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I remember shaking my head, feeling embarrassed. I felt so silly - then I started to feel better.

I figured that I had better not mention this to Cheryl. I know that she would be angry with me for spying on her, not trusting her. I thought that it would be better if I just forgot about it. It would be silly to start another argument about something so trivial. I remember nodding, satisfied that I had made the best decision.

I tried to be especially kind that evening. I went out of my way to compliment Cheryl, commenting upon her hair and how her exercise program was working so well. She really did have a wonderful body, really has been awhile since I had seen it. I mean...without clothes. As I thought about it then I realized that we hadn't made love in quite awhile...hmmm, more than quite awhile. How long had it been? A couple of weeks? More????? After a bit of reflection I realized that it had been more like a couple of months...or more?

In bed that night I made an attempt...I tried to interest her in making love. She was so cold, so unresponsive. Then she changed. Turning to me she gave me a sweet kiss and pleaded a headache. I could understand that. I knew that making love would be difficult at best when one had a headache. I would really be cruel if I bothered her when she was hurting. I was understanding. I turned over and went to sleep... I tried to sleep. I was up most of the night, I had a headache also.

The next few days were uneventful. Cheryl was being nicer, it seemed that she was happy, she was humming to herself, moving about with a smile on her face. I was happy, it was nice to see her like this, not morose and frowning. I was glad for her, but... we still weren't making love. I had tried a few more times, but she always had an excuse. No, no, I did understand. Being tired, or having a backache or headache, things like that... it would be difficult to make love. I wasn't an animal, cruel or uncaring... I understood... I did.

Then, on a Thursday, Cheryl came in the house and informed me that she had to attend a seminar over the weekend out of town. She would be back on Sunday evening some time. I tried to get her to explain this seminar and why it was over a weekend, but she was short with me...abrupt. I did understand that sometimes work interfered with home life. There were times when I had to go out of town...I understood that. But...why over a weekend? Why such short notice? I was a bit put out, but Cheryl came to me and kissed me sweetly and patted me on the cheek. I felt terrible, she was such a good wife and I knew that I had to be more understanding.

She returned that Sunday evening, brimming over with good cheer. She told me what a wonderful seminar it was. It seemed it was about attracting new business for the hotel or something. She was bubbling over and really didn't make too much sense. I did notice that she was walking a bit funny and when she sat it was gingerly. I guess she had pulled a muscle or something.

It was a few weeks later that my boss told me that I would have to go out of town because one of my accounts had developed problems with the software that I had recommended. I was needed, it appeared, to do some additional training for the staff there. This wasn't all that unusual, it wouldn't take more than just a few days. I would be leaving Monday morning and I would probably be home no later than Thursday evening. I told this to Cheryl when I got home and she became very angry.

She told me that we were having a Halloween party the evening of the 31st and that she had told me that I had known that. All of her friends from work and some neighbors would be there. I truly didn't remember a thing about it, but Cheryl was adamant about that so I guess that I had just forgotten. I was very embarrassed, but I really had no option. I had to go out of town and I tried to placate Cheryl the best I could, but to no avail. She stayed angry with me. She wouldn't even drive me to the airport, I had to take my car and park it there.

Knowing that Cheryl was

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