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Faithful man is tempted by sister-in-law at Christmas party.

I casually licked and sucked the liquid off of my finger as I walked...I'd always loved the taste of my own juices. Call me weird. I walked into the darkness of my bedroom and felt for the light. Flicking it on, I glanced toward the drapes pulled across the window. Grinning devilishly around my finger I walked toward them and threw them open. A light flicked off across the way quickly. I knew you were real! I knew that you were there. The thought of it sent a shiver through me. I thought of the sensual woman in the story...I wanted to be her. Best way to be like that was to do...right?

I made a slow show of it. I couldn't see you, I didn't know if you were watching...but I decided you were, and that I was going to entertain. I stretched slowly, arching my back so that my breasts were thrust out, then slowly pulled my shirt over my head. Turning sideways to the window, I reached back to unclasp my bra then slowly began massaging and kneading my breasts. It was a torture for me...I was already so turned on, I knew that if I wanted to I could grab my vibe and cum within a few short minutes. But the thought of torturing you was more enticing...after all, thoughts of you had tormented me all day.

I pinched my nipples softly causing them to spring to life, pointing out in small pink buttons, and sending warm bolts of electricity directly to my already aching pussy. I turned my back to the window and unfastened my pants, pulling them down over the curves of my cheeks...leaving my panties in place. I bent down a little father than really needed to pull my pants off, wanting to allow you to see my nice round ass.

I turned again, fully facing the window, eyes closed, and started twisting and pinching my nipples again. A small moan escaped my lips as I imagined you across the way getting turned on by watching my form through the glass. I moved my right hand down, pushing it into my panties so I could tease my clit a little more. I could feel the wetness there before my finger even slipped between my lips. I don't think I'd ever been this wet before.

Pushing my middle finger deeper into my slit, the first contact made me gasp...my clit was at it's fullest...hot and hard and covered in pussy juice. My eyes shot open with the shock, and I looked directly at your patio as I made slow, steady circles around my little nub. I thought for a moment that I saw movement across the way...I imagined it was you playing with yourself too...which just made me hotter.

I removed my hand and licked my finger again, closing my eyes and moaning. I moved down to remove my panties, fully exposing myself to you. I wasn't sure what you could see at that distance, but I wanted to believe it was everything. Even though I'm single, I still maintain grooming of my pussy, trimming all the hair away except for a small "landing strip" just above my slit. My fingers danced through the small patch of curly brown hair, making their way along the outer lips moving in slow circles closer and deeper, going back to rubbing my clit.

I felt my knees start to give, standing there at the window. I knew I wouldn't be able to tease myself like this much longer...not and remain upright. I stopped for a moment, panting and warm...and thought about what to do. I loathed the idea of moving away from the window, but knew I would collapse to the floor long before I ever came. I could lie on my bed like I did the night before...but I would be partially hidden, and wanted to give you a better show. Still not knowing if you were really there, I gave the universal "one minute" gesture just in case and darted off to collect a couple things.

I went to my dresser and pulled my vibrator.

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