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Young lady gets off exhibiting her stocking feet in public.

What Erin likes to do is find a public restroom, blindfold herself, and bind herself leaning over a sink for a few hours.

You'll be there, hearing and feeling everything, but Erin will be control.

Do you realize what people will say and do to you? Erin does. I hope you'll enjoy it, because she certainly will.

Don't worry, after a few hours she will fade into the depths of your mind and you will return to the front. But are you sure she will stay where you want her? She'll want control, too. Can you stop her once she's tasted it?


"Lovely weather we're having"

It's an innocuous phrase, but not in your mind anymore.

You won't know why you're approaching strangers in public and begging them to film you fucking yourself. You won't know why you're uploading the videos. You won't know why you're sending the links to all of your subs.

But you're doing it. You don't stop to sleep or eat, and as soon as you cum, you find a new person to ask and the cycle begins again. After a few times, you've attracted quite a crowd, and many of them want to offer more help than holding a camera-phone.

If any of the details of what you did slip your mind, it will comfort you to know that it is all online. How many times did you cum? How many people's cum ending up on you? in you? It's all online where anyone can see it.

How DID you keep going for ten hours?

And the best part is, you know your subs will never respect you again. Oh, they may play along out of pity, but none of your tricks will have any effect on them. They may let you hold the whip, but they're in charge.

Of course, they may want to see how the other end of the whip feels in their hands at some point. What do you think your place will be then?


"Have you ever been to a farm?"

As soon as you hear it, you start walking. Where are you going? Even as you knock on a door, you dont where you are or why.

But they're expecting you.

You're breasts are tender and have started leaking milk. You don't ask any questions, you simply obey as they undress you and direct you to a strange looking machine.

After they strap you in and turn it on, you feel it sucking on your breasts, pulling out drops of milk.

But the longer the machine runs, the larger your breasts get and the more the milk flows.

Next, they start fucking you in shifts. By the time they start their third time through, you are begging then to fuck you deeper and harder. When their cocks have given all they can, they turn to wrenches, broom handles, and pieces of pipe. But nothing can satisfy you.

By morning, your breasts are too large to stand. If you are ever taken off the machine, you will have to crawl on all fours to support the weight of your mammoth breasts.

You cannot remember your life before the machine. The agonizing pressure in your breasts and the pulsing relief of the suction coupled with the need of your gaping holes are all your mind can hold.

In time they will tattoo spots along your hide. You will forget your name; you will not need it or want it.

But you will have been to a farm.


I knock on your door. When you answer, I lean forward and whisper to you "chaos echo"

You know that I wired triggers into your brain. Why else would you have turned around and started walking towards your playroom? Why else would you have gotten that one "toy" off the top shelf? Yes, THAT one, the impossibly long and thick one. The one that you tell your pets will make it impossible for anyone to ever love or respect them again. Certainly, it would make sex with them a pleasureless experience for all involved.

You had never used it on your pets, keeping it around only for show and shock. But now it is off the shelf and you are positioning it on the floor.

When did you take your clothes off? You can't remember. The pain is excruciating as the "toy" first enters you, but you keep going. It takes several minutes of stop-and-start effort through agonizing pain for you to get it in all the way to the base.

There are tears streaming down your face, smearing your makeup and cracking the facade

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