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A shoplifter pays for her crimes by being his slave.

You will awaken feeling refreshed and invigorated, 1, 2, 3, awake!"

"Uh wow, fell asleep, everything go ok?"

"Yes Jim it went very well your next appointment is Tuesday at 10 am, can you make it then?"

"Sure, no problem Mystic see you then."

Jim left feeling great, like a load had been lifted from him. He felt so good he thought he would check out the pub near his apartment. Jim sauntered into the pub and ordered a pint of draft. As he sat drinking it his eyes were wondering from guy to guy looking at their crotches.

"God what am I doing?" Jim was pondering this as he went to take a piss in the bathroom. There was a man next to him and Jim's eyes kept drifting to this man's cock, it was flaccid and wrinkly and Jim was disgusted but still couldn't stop taking a peek!

Jim left the bar and headed to the gym. Maybe that would get rid of this sudden urge of his. In the change room his eyes again drifted from man to man ogling their flaccid cocks. Jim worked out hard and returned to change and shower. In the shower he, again kept staring at every cock that came and went. He lingered in the change room for an hour taking note of the several different cocks, some cut, some uncut, some long or short, thick and fat, or skinny. All manner of cock everywhere and he was taking fucking mental notes.

Jim got himself home but Sunday and Monday went pretty much the same, in bathrooms, parks, and the gym, at school everywhere he went he was gawking at crotches and cocks, Jim thought he was losing it. Tuesday finally came and at Mystics place he told him of the past few days.

"Really," said Mystic, "well sometimes your true self comes out Jim. Ready for session 2 or have these thoughts disturbed you too much?"

"No, no I am ready I need to continue."

Mystic went through the ritual of taking Jim under and quickly got to the point this time.

"Ok Jim, you found yourself looking at cocks, sizing them up, now for the next 2 days you will wonder what it feels like to hold one in your hand the thought will consume you, even as you masturbate you will wonder what it's like to hold another man's cock in your hand. Every time you see a flaccid or erect cock you will wonder what it feel like, is it like yours, does it shoot thick cum or little bits dribbling over the head. One more thing from now on I need only say to you one word 'CUMSLUT' and you will fall instantly into a deep trance. Now you will awake again feeling wonderful and refreshed and return Thursday. 1, 2, 3 awake!"

"Wow, I feel great Mystic, what ever you're doing is working see you Thursday." Jim left the office wondering why he knew Thursday was the next visit, oh well.

The next couple days he was not only looking at cocks but also wondering what they felt like and all manner of ideas ran through his head. This time he just let them happen and felt ok about it.

Thursday he walked into Mystic's house and sat in the chair as before. Mystic came in nude instead of his usual robe and sat across from Jim. Jim just stared at Mystic's hairless pubic area and erect cock, obsessed by its visage and size.

"Something wrong?"

"No, nothing." But Jim's red face betrayed him.


And just that quick Jim was under.

"You want to touch it Jim." A nod. "Then touch it, but anything that comes out of it you must also touch and taste." Another nod.

Mystic walked over and took Jim's hand and place his cock in it, he aroused Jim enough to be able to function but still be under.

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