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"Oh, yeah," she said. "Whoops." She smirked at Joachim.

"You did that on purpose, you minx!" said Joachim.

"Tee hee," teased Raquel, sticking her tongue out, and causing the sensation of a hot, wet tongue to slide along his length. Joachim let out a soft moan. "Oh well, we can just make the next one."

It took twenty minutes, but finally, they reached the next one. "Uh, we're coming up to it," said Joachim. The psychic tongue hadn't let up, and suddenly, it "pressed" a little more firmly.

"No backseat driving, hun," said Raquel, with a smile, as she went by the off ramp.

"Oh, you bitch," said Joachim, grinning.

"Ooh, already at the name calling?" said Raquel. She puckered her lips and blew him a kiss; the tongue sensation on his cock became a full on mouth, sucking him sensually. Joachim let out a low moan.

"Jeez, baby," he said, his voice already getting thick with arousal. "Getting a little intense already."

"Tell you what, hun," said Raquel. "Let's make this a little more interesting. There's just ten more off ramps before we get to the one we usually use to get home. If you can handle passing all ten without begging me for mercy, we'll go straight home, and you can fuck my brains out like usual. But! If, before we reach the exit to get home, you can't take it any more, we'll take the next exit and go around the rest of the jam.

"However, if we do that, if you don't make it through all ten, when we get home, you will lick me to orgasm for every exit we did pass. And then afterwards, you will only be allowed to masturbate yourself to orgasm."

Joachim's eyes went wide. "H-hey, come on, I wasn't serious about the bitch comment..."

"I know," said Raquel. "I just thought I'd raise the stakes of our little game." She smiled as she let the terms sink into Joachim's head.

"Aww, that's mean," said Joachim. "I'll eat you out as much as you want, but you wouldn't really make me just masturbate, would you?" Raquel just smiled. Joachim chuckled nervously. "Oh, wow. You're being really mean today."

"Well, the next ramp is coming up in a few minutes," said Raquel. "If you want to give up right away, we'll exit and back out now, I suppose we could just go home and have regular sex..."

She smiled as she saw the wheels turning in Joachim's mind. She eased up the ministrations of her phantom mouth so as to not give him too much incentive to take the easy way out. He swallowed hard, and nodded. Raquel smiled, and resumed her psychic blow job. Joachim let out a sigh, and settled in for a long, long ride...


He'd made it as far as the seventh exit. Over that following hour, she had gone from psychic licking to stroking to outright fucking him with telepathy, intensifying the sensations after every pass. Finally, halfway between exits six and seven, gasping and sweating, body twitching, he'd grabbed Raquel's arm, and the words exploded from his mouth. "Oh, fuck, Raquel... st-stop, you win, you win!"

Raquel leaned over and kissed him passionately, using her psychic senses to keep an "eye" on the road. She immediately lessoned her psychic touches to a soothing, slow hum of energy, enough to keep Joachim excited and hard, but not enough to overtax him.

Joachim relaxed, somewhat, and lay back gasping. "Okay, babe, we're going," she said. With that, a few minutes later, she pulled off to the exit. At this point, the traffic was starting to flow a little bit faster, but it would still be faster to take the side road.

Joachim tried to keep himself under control as they went, but his eyes were locked on Raquel, roaming from her gorgeous face to her lovely legs and back again. When they got home, Raquel gave him another kiss before they left the car. "That's seven, babe."

Joachim nodded, returning the kiss, and his hand reaching out to clutch her right breast.

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