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A wife helps husband with a deal.

All of that turned him on, and he always made sure to "thank" me properly afterwards!

Finally, something inside of him turned loose. On one of our trips, he brought along an outfit for me to wear out. Short skirt, ending about 3 inches below my ass, but not overly tight. A corset, but one that only held up my boobs, but didn't cover them at all. A jean jacket that was small to the point of barely being able to button a single button at the level of my nipple line. And a pair of thigh-high stiletto boots. No bra or shirt, and only my normal g-string underneath. He dressed neatly, as he always does-silky button-down shirt, slacks, reasonable yet professional shoes. With that, we went out to party.

I had my normal slow intake of drinks as we danced at a few places, then we hit a place that was pretty packed and fun. Somewhat crowded, so that if you were dancing, you were almost guaranteed to bump into other people. We found a seat where we could watch the bar and the dance floor, and I was kind of dancing in my seat. I went out a few times when a good song came on, and we pretty much just enjoyed the atmosphere for a while. Once or twice, I picked up a partner for a song or so, and we danced flirty-just the way you do when you're young, buzzed, and have no worries. Nothing too risque-the usual boob-cupping and ass grabbing, some light grinding, but nothing major.

At one point I came back to join my husband-happy, buzzed, but not drunk, I cuddled up next to him, and he pointed out a table of guys nearby that were facing us. He described how they'd been watching me, and suggested that we do a little more tonight. Of course, wanting to make him happy, and not really having too many cares or worries because of the alcohol, I agreed. He smiled and kissed me lightly, and said "I want you to stare directly at all of them, and take your panties off right here and leave them on the floor." My mind went completely blank. We were in a crowded bar, and those guys had a clear view under the table. My husband's fingers tickled my neck between my ear and shoulder-one of my erotic areas, always a good spot to get my sexual motor revved up another notch. I slowly turned my head and stared into his eyes, giving him a slow tongue kiss, my hand rubbing up his leg to his erection. He was rock hard, and dead serious about the whole thing. I gave what I thought was a sexy smile and whispered "ok", then turned back to face the trio across the way. I slid my skirt up over my ass just enough that I could hook my thumbs into my g-string, and stared deliberately at the guys as I worked it down under my ass, and over my boots. They nudged each other, giving me thumbs up throughout the act. As I slid my panties carefully off my boots into a puddle on the floor under the table, my husband caressed my inner thigh. For a while we just stayed like that-me watching the good-looking guys across the way, my husband watching both them and me as he teased my leg. We sipped our drinks slowly, until they were gone (not that there had been much left anyways).

My loving husband had me get up and get us new drinks-the path to the bar would take me directly past the table of guys.

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