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Woman on a business trip meets two guys at the hotel bar.

er aroma was about to make me rage of lust!

Then she placed her heels right beside my head, next to my ears. I could feel the warmth that they radiated on my face. Next, Mistress placed her hot and moist feet right on my face. She celebrated every step of the procedure. Every movement was slow and deliberate. There was no rush. Time was irrelevant. I felt the sensation of nylon on my face. Her heels rested on my chin. Her toes touched my eyebrows. Her high-arched soles hovered above my nose that greedily sucked in their scent. The aroma made my mouth water. I had to swallow hard several times. Mistress knew exactly what was going on. During the whole time she kept repeating in a soft tone: "No! ... No permission! ... NO! ... Hold it! ... NOT YET, sweety ... NO PERMISSION... I did not give you permission, yet ... you do NOT HAVE permission!" My desire was overwhelming, but I did not dare to move my lips or to kiss or lick her feet without permission! I fought hard against my desire. Mistress was driving me crazy!! In that moment I wished that I was gagged. Being gagged would have taken a lot of pressure away from me.

A few minutes later Mistress retracted her feet from my face. Slowly and lasciviously she let herself slide down from her throne onto the surface of the rack. She knelt down on top of me. She took my head into her arms and crouched over me. Her breasts touched my face. Her hands caressed my head. She was so close that I could feel the warmth of her breath on my ear when she spoke. Immediately, I got very excited. Her whispers in combination with her touch sent lustful shudders through my body. "Well done, sweety!" she gently bit my ear "I know how hard you had to fight your cravings just now." She lightly licked my earlobe "I heard you gulp down your own saliva. I can feel how hard you breath... oh, my poor slaveboy." She lightly kissed my cheek next to my ear "And I don't even allow you to have a proper erection. Does your cock hurt bad?" she placed another light kiss on my cheek slowly making her way across my face "I bet you already cursed the cock cage, right?"

Another kiss... Her light kisses drove me absolutely mad!! "Oh, I seriously pitty you! That long dilator looked so unpleasant...! *sssssss* I am such a bitch, right?!" *kiss* "But don't worry, I will make it up to you." she gently bit my lower lip "I will give you permission to touch my irresistible naked feet with your disgusting little mouth, if you allow me to play with the electric stimulation unit while you do so." she lightly kissed my chin "You could not see it, but I wired you up very nicely. Your nipples, your cock, the dildo in your butt, the soles of your feet... They are all connected to the grey box right here next to my throne. Just imagine how amazing that would feel!" the direction of her soft kisses changed back up towards my ears "Wave after wave of tingling sensation will rush through your most sensitive bodyparts. It will feel like 1000 butterflies kissing you all over..." she bit my lip again "while at the same time you will have the taste of my delicious toes on your tongue." At that point, I had lusted after a taste of Mistress for the whole day.

But I was hesitant, because Mistress usually wasn't selling things to me like that.

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