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Carter is surprised to enjoy Valentine's Day.


She gave her little speech - which I could tell was hard for her to get through - with a few tears in her eyes. I knew that she was right, but it still made my heart ache.

"I don't think that I'll ever find anyone that I'm as sexually compatible with as I am with you," I replied, tears forming in my eyes.

"What a dear thing to say," she smiled while stroking the side of my face. "My sincere hope is that you will - but we are good together, aren't we?" she laughed.

That was the understatement of the decade, as far as I was concerned. Up until our first tit fuck she spent a lot of time building up my confidence and alleviating the initial clumsiness on my part - especially when eating her pussy, or fucking in some positions. After that we seemed to meld our bodies together during sex, and instinctively knew what the other wanted. We both were more interested in pleasing the other person than ourselves, and as a result we both succeeded in spades.

After Betty's little speech and my reply, she wiped away her tears and my own and said "Now that that's settled, let's see if we can fuck each other comatose the next three nights!"

That was the first time she had used the word "fuck" in her relationship with me. That opened the floodgates, however, and the next three days we both talked dirty as we fucked each other into oblivion three times a day. When that was combined with the times that I ate her out or moved a vibrator into her ass, it seemed that we were doing something sexual at least ten hours a day. When we finally did go to bed with the purpose of recharging rather than fucking, we passed out more than fell asleep.

Betty and I thanked each other profusely when we kissed goodbye and promised to email each other regularly. By the time that I got home from the two hundred mile drive I was ready to face college, with the knowledge that I could handle myself in any sexual situation.


As Betty had predicted, I did become successful in life because I was smart, industrious, and kind to everyone - unless they demonstrated that they weren't worthy of my kindness. By the time that I was twenty eight I had my own company headquartered in the city that I grew up in, for fun (and to stay in shape myself) taught cross training for runners at a local fitness facility two nights a week and on Saturday morning, and had a good cadre of friends.

The only area where my life was not a success was in the long-standing-relationship-with-a-female department. While I had had a number of relationships, starting my sophomore year in college, that lasted about six months or longer, I never found anyone that I was completely compatible with. I never consciously "blamed" that on Betty, but I'm sure that deep down inside I was comparing my girlfriends to Betty and they were coming up short. Betty and I had communicated by email for three years, until she found a guy who was crazy about her and much nicer than her old husband Mitch, and thought it best to end our communications; I agreed with her at the time, so we hadn't had any further contact.

While I had always tried to be sweet to and considerate with girlfriends, eventually I would convince myself that the girlfriend de jour was not right for me, and would terminate the relationship as kindly as possible. When at twenty eight I broke up with a woman who the rest of the world considered eminently compatible with me I finally admitted to myself that I needed help and went to see a shrink. It was after two sessions with the shrink that something happened to change my life.

I was just doing some shopping at a food store that I rarely frequented but wasn't too far from my house when I heard "Jeremy; Jeremy Watson; is that you?"

I turned to see what appeared to be a beer-bellied and balding version of Will Simpson. I primarily recognized him because of the cock-sure smirk on his face, one that I had often seen before.

"Hi, Will," I replied, once that I was sure that it was him. "I didn't know that you lived nearby."

"Yeah, me and the missus have lived in

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