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Nick describes how he cuckolded Andrew.

I was left shuddering and gasping for breath.

Now it was her turn to collapse alongside of me.

"Oh God, Mr. Wilson, you are so much better than Todd, I can't believe it. He didn't like to eat pussy, and he couldn't last anywhere near as long as you. Oh look, it's almost dark, and I've got to get dressed and get home. My mom will wonder where I am. If I come back tomorrow, will you eat my pussy and fuck me again?"

My common sense screamed "no", but my ego said, "Sure, any time."

I drove her home, smug and self-satisfied with what had happened. Sure, she was young, but she was an adult and well experienced in sexual matters. And since it was the first piece of ass I had had in over a month, I certainly enjoyed it, and thought I did pretty well by her.

The next day, at the shop, I thought about her all day long. Every time I thought about the previous days events, I got a hard on. I finally got so horny that I asked my business partner, Fred, to take over and went home. I thought about jacking off, but I knew that she was coming over and was expected to give her a repeat of yesterday's performance.

I straightened up a little, sprayed some air freshener around, fixed some hors d'oeuvres, opened a nice bottle of wine, put out some candles, and was just stepping out of the shower when the doorbell rang. I quickly splashed on a very sexy after-shave, grabbed my robe, and dashed to the door to let her in.

"Hello. Are you Mr. Wilson, Ted Wilson, Todd's father?"

Standing there was not Sarah but rather a more mature version of Sarah. She was slender, perhaps in her late 30s, taller than Sarah but with the same blue eyes; the same round, firm ass and tits; the same short, blond hair.

"Er, yes. Are you Sarah's sister?"

"No, I'm Ruth, her mother. May I come in?"

Oh shit!

"Of course. Forgive me; I just stepped out of the shower. Give me a moment to slip into something."

"That's all right, I won't keep you. I just want to know if you are the one that seduced my Sarah."

"Well, I... Er... Please don't get upset, but in truth it was Sarah who seduced me."

"I'm not upset. I just wanted to see the man Sarah is raving about. She said you were the best lover she ever had and that you made her climax at least three or four times. Is that true?"

Again my fucking, big-mouth ego said, "I do believe it was four."

"She said you looked a lot like Todd, but I don't think so. You are taller and heaver, but I do see a slight resemblance in your facial features. If anything, you're more handsome."

"Thank you. You're very pretty like Sarah, but you don't look old enough to be her mother.

"Well, thank you too. I'm 40, I was 18 when she was born -- knocked up by the first guy I slept with."

"Sorry to hear that. So, you're not married?"

"No, I left him when Sarah was 7 years old."

"How did you find out about Sarah and me?"

"She told me. She tells me everything, and we share everything. I'll bet she didn't tell you that we shared Todd."

I looked at her in a different light. As attractive as she was, I still couldn't picture my 23-year-old son having sex with her.

"Did she tell you that we're going to share you?"

Without waiting for an answer, she stepped forward and kissed me, full on the lips. It wasn't just any old kiss, but an open mouth with a wet tongue thrust between my lips. Any other time I would have been taken aback, but as horny as I was, I kissed her back, dueling with her tongue, matching parry for parry.

I could feel myself getting excited and wondered if she could tell. My question was answered in just a moment when she ground her body against my groin and said, "I can tell you like that, and you wouldn't mind being shared. Let's go into your bedroom."

She laughed a little when she saw the preparations I had made. "Wow, you really went all out! I guess that Sarah made a good impression on you. I just hope you think the same of me when this is all over."

She turned around, grabbed me by lapels of my ro

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