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Pam returns the next day.

I almost expected Moon and Frankie next.) Anyhow, Annette was older than most of the girls. She had a great figure, but was more my age, forty plus. I was surprised that she was a dancer in here. I was surprised how interested Tom was too. I thought he might gravitate toward the younger girls, but I was wrong. Annette had smaller boobs, but very shapely. She had a nice ass for a girl her age too. She was cute in the face, and when she finally peeled her panties off, I noticed she didn't have even one tattoo. Even more odd, she still sported some pubic hair on her mons.

As I said, of all the girls for Tom to be attracted to, Annette seemed to be the one he fancied the most. After her dance she came over to our corner, in the nude and walked right up to us and said, "Hi there, I'm Annette and if you want, I can give you a private dance in the VIP area."

Tom broke in with, "I'm sorry, but we just came in to see what it was like in here, that's all."

But this is where I put a jolt in my husbands shorts I'm sure. I said, "No, wait Annette. How much do you charge? And what are the dances like?"

Annette, said very politely and graciously, "Well, its ten dollars per song that plays, but we can fudge on that a bit 'cause your a couple and I like couples that come in here. And, either one or both of you sit in a chair, or you can trade off, and I do a dance against your lap and try and turn you on."

"Wow" I said, "Can my husband touch you at all. I mean is there contact?"

Annette said, "Well sure, there's a little, I mean you can touch my chest and all, but no penetration, and he must leave at least his boxers on and you have to leave at least your panties on."

"I see" I said, "Well, I think my husband here would like at least two songs, and I want you to do your thing. I want to see him sweat, and try and walk out of here with an embarrassingly large hardon.

At that Tom was flabbergasted I'm sure, and I jut got up and started following Annette, knowing that Tom would likely be very close behind.

You know, I have always known that Tom was a good husband. He's not a cheat. He doesn't flirt or fool around. He's a very sexy man though and like all men I know he had curiosities and longings. He would never touch another woman, and yet I know he wishes he knew what it would feel like to do it. He's a fucking guy after all. And, as odd as it may seem to some women, I want Tom to experience his own sexuality and horniness, in ways that feel fresh and new again, like when we first made out or fondled each other, or had sex. I want to give him this kind of gift, but I never have figured out a way to do it without it being something that would endanger our marriage, or perhaps even his reputation and job.

Well, tonight I'm buying my guy a fucking lap dance. And, I can't tell you how hot it makes my just thinking about it. But the thinking about it was all about to move to another level entirely.

Annette, still totally nude straddled my Tom as he sat back in a low chair. She wiggled her ass at him. She pressed her little boobies into his face. She wriggled and wiggled and she bent over and spread her twat with her fingers so that my Tm could see her clit and pussy lips about a foot from his face. Tom was clearly uncomfortable.

I told him, "Tom, just enjoy it honey, go for it, your not gonna have sex with her, your here to get turned on. And, I'm getting hot just watching you! Come on relax, and touch her tits."

He did touch her tits and ran his hands up and down her firm 40 year old body.

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