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It sounded like a logical choice to perform before a live audience but I was a little hesitant. I knew my "dancing" turned Mark on but I'd never done it in front of anybody else and I was kind of nervous. Pretty funny, coming from somebody who will take off her clothes at the drop of a hat regardless of who's around!

But one glance at Joe and Mary and I knew laughing at me would be the farthest thing from their minds. They were sitting a not-quite-respectable distance apart on the sofa and were both groping themselves through their clothes. I'm sure if I'd looked their way for more than a split second they both would have frozen and turned beet red.

With renewed confidence I stood up and faced Mark, slowly sliding my hands up my thighs and under my skirt. As I caressed the smooth skin on my legs and ass I knew my friends were getting as good a show as Mark was and it was only going to get better! After doing the bump and grind with myself for a few minutes I slid out of my skirt and started rubbing my naked body against my fully clothed husband. I leaned over and pressed my breasts against his face, then put one leg up on the back of the loveseat and tried to do the splits right over his crotch.

Not actually being in a restrictive topless club, Mark was free to feel me up and I shuddered as his hand brushed my engorged clit. I turned around, stradled his legs and bent over, pushing my ass back into his face. Joe and Mary were still fully dressed, though somewhat more dishevelled, and I think I heard them both moan as I squeezed my dangling breasts and tugged on my own nipples.

I figured we were all ready for the next stage so I turned back around and knelt between Mark's legs. I undid his pants and pulled out his beautiful cock, then realized Joe and Mary couldn't see through my head. I moved to the side to give them a better view and started tonguing the head of Mark's cock while my hands ran up and down the shaft and massaged his balls.

Mark had a handful of my hair in one hand and was rubbing my back with the other. When I started taking him deeper and deeper into my throat he tugged at my ass and legs until I figured out what he wanted. I kicked my shoes back off, knelt sideways on the loveseat and put my face back down in his crotch. He lifted my legs up in the air and lifted one over his head so we were in a 69 position with him still pretty much sitting on the couch, though this time his ass was the one out near the edge of the cushion.

Acrobatic sex is a lot of fun, but it's also a lot of work. If you've ever tried to do push-ups with a tongue on your clit and two fingers in your ass you know what I'm talking about. Again I was facing Joe and Mary and this time when I looked up at them they had started shedding their clothes, but were still trying vainly to keep a bit of decorum. It was so cute! Mary's panties were hanging off of one foot and one hand was way up her dress, but the other was holding the hem of her dress down. And Joe finally had his cock out of his pants but had one leg up on the coffee table as if trying to hide it. But they were obviously enjoying the show so I wasn't about to stop then.

I hadn't cum yet, probably because I was concentrating more on putting on a good show than enjoying it myself, so I decided to get Mark to give me the one thing that *always* gets my attention - a spanking! I crossed my legs and squeezed Mark's head, giving his balls a nasty tug at the same time while balancing on one hand. He grunted and threw me off him like a rag doll - I'm probably lucky I didn't hit my head on the coffee table.

"Oh, I see your game" he growled, then grabbed my hair and dragged me across his lap. "Piece of cake" I thought to myself, putting up a bit of a stuggle, more for show than anything else. But soon my hands were pinned behind my back, my legs were trapped under one of Mark's powerful thighs and heavy blows were raining down all over my ass and thighs.

As always happens when I get a good sp

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