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Nellie tells Pete a Bedtime Story.

And believe me, I had to show her because my cock was almost hurting, strangling against the front of my jeans. I struggled to unbuckle my belt and pop open the snap.

I watched her hands as they shifted to the top of her dress. She slowly unbuttoned the first four buttons. By then, my zipper was down. My cock had made a tent out of my underwear so I quickly pulled the elastic waist down and set it free. It was perfect timing on my part because by that time, she had pulled her dress open and I could see the swell of round flesh straining through her purple bra. The sight sent a jolt of lust through my already twitching cock. I gripped it hard at the base, using a tight fist to try and keep my excitement under control. Her hand pulled down one the cups enclosing what I so desperately wanted to see. My breath quickened when she rested a breast in the palm of her hand, thumb moving back and forth against the nipple I hadn't seen yet.

"Wait just a second," she said softly. "Close your eyes. I want to make sure it's nice and hard when you first see it."

Was I dreaming? No woman has ever said that to me before. Well, now that I think about it, I've never really given a woman the chance to undress herself like this in front of me. Patience is not one of my redeeming qualities.

I was afraid to release my cock. I didn't want to come yet. I wanted to stay in this excited state and see what happened next. But I had to do something or I'd not see anything except stars. So, I held my balls with one hand while my other hand used the ol' two-fingered thwack to the top of my cock. Yet I still almost came when I finally saw her beautiful nipple. The little nubbin was swollen to a deep shade of rose, so stiff it was almost square. The tip was centered high in the middle of a soft pink breast. I know I drooled, thinking of how good it would feel between my teeth as I pulled it gently out from the soft surrounding skin and licked it with my tongue. I would roll her other nipple between my fingers, tantalizing her with sweet pinches of pleasure that would echo the nibbling of my teeth on her other nipple.

Her raspy voice brought my imagination to a halt. "Time for our pleasure, don't you think?"

Talk about being brought out of a dream! The urgency in her voice told me that she was as excited as I was. She teased her nipple, letting her other hand move down between her legs. My cock jerked like a puppet as I watched her squeeze and pull her nipple.

I actually had to put my balls in a vise grip to keep from coming when she revealed the last of her hidden pink treasures. She lifted the edge of elastic near her pussy, pulled it away and to the side. Her pussy was as stunning as she was and she was SHAVED. I could see that her labia were full and aroused. She slid her hand from her nipple and down to those rosy lips. Shifting down in her seat a little, she used two fingers to open herself up for my inspection. The inner slit was glistening with her excitement. I looked down at my cock and saw the tip glistening with pre-come. We were most definitely a matched set in this game of excitement and lust. And that's what it was. Lust. No commitment. No rules. It was just pure and simple lust - a come without a conscience.

This was all a thing of the past for me I had thought. I knew I was wrong as I watched her middle finger move slowly up and down her inner crease, nudging her clit but not touching it. I pushed my throbbing cock flat against my belly, using long flat-palmed strokes from balls to the red-hot tip, slowly increasing the pressure and speed of my hand. I couldn't take my eyes off of her little pearl as it expanded and became erect, looking like a miniature version of my cock.

"Let's come together," she panted. "We can do it. Just let me know when, ok?"

Let her know when? My god, I was so close.

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