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Campus security checks are not usually this thorough.

He broke of the kiss and I gasped at the raw sexuality flowing between us. "I liked that bit of role play" he said somewhat raggedly (god, I was turning this man on!) "It had better be role play or you will get spanked for being a naughty girl Sarah. Now get your clothes off and go and sit in the living room". I dropped my clothes at the door and found my way into his living area.

It was tastefully furnished in modern blond wood furniture and large, comfortable sofas. There was a shag pile carpet in a contrasting deep brown on the floor and I felt it's velvety smoothness on my bare feet.

Bare feet! I was naked in a total strangers house, doing everything he said. My cock waved in front of me. I was afraid to touch it, lest I orgasm again. A fleeting thought passed through my mind that I should do that and get myself spanked, but no, that would not be a good way to start and I would have lots of spankings to come I was sure

I did not know where to sit, so I sat on the floor in front of a sofa that looked as though it was where he sat, my cock at attention, flapping in front of me.

He was gone about ten minutes, so I took time to study my surroundings. It was a very manly room with a large 42" LCD screen in the corner and an array of technical equipment underneath. I saw a several tripods and 3 video cameras and a high end digital still camera. I imagined that I would be videoed at some time and would be the subject of a show to his friends. I almost came at that thought.

He came into the living room, talking on a mobile phone.

"Yeah Jeff" he was saying "a right little slut and very obedient - let herself be bukakked by 3 others in the car park - yeah in public and no argument at all - I could not believe it at first either. And a very good mouth - haven't had one this good since little Pippa." He pointed at me and motioned for me to follow him. As I followed him, he continued to talk

"Yes, loads of potential. I've called her Sarah - yes I know that turns you on, me too" he laughed. "I'm just showing her the ex's clothes - I think that Sarah could fit very nicely - she's already shaping up to be a nice compliant little slut" He looked back at me and smiled and I smiled nervously back. "Yes, the usual - I'm Daddy and you'll all be her uncles. Yes I'm looking forward to the breaking in the daughter/niece role play as well"

He was talking about me! I was the slut he was talking about to his friend, the daughter/niece they would break in, the slut that turned them all on. I felt both humiliated and incredibly turned on by the conversation. His ex's clothes? Oh this was another fantasy for me. He was going to dress me up!

"Yes that's right, he needs breaking in - a job for Desmond the dildo and his friends I think" he laughed again. "But it will be nice to get my fingers up there and see just how tight she is in her boy cunt. Have to get an enema in her first though. Yes, see you later - yes I look forward to it as well. I'll be phoning Mike and Arnie later, bye"

Three others - all interested in using me. What had I let myself in for. And who was 'little Pippa'?

I followed him into a medium sized bedroom with a very large wardrobe in it covering most of one wall. All the doors were open and I could see the front of the doors had mirrors on them.

There was a double bed in the room with a large brass bedstead. I imagined myself tied to the bedhead at the mercy of my new Daddy and my Uncles. What was I getting myself into?

I looked in the wardrobe and saw rack after rack of woman's clothing. There were all sorts in there - evening dresses, skirts, tops. I could see several micro skirts. On one of the hangers, I saw a French maids outfit. There were several leather outfits and my imagination, already running wild, ran wilder.

I looked in the other wardrobes.

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