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Emma turns the tables and fucks the plumber.

Straddled by Dianna and me Leo relaxed comfortably while we delicately caressed his nakedness. He would have drifted off to sleep had we allowed him to forsake us. Instead, every time he began breathing with too much regularity, we exercised his eyelids, which were evidently directly attached to his manhood. The teeniest little nip of the teeth or dig of a fingernail applied to the nether regions of his sexuality would cause his eyeballs to suddenly protrude with timorous alarm. And his eyebrows! His gorgeous ear to ear, solid line, thick eyebrows! Those sensuous, majestic, expressive, continuous eyebrows would arch so far up his forehead one was tempted to comb them into the wave of his hair.

We lay quietly for almost an hour, teasing Leo's body just enough to keep him firm but not erect. Finally he raised up and announced, "There's one more thing I've always wanted to do".

Almost in unison Dianna and I asked, "Like what?"

Grinning lecherously Leo answered, "Have intercourse with two girls at once".

"So what have we been doing all morning?" I asked, "Or are you losing your memory in your old age?"

"No. No. I mean ... at the same time. You know, both at once", he explained.

"Now this I gotta' see", I snickered. "Did I miss something, or did you just grow another appendage when I wasn't looking?"

Slowly, as if presenting a carefully prepared court defense, he continued, "What I mean is, I want to enter one of you for a few strokes and then the other for a few strokes and back and forth. Kinda'. Sorta'. You know, not to cum! Just to enjoy the sensation of different feelings. I guess. Sorta' ... I mean how different people feel. Well ... I mean how you and Dianna feel different. You know, ... what I'm trying to say. Don't cha'?"

Neither Dianna nor I could, try as we might, keep a straight face. First we sniggered. Then we giggled. Before long we had both rolled up into tight little fetal balls holding our sides we were laughing so hard. Tears rolled from our eyes and neither of us could take a deep breath.

Leo was lost. He had no idea why we found his suggestion so funny and our tears worried him no end. He kept trying to comfort first one, then the other, then back again, in an exertion of absolute futility.

Dianna took a deep breath, straightened up and pointing at Leo choked out, "Are you saying you want to poke me seven times, then switch and ... poke seven strokes ...". At which point she lost it again and curled back into her fetal laughing ball.

The hilarity of his request finally died to an occasional snuffle and we sat, lotus style, facing him on the bed. Both of us were holding our arms straight down, with our fists clenched, our shoulders squared and our cheeks drawn in. Still an occasional snigger choked our breathing. Then Leo began to snicker.


"You two look like you're about to sit in judgement on the troubles of the world. Like two beautiful little Buddha figurines, legs crossed, knees spread wide, soft furry pelts staring straight out, nipples erect and breasts held high!"

Dianna and I looked at each other and giggled. Before we could start on another uncontrollable fit of laughter Leo suddenly yelled, "BOO!" Then he fell forward onto the bed pulling us down with him. Soon we were all much too involved to even remember what had been so funny only a short time before.

We were so busy caressing and being caressed that I didn't realize Leo had entered Dianna until he slipped gently from her and entered my wet and willing channel.

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