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Sexual diaries of Yara, an Arab girl.

When she stood she realized too late her condition and sudden a wave of dizziness washed over her. She stumbled but a powerful pair of arms caught her and stood her up right. It took her a while to notice the large dark hand that squeezed and kneaded her breasts. Still dizzy she weakly tried to pull away from her assailant but it was no use.

"You're not finished yet." Came the amused sound of the officer from behind her.

"You've already made me ill and copped a feel of my tits, what more do you want?" she asked.

With one hand he pushed her around and up against the door of his car. "I want a show, bitch." And before she could respond he tore open her cardigan revealing her massive round barely restrained tits. Immediately her arms shot up to cover them.

"You know our custody cell surveillance monitors are in full view of half the station. I'm sure the boys on night duty would love to get a look at a rack like that."

Right then it hit her just how much trouble she was in. This guy could do anything he wanted to her. She knew she couldn't win. Slowly her eyes and her arms dropped to her sides as she finally surrendered to him she felt something inside begin to tingle.

"Better," he said as he reached down a large strong hand and cupped as much of her overflowing breasts as he could. Candice looked down, the bastard's hand actually felt pretty good. She couldn't believe her body was betraying her like this. Her nipples were hard as rocks and he couldn't have missed it poking into his hand. As if reading her mind the officer started to squeeze and pull on hard and swollen nipple through the fabric of the tight skimpy bra. She gasped slightly as a tiny spark shot from her nipple to her clit and again she prayed she hadn't given herself away. She noticed him fiddling at his belt as she looked up he flicked his wrist and a long slim metal baton extended like a telescope from the housing in his hand. Candice was gripped by fear until his deep masculine voice promised that he wasn't going to hurt her. His hand never left her breasts and somehow the persistent stroking seemed almost reassuring. She didn't know if it was the alcohol or maybe the sense of danger but Candice finally admitted to herself what her sexy new panties couldn't deny. She was very, very aroused and the heat in her body was building. She let herself lean back against the police car and when he ordered her to lift up her skirt Candice did as she was told.

The officer leaned in closely and Candice felt the cold metal of the baton pressed against her pussy. He started to slide the club slowly up and down against her. Candice looked away but her eyes shot back as he ordered "Look at me!"

Their eyes locked and Candice felt herself getting wetter she could feel the ridges along the length of the baton slowing pressing and flicking her clit through her tight sheer panties. The long metal shaft stroked against her, first down against her hood then upward hitting her most sensitive spot. She felt unable to move as the hard metal tempered by the softness of her panties pinned her to the spot. Her breathing became shallow as she fought to hold his gaze. Those dark intense eyes burned away her defences and left her more naked in the cool night air than she had ever been before. Her hands crept unconsciously behind her back and without wanting to she pushed her chest into his hand. Her eyes fell from his and she whimpered audibly at the feelings he revealed in her. She could feel the smile spread over his lips as his victory became complete. If she was honest she had known the outcome of this night from the first moment their eyes had met, it was never about avoiding a jail cell and it wasn't even about getting back at her man for allowing their night and her lust to go to waste. Something far more primal had control of her now, something that came from him and which she willingly gave herself to.

He was holding his truncheon at just the right angle her clit started to burn from deep inside and soft moans

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