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As he stood, he gestured to the far end of the bar, where there was a large TV screen flashing rapid images in time to the beat of the music. Luke gestured to one of his other bartenders as he spoke to Andrew.

"Now here, my friend. We want everyone at Circle7 to leave having their best experience possible. So we're going to change this screen here to the game, and your drinks are on the house tonight."

Andrew's bad mood evaporated as quickly as the first drink arrived on the counter. His thoughts quickly turned purely to the booze as he started putting back shot after shot of strong whiskey. Luke grinned broadly and strode back towards Britney, only to see another man standing close to her, leaning over her chair and trying to touch her. Britney wasn't rebuffing his advances, but she was making him work for it. Luke arrived shortly to break up the situation.

"Well now, Britney, seems like Andrew is quickly getting much happier. Can I get you another drink, dear?"

Britney nodded, blushing as she did. Luke worked quickly, handing her the drink and trying again to engage her.

"So tell me, Britney, you seem awfully excited. Happy to be here at Circle7 tonight?"

"Oh my God, yes! I've wanted to come for so long, but it took forever to convince Andrew! I just wanted one night out to dress up and feel fancy. Is there anything wrong with that?"

"Absolutely not, love! Why would that ever be an-"

"Hey, asshole, the lady and I were having a conversation."

Luke turned to the new speaker, a ridiculously dressed excuse for a frat boy that relied more on the size of his arms than the size of his brain. Pathetic. Luke adopted an apologetic tone even as he smiled broadly.

"Oh, sir, I'm so sorry. I had no idea. I'll leave you to your conversation, and please, your next round is on me."

Luke made his way back to Andrew, changing the channel on the TV as he did. Andrew was incensed.

"Hey man, what happened? Put the game back on!"

"Oh, I apologize, sir," Luke uttered as he flashed his pearly whites, "I didn't mean to interrupt. I just wanted to point out that the woman you came here with seems rather intrigued by that muscle-bound specimen of stupidity. Looks like they're getting ready to leave..."

Grabbing a glass off the tray of a passing server, Luke handed the drink to Andrew.

"Best remedy things, yeah?"

Luke leaned back against the dark wood of the bar, his eyes reflecting in the light as he watched the exchange with a crooked smile. Bolstered by Luke's words and the overabundance of alcohol, Andrew stumbled back to Britney, roughly pushing at the shoulder of her would-be suitor. The resulting brawl was as short-lived as it was easy to instigate, with both men quickly hauled away by the burly security guards. Before Britney could follow them out, Luke caught her attention with a wave.

"Say now, Britney? Rather than ruin what's left of the night, why don't you forget about those walking testosterone factories and have some fun?"

Britney turned; appalled at Luke's nerve and ready to tee off when she saw who was talking to her. Her thoughts floated to the forefront of her brain, easy pickings for Luke

God he's hot. Andrew probably couldn't get it up right now anyway, and this guy is so...hot.

Okay, so it wasn't a lot of thought.

But I can't just say 'yes'!

Luke jumped in and broke up her train of thought.

"Britney, the look on your face! I simply meant for you to come and have a drink with me. No obligation."

Luke's inherent charm, coupled with his devastating smile and mirthful eyes left Britney with no chance.

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