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Husband wishes his wife looked like a hot celebrity.

"It's really sexy Brie. You're beautiful."

"Pull my thong off for me." He pulled it down and my half hard cock flopped forward. I held it up.

"Lick my balls Preston." He started licking them. His tongue was warm and was turning me on.

"Lick the tip of my cock." He complied by timidly touching his tongue to my cock head. "Lick it again. Run your tongue in a circle around the head for me." And he did.

"That's good Preston. Now put your lips around it and circle it with your tongue again." He did but hesitated.

"What's wrong Preston?"

"I just can't go back if I do this." He said.

"I know that's true. You already had it on your lips and tongue though. That won't ever change either. I know you need it. You've been needing this your whole life. Take it in your mouth slowly. You will feel better when you do."

And he did. He took in half stretching his jaw open to accommodate it.

"That's it. Take it in as far as you can. That's good Preston you have me really hard. Keep moving your head on me." He did. He took it in too far and gagged a couple of times. I slowed him down a bit and helped him with his technique.

"That's it, rub your tongue below the head. Now take it in all the way again cocksucker." He responded by taking me in his mouth half way.

"Take a deep breath and hold it while you swallow my cock." He took my eight inches in, down to my balls. "Mmm that's good. Now pull back and try it again my cocksucker." His nose pushed on my bare skin as my cock again slipped down his throat. I had him do it again.

"Do you like my cock in your throat?" I held his head on me.

"Mm hmm. " He confirmed as well as he could. I let him pull back before pulling his head down on my cock again.

"Are you my deep throating COCKsucker?" I asked emphasizing the cock. I wanted to be sure he accepts his newly found talent.

"Mmmmm." He confirmed.

"Good. Pull your head back and rub your tongue below my cock head, then deep throat me again Preston." He did. "Keep doing it."

"Hold my balls while you suck me. That's right cradle them. Massage them lightly. Good, that feels good."

"Mmmmm." He moaned adding a thrilling vibration on my cock.

"Oh yes, swallow my cock again then lick under the head." Preston did. "Oooh that's my spot, keep doing that to me. If you keep doing that you will make me cum. Do you want me to cum?"

"Mmm hmm." He confirmed.

"Do you want to taste my cum?"

"Mm hmmm." He confirmed again.

"Oh yeah you're making it happen. Ohh shit yeah keep doing that. Ohhhh I'm cumming Preston. Take it. Ohh Preston." I came across his tongue. Shot after shot I flooded his mouth. He swallowed it as it shot over his tongue.

I pulled him to me and brought his lips to mine. As we kissed I reached around and softly wiggled the plug in his ass. I tugged and pushed on it a few times making him moan. I broke our kiss and asked him to refill our glasses.

When he returned I suggested we head to his bedroom. I removed my bra letting my firm D cup breasts free, dropping it on his couch. He led us back and I laid on the bed.

"Please get me hard again." He kneeled over me and started working my cock with his mouth. After a few minutes I stood up.

"On all fours on the bed." I directed him. I grabbed lube and a permanent pen from my purse and kneeled behind him. I put some lube on the plug to start working it out. It was lubricated enough that I could spin it. I started pulling it and he moaned. I held his cock with one hand while pulling the plug out. He groaned at its widest point.

I lined my cock up to his hole. Me moaned when the tip touched him. I pushed and he moaned louder. I pushed harder and my head popped into his hole. He moaned louder still and started breathing heavier. I gave him a minute before sliding in another inch. He was stretching and tight around my cock. I slowly slid the rest of my cock into him. When I did he slid away from me and I had to pull him back. He was breathing heavily now so I waited again for him to adjust.

I pulled back keeping only the hea

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