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A chance encounter in a laundry room gets dirty.

She returned to Payton and slowly slid the gloves across his flesh, with every pin-prick touch; Payton's cock would flinch slightly.

"Now, what shall we have you do for me, pet?" she questioned.

"Anything my mistress desires..."responded Payton.

Annabella moved to the stool and sat down, spreading her legs. Sliding the gloves off, she laid them across the table then she reached into her bag and pulled out a paddle. "Crawl to me pet, now is there anything you forgot to mention to me today?" she questioned.

Payton crawled slowly across the room, stopping a foot or so in front of her, he prostrated himself. "I didn't tell you this earlier, but you didn't ask, mistress." Payton spoke timidly.

"Insolent boy, why would I ask? You know you are required to inform me of everything you do." Annabella spat. "Speak, pet, tell your mistress of you misbehavior."

"I put it in last night, the vibrating plug, mistress...and I turned it on. Just a little, but I thought it would help me, prepare for today, I know I should have asked first. But I thought..."Payton hung his head low, seeing the disproval in Annabella's eyes.

Annabella laughed, a glittering bell sound rolled from her jeweled lips. "You thought? What makes you think that I would allow this indiscretion to go unpunished?"

"I...I...I..."Payton stammered.

"Come closer pet, assume the position."Annabella spoke, tapping the paddle across her thigh. Payton crawled to her feet, and aligned his face to the floor, pressing his ass into the air. Annabella ran her nails across the curves of his bottom. She heard him sigh, and she grinned devilishly. Without warning, she brought the paddle down hard. She heard him groan as she brought it down again and again. After series of smacks, Payton's ass was beet red. Annabella laid the paddle down. She yanked his head up by his hair. "More mistress." He mumbled. "I think you liked your punishment too much, pet." She stood and walked to the front of him. "Display your hands for me pet." she ordered.

Payton's eyes grew wide. "No, mistress, I'm sorry mistress, please don't mistress."

"DISPLAY YOUR HANDS NOW." she commanded.

"Yes, mistress." Payton conceded placing his hands out in front of him, palms down.

Annabella lifted a heel and drove the stiletto spike into his hand. "From now on when I deliver punishment, you will learn to hold back your enjoyment." She lifted the shoe and drove the spike into the other hand. Payton screamed in pain. Annabella removed the shoe and walked to her bed.

She crawled onto the bed, and beckoned Payton forward. He moved slowly, pain still evident on his face. "For responding so well to that punishment, I'll allow you a treat. What would you like to do to your mistress now pet?" she questioned.

Seizing the opportunity Payton rattled off a list of fantasies. "I want my mistress to make me cum with her body, I want my mistress to let me make myself cum with her help somehow, I want to cum inside my mistress, I want to cum on her and be made to lick it off, I want to hear her pleasure see her every inch of skin, I want to smell you, feel you, I'll do anything."

"For now pet you'll lick me, if I enjoy it then perhaps something else will come forward" Annabella laid back as Payton came close. He kissed her through the fabric of her undies and nibbled at her sex. "May I remove the thong mistress?" he asked. "Yes."

Payton slowly slid the fabric from her sex, peeling it off and sliding it down her legs and off her completely.

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