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Dom Diane continues training her two slaves.

For years I had been doing it with Sarah's underwear, and now it was Clio's turn to fall victim of my perversion. Driving home from the beach I couldn't get Clio and her sexy lingerie off my mind. I was wondering what pair of panties she decided to wear home from the beach. Did she decide to wear that red pair that only a short time ago played such a key part in my own warped sexual gratification? What compels a young woman of 19 to want and desire such sexy lingerie? One thing for sure on that day I learned that Clio was not the innocent little cousin I had thought she was.

As the summer went on and we spent many more days on the beach together I continued with my inappropriate actions with Clio's underwear. I almost became totally obsessed. Every day they went to lunch I stayed behind. When not in her panties at the beech I used to look through soft porn mags trying desperately to find a model that reminded me of her. Someone who looked like her to help me really imagine how she would look in her sexy lingerie.

This was something I used to do. I already had in my collection a few dead ringers of Sarah. Masturbating to a picture of "Sarah" in sexy underwear while wearing her own panties was indeed very satisfying. For Clio later that summer I would experience the same pleasure. The centre page spread of Playboy Lingerie magazine in August featured a young model lying on her bed wearing only sexy knickers. The model was not looking at the camera, it was a perfect voyeuristic shot. This model had a striking resemblance of Clio. Same build, eyes, hair style and colour. She was wearing satin knickers that were identical to a pair I specifically remember Clio having. A pair I personally masturbated in at the beach on many occasions.

At home every night thanks to Clio's look-alike Playboy model, and with the strength of my sexual imagination, self-pleasuring had just stepped up a gear. The orgasms were so intense.

Towards the end of the summer, Clio's parents and my parents were off on vacation together. On the Friday they left, Clio asked me over to watch a Movie. This was a regular occurrence and as I had nothing much else on this weekend I agreed. The plan was that when I arrived Clio would drive to the next town to pick up a pizza and a Movie for us to watch that night.

Clio lived with her parents just outside of town. As kids growing up we spent many summers playing on their large property. They had some barns and outbuildings and there was always fun to be had. What interested me most were the three secure lock up units that were in the back yard. Clio's dad worked for a chemical company before he retired. Sometimes he had to store stock for the job and the drums of chemicals had to be stored in secure well ventilated outbuildings. The three storage units in the back yard were constructed like and looked identical to jail cells. Three concrete walls, a concrete roof and a steel bar gate at the front for access. Each about 12ft by 10ft. When we were kids if they were empty we always played "Cops and Robbers" and had our very own county jail! Now years later the units are empty and mostly unused.

I'm going to let you in on another little secret fetish I have. I have a sexual curiosity of anything to do with jail and imprisonment. My jail fantasy always involves some female placing me in a cell and locking the door. It's not quite domination but more subtle control. They have the key and can ultimately decide to detain me or release me. On many occasions during masturbation I would imagine attractive women that I would know personally locking me up into a cell of some description. At times I fantasied about Sarah locking me up. One very vivid fantasy I played over and over is where Sarah locked me in a cell because I walked into her room while she was changing and I saw her in her sexy Lingerie. In this fantasy she told me that she must lock me into the cell as she needed to change her underwear again and she did not trust me not to walk in on her.

"Stay in here until I change my u

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