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"That is wonderful news but what does she have to do with me?" Merlin asked again.

"Everything." Chris paused a few seconds before he said, "She's your granddaughter," then waited for his reaction.

"My what?" Merlin said with a trembling voice.

"You heard me, she's your granddaughter. And let me tell you she's special, not only because she's my mate. She really is something else," Chris answered.

"I don't believe this, I have a granddaughter?"

Chris bit back a chuckle, this was one of the first times he had ever heard Merlin being short for words. Of course it was a big thing to be told and he surely wasn't planning on keeping it a secret from Mia for much longer.

"And what about her mother? Her father?" Chris heard Merlin say.

"Both alive and doing well. I haven't met them yet. I gather they live pretty secluded, but I'm sure Mia can contact them at any time she wants to," Chris answered. "It's just I didn't tell her that I know you. Let's just say we had other things on our minds."

Chris heard a distinct grumble on the other side of the line and stifled a laugh.

"I'm bringing her to my place this afternoon. Maybe you can come too?" Chris invited Merlin.

"I'd love that. I'd love that very much. A granddaughter, I never thought it possible. What is she like, Chris? Tell me a bit about her," Merlin asked.

"She's nice, witty, outgoing and she looks stunning. She's drop dead gorgeous"

"Be careful, that's my granddaughter you're talking about!"

"But she's my mate and she's everything I said she is. Wished I had met her sooner. You know she worked for one of my dealers? And we spoke over the phone for the last few years but never met in person. Then yesterday Nick calls me up asking for a favor and I had to drive over and I met her for the first time. Coincidentally we met again last night and I drove her home," Chris told him.

"And this morning she's your mate? Did she have trouble adjusting? I know mixed breeds have to sacrifice one half," Merlin question Chris.

"She didn't have to adjust, she's a wolf."

"But how come you didn't sense her then?" Merlin spoke after a few seconds of silence.

"Told you she was special. She's quite unique, she takes after her mom and her dad," Chris replied.

"You mean she has both halves?"

"Yes, she's wolf but also druid. That's why she was able to hide her true nature. Think she dropped her guard last night when we kissed, it's then when I sensed her for the first time and knew right away she was my mate," he briefly explained.

"This isn't going to be an easy road to walk on. You didn't sense her at first, does that mean she lives in hiding?"

"She hides her wolf, yes. But as far as I can see she lives a normal life and has a nice job. I'm sure she'll tell you all about it when you come over this afternoon. For now I'd like to keep a low profile of our mating. I want you all to reconnect first and we all sit down and discuss what we're gonna do. I'll try and wait 'till the next full moon before telling my brothers."

"It isn't going to be easy. I'm sure your brothers will understand, but I'm not so convinced the rest of your pack will see it the same way," Merlin concluded.

"That why I want you to meet so fast, so we can get things started. Just be at my place just after noon. I'll tell her I've a friend coming over. It will be a surprise for her too, she knows about you, her mom told as much as she could, I think."

"I'll be happy to see her and get to know her. And if she can contact her mother, that would be even better. I am glad she took my advice but I'm sorry I missed so much, all those centuries without her. Maybe now everything will be fine."

"Maybe," Chris agreed. "I'll see you this afternoon then. I've got to go now, seems she's finally waking up."

"Ok, ok. Now you be good to my little girl, you understand, or else?" Merlin spoke more firmly now.

"Of course I will, 'pops'," Chris teased before he hung up.

Chris got up and went back to the kitchen, starting up the cooker and giving a quick whisk to the egg mixture.

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