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Farmer Frank doesn't satisfy his wife.

I looked on in surprise as she jerked her hand up and down the candlestick holder. "It does look like you've had some practice. Your boyfriend's a lucky fella", I said.

"I don't have a boyfriend", Carolyn said, looking deeply into my eyes while continuing her stroking of the holder, "my girlfriends and I do it for the guys to keep them from trying to get into our pants."

I could feel a bulge growing in my own pants as the conversation continued.

"But doesn't that just make them more horny?", I asked.

"Well, if it does, we just jerk them off again", Carolyn stated in a matter of fact manner, as if we were talking about soccer. "We just keep them drained so that they can't try to go on to anything else. It relieves them, and keeps us from having to put out."

At this point, I was looking into her eyes. She looked back with a steady gaze, and seemed very mature and grown up. "That's a very interesting approach to the problem", I said. "Do you enjoy giving handjobs, or is it just the lesser of evils?"

"Oh no, I do enjoy it", she said. "I like the control and power it gives me over boys".

I couldn't believe it, but this teenager was making me blush. Not to mention making me harder and harder. "So you just give hand jobs? What do you do with the cum?", I asked, trying to learn whether she sucked them off, too.

"No, just handjobs. I don't give blowjobs, if that's what you're looking for", she answered with a devilish grin. Her double meaning made be blush some more. "What to do with the cum can be a problem", she continued. "I do let them cum in my mouth sometimes to keep from making a mess. But I really just like to see them squirt if I can do it without getting it all over me. I do like to take my shirt off and let them cum on my tits, if I'm somewhere that I can do that".

Her graphic description had me rock hard. I shifted in my seat to relive my discomfort, and saw Carolyn staring at my crotch.

"Looks like you need a little relief yourself", she said, moving toward me, putting her hand on me, and rubbing my cock through my pants.

"I...I...I don't think we should this", I said, shocked that I was letting my niece take charge like this.

"Nonsense", she said, "it's not like it's really sex or anything". She already had her hands on my belt buckle, and before I realized what was happening, she had it undone and had pulled my pants down. She took my cock out of my shorts and studied it as if it were a wonder.

"A nice purple head, I like that", she said. She reached down and flicked her tongue over the head, catching the pre-cum dripping from the slit. "Um, I always like this juice", she said.

She sat on the floor in front of me and took my cock in her hand and started stroking slowly. She looked up into my eyes with a contented smile. She started jacking me faster, and took her other hand and cupped and squeezed my balls. I knew I wouldn't last long watching her give my cock such loving care.

"I'm going to cum soon", I exclaimed. Within a minute I felt the cum welling up in my balls. She continued to jerk me, but took her other hand and lifted up her shirt. She had on a satiny, low cut black bra that pressed her breasts together for plenty of cleavage. As I started to shoot my load, she pointed it at her breasts. Four strands of cum landed on her tits and bra, soaking into the shiny material and standing out on the black bra. She moved my cock up to her face and rubbed it on her cheek, squeezing out a little more cum that squirted into her hair and dribbled down her cheek and onto her shirt that was bunched up around her neck.

She ran her finger over her cheek, putting the cum into her mouth. She smiled at me and said, "Yummy, older guy cum tastes good, too!"

I was speechless, standing there with my deflating cock hanging out. I started to pull my pants up, but Carolyn stopped me. "Don't put it away yet, I want to look at it some more", the teenager said.

I was debating whether to take my pants a

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