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Light awakens from the change.

Feeling his pant legs brush her thigh before his hard groin settled against her mound encouraged her senses to gallop freely. Stroking a large rough finger down her cheek towards her mouth bringing her back from the edge, otherwise she would have spiralled deeper into the pool of pleasure just waiting for her to fall.

"Love, how are you doing?"

"Yes Rock I am fine."

"Excellent, then let us begin."

With a snick the eased back just a bit but left her splayed and he stepped away and she sat there strapped to an odd chair. Hearing nothing and feeling nothing other than the chair for what felt like endless minute when suddenly something in the air changed and she felt someone standing before her. India tensed up when out of nowhere a tongue and nothing else circled and teased her tight nipple before the teeth that protected it came into play and nibbled the hard tip before soothing with the tongue, then again.

The steady pulse in her pussy to beat faster.

This was not her lover!

No, a stranger was worrying her breast, and now the other before she understood what Lance was giving her in this moment. It was a chance to see if they enjoyed being watched, sharing, all of it or none of it, to experience their secret passion and see if it appeals to either one of them on any level.

A groan was rung from her lips as the person, man she thought but was not sure, stood and moved to approach her breast from the side, opening her to however many people were in the room with them.

Big and male was next between her thighs or now it was obvious. Two large rough hands rested on each of her lightly covered thighs and squeezed as his tongue started swiping up the honey that had seeped from her pussy.

"Mmm, she tastes delicious, nothing better the eating straight from the pot." Was said to the room at large before he started thrusting his tongue in her begging slit. Guessing he wanted better leverage a hand stroked over her naked mound and spread her plump lips but India gasped when he leaned away to thank whomever had kindly spread her for him to enjoy.

"So silky soft," enjoined from the person at her breast.

"Rock!?!" Needing assurance, a stability call, something and he was there at the end of her plea.

"Yes love?" Soothed from the room.

"Uhhh..." Another person joined in pleasuring her body with a gentle set of fingers pinching her clit from below the set that were spreading her wide. The tongue pushing in and out of her pussy curled and pulled out more juice before it returned for more, thrusting in again and again, leaving her hips trying to meet each new plunge. It was a lovely liquid sound and a cacophony of moans that danced around her before she realised they were her cries of pleasure.

Climaxing with a series of grunts and her lover's name from her lips.

"Ummm..." and the tongue working down at her slit continued but with what felt like less intent.

Slowly the fingers, hands, mouths and tongues eased away from her body leaving her a mass of nerves that although the ultimate pleasure had been found was still searching for more. The honey was heavy and coated her thighs, moistened and spread by the man who had been there. Air swirled and she felt the dampness along her breasts was stirred, encouraging the peaks that rest atop her heavy breast to tighten further.

The chair eased back another few degrees leaving her not quite on her back but she guessed it was the perfect angle for a man to stand between her legs.

"How are you doing love?"

"Fine but I want..." she stumbled to a stop hearing voices and what sounded liked someone giving another a blowjob and India had to ask. "Rock, is someone sucking on your cock?"

After what seemed like a long moment he answered. "No, would you like that?"

"No, I do not believe I would."

"Okay. What do you want love?"

"Whatever you give me." Answered without thought to anything other than them.

"Then there is more."

With that said silence roared through her and she tuned in to the sounds co

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