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Unable to take it anymore, Audra leaves the glade.

She had no desire to stop the magic of his hands and fingers. "Two can play this game," she thought, as she reached for the towel and dropped it to the floor. She could almost see the smile on his face as he moved his hands with more vigor over her buttocks.

Emilio retrieved the bottle of warm oil from the water bath and using the small nozzle ran a rivulet of oil down the back of her thigh and calf. Moving his hands quickly he spread the oil over her legs and ankles. Moving upwards he placed one hand on each side of her thigh and began kneading the soft flesh. She felt the back to his hand lightly touch her labia with the faintest electric touch. He then moved down her thigh to her knee and then back up her leg to her thighs again. Again he massaged her thighs deeply and as he worked his fingers in her flesh, the back of his hand again brushed against her labia. "Please" she thought, "touch me there." As her excitement increased she opened her legs slightly by reflex. She knew that he was looking at her pubic area, now open to him, and this excited her. She wondered if he was getting as excited as she.

Just as she was prepared for him to become more adventurous he moved his hands down her leg to her calf and began rolling the large muscle between his two powerful hands. Angela was confused between her feelings of arousal and joy of feeling his hands caress her. She felt him squirt some oil on her feet and bend her leg upwards. Her toes touched his stomach as he used his thumbs to press gently and deeply into her arch and ball of her foot. Angela resisted the urge to giggle as she experienced the tickling sensation mixed with the pleasure of his firm touch. Then he massaged each toe, one by one, rubbing the space between them and pulling it firmly. His touch was light and gentle as he moved between her toes, then to her heel and top of her foot. He lingered on her foot for more than 5 minutes before moving to the other foot and repeating the sensuous ritual. Angela was in heaven. Every touch became an escalation of her ecstasy. She moved beyond simple sexual arousal to a deep contentment. She felt her body surrendering to his touch as the experience moved from cognitive impressions to a more basic instinctual release. She stopped thinking of where his hands were touching her and entered a thoughtless place of touch and reaction, pure pleasure uninhibited by her expectations. She was barely aware of the warm oil flowing down her other leg. This time he moved from her ankles to her upper thighs. She was now in rhythm to the pace of his hands and lost herself in the immediacy, the moment rather than anticipation. As he moved to her upper thighs he again touched her now open labia with the back of his hand. This time he lingered with his kneading of her thighs and his knuckle pressed between her folds and brushed lightly at the entrance to her vagina. Angela let out a moan of pleasure as he lingered for a few moments before again moving down her leg to her calf and back. Oh how she wanted him to touch her.

She was startled when she heard his soft voice.

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