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Pleasure, through Pain.

A moment later, with their French kiss continuing, Aidan picked her up in his arms and carried her to his room.

Soon Aidan was reaching up behind her neck expertly beginning the process of stripping the lovely and sophisticated black woman of her clothing.

Before Vanessa knew what had happened, the sexy red dress she had worn to the dance class was puddled on the floor around her red heels. Worst, her lacy red bra was lying atop of her dress and all she could do was to gasp with pleasure as the handsome young stud suckled first upon her left breast and then began paying homage to its twin peak.

"Ohhhhhh, oh Aidan, no! Please, pleeeeeeeeeease ...this is wrong, we must stop!...I'm married!" she managed to pant out, though not very convincingly.

Hands up against the handsome young man's muscular chest, though not pushing very hard against him, another French kiss ensued causing her knees to buckle just as Vanessa felt thick thumbs being inserted into the waistband of her lacy red panties. Seconds later, those panties were tangled around her trim ankles as Vanessa was easily being lifted up and placed upon the bed. She could only tremble like a little school girl as the handsome young jock caressed her trim and flawless caramel colored legs as she clenched her thighs together tightly.

Panties now dangling around her right ankle, her legs now being spread apart by the muscular jock's shoulders, Vanessa's marital vows were now in grave danger of being violated after eighteen years of a faithful marriage. Now this eighteen year old high school jock was doing intimate things that only her husband was entitled to.

"Oooooooooh, nooo ...what are you doing?" Vanessa panted out as she felt a hot breath at the juncture of her widespread thighs. "Oh, God, he wants to perform oral sex on me!" she realized, something that her husband Daniel had not done since the first month of their marriage.

"Oh, Gooooooood...ohhhhhh, Noooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooo!" Vanessa frantically cried upon feeling Aidan's breathe right upon her sex. Reaching down, placing both hands at the top of his head, she desperately tried to push him away as she raised her legs up to push herself away from her son's friend.

Mouth clamping upon her sex, Aidan slid his tongue right up into her silk like vulva. Much to his surprise Vanessa was really trimmed down there. Aidan enjoyed the situation as he nuzzled his mouth and nose into the trimmed crop of pubic hair above her slit. He loved the scent of a woman aroused and Vanessa was definitely aroused.

"Oh, Aidan...I don' shouldn't...," Vanessa whispered but her heart was not into the rejection.

Ignoring her Aidan used his fingers to help part her gash. Her slender legs were spread wide, giving him ample room. He took in the sight in front of him. The close proximity made him realize, that his friend's mother had a real nice looking pussy. He noticed how her clit was poking out from its hiding place. The clit was hard and beautiful, like the size of a small marble. With his mouth he started to lick and suck it.

"Oh, my Gooooooooooood," Vanessa gasped as she felt Aidan's mouth on her clit. She was so aroused. When Aidan began to slid two fingers inside her wet vagina and found her g-spot, she started to climax. Never had she felt anything like this, her hips bounced on the bed like she was getting electrical shocks as she sought out her young lover's mouth and fingers. Delicious waves of bliss devoured her body and she bucked against Aidan's face as he continued to assault her pussy. Her whole body went stiff as her young lover worked her through her orgasm and she rode the waves of wonderful delight.

The hands and fingers that had been pushing at the top of the teen's head at first were now reacting in a totally different manner as Vanessa's fingers were entwined in his hair and palms pulling his head down between her legs.

Aidan was thoroughly enjoyed his tasty treat, as his mature

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