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This is why I run.

Reaching down, I grasped the hem of my skirt and lifted it to my waist revealing my red thong. Dan kept one hand around my waist while the other traveled down my abdomen until he reached my mound. I opened my thighs slightly and his middle finger lodged between my lips outside my panty.

Seeing my image in that mirror was like watching another woman in heat. All my senses were in play. I had tasted his mouth and held his ass. Now, I watched his big hand staking his claim on my pussy and his intimate caress was making me shiver with delight. His touch alone almost made me climax.

"That's enough for the moment," he said, removing his hand. "We don't want you to come too soon, do we?"

"If you say so," I said, letting my dress fall. I glanced at Brandi. She was hypnotized.

"How about it, Brandi. You want a turn?" Dan asked. She shook her head as if awakening.

"I do," she said and took my place. I watched a replay of Dan's drama. It had the identical effect on the girl that it had on me. Just as I had, she stood still, looking at herself in the mirror, a slight smile on her face, holding her dress high to reveal her black thong, and welcomed Dan's carnal touch.

Seeing them in this pose triggered deeper emotions in me, much more so than merely watching a man touch a woman sexually. I realized that something else was happening here, but I'm no psychologist and could only hazard a guess.

I remembered reading a book for Literature class when I was in college--"Three Farmers on Their Way to a Dance." In it, the author uses a photo of three guys walking down a country road to spin alternate realities for them, using words to fit their possibilities into that picture.

The mirrors were my photo, and like it, they were open to interpretation. They might have been reflecting a man and woman merely making out, or the start of a rape scene, or possibly an act of domination.

When I saw myself in the mirrors, I became detached--nothing more than a half-naked woman in heat--willingly submitting to the man openly caressing her sex, letting him touch her and display her in the plain view of other watchers. The woman was experiencing a blatant act of seduction, so intense, so exciting that she was powerless to resist. The man's act of possession affirmed some deeper bond between them--a focussing of their relationship. By allowing him to touch her so intimately, she was accepting that she would surrender her body to him, letting him use her as he wished, whenever he demanded her to do so. In short, the mirrors reflected his domination over her and her willing submission.

Whether by intuition or design, with his caress, somehow Dan had achieved sexual dominance over me and I was his willing accomplice. Even though I sensed what was happening to me, I didn't care. He had set me on fire and I knew that I'd be his any way he wanted me. I'd do anything he demanded to save myself from burning up with desire.

He caught my eye, smiled at me in the mirror and then released Brandi who plopped down on the edge of the bed like a puppet with broken strings. I could see that she too had felt the power of his seductive act, but of course, I had no idea what her reality might be. I only knew what mine was. I was going to fuck my lover.

I stood up and stepped into Dan's arms. We kissed again and when we came up for air, he said, "One of my fondest memories from when you and Rick visited Boston is of removing this very same dress from you. I loved touching you then and slowly revealing your beautiful body as I stripped you naked. Would you like for me to do that again?"

"I'd love it," I said, starting to step out of my heels.

"No. Leave them on," he ordered. "I want you to wear them while we're making love."

Once again the mirrors were my friend as I not only delighted in his touch while he fondled me, but could also see myself being erotically undressed until I stood before him completely naked--save for my red stilettos. I was so hot I could barely stand up, but still helped him tear off his clothes.

Falling back on the bed,

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