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Marilyn wears her new Negligee; Andrew removes it.

She kept what was happening hidden from the others who may have been awake and watching, by keeping her body between him and the rest of the patients, the one drawback was that by moving slightly, she gave the old guy in the bed the opportunity to move his hand all the way up between her legs, his hand was now covering her hosed and panty clad pussy.

He may have been loosing his mind, but certainly hadn't lost any of his strength, from the pressure he was applying with just the one hand between her inner thighs, forcing her up on tiptoe, she fell against the bed. Time to think, no one can see, she was worried it would get reported, the only person who knew was the one doing it, and his vocabulary only seemed to consist of just one word, which she now heard louder and more distinct as she was flopped over him on the bed.

While she was trying to figure out a quiet way of un-entangling herself, his hand had been busy, rubbing over the nylon, pressing firmly, it knew the pussy was there but couldn't get to it, good decision wearing hose she thought, she was tempted to wear stockings like everyone thought a nurse should wear, but being the middle of winter, she thought comfort and warmth outweighed that.

His hand was moving faster, he was repeating his words in almost an angry tone, "pussy, pussy ". One of his fingernails lodged in the nylon, this must have triggered some instinct in his head, as his fingers dug in, pushing and twisting, making a small tear in her hose, pushing thru, widening the hole, his finger wormed its way in, now only having her panties to contend with, his finger moved to the side of her panties and slipped under, she felt his rough finger against her soft skin, moving over her lips, expertly parting them and pushing inside.

His finger pushed in deep, ignoring her dryness, forcing its way in, finger fucking her, he was working his hand so as to expand the hole in her hose, making it easier for him to get to the pussy, she thought time for action had arrived and began to squirm away from him, still trying to keep hidden what was happening from the others, all she succeeded in doing was moving her top half further down his bed, taking the sheet with her and her lower half moving up the bed, so as to make his access to her pussy easier.

Thinking, well, that wasn't much of a success, his hand was really working her pussy now, the gap in her hose much bigger to enable him better access, while she was intent on squirming away from him, her pussy had betrayed her and was starting to get wet from the attention it was being paid, obviously not discriminating on how it was happening.

As if that wasn't all of her problems, she now felt a hardness under her chest, her squirming body pressed upon him was making his cock grow, her actions had made things worse, not only was he now finger fucking her wet pussy, but his cock was growing just inches away from her head, lifting her body up and away from his hardening cock was another mistake, with the release of her weight upon him, his cock sprang out from the gap in his pj's.

God, it was huge, why the hell couldn't her boyfriends have had a cock like that, decision time, she knew one way to make this stop, the same with all guys, once they had cum they lost interest, she could only see the enormous cock in front of her, so pretending it belonged to a hot young guy, she lowered her head towards it.

Getting closer, she could see it glisten in the dim light with pre cum, guess he had been playing with it long before she came to see where the noise was coming from.

Opening her mouth wide, she took the wet shining head in her mouth, it felt quite nice actually, filled her mouth but she still had room to work her tongue over it, concentrating on just 2 things, the finger working her wet pussy, in and out and the hot pulsing cock head in her mouth.

One good thing was that this old guy was in no mental state to say anything about it, with the feel of her hot mouth on his cock, he withdrew his hand, ripped

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