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Ted has a new girlfriend. How will Kristin cope?


"I understand my Lord."

He then sets the water down on the nightstand and removes the restraints from her ankles then her wrists. Her arms slide around his neck hugging him. Before she moves to the side of the bed and kneels. Her Lord hands her a bottle of water to get a drink. She gulps half of it down.

Her Lord is standing in front of her waiting. Her hands slide up his legs to his belt undoing it and his pants. Sliding them and his boxers off completely. She is greeted by his wonderful semi hard cock.

Flicking her tongue out across his head, her Lord responds sternly, "Do not tease me little one."

With one movement she engulfs his member. Swirling her tongue around and sucking hard she shows her expertise for him, nothing forgotten on how to please him. Her hands rub and message his balls. He runs his hands into her hair and pushes her to deep throat him. Feeling her tongue slide along him makes him shiver.

"Damn little one you haven't forgotten a thing." He moans softly.

All she does is hum in reply driving him closer to the edge. She sucks harder on him swirling around his head faster. His hands tangled in her hair, starting to grip hard. With this she gets him as far down her throat as possible and he cums. The pressure of her swallowing causes him to cum harder. As he pulls back she still sucks on him lightly to keep him clean.

"You did very good pet. Now on the bed I have something I'd like to do." He says warmly to her.

Swiftly she moves standing by the bed and he guides her down putting her wrist in restraints yet again. He bends her knees and spreads her legs so he can see her cunt. Running a single finger along her lips he finds that she is soaked. He moves his finger around her clit getting her hips to buck.

"Please Lord, take my cunt into your mouth," She pleas softly.

"No pet, I will not please you be following your wish."

He gets up and digs in the top dresser drawer pulling out a small vibrator egg. He then pushes the egg into her and turns it on low.

"You'll not cum nor push this out pet. I'll be back in the morning." He orders and walks out the door.

She lays there wishing she hadn't asked her Lord to taste her. With the egg on low she knows she won't cum but will be driven nuts all night. She tries to stay calm. Oh but the pressure on her g-spot and soft vibration going on has her at the edge. She starts grinding her hips slowly to ease the need with no luck. Her body grows weaker till she falls asleep with no release.

Waking up covered in sweat, the slave whines when she feels the egg still vibrating slowly within her. Shivering from the need for release she begins to cry weakly. Pulling at the chains which still hold her hands over her head, she drifts back to sleep.

The Lord sat there watching his little one squirm in her sleep, waking up and whining before trying to sleep some more. Sighing to himself, he goes downstairs. Starting a pot of coffee, he wonders how she will react if he threatens to leave her as she is, no release. Smiling, he knows he can't do that with his wanting so bad to feel her hot pussy grip his member and bringing him to release as well.

With his cup of coffee in hand he hears her moan. Her whines get louder as he walks upstairs and steps into the room. She is squirming hard and is trying to get free.

"What's wrong little one?" he asks calmly, waiting to see if her temper will fly.

"Please, My Lord," she whines. "May I go to the bathroom."

He watches her, the pitiful yet stressed look on her face. Moving he removes the restraint on her left wrist.

"You will not touch yourself in anyway to release the pressure and need of release. Understand?" he says sternly.

She only nods as he releases her other hand. Then slowly pulls the egg from being nestled between her legs. Leading her from the room to the bathroom and watches her as she goes. Her face relaxed as she washes her hands, he wraps his arms around her and kisses her neck. She whines softly enjoying his embrace.

"Come little one.

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