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Slut goes back to the Kappa house the next day.

Gwen smiled sweetly.

'Thank you,' She said, placing a gentle kiss on Amy's lips as her hand remained in place, keeping Amy in position as her free hand crept around her back to undo the clasp on the stricken girl's bra, 'Arms up.'

Whimpering, Amy raised her arms as Gwen hooked a finger into her bra and pulled it away. As more and more of herself was exposed, Amy had another moment of clarity, where the sheer spontaneous madness of what she was doing hit her all at once. A part of her felt like pulling away, but her body was blind to that, aching for more. Even the hand in her hair contributed to it, the roughness of Gwen's manner calling to something inside her that she had spent too long denying.

Very quickly, she realized that she was already so wet...

Gwen purred softly in the back of her throat as she cast the bra aside, pointedly out of Amy's reach. She wanted more, but at the same time she couldn't help but wonder why; aside from her brief, chemically assisted dalliance with a woman possessed by a sex alien, she had never had any interest in women, and certainly not as... violently, as she did now. The mere sight of Amy's gentle curves and panting, squirming desperation made her clit throb and soaked her underwear through. She had no clue what had gotten into her, but... she didn't care.

Without warning, she released her grip on Amy's hair, sending the young woman collapsing back to the grass. She cried out as she dropped, far too loudly for their exposed position. The flat of Gwen's palm pressed down on Amy's chest, keeping her from rising again, fingers spread to touch the soft fullness of the redhead's now bare chest. She winked.

'What did I say? Hush,' She said. 'Now, you strike me as one of those teasey jailbait types, you know, the kind with more exposed leg than experience. So, my question to you is, shall I get my kit off too, or would you prefer this as a quiet, out of the way kind of thing that you regret later?'

Amy twitched, her eyes still filled with pained tears, and she looked away, out over the field beyond. There was Leadworth, familiar enough, if boring. If she looked up... She didn't know what she saw. Something new. Gwen stared back, expectantly, blisteringly confident, though flushed and breathing just as hard as Amy herself. How could she bear her obvious arousal so easily, when Amy felt as though she was falling apart from within?

Gwen's weight upon her was a constant reminder; Leadworth might be all around her, but right now she was out in uncharted waters, for reasons that still weren't entirely clear. Her hips subconsciously rose to press up against Gwen, and the Welsh woman's answering grin told her everything she needed to know.

'Yes...' She said, her voice tiny and layered with need. If Gwen didn't start touching her soon, she would go insane, 'Please... Please...'

'Oh?' Gwen tilted her head, now completely involved in the madness she had gotten embroiled in. Amy just sounded too alluringly helpless to pass up, 'I'm going to need more than that, Amy. I'm not going to be teased by ambiguity... you need to say it.'

'I...' Amy stopped, shuddered. The woman atop her wanted her to say what she wanted... but Amy doubted she was prepared for the full truth of that, 'I want...'

I want you to hurt me. Touch me, hit me, gag me or make me scream, I don't care... Just do something to me!

'I want to see you naked, Gwen...' Finally, she choked it out, the tears she had been unable to wipe away spilling down her cheeks. The old wants, the ones that assailed her in the midst of orgasm had returned, stronger and more vivid than ever. What was wrong with her?

Gwen laughed, low in her throat, staring down at Amy from on high, seeming distant and unattainable. Though she ached to reach out and touch her, Amy forced herself to keep her hands limp above her head, where Gwen had left them. Even so, her palms tingled.

'I think I could do that for you,' Gwen tilted her head to one side and winked.

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