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The next chapter in a long story.

When he had convinced Tascha that he was up to leaving the Manor in search of a way home, he had only considered the danger to himself, and then, when the subject came up, to Shelonda and Amy, who were only coming along out of friendly helpfulness and a lust for kicks, respectively. He had not taken seriously the extent to which this course of action might put Tascha herself in danger.

Of course, Tascha was her own person, and she was determined to find a way home. Nothing Don could do or say would deter her from that course of action. Neither would he try to do so. He had no right to forbid her anything of the sort. That wasn't what was bothering him. What worried him was the very thought that something bad might happen to her here, and that he wouldn't be able to do anything about it. Sure, everyday life was full of random risks and dangers, but somehow you forgot about the possibility that someone you loved might get hit by a drunk driver while walking home from the store. Here, in this strange little adventure, it was now impossible for Don to put the dangers out of his mind. He didn't know if he could handle it if something actually terrible happened to Tascha. He had loved her for years, and even more so now.

These thoughts and the mood of the women, kept Don in a subdued, remarkably un-horny mood. When they bedded down for the night - after making sure the area was free of dildo-shaped vegetation of any kind - they set a watch, and nobody started any mischief. It was the first night since arriving in the Manor that Don went to sleep without having sex just beforehand. It helped a bit that he took the first watch, and didn't have to try to fall asleep with still wakeful beautiful women lying next to him.

Only after noon on the next day did a spirit of friskiness return. Naturally enough, it was Amy who got things going, spanking Shelonda hard on the ass and then fleeing just long enough to make the other girl exert herself. By the time the others caught up to them, they were making out on the grassy hillside. Nicole joined in the fun, while Don and Tascha looked on, both amused and aroused. That night, things were back to normal, if a bit less boisterous than usual. Don fell asleep with Tascha's head on his chest, while Shelonda took the first watch.

The next day, they found themselves descending a steady, rocky slope to a sudden drop. They came to a halt at the top of a cliff face at least 20 meters high, at the bottom of which was a fast flowing, broad river.

"Think that's the river we're looking for?" Nicole asked.

"Hard to say," Don shrugged.

"Well, we can't climb down that," Tascha said.

Amy suggested, "We could jump."

"That's crazy," Tascha responded a bit sharply.

"We'd just hit the water," Amy pointed out.

"Yeah, but you could hurt yourself hitting the water, and we don't have any idea how deep the river is," Tascha explained with a genuine smile, apparently regretting her crankiness of a moment ago. "You could break every bone in your pretty body."

"Why would we want to get down there anyway?" Shelonda asked.

"Exactly," Don nodded. "We need to either go that way, up-river, to find the source, or the other way, to see if this river joins up with another, bigger river. Either way, we don't need to risk breaking our necks climbing or jumping."

"Well, which way should we go, then?" Nicole asked.

"I think we should go downriver a ways and see if we come to another river, or someone who can give us some more information," Don said. Nobody had any objection to this plan. Neither did they object when he said, "But first let's take a break."

In another few minutes they were all naked and Amy was sitting on a big moss covered rock, while Tascha knelt between her legs, licking and sucking at Amy's clit and pussy.

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