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Carter gets a little disappointed.

Rachel quickly knelt down between my feet and started sucking me, and she made room for Heidi so that they could pass my cock back and forth between them. Matt jumped up onto the other end of the bed and lay down on his back. Vanessa started sucking his cock and Angelica climbed up and lowered her pussy into his face.

I'd been through more than enough foreplay myself, with all of Rachel's teasing, so as soon as they had my cock liberally coated with their spit, I backed up and lay on the bed parallel to Matt.

"Heidi," Rachel said. "Get up there and put your pussy in his mouth while I ride his cock."

Heidi crawled up the length of my body, dragging her tits over my skin, until she was straddling my face and I glued my mouth to her dripping pussy and reached up to play with her tits as the flavor of her arousal flooded into my mouth. I couldn't see Rachel, but I felt her hand wrap around my cock and point it straight up in the air, and I moaned into Heidi's pussy as Rachel's descended onto my shaft. Rachel's hands slid around Heidi's body into my view, one of them pressing mine a little harder into Heidi's left breast and the other sliding down over the eighteen-year-old's flat tummy to play with her clit while I tongued her pussy.

Rachel's pussy squeezed me as she raised and dropped herself up and down on my cock. I licked her fingers along with Heidi's pussy, and humped my hips up to meet her strokes, driving my cock even deeper into her cunt.

"Oh my god I love your cock!" Vanessa squealed from somewhere to my left. I couldn't see, but assumed she had just mounted Matt's huge fuck-rod. It was difficult to imagine her narrow frame accommodating his girth. I could, however, see Angelica's dark wavy hair along with the constant jiggle of her big luscious tits as she ground her pussy against Matt's face, muffling his nearly constant moans of pleasure.

Rachel pulled her fingers away from Heidi's pussy, allowing me to focus my efforts exclusively on Heidi's clit. The blond gasped when I started sucking it and flicking my tongue up and down over it. As Heidi got closer to orgasm Rachel's efforts on my cock increased in speed and power, until she was practically slamming herself up and down, taking every inch of my cock deep into her pussy every time. I was quickly approaching the edge of my own orgasm, but I wanted Rachel to cum with me and I wanted to see her expression and the flush of her skin. Thankfully Heidi started to cum just before I hit my limit, and she rolled off of me, tumbling into Angelica and rolling with her into a pile where both of them gasped and shrieked and came.

I took my newly discovered mobility and rolled Rachel and I over without dislodging my cock so that I was on top, and our eyes locked as I began to power-thrust deep into her pussy. My hips smacked against hers, while beside us little Vanessa continued to ride Matt's cock to orgasm after orgasm.

"Fuck me, Jason," Rachel barked. "Fuck me and fill my pussy up with your cum!"

It dawned on me that I should probably be saving my reserves for tonight's gangbang and orgy, but after close to an hour of near-constant teasing and stimulation from Rachel, only to now listen to her beg for my cum while her beautiful boobs bounced on her chest, there was no way I was holding back.

At first I thought I'd fallen short of my goal of making her cum with me, but after my balls churned deep and long and my cock cream began jetting into her pussy, Rachel started to cum. The spasms of her pussy squeezed and milked my cock, drawing thick strands of spunk straight out of my balls.

"I can feel your cum in me!" Rachel croaked, her head thrown back and color rising on her chest. "Fucking fuck it feels good!"

My cock finally stopped shooting, and my balls ached with the force of my ejaculation. I slowly withdrew my cock, now coated with a mixture of Rachel's cum and my own.

I sat back on my heels to watch Matt and Vanessa finish up.

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