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Mother's Little Twin.

I broke the kiss and smiled at him.

Then he squeezed my ass.

I kissed him again. "I'll see you later."

No one was awake as I got home, so I jumped in the shower and got changed. When Deb finally woke up, she saw me and perked up. Before I could speak, she called out: "Okay, I'm getting coffee, then you're telling me about the date." And she walked off towards the kitchen.

I sat in my chair by the window, and puffed a cigarette. Deb returned very quickly. "That was fast."

"I used the instant stuff, I'm too excited."

"Doesn't that stuff taste like shit, is it even warm."

"Fuck you, it's coffee. Now talk. I want to hear about the date."

"Okay, okay. It was amazing. We bantered back and forth, his friends band was really fun, then we went back to his place, got high and I fucked him."

"And this morning?"

"I blew him, and he made me coffee." I smirked at her.

"I wish I got rewarded coffee for my blow jobs."

"Well, get better at giving blow jobs." I joked.

"Fuck you, my blow jobs are the best! I'll prove it with Mike!"

And on queue, Mark popped in. "I heard my name and blow jobs in the same sentence."

He looked over at me, "Don't ask me, she's the one proposing it." I responded.

He looked at Deb, "Betty says she gives better blow jobs than me, and that's why I don't get coffee."

Mike just shook his head, then plopped on the couch next to Deb. Mike wasn't too tall, an average build, but an attractive face with kept facial hair and brown long hair. He looked a bit like Jesus, if Jesus only wore jeans and black metal shirts. "So, how did the date go? Do you have a boyfriend now?"

"I do actually." I said sheepishly.

"Wait! What? You didn't tell me that!" Deb screamed. "Betty, how could you just leave that out?"

"Oh, yeah. Deb, Kevin and I are dating and we're in love, and we're adopting seven children from Asia to show our love for each other."

"Are you sacrificing them?" Mike asked.

"How dare you? You should know you don't need to ask that." I responded.

"So Betty is finally off the market?" Deb asked.

"I am actually not!" I responded, "He wants to do it open."

Mike perked up, "So the blowjob contest can go on, still? Please?"

We joked for awhile longer before going about our days. I did my errands on auto pilot as my thoughts were just focused on Kevin. I got home at five, and spent the next hour doing nothing in hopes to make the hour pass. I smoked a cigarette, paced around, had a cup of coffee, another cigarette, paced around, hit the bowl, tried to play a game on my phone, and then went on facebook. I saw I had a friend request from him. I accepted it and set it so we were in a relationship.

I felt like a teenage girl who was just excited to have a boyfriend. Back in those days, after laying down for bed, I'd fall asleep of fantasies about being this girl. We all reach a point where we just say fuck it, and do what we want with our lives. We only get one of these things, and nothing is ever going to be handed out. If we sit around waiting for our rockets to come, we'd all die with blue balls.

So I did it. I did what I knew I had to do. I'm 25 years old, and I could never be happier. I never knew happiness until I was Betty. There were consequences, but I did it. I never looked back.

"Crap!" It was 6:15. I wanted to start getting ready at six. I rushed to the shower to wash away the day and feel clean. I lathered up my back end and made sure my ass was clean. Then I lathered up my tits and gave them a good scrubbing. I paid good money for these things, I wasn't going to miss an opportunity to enjoy them.

I dried off and straightened my hair. I did my make up, giving myself wingtips with my eyeliner. I finished with a blue-grey lipstick.

I threw on a black fit and flare dress with pink polka-dots. with a retro style low cut that accentuated my breasts. I put on my boots and ran out the door. I texted him what he wanted for Chinese, and if he didn't answer by the time I get there, I'm getting him orange chicken.

As I was a block away, I got his text: "Chicken and b

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