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Daddy and daughter have sex.

I joined, and in my introductory post, I emphasized that I was a bisexual Hispanic stud with an eight-inch, uncircumcised dick and that I aimed to please, both women and men. When I logged on the next day, I got a message from this lady. Azizah Jones, a tall and very voluptuous young African-American woman from the City of Atlanta, Georgia, who was studying business administration at my school, of all places.

Azizah moved to the City of Ottawa, Ontario, to be with her husband Rashid Muhammad, a Black man of Somali descent whom she met in the City of Toronto a while ago. Hmm. I was surprised to see an American woman who would leave America for Canada. Doesn't everyone want to go to the States? Rashid and Azizah are into swinging, and they were looking specifically for a bisexual stud whom they could both enjoy. This looked like a job for me, ladies and gentlemen. I was thrilled to be chatting up with this lady, and she later arranged for a meeting between her, her husband and me. We met for coffee at the Tim Horton's located on the lower level of the university center, and I effortlessly charmed them both.

I must say they really looked good together. Rashid is around six-foot-one, lean and athletic, with light brown skin, curly black hair and dark brown eyes. He looked like a professional athlete. During conversation I learned that he had a Toronto University law degree and worked for a big firm here in the City of Ottawa. Nice. I'm impressed. His wife Azizah Jones was quite alluring in her own right. Standing five-foot-eight, curvy and dark-skinned, with dreadlocks, big tits and a big bottom. She was decidedly hot. I happen to like curves on a woman. We exchanged numbers and added each other as friends on Fetlife and on Facebook. A week went by and then they invited me over to their house in the suburb of Orleans for some fun. What do you think my answer was?

Rashid, Azizah and I got our freak on. Rashid and I got naked, and Azizah got the ball rolling by sucking first her husband's long and thick ebony dick then my hard Latin prick. Rashid and I kissed and fondled each other while Azizah sucked my dick and fondled his balls. Man, this big Black dude was seriously lucky to have a gorgeous wife like Azizah who's okay with him being bisexual and all. A lot of bisexual men the world over aren't so lucky. The only time I've told a Mexican chick I was bisexual, she spat on me and called me a maricon. Yeah, homophobia is a big part of Latin American culture, and it's not going away anytime soon. Welcome to my life, ladies and gentlemen. Anyway, this bisexual Mexican man's life was not without its pleasures, and the threesome I had with Rashid and Azizah was definitely part of that.

Once Azizah finished sucking our dicks and balls, Rashid and I got down to business.

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