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Anya gives her dad the ultimate birthday present...herself.

"Yes and every time over the past couple years we've come up here to eat she's been our waitress. We ask for her by name pretty much every time now because she always gives us great service."

"She just seemed really friendly to you two were pretty close or something."

"Oh," Keith says remembering that Jackie had been cheated on before. "You think me and Shannon She is a sweetheart but I never asked her out or anything."

"Why not? She does seem sweet and very beautiful and-"

"I only want you," Keith says interrupting Jackie's sentence. "I don't care about any other woman and how sweet she is or how beautiful she looks. I only want you and will only pursue you."

That helps put Jackie's mind more at ease but she still fears something in the back of her mind. Before she could think of something else to ask Keith Shannon comes back with their drinks.

"Here you go," Shannon says as she places the drinks on the table. "Have you two decided what you wanted to eat yet?"

"Not yet," Keith says. "Jackie here has been admiring your beauty a little too much."

"Keith!" Jackie nearly yells as her faces turns red.

"Well it is nice to be admired by a woman I guess over some of the perverted idiots that come by," Shannon says looking at Jackie. "But I wish I could pull off your natural beauty. I'm sure that is something that made Keith approach you in the first place."

Jackie chuckles at the last thing Shannon said. "I actually approached him first."

Shannon's eyebrows raise at finding that out. "Really?" She turns and sees Keith looking away. "So did she ask you out that night or what?"

"I actually made a fool of myself and walked out on her," Keith says still looking away from them.

"Wait, but then how?" Shannon asks, confused as to how they got to be in a relationship then.

"Maybe we'll tell you at the end of our meal," Jackie says wanting to save Keith from embarrassing him more. "Give us a few minutes to look at the menu."

"No problem," Shannon says and she walks off to take care of another table.

"Thank you," Keith says as he slowly faces Jackie again.

"You're welcome and besides, I can't have you running off on me again. It is a little cold for me to walk back to the lake house."

That gets a good laugh out of Keith. They take a look at the menu and Keith decides to go for the NY Strip and Jackie settles on a Hawaiian flatbread. A few minutes later Shannon comes back and takes their order.

Jackie then asks how Keith's parents found the lake house and decided they wanted to buy it. He told her about how they wanted a nice quiet getaway for the weekends but also a place where the whole family could get together for the summer holidays and have fun. His parents got the place thinking that one day he and his sister would get married and have kids. As soon as kids are mentioned, Jackie realizes they haven't talked about that yet.

"Do you want to have kids?" Jackie asks.

"Yes, but I would like to wait until I'm married to you before I get your pregnant."

"Oh, what makes you think I'll say yes to you anyway?"

"Because I love you, I make you feel like the most beautiful woman in the world, will always protect you and," Keith leans in forward so that only Jackie can hear what he says next, "I give you the best orgasms."

Jackie blushes and she can't deny any of those facts, especially the last one. "Back to my original topics, how many kids do you want to have?"

"Honestly," Keith starts, "I would love to have four kids but I would settle for two."

"Why are you willing to settle for less?"

"Because I'm not the one who has to carry the baby for nine months and then give birth."

"That is very true," Jackie says, impressed that Keith is very reasonable on the issue. "I would love to have three kids, but I want one of them to be a girl of course."

"You want to be your daughter's best friend don't you?"
"Yeah, mom and I weren't really that close while I was growing up and of course as a teenager I pushed her away. We're very close now but still."

Shannon comes back with their

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