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Alexis meets Dominic.

At least that part was true.

"Aww, well I hope you're not coming down with something," she stuck out her lip in a pout that made me want to bend her over the kitchen counter.

Her pigtails would be all fucked up before she knew what hit her.

"No, no," I assured her. "Just worked too long a day yesterday I think. So what's up? I saw the van outside."

"Oh that's Alek. He's doing some final measurements for draperies. Alek does the installation, so I have him verify my numbers before I push orders."

"That's a smart move," I nodded, though I was mildly interested at best.

"Watcha got there?" I gestured to her sketchpad.

"Oh," she blushed. "I was working on some sketches for the master closet."

"Oh nice," I smiled. "Can I see?"

"Sure," she answered shyly. "But why don't we go upstairs to discuss it? It may help you to visualize a bit better."

"Yeah, that sounds good," I replied nonchalantly.

I was such a master of words when I was around her.

Of course I let her lead. I had ached to watch her walk up those stairs since I saw her with Thor that day on the security feed.

In the tight, short, frayed denim, her ass did indeed sway back and forth. I was salivating by the time we reached the landing. I wanted to grab her and haul her to my bed just like I'd dreamed. But the installer was within earshot. Not in the cards.

I had a tent in my pants I knew, but I decided to ignore it. If she noticed, what the hell was she going to say? It would be awkward, but I knew she would play the professional, as always.

The air was dead silent as she led me into my bedroom. I think we were both holding our breath.

I wondered how Bethany had reacted when she'd discovered the trunk missing. I'd been in such a rush to get home that I hadn't paid any further attention to the security footage. Was she surprised? Had she gone in search of it?

As we entered the master bath I had to stifle a wicked grin.

I'd broken a sweat dragging that huge trunk to the garage yesterday. Its imprint was still very obvious on the carpet, but I figured it would be fun to mess with her a bit, so I didn't bother vacuuming it out. I wanted to see if Bethany would comment on it. But I knew she wouldn't. She was a pro.

"Okay," she let out a deep breath as we approached the doorway to Closet B. "Are you ready?" she asked, beaming with confidence.

"I'm ready," I confirmed softly. It was everything I could do to keep from growling at her in sexual excitement. I was ready. But in a totally different context.

"Okay, so if you stand here," she began, situating us both at the doorway looking in, "This is what you will see. This is option A."

She gestured to her pad and then to the space, all business as usual. But as we huddled together in the doorway, and I smelled her girly fragrance, it became hard to focus on anything but the ache.

Being taller than Bethany, I couldn't look down at her drawing without noticing her cute pigtails just inches from my face. God how I wanted to grab those sort-of-pigtails in my hands. I wanted to force her to her knees and make her suck my cock until I blew my load down her slender young throat.

"You see here that I've drawn a series of adjustable shelves. Very utilitarian, very basic, and on each wall are different depths. The far wall has the deepest shelves, and the side walls have medium and shallow depth. On the right hand wall, I have four linear feet of hooks, each accommodating up to one hundred pounds."

"Yeah, that looks nice," I commented. "Basic."

"Mhmm, so that's option A. And here's option B," Bethany continued, flipping to the next page in her sketchpad.

"Wow," was my immediate reaction.

"Yeah, so for option B, I've included a few more features. I have a bank of drawers here on the left hand wall, some closed cabinets at the far wall, and open shelving. Plus, a longer stretch of hooks on the right hand wall. About six linear feet," she explained authoritatively, pointing to the blank wall on our right.

"Wow," I muttered again.

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