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A woman returns from the military to face her past.

By the end of the third session I probably would have killed someone if she asked, it was intoxicating. That's when she made me promise only to tell you what she allowed. At the end of every session, she would tell me what I was allowed to say.

As you know, it wasn't until a few of the last stories that I mentioned any men. Well, that may not have been totally accurate.

"Are you sure you won't be angry?"

"Honey, we made a deal. I said you could do whatever she said as long as I heard a story, and that is exactly what happened. I knew for you to enjoy yourself you had to completely give yourself to her, so anything you did is okay."

"Uh Okay," Jessica said a bit awkwardly as she was a bit unsure since there was much more that she had to tell.

"Just tell me the down and dirty details."

Well, I came in for session four. Up until then, Lloyd, that's the guy in the mask, had been there every time, but stayed in the back room. During this session, she called him out, and he stood behind her and watched everything she did to me and made me do. It was a little uncomfortable, but then I focused on serving. Session five, he was already out there and naked aside from the mask. I was on the cross table naked, and she had him stand in front of me, his massive cock dangling in front of my face. After forcing me to orgasm multiple times in front of him, she asked me if I wanted to suck his cock and I, um, did. I told you how she did me with a strap-on while I was on the cross, but I left out that Lloyd fucked my throat and came inside my mouth.

"Well, my dick is hard. keep talking!"

The next session, she had Lloyd fuck me on the cross in every hole. There wasn't a whole lot I was allowed to tell you about that session. We were both her slaves doing as we were told.

Then came session seven and this was when things got a bit different. I walked in to find Lloyd standing there holding a note. He handed it to me.

Lloyd and Jessica, I will be running late. Fuck each other passionately until I get there.

Without hesitation, I knelt down and got Lloyd hard by sucking his huge black cock. It's interesting in looking back, but at this point, I would do anything she said, and I had no question in my mind. She could make me do anything, and I did it happily and without thought.

As I was sucking his cock, I realized that she had said passionately, so I stood up and began kissing him. This was the first time he didn't have his mask on, and he was really quite handsome. Our tongues danced, and he led me around the room in almost a dance. He pressed me up against the wall, and we held each other so close I'm surprised we didn't break. He kissed down my body, undressing me all the way. His tongue found my pussy, and he licked me hard to my first orgasm up against the wall.

As I was cumming, he spun me around and tongued my ass slipping it inside me. He shoved fingers in my pussy at the same time, and I came again. We had a frantic kind of urgency because while we were passionate, we both knew that Mistress expected us to be fucking when she arrived. I stood him up and did almost all of what he did to me, kissing and undressing him, sucking his cock and licking his asshole deeply (we both knew to arrive clean).

He pulled me into the bedroom and lay me on my back. He fucked me hard, but all the while kissing and holding me as close as he could. His cock felt so good inside me. He fucked me frantically making me cum and then he'd back off the pace and return to kissing me. I knew he was trying to extend the experience so he would be sure that when the mistress came in, we would be fucking.

Well, an hour went by, and we were still fucking.

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