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Parade Day.

Whenever she had undressed like this for a man, she had never doubted for a moment that they would like what they saw, but Lisa actually did feel a little nervous about how Amy would react. She needn't have worried though as there was no way anybody could misinterpret the expression on the girl's face as she took her time about soaking in the vision of the topless Lisa.

Without another moment of delay, the two girls launched themselves at each other forcefully, throwing themselves into each other's arms and kissing each other firmly again.

There was an unbridled intensity to their desire for each other that Lisa could not possibly have anticipated for the simple reason that she had never felt anything like it before. As far as she was concerned, it was like their very souls were merging and she was finding the whole experience absolutely intoxicating.

The two girls then made their way over to the car, but since they held onto each other tightly the whole time it had to be made in an awkward shuffle. They did separate then however and Lisa leaned back heavily against the vehicle as Amy slowly and steadily kissed her way down her body towards her bosom.

Lisa couldn't help but cry out loudly as the other girl took one of her pert breasts firmly in each hand and started to suck and nibble at the fat nipples. Once again, Lisa's legs suddenly seemed to be unable to support her weight and she feared that she might slide down the side of the car and land with a very solid thump right on her ass, but somehow she managed to stay upright as Amy continued her onslaught.

Gasping and moaning excitedly as her breasts were very thoroughly worshiped, shivers of pure ecstasy racing violently up and down her spine, Lisa couldn't help but marvel at just how wonderful this felt. She found herself wondering if maybe she had been passing up the best sex in all the world by not going after any of those women who had caught her eye before. With both hands, she held tightly onto Amy's head and just let her do whatever she wanted for as long as she wanted, loving every moment of it.

It felt far too good to even think about asking her to stop, after all

When she finally released Lisa's breasts and started kissing her way back up her chest, pausing briefly to nibble on her collar bone before ending up at her neck, Amy let her hands slide slowly down the girl's ribs to her hips. Whimpering and moaning in delirious happiness as her new lover marked her territory with a hickey or two, Lisa just kept holding onto Amy and letting her do anything she wanted..

When Amy was finally satisfied with her work and drew back with a happy grin, she had to wait for a long moment as the other girl fought to catch her breath, to build her strength back up a little, and of course to regain her footing. The look Lisa gave her was almost one of awe that she had managed to make her feel like that seemingly with so little effort and Amy couldn't help but bask in it just a little.

Once the happy buzz she was feeling had receded enough to let her be aware of the real world around her once more, Lisa grabbed the other girl, kissed her soundly, and then reversed their positions so that it was Amy who was leaning back against the car and Lisa who was administering the workout.

Lisa was absolutely determined to give this girl back every last ounce of the pleasure that she herself had just been given and Amy certainly moaned and writhed as if she really were feeling every bit of it, but Lisa didn't doubt for a moment that her inexperience was showing and that she was not doing nearly so good a job as the other girl had.

In the end, Lisa did things in the reverse order to how Amy had in that she spent a good deal of time working on the girl's neck and shoulders, then made her way on down to the heaving breasts.

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