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Close encounter with mother's friend.

Julia who had spoken to Chris on his mobile over the previous three days had agreed to take him out to the monastery ruins where the nude pageant would take place, so he could view camera angles. He had passed himself off as Tunick's London assistant; he would be responsible for directing most of the photo shoot.

Chris's ability with the camera was in no small part due to his natural ability to put women at ease. Not particularly handsome, his lean and rugged countenance exuded confidence. He never lacked for sexual partners; meeting so many women in the course of his work, he took risks, liberties others stepped back from and charmed his way into their underwear with camera or cock in hand.

Out at the monastery site he turned his full attention to wooing Julia firstly by acting the consummate professional intent of seeking camera angles playing the part to the full. After photographing the ruins from every angle, he turned his camera on Julia taking a few quick shots of her leaning crumbled masonry.

"Hey what are you doing?" she asked, really quite pleased he had finally turned his camera on her.

"Fancy undoing a few buttons for me."

"No!" she laughed, tempted by the idea.

"Come on. I'll be seeing you starkers in a few weeks, just undo your shirt buttons."

Within fifteen minutes, Julia was naked sprawled in the lush grass and stones. The coolness of the grass against he back and the photographer at her front excited her more than she cared, it was an age since she had a prick inside her. It was tempting.

"Squeeze your breasts together Julia, pretend you want me, yeh that's it you look really sexy. Open your legs a little. Oh, looks a little damp. Excited?"

About thirty seconds later he was in her, grinding her backside into the grass while she gasped and pulled at his hair trying to work him further into her. He felt her cunt tighten around his prick and the old familiar sensation as he pumped into her while she breathed is short sharp pants. He slowly collapsed onto her licking at her nipples feeling spasms of excitement run through to her cunt.

"Fuck me again, slower this time. It has been an age since a man fucked me."

"I can't believe that, you're gorgeous."

"I prefer women, but you'll do for today. Now fuck me again, show me what a man can do."

This was all Chris needed to hear to get him fully erect again and he set about bringing Julia to a slow climax; he loved a challenge and determined to put on a show, just the notion she was 'bi' made him horny. Twice her brought just to the edge easing back, teasing, until she fastened her legs around him and pulled him deep into her rocking her hips off the grass to meet his thrusts. Exhausted she lay back, Chris beside her, feeling their juices seep out down across her bottom, content to enjoy the sensation.

"Got any tissues?" she asked.

"Yeh, a camera man always has tissues, got to keep the lenses clean."

"Well clean me up, a girl likes to be cleaned afterwards."

Julia loved to have her cunt touched, looked at. She insisted with all her girlfriends they clean her afterwards, just as Molly had done.

She spread herself to his touch and gaze blissfully aware of his fingers investigating just as much as cleaning, enjoying his close inspection.

"You seen enough?"

"I'm just getting started."

Good, she thought, and gently pushed his head lower so he would know what was required.

She watched swallows swooping over the stones against the clear blue sky running her fingers through his hair trying not to think of his tongue probing, lips nibbling wanting to enjoy the rough texture of his beard against her skin whilst his mouth worked on her.

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