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Elven sorceress enjoys travel and visit to renowned merchant.

o, it's your house, you have a right to-"

"But you had no reason to think I'd be playing hooky from work -"

"We'd better -" Scotty began.

Mrs. C. waved her hand. "Oh, at this point it hardly matters. Stay if you want."

Well, clearly Scotty had no objections.

We pulled over chairs. Before I sat down, I took the sunscreen out of my bag and began squeezing some out. "You might as well take off your top too, Cathy," Mrs. C. said. "It's not as if anybody else is going to show up." When I hesitated, she added "It's not as if Scott hasn't seen you topless."

"Um... why do you say that?" I asked.

"Simple math," Mrs. C. said with a smile: "I know you and my daughter were swimming in just your panties the other night, because you didn't have suits with you. Well, Vicki could have run upstairs and gotten one, but she wouldn't have if you didn't have any. It's okay, I'm not angry with anybody. And Gail kept her bra on, because her brother was here, and later came out of the pool, took it off, and put her t-shirt back on."

"Okay," Scotty said, "maybe all the girls kept their bras on."

Mrs. C. gestured at her own flat chest. "I don't wear bras unless I absolutely have to, and I'm sure neither does Cathy."

"She is right," I said to Scotty. "She is good."

"Goodness has nothing to do with it," she said, and I removed the top of my bikini.

I'd never sunbathed topless before. I worked the sunscreen into my breasts, and Scotty didn't even pretend not to watch. I'm sure he would have been happy to do it for me, and I'd definitely have asked him to if we'd been alone - but Mrs. C. didn't have to know Scotty had done anything more than look at anybody's bodies this week.

We chatted for a while, mostly Mrs. C. asking Scotty questions about his life (since she'd known me since I was in pre-school). Scotty spent the whole time lying on his front, which didn't surprise me.

She seemed very comfortable being topless in front of us. Maybe that comes with being older, though thirty-seven was hardly old. I'd seen her in her underwear over the years, but never topless. And Scotty, of course...

I had a random thought: I wonder if my parents ever saw her topless like this. But I forced it out of my mind: the thought of my father seeing Mrs. C. like this was just too troubling to think about.

After we'd been there for about 45 minutes, Mrs. C. turned over onto her front and said "Scott, could you do my back for me please?"

This was a dream come true for Scotty, of course, but he was also distressed because standing up exposed an erection that apparently hadn't subsided, and was now even more evident because he was about to have his hands all over Mrs. C.'s back.

Her front probably would have given him a stroke.

I can't deny appreciating the sight of his dick, and it made me want to yank down his trunks, wrap both hands around it, and jerk him off again. Or... wrap my lips around it. Or my pussy.

I wonder whether he had any idea how hot this was making me.

Mrs. C. sighed as Scotty massaged the cream into her back, and offering no objection when he let his hands wander to her sides, touching what little side-boob she had.

"My legs," she finally said. As Scotty began working the cream into her muscular legs, she began spreading her legs to make it easier for him. Her bikini bottom hadn't covered a whole lot to begin with, and soon I could tell with certainty that she was completely shaven.

His hands moved further up her legs, with her obvious encouragement, and before very long if he didn't see she was completely shaven, he'd have been able to feel it.

"Scotty," I said, possibly moments before he was about to start finger-fucking our neighbor, "we have to get back to the house: we're having an early lunch before we leave."

I pulled my top back on, and gathered up our stuff, and we left.

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