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Sexual diaries of Yara, an Arab girl.

I looked in to her passion-filled eyes.

Bev said, "Eat my pussy Jack."

She laid down on the bed, and lewdly raised her legs and spread them exposing her pussy for me. I looked at her pussy as I kept rubbing her smooth thighs, and said, "Your pussy looks succulent. The lips are glistening. Not much has changed. The wonder of nature!"

Bev giggled, "I think you are having fun doing gynecological examination. When you are done inspecting, eat it!"

That's exactly what I did. I licked Bev's pussy lips and clit, and sucked her juices. Bev's pussy seemed to be juicier after pregnancy. Bev was already excited. I reached for her nipples and pinched them gently. It did not take long for her to moan and whimper, shudder, and cum. "Cummmming. Godddd. Cummmmmming,"

Bev held my head in her soft thighs, with my mouth and nose still in her crotch, until her orgasm subsided.

A few minutes later, Bev scooted up on the bed, turned on her side, and said, "Jack, please rub my lower back. It seems to have been strained."

I applied moisturizing lotion on my palm and gently rubbed Bev's back while she moaned, "That feels good. I will need lot of TLC until the baby is born. By the way, do you want to know if it's a boy or a girl."

"Bev, I don't care. I hope the baby is healthy without any complications. I will love either a son or a daughter."

"Good. I feel the same way. I gotta pee, be back in a sec."

Part 7

Bev returned from the bathroom; she was naked except for her red thigh highs.

"Jack, you sucked my clit and pussy juices to a roaring orgasm. It's your turn now." Bev continued, "I have not yet seen your cock erupt during your climax. Can I play with it and watch it erupt? I am already pregnant. We are not wasting your cum. So to speak!"

Bev looked ravishing. Her words made my cock grow harder. I said, "Bev honey. That's so sweet. What do you have in mind?"

Bev giggled and said, "You will see. Get naked; remove your robe. Come sit in this chair. Get comfortable. You can also watch what I'm doing in the mirror."

I did as Bev told me. First, Bev kissed my mouth savoring her pussy juices in it. Then she knelt in front of me. She held my hard cock in her delicate right hand and looked at it, admiring its smooth hardness. She gently pumped it and licked the precum. She swirled her tongue around my sensitive cock head. She stuck the tip of her tongue in the piss slit. I was moaning with pleasure.

Bev said in awe, "Your cock is continuously oozing cum." Bev sucked my cock expertly for a minute and stopped.

She pushed her boobs together around my cock and said, "I will jack it with my swollen tits." It was heavenly feeling with Bev's warm, sweat-covered, tits around my cock. On top of that, she would periodically lick my cock head.

I felt my cum boiling deep inside me. I mumbled, "I am cumming!. Watch out!"

Bev increased pumping speed and soon forced my cum to spurt out. "Fuckkkkkkk. Keep suckkkkkkkking. Mannnnnnn."

She was taken aback with the force of the first spurts that hit my chest, but soon recovered to put her mouth on my still spurting cock. She swallowed the last spurts of my cum and licked her lips. After a while, Bev released my softened cock from her boobs.

Bev giggled and said, "That was another large load of cum out of your cock. No wonder I got knocked up by one of those."

We were some thing to see: me with my cum on my chest, and Bev with my cum on her hand, boobs, and mouth. Bev brought couple of washcloths and a towel, and cleaned both of us. I noticed she spent a lot of time on my cock head and balls with a sly grin on her face.

We were both tired and fell asleep for an hour or so. We were hungry. I fixed a turkey sandwich for another and myself for Bev who was still in her red panties and bra-less. Her jiggling boobs and stained panties hardened my cock.

Bev said, "I will throw a load of wash in the dryer and start a load of laundry."

I said, "I will help you and watch you. I would like to help you with the laundry after our baby is born."


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