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A surprise meet.

He managed to take up any slack in her sleeve and stretch it more making her very aware of her lack of experience and expertise. Her dreams of this moment had taken over faster than she could keep up and found herself stalling.
"Oh John, I have dreamt of this moment for so long. Ever since you first employed me I was attracted to the way you treated me, like I mattered."

"Bronwyn, you do matter. You are a wonderful person and I have been blessed to know you," he said as he looked her in the eye and brushed her hair back off her face. Cupping her cheeks in his hands he continued, "You are a beautiful woman and a beautiful person who deserves only the best. But until he comes along and takes you away for a life of love, I hope you can be with me. I may need you, but I also want you. You are a very desirous woman and I do love you."

"Thank you John, thank you Linda," she whispered as one hand reached out to take Linda's hand. He may not be the most glamorous of talkers but she knew what he meant and it made her shiver with need.

Tears began to slide from her eyes as she returned to the task of fitting him inside. Rolling her hips she was able to slowly push herself down to take a bit at a time. When she was half way her vagina opened fully to allow her pubic bone to hit down on his. She gasped at the sudden filling of her sheath and the pressure being applied to he clit by his body. Now that his cock was all the way in she regained the lead and moved her body along its length making certain it went as far as possible without leaving. She loved the feeling of being stretched on her downward stroke and John's hands gripping her naked butt made her feel really wanted and wanton. It was like he was making sure she did not leave him and this as much as the sensations in her vagina pushed her to her first orgasm. Her muscles all contracted as she climaxed causing some pain to Linda as they were still holding hands. The tightness of her vagina on his cock pushed him to the edge and he climaxed as well. Feeling him pulsate inside her and the splash of hot cum hitting her walls pushed her higher and she screamed. John instinctively held her tighter in his arms and Linda managed to retrieve her hand from the vice like grip and put her arms around the pair.

They remained quiet and unmoving for a few minutes when John suddenly rolled them over so he was on top of Bronwyn. He was certainly getting into the swing of having lovers and he also knew that one orgasm would not be enough so he took the initiative from Bronwyn and began sliding his cock inside her vagina. This turn of events left Linda still lying on the side of the bed with one hand on Johns bum. When he began his humping she felt his muscles contract under the skin, then the sound of liquids squishing within Bronwyn's pussy sent Linda into a small climax of her own. The knowledge that the love of her life was pounding the cunt of another woman made her so horny she was leaking continuously from her own vagina.

Bronwyn herself could feel every movement that John made inside of her, as well the contact to the other parts of their bodies. His outer thighs were chaffing her inner thighs, balls banging against her butt hole, stomach against her own and elbows digging into her sides. He was keeping most of his weight from pressing down onto her by supporting himself on his elbows but enough was there that she could feel him pushing her into the bed. She had been scared he would not fit into her vagina because she was so short, but those fears had quickly evaporated when he bottomed out.

She may not have been a virgin but nothing like his cock had ever penetrated her before.

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