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Kamesh fucks both at the same time in the Resort.

They dried each other off. She seemed subdued but happy. They kept smiling at each other and stealing small kisses.

She put on the new bustier and the matching panties and paraded back and forth for him while he sat naked on the bed. His cock hardened and he would have been ready to go again if she hadn't reminded him that they were out of condoms. God, she was hot!

"Where do you want to go for dinner?" she asked, combing her long locks with her fingers.

"You're buying. Why don't you pick?" He was sure he didn't go to the same places she did.

"What kind of food do you like? French? Seafood?"

"I'm not picky really. I'm fine with hotdogs."

"We're not getting hotdogs!" She laughed, her small lines crinkling around her eyes. "How about 'The Palace Kitchen'? It's close. The food's good. They don't take reservations so getting in won't be a hassle. There might be a bit of a wait, but on Friday night we'd wait anywhere."

"That's fine." He'd seen The Palace, but he'd never been in it.

She disappeared into the bathroom, closing the door. He dressed for dinner, glad that he had the dry shirt to wear. He didn't feel like putting on his less-than-clean boxers after taking a shower, so he went commando. He didn't think she'd mind.

She dabbed away the mascara that was smudged under her eyes with a clean tissue. Stepping back, she looked at herself in the mirror in her new bustier and panties. Very nice! She turned sideways, admiring her newly sculpted biceps.

She had always kept herself reasonably fit, working out several times a week since she was in her twenties, but after Ben died, she really stepped it up. Now she worked out every single day, usually for at least an hour. It kept her from wallowing in sorrow. The endorphins lifted her mood and the resulting muscle tone didn't hurt either. She looked better than ever. In her twenties she had been stick-skinny. Now she had some great curves. She smiled to herself as she finished getting dressed.


Outside it was bitterly cold. The wind was blowing and the cold rain had turned to sleet. Both of them immediately pulled their hoods over their heads. Luckily The Palace Kitchen was only a few blocks away. They ran most of the way there, holding hands and laughing.

The wait would be twenty minutes-not too long. They made their way to one of the bars and stood at the railing as all the barstools were full. Josh immediately liked the vibe of the restaurant. The artwork was interesting: a huge mural along one wall depicted what seemed to be a renaissance-era feast scene. The crowd was mixed: some people wore business attire, some were dressed very casually, while others were ready for a night on the town.

They had not even had a chance to order a drink when a table opened up for them. Their waiter, a very friendly, young gay man, was obviously quite smitten with Josh. He did not snub Emily, though, so that was alright.

Josh ordered the grilled pork, and Emily had a salad and the cheese plate. After checking with Josh, she also ordered a bottle of red wine for them. When it arrived, Josh didn't like it; it was too bitter. He didn't normally drink wine. Emily seemed to like it, so he sipped his slowly but mostly drank water. That was fine with him. He was still feeling the effects of the Paradigm Shift, and his focus now was on having awesome sex, not on drinking.

Her phone rang and she pulled it out to see who was calling. She had an expensive-looking Windows Mobile phone.

"Sorry--let me just answer this. Work stuff." she said. She texted for awhile, then shut the ringer off and put her phone back in her purse.

"You're on-call on Friday nights?" he asked.

"I'm always on-call-it's Microsoft! Anyway, my boss is used to me working all the time. I just set his expectations that I'd be busy for the rest of the evening."


He smiled at her disarmingly and her heart began to pound again. I can't wait to get you back to the room!

Their conversation was oc

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