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Training himself to cede control.

I'm careful to move at her pace. Beyond the patio there is a garden with rich, dark soil. I see the trees that lay over the broken fence boards and start sizing up the work for the day. She leads me to the barn and goes over with me where the tools are at, reminding me that there is beer in the fridge if I change my mind on that subject since she tells me she may drive me to drink before the day's through.

I gather the tools and supplies I'll need to start the work on the trees and the fence and head back outside, walking with her slowly as she takes my arm.

We stop and I set the tools down in the yard. She asks me if I'd mind helping her get over to the lounge chair as she'd like to stay the Hell out of the house for awhile today and get some sun. I walk her there and get her settled in. She takes a book in her hand from the table beside her and lets me know that she'll be there if I get stuck on anything, need her to make the dogs behave or if I just plain get sick of hanging out and want to take the money and run. Laughing, I thank her and turn to get to work.

Getting to the trees, I see the trunks aren't damaged too bad and I start making things right for them again. Moving between the shed and the trees, I get some stakes and drive them deep into the soil, fashion some straps to secure the trunks to them and lift them into place, pulling and adjusting until they are upright and secured.

Through this chore, Jo was reading her book and took a short break to grab a bottle of lotion from beneath the chair and spread it over her skin. As much as I was trying to pay attention to what I was doing, I couldn't help but be completely distracted. Those long legs all slathered in lotion and glowing in the sun, her breasts moving gently beneath her shirt as she basted her limbs with SPF, it was all I could do not to just lean against my tools and marvel at her. I thought better of it but did enjoy the glances I was sneaking. She resumed her spot in the book and kept reading until she had fallen into a nap, book on her stomach and my eyes caressing her oiled body. Through it all, I managed to get the trees shored up.

Just a shovel to fix the soil around the roots and I could move on to the garden fence. I headed to the barn to swap out tools, was making my way back to hit the dirt and saw something that stopped me in silence. A Western Diamondback Rattler had made its way to the base of Jo's chair and was laying just by her bottle of lotion while it was enjoying some shade. I stayed silent, grabbed the shovel, moved swiftly and made my way behind the head of the chair. Before it could rattle, I had the blade of the shovel planted into the neck of that snake and I applied firm downward pressure until the rattler was in two parts, making a crunching sound in the rocks as my shovel went through.

Jo's head jumped, her hand went beneath her loose top and returned to the air in a flash with a pistol that was pointed straight to my gut. "Come again, kid? I was born at night but not last night." She stared into my soul through my eyes and had a tone that was as serious as a heart attack.

"". I couldn't form the words as I just looked down at my shovel with the head of the snake in the bowl of it. She glanced down briefly to see it and that the body was in the spot her hand would find it in when she went for more sunscreen.

Her face fell a bit as she sighed deeply and lowered her sidearm. "Well, I guess your moves were justified."

I looked myself over, standing there over the head of where she was sleeping and holding a shovel. "I guess your moves were justified too, Jo."

"Well, honey...don't throw that snake away. I'll tan its skin and make you a little memento of your day here if you want."

Breathing an easier breath, I reply, "I'd like to take you up on that."

"Thank you.

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