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A quiet loner must risk her everything for love.

'That's it you fucking pig, clean your sons cock," Paul found himself saying, surprising himself with the nastiness of his comments. But his mom continued cleaning him and smiled up at him on hearing his dirty words.

Paul could see his mother's hand was between her thighs and that her inner thighs glistened with pussy juice. She was frigging her cunt; a finger deep in her nasty box he saw. Paul thought to himself, that box she is playing with is the same place he came from as a baby. He found he could easily think of her as the woman who had kissed him goodnight all those years growing up, and also as this wanton whore on her knees digging deeply into her twat with her fingers.

"Please baby, Mommy is so, so hot. Can you eat Mommy?" said Jenny, looking up into her sons eyes. "Mommy is such a filthy whore. She really needs her baby boy."

His mother's words completed the process of bringing his cock back to hardness. Paul reached down and grasped his mother long hair and began to walk, he began to drag her across the floor to his bed, and he listened as she squealed in both excitement and pain. He thought she was starting to sob but he also could hear her words.

"Oh! God yes, oh god yes ... hurt Mommy Paul, punish her for being a bad girl." Paul looked down and saw tears stream down her face and almost let go but then his mom smiled a tearful smile up at him and said, 'Thank you baby, thank you."

Paul did something then that yesterday, would never have been in him to do, as he lifted his mother by grabbing her under her arms and throwing her down onto his bed like a bag of laundry.

"Open those fucking legs you fucking whore!!" Paul yelled at his mom as she cowered on the bed but quickly complied, spreading her legs wide and lifting her knees to her chest. Her son drew his hand back and slapped his mother's cunt as hard as he could, the sound of his slap making a ringing sound in his bedroom.

"OOOWWWW!!!!" His mother cried out. "Oh Paul, oh Paul, thank you, Mommy is so bad. Thank you, baby."

"You are you fucking slut, you really are a bad girl," said Paul, as he looked down at his mother's cunt. A red handprint showed on her pussy mound, and as he reached down he found it an incredible turn on to see his mother flinch, not sure he was going to strike her again. Paul smiled up into his mom's face and began to gently run his finger all over his mother's soaked pussy and cunt. He worked his finger into her slit and began to fuck her box with it very vigorously. Paul slid a second and then a third into his mother's cunt hole and fucked her hard and fast rubbing the top of her slit with his other hand, uncovering her hard pink clit and rubbing it hard and fast as he finger fucked her box.

The wanton mother moaned lewdly as her son fucked her slot.

"Paul. Oh Paul ... Mommy loves this ... oh ... so much!" Jenny moaned.

Paul watched his mom writhe and squirm as he fucked that warm wet box he had his fingers in, and leaned close and sucked her clit hard between his lips and gently bit down pressing his teeth to the sensitive nub. Jenny thrust her hips up at her son, moaning as she did. 'Oh Paul ... eat Mommy out you motherfucker, eat me!!" Jenny's head twisted from side to side as she screamed and cried out in pleasure under her sons' mouth and tongue and fingers.

Paul pulled out his wet fingers and slurped at the slimy sticky mom juice on his fingers, as he now thought of it. He had never looked at his mom as a sexual being, but he now saw she was overwhelming in bed; an insatiable bitch in heat. No wonder his dad had never strayed in all their years of marriage. This slut was a husbands dream; and now a sons dream as well.

Paul sucked hard at his mom's clit and shoved his fingers (three) deep and up into where he knew the G-Spot lay, and felt her stiffen and stop breathing for a moment. For a second Paul worried he had hurt her badly, and then suddenly his mother began to thrash and scream.



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