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The summer gets a little rough.

Once I became old enough, I dove into the role of helping my uncle run the faire. He took me under his wing. I was his shadow and dedicated myself to learning everything there possibly was to learn. Unlike Becca, I lived for this place. There was nowhere I'd have rather been. Uncle Henry and I had that in common. And the bond that created between us only drove Becca and I further apart.

Once Becca hit high school, she ignored me altogether. I don't think we said a single word to each other for years. Once she graduated, she fled South Carolina without a trace. Other than the occasional letter or birthday card, Uncle Henry never saw his daughter again. But I stayed behind in her place. I had no interest in college or anywhere else. The Faire was all I needed. That and Uncle Henry, of course.

I was 22 when Uncle Henry passed away from a stroke. I know- sad shit. But I was fortunate enough to have another family waiting to adopt me. One that had a reputation for taking in all who needed refuge from the misery of the real world. It was the tight-nit staff here at Notts' Faire. And as you might have guessed, Uncle Henry had willed the land and business to me. Me and Becca, that is. But none of that mattered. Because, Becca would be going away again after the funeral and I could get back to running the Ren. Faire, just as Uncle Henry and I had always done.

Or so I thought. Uncle Henry hadn't even been buried yet before I discovered Becca seeking potential buyers for Notts' Faire. I was in my office, speaking with the tomb stone engravers when I saw Becca through my window. She was leading 3 business men in suits down Centre Street, heading towards the old stadium. She was smiling! Our father had just died and she was selling his life's work! She cared only about collecting her inheritance!

Grief does strange things to a person. For me, it apparently brings out my inner psychopath. Because, before I knew it, I was outside the castle, sprinting down the street towards her. I can't say I remember much about the fight that ensued, but I'm told it was ugly. Bruises on my cheek and chin indicated that Becca had landed a few lucky punches, but my staff assure me that I still won the fight. Unfortunately, my victory was short-lived. It wasn't a full day before I received a letter informing me that I was the subject of lawsuit. Becca was suing me for assault and battery.

While my staff would have had my back 100%, Becca had the testimony of the three respectable businessmen who accompanied her. She was claiming emotional distress and demanding payment in the form of the deed to Notts' Faire. The bitch really knew how to hit me where it hurt. The next couple months definitely marked a low point in my life. Legal fees stacked up quickly and my odds at winning grew slimmer by the day. My second lawyer pressed me to settle in order to avoid jailtime. My whole life was slipping from my fingers and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

I was nearly at rock-bottom when I received the miraculous phone call that would change my circumstances forever. A man by the name of James Mason was interested in buying Notts' Faire. But not only was he interested in buying the faire, he also requested that I stay on as Operations Manager. It really was a miracle. Becca would be able to get the millions that she cared so much about, and I'd get to remain at the Faire that I cared so much about. Everything could stay the same! I could keep my staff. I could keep creative control over the company, and I could carry on my uncle's legacy. Everything seemed perfect...

But the next details of our arrangement are where this story begins.

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