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Unexpected allies appear and Illyria strikes at Quetzonatl.

Just enough was left of my mind to understand what she was saying to me and watch as she drove the sword in deeper. Then she came around to my side of the desk, and feeling returned to my body, though it was undoubtedly the most inappropriate reaction given the circumstances. While I had suspected before, sure enough I could confirm that she was just as perfect below the waist as she was above. She was simply poured into this suit. Her black skirt reached only a quarter down her thigh, showing me the start of her dark, silk, stalkings whenever she moved a leg forward. Judging by her profile when her side was to me, her ass completed the set of perfect physical features. If only I had met this woman, this woman whom I could actually sleep with without the risk of a prison sentence, before I met those infernal girls.

"So what it is about them, Mr. Harper? Their age? Their innocence? The ease in which you can manipulate them to fulfill your sick desires?" she accused more boldly now, standing in front of me with her arms crossed under her full and unyielding breasts. "Was it just them you were attracted to, or was it all of your female students? Hell, was it even just these three girls you abused or have you left many more broken women in your wake?" I couldn't even look at her now. The shame and fear I felt overpowered how attracted I was to her and how much I wanted to stare at her forever. "I bet if I checked your phone, you'd have all sorts of illicit pictures of your students on there, wouldn't you?" That accusation cut especially deep. While all the things she had said were quite damning, they were still just her assumptions and theories. She had no evidence to back any of it up. Her tone had made all this circumstantial evidence sound factual. It took her coming close to some actual evidence to make me realize that. If she checked my phone, she would in fact find a naked photo on there of one of my students. A photo dating all the way back to when I first met the girls, before I had even done anything with them and the relationship was completely one sided.

"Doesn't help that you are single, you know," she continued to press. "People's imaginations run wild when you can't prove you're attracted to women your own age by being with a woman your own age. If only there was some way you could prove to me that you're attracted to women your own age...if not older.."

That certainly got my attention and pulled me out of the deep pit of despair I was in. It was as if I was one shovel strike away from reaching the top of Hell, when she threw down a rope. I looked up at her, puzzlement on my face, and then surprise. Her jacket had come unbuttoned, and no longer were her breasts thrusting their way past the deep V, though they were still hidden by her silk, purple, blouse. Her hands rested on the edge of the desk she was leaning against. As soon as I made eye contact with that lustful stare, she propped her expensive heel down onto my chair, right between my legs. In this moment of yet another beautiful and incredibly sexy female propositioning me for sex, I could think of only one thing: Vivika. Specifically, what she had said to me before I left for this meeting.

You are mine, and mine alone slammed against the inside of my skull, reminding me of the feeling of ownership Vivika had cast over me in the morning. Short of saying "don't you dare cheat on me," she had made it very clear that I was not to stray from her. Why should I? She, Nessa and Val gave me more than enough affection and stress to last me a lifetime. Yet here I was, being offered an olive branch in the form of a long, toned, leg, and with it - a way out of this mess.

"Well go on, Mr.

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