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Two hot babes invite their neighbor over.

Still stirring to the music and pulling her even tighter to his body, he allows his hands to trace her neck and down the spine with feathery touches through the silky material.

Leaning into her body even more, giving her a long, hard, sucking kiss at the base of the neck and feeling a long deep moan escape her lips. Backing up slightly and cradling her face in his hands, looking deep into her eyes-his dark brown orbs flashing with passion as are hers. He knew then that dinner would have to wait. Giving soft brushes of the lips, small sucks, and flicks of the tongue as he kisses slowly across the forehead, down the bridge of the nose, and across each cheek-making her flame burn even brighter. Poising his lips over hers, he traces them with his tongue then takes her lower lip and sucks it. Unable to resist her any longer, he crushes her with a deep, hot, passionate kiss-trying to inhale her into his body. Their tongues begin intertwining and hers begins seeking the secret spots inside his mouth, as he sucks it as hard as he can. He squeezes her body even tighter to him as the longing takes over his body-wanting to please her in any way possible.

Breaking the kiss--sliding to the floor on the sheepskin rug in front of the fireplace, whispering to her that this night is hers-relax and let him lead. Kicking off his shoes and loosening belt, eyes never leaving her as he slowly unbuttons his shirt then reaches around and slowly unzips her dress. She unsnaps his pants and they both stand- she shrugging off the dress and he stepping out of his slacks. She in her thigh highs with sapphire blue panties and bra; he clad in royal blue silk boxers with a prominent bulge present. He clamps his powerful arms around her and crushes her into his strong embrace-feeling her stiffening nipples through the lacy material of the bra. He encompasses his lips on hers in a deep hot wet kiss, hands moving over her skin and kneading the ass cheeks through the sheer material then moving the light touches back up (feeling her shiver and shudder)-then deftly undoing the bra. Her hands moving around to his ass-grabbing the cheeks through the silky material then sliding around front and stroking his hardening manhood. Stopping the kiss, he slides her bra off over her shoulders then kneels and hooks the panties and rolls hose down carefully -slowly coursing them down her legs and off. Standing again and stretching the waistband of the boxers, stepping out of them slowly... first one leg then kicking them off the other.

Whispering to her, "Come with me baby-I have something for you. " Leading her to the bathroom, the deep Jacuzzi filled with steamy water and strawberry scented bubble bath with flickering candles all around the tub, he immerses her slowly in the bubbly water and steps in beside her. She sees there are strawberries, chocolate sauce, and whipped cream in cut glass dishes on the tub deck. He dips one of the strawberries in the chocolate, brings it to her lips, feeds it to her, and leans in for a kiss to taste both her and the fruit. He dips another and another, feeding and kissing her more passionately after each one. Water frothy and steamy around them-they are lost in total bliss. Dipping his index finger in the chocolate sauce, tracing a circle of it around her left nipple then raising the finger to her lips where she sucks the finger and seductively licks it clean.

Moving around to face her, licking lips and looking deep in her eyes (half-hooded with desire), clamps lips over chocolate-covered nipple and sucks it deeply.

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