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Ex tries to force her, but she turns the turns the tables.

" Hyung angrily retorts.

"Guys, guys. No need to fight." My mum says. "How about Brandon, you take Hyung and Matt, head out to grab lunch and buy something back for the rest of us. Meanwhile, I'll take care of Jack and Jerome."

"Fine! Let's go guys." Matt says.

My mum quickly heads off to clean herself up before returning to spread her legs again for Jack and Jerome. She returns without her panties and bra this time, instead just wearing a large loose t shirt and the same strappy white and silver heels. She comes out to the hall to find Jack and Jerome naked and ready to fuck, their nice cocks already semi erect. She smiles and walks up to them, kissing Jack as she strokes both their cocks. Soon, she's kissing Jerome now and she's gotten his cock up to it's 9 inches while Jack's manhood is pushing 7.5 inches.

The trio reposition themselves with Jack happily seated on the sofa with my mum on her hands and knees between his legs fellating him. Meanwhile, Jerome positions himself behind her, stroking his huge, black mamba, preparing to do her doggystyle. My mum in her loose t shirt and no panties is already sucking Jack off as Jerome finally squats behind her and mounts her.

She lets loose an audible gasp as he enters her, letting Jack's dick slide out of her mouth for a few moments as she gets used to the huge cock in her. In no time at all though, Jerome has gotten into a rhythm fucking her, grasping her t shirt clad tits while using his huge quads to power his cock in and out of her. Like the naughty slut she is, my mum takes the pounding and simultaneously gets back to servicing Jack's cock.

"Fuck. Damn. Bro, this MILF sure knows how to give head." Jack says to Jerome as they tag team my mum.

"Yeah, her pussy is so wet. Slut sure know how to enjoy a spitroast." Jerome replies.

After a few minutes of the hot threesome sex, my mum pops Jack's cock out of her mouth and asks him, "Can you get it up again if I get you off?"

"Absolutely, I've got at least 2 bullets in me. That's 2 more than your husband." Jack replies cockily.

My mum decides to play along with the cocky stud and sluttily replies, "Uh hmm, that sounds good. You wanna satisfy me like my hubby never could? I want you to glaze my face like a doughnut then stick that nice fat cock up my butt."

"Oh fuck, that's hot. Open your mouth Scarlett, I'm gonna coat you in my jizz." Jack says as he jerks his cock. Meanwhile, Jerome continues to fuck my mum doggystyle at a steady pace.

Soon, Jack reaches his orgasms and he groans as he aims his cock at my mum's face and jets of cum fly out. It's a big load and he splatters my mum's face with creamy white cum. There's a glob in one eyelash and strokes of cum cover her cheeks and chin as she takes his cock into her mouth and sucks the rest in like a good slut.

After polishing Jack's dick clean, my mum asks Jerome to pull out before asking the boys if they wanted her to wear Jack's cum while they fucked her since some of it might fly off and drop on them. They quickly look at each other and decide that it's worth the risk to see my mum look like a fucking cheap slut, getting fucked with jizz drying on her face.

My mum tells Jerome to sit on the sofa and she removes her butt plug before mounting him cowgirl style, sitting on his lap and filing her vagina with his hard black cock. After a few test stroked, Jack, who true to this word is hard again, pops his cock head into my mum's butthole.

"Mmm" she moans. "So full. Don't hold back boys, give it to me hard. Call me names, just fuck me good like the cheating whore wife I am."

"Oh fuck. We're gonna make you so sore." Jerome promises.

"Umm, that sounds good. Make my little pussy and ass sore. Uggh, fuck me, just like that, fuck me harder." My mum cries out.

"Let's pick up the pace bro. let's nail this cum covered slut." Jack says as he grabs my mum's waist and starts to fuck her ass harder.

The two college athletes fuck her hard over the next 10 minutes as Jack's cum dries on her face, she's in a

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