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Star tutors Jacen on "lightsaber" technique.

..she was leaning against someone's shoulder and heard a soft whisper in her ear,

" okay I'm not going to hurt you, I just thought maybe we could all have some fun together."

Jeannie whirled around to find the dark, muscular figure of the sexy bartender standing there in the low light of the supply room closet. Before she had a chance to reply Sandra and Katie were coming through the door, having just realized that she was no longer behind them on the way back to the bar.

"What the hell's going on here?" Sandra yelled out.

But just as she said it she saw him, the dark handsome bartender she'd wanted all night.

"Calm down, I thought maybe we could all have soon fun together...That's all. You ladies looked like you had yourselves pretty worked up out there on the dance floor. I was hoping that maybe you'd like for me to help you all out with that..." She heard the bartender sooth and question them all at once.

What a sexy, smooth, deep voice he had-it matched his smooth caramel complexion and deep, dark brown eyes-now brimming with gold specs in the amber glow of the dim fluorescent light.

"What'd ya have in mind big guy?" Katie replied. With that he leaned in and kissed Jeannie, while pulling Katie and Sandra to him with both arms. There the four of them stood exchanges kisses back and forth.

"You girls turned me on so much, I have never seen two women together, let alone three. I was kind of hoping that you'd let me watch a little more back here, away from prying eyes, I won't touch if you don't want me to-I just have to see what it's looks like-one woman going down on another." He confessed.

The girls already very hot from there kissing and dancing needed very little convincing.

Sandra instructed, "Over there, on those boxes-sit--if we want you closer we'll come and get you."

The bartender followed her directions without a single word; they could already see the growing bulge in the front of his pants. The girls began to giggle and make some plans.

"So, who should go first...I vote Jeannie in the middle since she's been the center of his attention all night anyway." Sandra Replied.

Katie shook her head in acceptance and the rest became mere semantics as lips caressed lips and fingertips inched all over bodies. Katie began kissing Jeannie longingly and rubbed her hands across her soft breasts making her braless nipples stand at full salute instantly. She teased them through the fabric, pinching, and rolling them between her thumb and forefinger.

Katie licked her way down Jeannie's long slender chin and cocoa neck and began to tease the taught nipples-biting and nibbling them right through the fabric of the shirt until she had the cloth soaking wet. She then made her way down kissing and licking every inch as she slid done the V-neck of Jeannie's shirt and buried her face between two luscious tits. Finally as Jeannie's moans got to be too exciting for her-pulling Jeannie's shirt down over her shoulders her lips found their target. She licked and sucked and bit the beautiful, dark chocolate nipples. As she bit down she pulled back at them, stretching them out as far as she could from Jeannie's body.

"Oh-God damn you bitch-that feels so fucking good--I can't wait to feel you doing that to my sopping wet pussy lips." Jeannie gasped out in both pleasure and pain simultaneously.

Sandra was busy by that time starting at Jeannie's black stiletto boots and licking her way up to the middle, she grabbed at Jeannie's legs with such fury that she was leaving finger marks as she went. Now finally arriving at the short red leather skirt-gently raising it to expose the black and red floss Jeannie was wearing beneath it. She gave the strap between Jeannie's ass cheeks a good snap and listened as a corresponding "Mmmmm..." rose from Jeannie.

As Sandra exposed Jeannie's sweet muscular ass, she spread Jeannie's legs open wide-dropped to her knees and gave Jeannie's cunt a slow rub.

"Oh my aren't we just the wet little kitty" Sandra remarked.

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