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His wife fulfills his desires.

Using my hips, I take him slowly; fucking him into full consciousness.

"Thought I was dreaming." He murmurs sleepily.

I pull out until his muscles clutch only at my head, and then methodically push back down slowly. He pushes his head into the pillow and groans.

"Take your head out of that pillow, beautiful. Kiss me."

He kisses me sweetly, moaning into my mouth. All the while I can feel myself drowning in him. I keep a languid pace, thrusting slowly into him; making sure we don't lose contact. He grinds himself seductively into the mattress, his rotating hips working in tandem to my own. Without warning, he tenses beneath me, hips thrusting passionately against the bed. His sphincter clamps down on me and he whimpers, fingers squeezing almost painfully against mine. I ride out his orgasm with him whilst burying my teeth into his shoulder, barely managing to keep my own in check. When he finally stops whimpering, I continue fucking him, again with the slow tortuous strokes.

"Ares... can't take anymore..."

"Yes you can. I want you to come for me again."

I reach under him, finding his release then coating my fingers and bringing them to his mouth. I slick his lips, before claiming them, swallowing his essence and sultry moans. Conquering his body, I enter his rectum repeatedly, swelling and filling him; giving him pleasure, whilst taking my own. I want nothing more than to make him come again so I give him deep, strong strokes. I breach him over and over again, listening to his cries, his pleas, his sighs. Moving above him, I take relish in covering his shoulders and neck with light, butterfly kisses. Our bodies slide against each other, slick with sweat. I can feel my muscles tightening; panting harshly I push my head next to Tyler, mouthing my way to his ear. Taking my hand and one of his own, I push under his hips and together we stroke him. Despite his orgasm, he's hard again.

"I told you, you could do this again. You want this don't you?"

"Yes, God yes."

"You want me to fuck you harder?"

"Yes... more..."

I hasten the movements of my hips, hammering brutally at his sweet spot. Marvelling at the bliss that flitters across his face, I speed up our hands on his cock. Sweat drips off me onto him and in the moonlight his skins shines with moisture. It spurs me on and I fuck him harder into the bed.

I whisper into his ear. "Can you feel me inside you, gorgeous? Does it feel good?"

He mumbles incoherently. I continue. "I can feel you; your void wrapped against me, sliding, squeezing, swallowing." I lick his neck. "I can taste your sweat, your arousal."

I capture his mouth, exploring the grooves on the roof, the flesh on his cheeks. Slowly I suck on his tongue, and then nibble at his full lips. He increases the pressure, pushing his mouth savagely against mine. In our hands his cock engorges further. He bites down on my bottom lip, pain forcing my thrusts to an aggressive pace, then bucks so hard he nearly displaces me. He pushes my hand from his cock and strokes himself at rapid speed, surrendering to his orgasm.

"Good, gorgeous. Keep stroking yourself... keep doing that..."

"Ares... Coming for you. Want you, need you." He gasps raggedly. "God, I love you."

I moan in wonder. "Say it again."

"I love you."


"I love you, Ares. I love you."

His arse constricts then releases against me, vehemently. His words shoot like lightning through me, suffusing my soul with pure unadulterated pleasure. It's more than my overloaded body can bear and I capitulate to my own orgasm.

"I love you too, Tyler." I sob into his mouth.

As he shudders beneath me, I grind my hips into his, gushing into his chasm. Worn out, I collapse on top of my lover. After a few minutes I move off him, not wanting to suffocate him. Pulling myself from him, I move down to replace my cock with my tongue.

"Ares, what are you-" he mumbles.

"Shhh, gorgeous. Let me love you."

Breathing in the scent of our mixed sweat, I pull apart his glutes.

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