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A hot evening with my sister and her husband.

As I ran fingers over one of her breasts, I told her, "I want to see these while you suck me." Immediately, her nipple puckered tight for me.

I felt her eyes on me. There was a moment of mixed desire and anticipation in both of our eyes. I thought about telling her that I was desperate to taste the musky, sweet taste of her pussy on my tongue.

My eyes were glued to her breasts. I wanted to suck on those shapely beauties until her fat nipples stood red and distended above the pale, tender flesh of her breasts. The crests were already hard and pebbled with arousal. I was sure she would melt like sugar on my tongue.

"Down on your knees, Officer Chavis." I ordered softly.

She used my hips to steady herself as she sank before me. Shanna stared at the erection that now bobbed just an inch from her nose. She seemed to regard it with interest and as her eyes both widened and narrowed, I thought I could sense a degree of marvel too. Then again, what man wouldn't want a woman to do that.

She diverted her eyes to look up at me, then licked her lips before she pushed her tongue into the sensitive slit on the hard knob of my penis. After that singular moment of tepid curiosity, she gave herself over to tasting me. Enjoying me. Her tongue circled my head curiously, tracing the hard ridge beneath the full circumference once. Then she stiffened her tongue and polished my smooth head until it shined like gold, coating her tongue in the flavor of me. Her eyes fluttered closed rapturously as she encircled the girth of my cock with her hands and began to pump the steely hard flesh of the stalk. Her tongue circled, pressed, and fluttered across my head.

Shanna knew damn well she was teasing me now. No doubt she could sense the tension in my body and heard my muted grunts. Her eyes opened and she glanced up at me for confirmation it seemed. My mouth pulled tight into a feral smile. The sight on my face made the look in her eyes even more wicked.

I watched through narrowed eyelids as her red tongue and tight, pumping tongue tortured me. Her tongue, I already knew was limber and could tease with the best of them, but it was probing quick and elusive one moment, then hard, stuff, and pressing the next. When she slapped at the straining head rapidly while she jacked the stalk with a loose fist, my cock bobbed, almost like a thirsty dog's tongue. I cursed violently and palmed her head.

I could have sworn I saw her give me that witchy little smile before she arrowed my cock into her warm, humid depths. Her tongue pressed up on me sinuously until I was lodged securely against the hard ridge of her upper lip. She applied a steady suction that made me go cross-eyed.

Her mouth. Those thin lips had been made for sucking. No wonder she was so damned confident.

My fingers sank down into her soft hair, pressing against her skull as I began to thrust between her lips, subtly at first as tiny electrical pulsations began to flick throughout my body but her strong suck drew me deeper and I gave everything I had to her.

I rocked against her more intently, insisting that she take me deep. When she did, sliding the tip of my cock into her muscular throat, my eyes could do nothing but spring wide in ecstasy. I groaned when she slid me out sinuously until the head of my cock was trapped by tight lips but before I could protest, she took me deep again. She knew exactly what she was doing and was exceptional at it. Shanna repeated the process again and again until I became frantic with need.

My eyes popped open moments later when I felt her move my cock so that she was taking me more shallowly in her mouth. I realized how forcefully I had been forcing my cock into her throat when I saw the tears that wet her cheeks.

I knew that she was wet.

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