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Adventures of a supersoldier from earth and his alien crew.

So I skinned her clitoral hood back and made steady gentle love to her clit's tip with the tip of my tongue.

Moment's later Mary's legs shot straight out, slid onto my shoulders and began trying to crush my head like a grape. As Mary entered full-blown orgasm her reactions were so erotic to me that I came in my underwear without any external stimulation of any kind.


After a few minutes Mary's thighs relaxed and her feet fell back to the floor as she still gasped for air trying to once again breath involuntarily. But as relaxed and let herself become malleable again I leaned forward and began to slowly work my tongue along her inner thighs and on the sides of labia with steady and extremely light pressure.

Mary remained unmoving and totally un-reactive to my ministrations, or at least that's what I thought until I heard, "ooh Doug, I don't think I could stand it again please don't."

I suddenly had an enormous sense of raw power, a sense of control I had never felt over another human before. I loved the feeling, she had always been in control, but now during post orgasmic bliss she was too weak and powerless to stop me. I knew that if I could get her relaxed enough, I could take total control again. So I began to mercilessly tease her over her verbal protests I just repeated my previous successes. Success she showed me, not by her actions but reaction to what I had done and filed in my memory.

In just a few minutes of ignoring her weak protests I was once again locked tight in the vice created by Mary's thighs as they attempted to crush my skull. And just like before she totally collapsed into her chair so I dropped my pants and boxers, leaned over her as she fought for her breath and whispered in her ear, "Mary can I, can, can I fuck you?"

Mary responded between gasp of air with something that sounded like permission, I really couldn't say for sure, but I sure took it as more than permission in my mind it was a blatant invitation. So at any rate I drove my cock all the way into her in a single thrust.

I pumped in and out of her like a man possessed and she just laid there a willing but seemingly inactive participant. Her inactivity made little difference to me because I had just given up virginity and I was gone anyway, I lasted but a dozen or so strokes before I exploded into her with such force I swear I didn't breath for over a minute.

Then in shame I slid off her body onto my knees with my head resting on her thigh broken hearted. I was so ashamed; I had taken total possession of this grown adult woman like a real man with my lips and tongue, only to be show her the adolescent that I was. I had just come in her in little more than a few strokes. I fought the tears that truly wanted to flow freely from my eyes, but something in me said that I somehow had to maintain at least some shred of manliness, so crying wouldn't do.

I felt Mary caress my head and run her fingers through my hair as she continued finally to take control of her breathing. Once in control Mary said, " ooh you sweet little bastard where did you ever learn to make a woman feel so wonderful. That was the most intense orgasm I think I have ever had, you know you are quite the lover for a young man.

Looking up at her I cried out, "you mean that? But I, I came so fast when I did it."

Mary laughed out aloud, but when she saw my face she said, "ooh silly I am not laughing at you I am laughing at the ridicules idea that you failed, I know lord you had to be super excited after what you did to me, any man, even an experienced one would not last long."

"Your, your not just saying that, are you?"

Mary laughed again, but for some reason the way she looked at me when she laughed made me smile back at her.

"You are so sweet, besides any man can come to soon once and a while, its how they handle it afterwards that counts."

"What do you mean?"

"Well let me put it this way.

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