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Bobby finds Paula home alone and...

Damn, she was beautiful.

"David, David Miller, I never thought about your last name when I met Sherry and Kerry in my classes. After all Miller is a rather popular name. If this isn't fate, I don't know what is."

"Dad, is Mrs. Pelfry the same Julie you told us about the other night. The one you said was your first girlfriend that you really liked?" ask Kerry.

"Kerry, I think you've said enough." Julie was smiling. "Yes she is the Julie I spoke about, in private, to my daughters. Don't you two have work to do?"

"You girls better go help and start serving. Your dad and I will be sitting at our table near the front. Remember to smile and act friendly to all the guests."

"Yes, Mrs. Pelfry," said my girls. "Have a nice time Dad," they said as they left smiling. I handed her the box of candy and the card.

"How thoughtful, thank you," replied Julie.

I didn't know whether to tell her it was the girls idea or just let it go. I let it go.

We were led to our table and sat down. A lot of people watched us, I guess because Julie was a teacher and those that knew me knew I was a widower. Julie did have a wedding ring on her finger. She told me she wears it when she goes out so she gets hit on a lot less.

I had to smile because I could see that happening. We started our conversation with me telling her about my past. She told me how much she liked my daughters who, I might say, kept stopping by our table asking us if we needed anything.

I told Julie I never dated much and about starting college and my girlfriend getting pregnant and we got married. After the twins were born I went back to college part time to improve my future for my family. I was now the manager of the warehouse I started at.

I explained that I loved my wife and how she found out she had cancer and it overtook her after two years. She passed away four years ago and left me with my two wonderful daughters. They were my life now. I probably had tears in my eyes because Julie took my hand and held it.

She gave me a short synopsis of her life. After they moved away she finished high school, went to college and became a teacher. She said she was young and dumb and married a guy that a lot of the women liked. She said it was the biggest mistake of her life.

He cheated on her numerous times and she finally called it quits. She moved out of the city and got a teaching position at this school. I remember her saying she loved the small town atmosphere over the large cities.

We changed the subject and talked about happier times when the two of us were best friends and did everything together. I reminded her of when she beat Brad up for pushing me down. That really made her laugh. She reminded me that she was taller than me at the time but I caught up quickly.

Julie had to get up and give a speech. I sat there and just gazed at her. I knew in my heart that my childhood feeling for her were still there. I looked over at my daughters working and they kept smiling at me. God, I loved my girls.

When Julie got up to give her little welcome speech I noticed she put something in her purse. It wasn't till she was on stage that I noticed she took off her wedding ring.

After we ate, the girls were cleaning off the tables and they made room on the floor for dancing. They dimmed the light and played slow romantic music. Julie asked me to dance even though I told her I wasn't much of a dancer.

I held her and it just felt right. She smelled good and we even looked good on the dance floor. The night went by much to quickly. Before I knew it the party was over. 'There is no way that was three hours' I told myself. It was the nicest time I've had in years and it was ending.

My daughters came out and were ready to go home.

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