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Paul then turned her round so that her back was to the men and then ran his hand down over her buttocks. She listened as he said, "Gentlemen, what a delectable arse Lucy has. I just love the way the silk clings to her cheeks."

She felt his hand brushing over her rear again and then pressing the silk into the cleft of her buttocks.

Andrew watched from the edge as his old friend ran his hands over his wife. He could feel his own excitement as he watched and waited.

Paul then turned her round again to face the men and said, "Gentlemen, as I said earlier Andrew has offered us the use of his wife and she has agreed.

So before we have a much better look at what he has offered us I suggest that we all show Lucy what we will be giving her."

Lucy realised that the men had obviously discussed all of this before she and Andrew had arrived.

The six men all stood up and started to undress, including Paul.

Suddenly this was becoming very real.

Lucy stood and stared as they all took off there clothes until all they had on was their underpants.

Again her old fantasy moved a little closer to reality as she looked around at the six semi naked men in front of her. Her eyes felt drawn to the tops of their thighs as she looked at the bulges under their underpants. She could see that most of them were already erect and felt a sudden shiver run through her body.

Lucy watched as the hand held cameraman slowly moved from man to man; the lens focussed directly on their bulges. Finally he came round to Paul. Lucy turned her head and looked down at the large bulge that Paul was showing off to the camera. As she watched he crudely rubbed himself.

"OK gentlemen, I'm sure that Lucy is impressed so far. Please sit down and let me show you what is on offer."

Lucy just listened; imagining the mirror, her fantasy, feeling her nipples tingling against the silk fabric of her dress.

He turned to Lucy saying, "Your main task today is to make each man cum. You will allow them to use you however they want and ejaculate where ever they want. Your body is solely for their pleasure until you have exhausted them all."

Lucy nodded.

She looked around nervously, feeling uncertain if she could actually achieve what was being asked of her.

She then panicked as she noticed a small trolley that she had not noticed before placed next to the empty armchair.

On the trolley she saw a tube of KY jelly, a vibrator, and a string consisting of six beads, each about one inch in diameter and spaced about one inch apart, the string ended with a ring attached.

Lucy recognised the KY and the vibrator but felt apprehensive and uncertain about the strange looking string of beads.

Paul had been waiting for her to see these items and grinned as he said, "Lucy, we always have some accessories standing by during a film shoot. We find that sometimes the girl needs to be prepared before the first penetration."

He then walked behind her saying, "and now it is time to show the men what they have been patiently waiting to see."

Lucy could sense the wave of excitement that seemed to fill the room.

She also felt Paul's fingers reach for the zip on the back of her dress.

She made a huge effort to stay calm and try to look relaxed as she felt him pull the zip very slowly down, inch by inch, until she could feel it was completely undone.

She felt his hands move up to her shoulders and watched as the cameramen adjusted their lenses and focussed directly on her.

Paul lifted the shoulder parts of her dress up and then out before slowly pulling it down.

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