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Even through tough times, best friends survive.

" It would make you so hot to know he was up there beating off; you wouldn't be able to stand it."

Both Amy and I blew our loads right then. She screaming on the TV and me shooting my cum all over the floor in front of the TV.

Thinking back I remembered that after talking to the kids I went upstairs, changed into a pair of shorts and T shirt then wandered down to the living room where I caught the end of a Braves day game. What a missed opportunity!

As Amy came down from her second orgasm in ten minutes she released my sons hand. Pulling it back out of range of the camera Stan said, "Baby you DO taste very good." With that the scene went dark again.

Two seconds later the TV came back to life and it was obvious some time had passed. It was dark and I was looking at a shot of me taken from outside the windows looking out onto the deck; sitting on this very same couch watching TV.

"I don't think he can see us." Amy whispered from off camera. "Put the camera on the railing and get over here."

The picture bounced around as my son placed the camera on the deck railing, still facing the window and then appeared in the picture. A couple seconds later Amy came into the scene as well - both of them were naked! My son had a huge erection that Amy immediately grabbed and began to massage. My own cock jerked to life as I watched the action on the screen. Stan had Amy's' nipples between his fingers and was twisting and pulling on them.



"Sorry, but you know what playing with my nipples does to me."

"Well keep it down! I don't want dad coming out here and finding us like this."

"Like what? Oh, you don't want him to see me playin with your cock huh? OK, I'll do this instead."

On the screen Amy dropped to her knees and sucked three quarters of my son's hard cock down her throat. Stan stood there, riveted to the floor as Amy pulled her mouth almost off of his cock and then slammed it back into her throat.

My hand was around my own cock now, bringing it to full mast again.

Stan grabbed the back of Amy's head, furiously fuck her mouth with his cock. He was shoving himself into her so hard that he pushed her off balance and she fell backwards, ending up flat on her butt on the wooden deck.

"Get up here!" Stan whispered urgently.

Amy got to her feet, gingerly pulled a chair in front of her and leaned over it, presenting her cute round ass to my son. In no time at all he had shoved his dick into Amy's hot cunt. They both tried to suppress their groans as Stan's cock bottomed out against Amy's womb. Stan stood still for a few moments, apparently enjoying the intense feeling he was getting from his cock buried in Amy's little cunt.

"Fuck me goddamn it." Amy hissed, "Shove that thing into my me while your daddy watches us. Show your daddy what a good fucker you are."

The effect of Amy's words was immediate. Stan let out a horse growl and immediately began to savagely fuck Amy. I could hear the slapping sound as his pelvis slammed against her ass.

Amy buried her face into the chair cushion to muffle the scream she let out as Stan pummeled her cunt. They fucked like this for at least ten minutes. Stan's breathing became labored as he continued to pound Amy's pussy.

Finally he slowed down and then stopped, his cock still buried in Amy's cunt, Stan leaned over her back and tried to regain his breath. Amy was also breathing very hard, but managed to look back over her shoulder at Stan and smile.

"Not bad for a little boy." She teased, "But I bet your big 'ol daddy could do better."

Stan shot straight up. "You little bitch! So you want more do you. OK, let's see how you like this." In one quick move Stan pulled his 7 inch cock out of Amy's gaping pussy and buried it into her ass.

Amy's mouth dropped open and her eyes opened so wide I thought they were going to fall out.

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