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This was not what I expected.

- Mitch, Sabine is wonderful indeed but she is not for you!

- Not for me?!...

I was shocked.

- Maybe it's not the right wording, this girl is not going to fulfill your life. You may want her as a girlfriend for a while but I don't think you will be happy with her for the long term.

- But why?... you said she is wonderful!

You really don't see why?

- No.

- Mitch why do you like making love with me, besides the fact that I could be your grandmother and that I have a great personality? What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you want to express your desire for me?

- I think I was understanding what she was getting at, but I was trying to deny it.

- Well it's your skin and your softness and your kindness, Sabine has all that.

- Come on Mitch, don't be silly. You love the fact that I'm fat, big, huge... As we walked in, what were you looking at and fantasizing about as you were following me?.... my kindness!?

She knew me very well; and she could sense that I was admiring her lovely ass. I had to admit that she had a point.

- Do you look at Sabine's rear the same way? Have you noticed that Sabine is skinny? Not that there is anything wrong with it!

I gave her a sheepish look.

- You're attracted to her for a lot of good reasons and I understand them. There also may be some bad ones, like she is a kind of a trophy for you. But that's besides the point. My point is that you are sexually attracted to big girls, not skinny ones; and sexual attraction is a big part of a couple's life.

It was true but I didn't want to admit it.

- I think it will work out.

- Please Mitch, we are friends. I am ready to give up our sex life. But I really don't think she's the one for you. Please think about what I just said.

We went back to the kitchen, and had lunch. I was trying to ignore what she had said; and I was bumped that we didn't make love, even if it was to be the last time.

A week later I missed Mrs. Smith's lunch again to be with Sabine. I could not very well bring her there all the time; but the following week I came back on my own as Sabine was away. And Mrs. Smith asked me how things were.

- Are you having a good time with Sabine?

- Yes things are really working out, it seems like we do love each other.

- Did you think about what I told you Mitch?

- Yes I did but I think it's going to work out. You are probably right about the trophy element but I imagined her without it, and I still love her.

- Mitch, Mitch I think you are really making a big mistake.

I raised my voice then and almost whining.

- Well you say that because you're jealous and you just want to keep me for yourself.

- Ouch... that hurts!

For the first time ever I was reacting with Mrs. Smith the way I would have done with my parents, like a teenaged brat. I was ashamed of myself.

- No I'm so sorry, I was totally inappropriate and it was mean of me to say that. I can't believe I have told you that. I'm really sorry!

- Thank your apologies Mitch!... You could be right tough. I think I'm doing it out of love for you, but there is a certainly an element of jealousy and yes, I would also like to keep you for myself. But I believe and I'm hoping that it is the person caring about you who is talking.

- I know it is Mrs. Smith... I was a total ass.

- Well now , my turn to be mean and become a total ass...

And she tried to smile while saying that...

- Mitch I need to have a last private talk.

She opened the door, she asked me to lead the way and said with a smile

- This will prevent you from having naughty thoughts my dear friend.

Again she sat on the bed and asked me to sit on a chair in front of her.

- It's fine to love her Mitch but there's something that you are not getting and I need to demonstrate it to you. I hope you will forgive me, it's going to be hard.

What could be hard? Was Mrs. Smith going to beat me on the head with a stick or maybe beat me on the head with her huge breasts, that would not be very hard!

She said.

- Come kneel in front

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