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Kelli takes control.

Unbeknownst to me, half of my ass was uncovered when I left the cereal aisle.

I guess I should say that my ass is one of my better features. My feet are pretty, as the old geezer noticed, but my ass - well, let's just say that it's a bubble butt and leave it at that for now. If you want more information, ask any of my old boyfriends, or any of the guys where I work, or any guy who ever saw me. I have a great ass. And now the better part of it was on display as I pushed the cart to the dairy section.

As I walked down the main rear aisle of the store past the meat section, I saw two tall, young black guys approaching me. I put on my innocent-sexy face for them and they smiled at me (victory!) and after we passed I heard them say "Da-a-a-amn, girl!" I knew that they must have turned back to see my bubble butt and approved. I pushed my cart with a newfound sprightliness to my step. Two compliments in a matter of minutes! I must go grocery shopping more often, I said to myself.

At the corner of the crackers and condiments aisle, I collided with a cart turning out into my path. "Sorry," I said as I backed up to let the other cart proceed. The woman pushing the other cart was an oddball, I could tell from my first quick look at her. She was an older woman, with too much makeup, wildly sprayed auburn hair in a retro-hairdo, and wearing a strange leather dress and high heeled pumps. She looked at me and smiled, hesitating as she passed by me. "Thanks, sweetie," she said. I saw her give me a quick once-over with her dark eyes. She cooed a gravelly "Meeoow," as she pushed her cart past me.

What was that? I wondered. I turned to look back at her and she had stopped a few steps behind me and was staring at me. She broke into a very strange grin when we made eye contact. I quickly swivelled my head forward again and began pushing the cart faster to get away from her.

I finally got to the dairy section and the bank of glass doors holding the refrigerated milk products. The vast collection of milk products were mixed in with fruit juices and other dairy products and and I had the devil's own time trying to find a simple quart of whole milk. I pushed the cart up and down in front of the refrigerated display cases.

For Chrissakes, it's cold in this part of the store, I thought to myself. I could feel my arms and legs go goose-bumpy from the freezing temperatures here. And my ass was freezing too, for reasons I didn't understand at the time. Then I felt my nipples go bullet-hard on my second pass in front of the dairy doors. Unable to find a simple carton of milk, I saw a kid in a paper hat spraying and wiping a set of the glass doors. I pulled my cart behind him and asked "Can you tell me where the whole milk is?"

The kid turned around, obviously surprised that anyone would ask him a question. He looked at me with a wide-eyed and open-mouthed expression on his acne'd face and before he could stammer an answer, squirted a hard spray of the glass cleaner right across my bosom.

"Jesus!" I cried as the liquid hit my white tank top. I immediately felt the cold dairy section air freeze my nipples where the kid sprayed me. Now I was not only cold, but wet and cold. I looked down at my tank top and saw that it was glued to my breasts. (I'll never run out to the store bra-less again, I told myself). As I looked down, I could see the brown circles around my nipples and the hard pebbles at the center of my breasts right through the now-sheer white material.

I guess I should tell you that I happen to have a very nice rack. That's how my last boyfriend put it, anyway. I'm built short with a round ass and full breasts. Like a fireplug, which is what another old boyfriend used to tell me. "Annjanette's a real tits and ass show," that's what I heard some guys at work say once when I walked in on them at the copy room unexpectedly.

The kid saw my hardened nipples too.

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