on his cock and balls left me in control.

I grinned at the mirror and pumped faster.

I sucked a ball into my mouth again and was about to release it when his cock started cumming, catching me off guard. The first spurt landed on my cheek and hair. I tried to put him back in my mouth but the second shot across my face before I could do it. The other shots I swallowed immediately.

I held onto his base and suckled all the cum off his cock.

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